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Menachem Elon

Menachem Elon (November 1, 1923 – February 6, 2013) was an Israeli jurist and Professor of Law specializing in Mishpat Ivri, Orthodox rabbi, and a prolific author on traditional Jewish law (halakha). He has been the head of the Jewish Law Institute of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Elon He served as a justice on the Israeli Supreme Court from 1977-1993 and as its Deputy President from 1988-1993. In 1983 he was a candidate for the President of the State of Israel.


  • the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty enacted in by the Knesset in 1992, to anchor in a Basic Law the values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state two strands – the Jewish heritage and the democratic tradition... and it is the task of the courts to interweave them into the synthesis indicated by the Basic Law
    • see: Menachem Elon, English translation of Jewish Law : History, Sources, Principles / Jewish Publication Society, 1994
  • The body of the legal system needs a soul and sometimes even an additional soul
    • see: Neshama yeterah ba-mishpaṭ / Mozaiḳah, 2003

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