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Media Kashigar (1956 - 2017) was a writer, translator, poet and cultural activist. More than 20 books of Kashigar have been published in Iran. He was also active for the literary awards in Iran.[1][2] He was a cultural activist. He was present during the visit of Laurent Fabius in Tehran in 2015.[3]


  • The best critic of a translation is its second translation and nothing else. The person who translates a text should have something to say about that.[4]
  • The translator translates a book for the ones who are not familiar with its language of origin. If someone can read it in the language of origin, he will not need to read its translation. So, when you translate, you first suppose that you translate it for someone who does not know its language and could not explore that world and that thought.[5]
  • The science fiction stories are not for the promotion of science and are not only science stories; but stories.[6]



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