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MELANCHOLIA is a 2011 film about depression and the end of the world.

Written and directed by Lars von Trier
Starring Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alexander Skarsgård, Kiefer Sutherland, John Hurt and Charlotte Rampling.
This is an English-language film by a Danish/Swedish/French/German consortium.


  • What star is that?
  • The problem is, how do we effectively hook a group of minors on our sub-standard product -- preferably in a habit-forming way?
  • You are a despicable, power-hungry, little man, Jack.
  • It tastes like ashes.
  • There it is. There's your flyby.
  • I know things.
  • Life on earth is evil.
  • I think it's a piece of shit.
  • He's forgotten about the magic caves.
  • Close your eyes. Hold my hand.


  • I'm afraid of that stupid planet.
  • It looks... friendly.


  • Do you copy, sailor?


  • Is everyone in your family stark raving mad?
  • Are you planning to kill us all?
  • You have to trust a scientist.
  • You don't touch the instrument.
  • Our son has invented a very fine device.
  • You have to account for a margin of error.


  • Where's my tagline?
  • Listen up, Goddammit!


  • It's a planet that has been hiding behind the sun. Now it passes by us. It's called a flyby.
  • Can't I, Auntie Steelbreaker? Can't I?


  • Enjoy it while it lasts. I myself hate marriage.

Wedding Planner[edit]

  • She ruined my wedding. I will not look at her.


Michael: You're not even looking!
Justine: Well, I can see it's not looking good.

Jack: The father of the bride would like a word.
Dexter: My dear girl: You look... glowing today. And me, uh, I'm just a little confused what with all the Bettys at my table. I've never seen you look so happy. So, what can I say without talking about your mother, my wife of yesteryear? Which is exactly what I don't wish to do. But I don't think I would be revealing any secret if I were to say that she can be rather domineering at times.
Gaby: Domineering? What a load of crap. For those who don't know who I am, I am Claire and Justine's mother. Justine, if you have any ambition at all, it certainly doesn't come from your father's side of the family. Yes, I wasn't at the church; I don't believe in marriage. Claire, who I've always taken for a sensible girl, you arranged a spectacular party... 'til death do us part... and forever and ever... Justine and Michael. I just have one thing to say. Enjoy it while it lasts. I myself hate marriage. Especially when it involves some of my closest family members.
Claire: Why did you even bother coming?

Gaby: What the hell do you want in this place? You have no business here. Nor have I. Your sister, it seems, is somewhat bewitched by it all.
Justine: Mom. I'm a bit scared.
Gaby: A bit? I'd be scared out of my wits if I were you.
Justine: No, it's something else. I.. I'm frightened, Mom. I have trouble walking properly.
Gaby: You can still wobble, I see. So just wobble the hell out of here. Stop dreaming, Justine.
Justine: I'm scared.
Gaby: We all are, sweetie. Just forget it. Get the hell out of here.

Claire: Little father didn't come to work. I checked the noteboard, he, he didn't leave one. I tried to call him. I don't know, there's something wrong with the phone? You see, it's never happened before that he, he didn't come to work without giving us notice.
Justine: Does he have a family?
Claire: He lives in the village. I don't know if he has family.
Justine: Maybe this is a time when he needs to be with them.
Claire: It'll pass us by tonight. John is quite calm about it.
Justine: Does that calm you down?
Claire: Yes, of course. Well, John studies things. He always has.
Justine: The earth is evil. We don't need to grieve for it.
Claire: What?
Justine: Nobody will miss it.
Claire: But where would Leo grow up?
Justine: All I know is, life on earth is evil.
Claire: There may be life somewhere else.
Justine: But there isn't.
Claire: How do you know?
Justine: Because I know things.
Claire: Oh yes, you always imagined you did.
Justine: I know we're alone.
Claire: I don't think you know that at all.
Justine: Six hundred and seventy eight. The bean lottery. Nobody guessed the number of beans in the bottle.
Claire: No, that's right.
Justine: But I know. Six hundred and seventy eight.
Claire: Well, perhaps. But what does that prove?
Justine: That I know things. And when I say we're alone, we're alone. Life is only on earth. And not for long.

Claire: I want us to be together when it happens. Maybe out- outside on the terrace. Help me Justine. I want to do this the right way.
Justine: You'd better do is quickly.
Claire: A glass of wine, together, maybe.
Justine: You want me to have a glass of wine on your terrace?
Claire: Yes. Will... will you do it, Sis?
Justine: How about a song? Beethoven's Ninth. Something like that? Maybe we could light some candles. You want us to gather on your terrace to sing a song, have a glass of wine, the three of us?
Claire: Yes. That would make me happy.
Justine: Do you know what I think of your plan?
Claire: No. I was hoping you might like it.
Justine: I think it's a piece of shit.
Claire: Justine, please. I just want it to be nice.
Justine: Nice? Why don't we meet on the fuckin' toilet?
Claire: Then let's not.
Justine: You're damn right, let's not.
Claire: Sometimes I hate you so much, Justine.

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