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Michelle Goldberg (born 1975) is an American blogger and author. She is a senior correspondent for The American Prospect and a columnist for The Daily Beast, Slate, and The New York Times. She is a former senior writer for The Nation magazine.


Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism[edit]

The Means of Reproduction: Sex Power and The Future of The World[edit]

  • The problem of unsafe abortion has been seriously exacerbated by contraceptive shortages caused by American policies hostile to birth control, as well as by the understandable diversion of scarce sexual health resources to fight HIV. All over the planet, conflicts between tradition and modernity are being fought on the terrain of women's bodies. Globalization is challenging traditional social arrangements. It is upsetting economic stability, bringing women into the workforce, and beaming images of Western individualism into the remotest villages while drawing more and more people into ever growing cities. All this spurs conservative backlash, as right-wingers promise anxious, disoriented people that the chaos an be contained if only the old sexual order is enforced. Yet the subjugation of women is just making things worse, creating all manner of demographic, economic, and public health problems.
    • Introduction
  • Therapeutic abortion is increasingly accepted as a human right in international law - a remarkable, little understood development. That puts countries such as Nicaragua on a potential collision course with the United Nations and other multinational bodies tasked with upholding global agreement on women's rights.
    • Chapter One, "Sandinista Family Values"

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