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Michelle Rempel Garner

Michelle Rempel Garner PC MP (birth name: Godin; born February 14, 1980) is a Canadian politician, who is the federal Member of Parliament (MP) for the electoral riding of Calgary Nose Hill since the 2015 federal election.



  • I wonder what @MichelleRempel thinks of the story about the BC father who could be arrested for family violence if he refers to his daughter as a girl.
    Does she support free speech and parental rights?
    She seems to be pretty aligned with Far Left transgender activism.
  • Finally got blocked by @michelleRempel! Poor little entitled princess could not take the heat anymore.
    Too many people criticizing her hypocritical virtue-signalling and her support for Far Left authoritarians.
    Anyone still wondering why I left CPC?
  • We just got blocked because we replied to @MichelleRempel's slanderous posting that Jordan Kent @votejkent was rejected because he was gay. This was proven false but clearly, Michelle Rempel did not appreciate us replying to her post with @LauraLynnTT reasonable & factual video.

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