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Misha Defonseca is a Belgian author.

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re 1997 book


alternatively titled:

  1. Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years
  2. Surviving with Wolves: The Most Extraordinary Story of World War II since 2005
  3. known in French as Survivre avec les loups: La veritable histoire de Misha Defonseca
  • Escape with wolves: Though she was only seven, Misha deFbnseca escaped the Holocaust by fleeing into the forest to be raised by wolves. She tells Barry Wmgmore how she survived
  • In the latter, the story receives a novel twist with reference to the Holocaust: A seven-year-old Misha Defonseca survived the Holocaust by fleeing into the forest where she claims she was raised by wolves. Now she has written about her ordeal. Of these stories, I have more confidence in the former as it is well-documented and credibly argued.