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MiraSorvino in 2007

Mira Katherine Sorvino (born September 28, 1967) is an American actress. She won the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Woody Allen's Mighty Aphrodite (1995).


  • You know I think all of us in life are constantly — at different points in our lives — confronted with situations where we have to make choices which define us. And you know that you have to remain a morally upstanding person.
    • [1] Mira talk about lessons from watching film in 2012.
  • It’s been one of the greatest acting challenges of my life,
    • [2] Mira speak about one of the film she acted in 2014.
  • There's that aesthetic of letting go of the self and trying to submit yourself for the art. People take advantage of that. People have always taken advantage of that.
    • [3] Mira speak of people in 2018.
  • Each one of us grappled with that choice to speak or not to speak because it seemed like there was a very high potential for backlash and blacklisting.
    • [4] Mira talk about speaking out in 2018.
  • He is the most loving father, the most brilliant actor, the most beautiful operatic tenor, the most talented visual artist- the wisest and most human advice giver.
    • [5] Mira express admiration for her father in 2018.
  • “I told everyone I knew. No one said, Hey, this is sexual harassment. You should go to the authorities. You have a case. You should go to the police.
    • [6] Mira speak on sexual harassment in 2018.
  • Everyone is delighted to be doing what they’re doing and they’re doing it at a very high level. When people have great talent and great vision, and they are good and kind a generous and empowering, it’s infectious.
    • [7] Mira talk about Hollywood in 2020.
  • I actually thought it would end my career for good and I’d never work again. There haven’t really been whistle-blowers before that who continued to work. If you look at people who brought these accusations forward, they were not believed and they were shunned.
    • [8] Mira speak on allegations against Weinstein in 2020.
  • Yes. People are returning to things that really matter. Honesty. Kindness. Altruism. Living a true and honest life that doesn’t have anything to do with the outside of things, but the interior, the inner world. It’s not about materialism, but heart.
    • [9] Mira speak on honest life in 2020.
  • My favorite kind of character is funny, strange, and vulnerable all kind of mixed together, so this is sort of my sweet spot.
    • [10] Mira talk about favorite character in 2020.
  • I’ve always had faith in the goodwill of others, I feel like a really lucky person to be able to have a second act based on merit and perseverance more than anything else.
    • [11] Mira talk about faith in others in 2020.
  • I want to affect change. I like to advocate. I like to influence legislative change, and I have helped pass more than 10 laws.
    • [12] Mira talk about change in 2020.
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