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Missing Link is a 2019 British-American stop-motion animated adventure comedy film featuring the voices of Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana, and Zach Galifianakis. The plot follows an explorer who encounters a Sasquatch-type creature and must escort him to his Yeti cousins in the Himalayas.

Written and directed by Chris Butler. Produced by Arianne Sutner and Travis Knight.


Mr. Link: Excuse me. Hi.
Sir Lionel Frost: You can speak?!
Mr. Link: Yes, and, um, I write as well. [he holds up the letter he’d written to Sir Lionel] My penmanship isn’t great, but, uh, you know, opposable thumbs and fat fingers, you know.

Mr. Link: Actually, I go by Susan.
Lionel Frost: Su… Susan?
Mr. Link: Yeah. Susan. That should be my name.
Lionel: So this prospector was a girl.
Mr. Link: Yes, that’s correct.
Lionel: That is a girl’s name.
Mr. Link: Uh-huh.
Sir Frost: It suits you.

Mr. Link: I need someone who knows the wild places of the world, and you’re the world’s greatest adventurer.
Frost: What exactly do you ask of me?
Mr. Link: I’m lonely. I’m the last of my kind, but on the other side of the world they talk of this creature…
Frost: The yeti.
Mr. Link: I think these yetis are my cousins. Can you take me there?
Frost: I give you my word.
Mr. Link: Okay, what is it?
Frost: What?
Mr. Link: Your word.
Frost: No, it’s a figure of speech.
Mr. Link: Sounds good. What is it?
Frost: The word, my dear fellow... is "trust".

Mr. Link: We aren’t going to break in, are we?
Frost: Climb the wall and pull me up. [as he goes to climb up the wall, he trips and breaks through the wall instead] Bravo.
Mr. Link: Thank you.

[as they are sat in a train]
Mr. Link: Is it hot in here?
Frost: By all means, crack open the win… [suddenly Mr. Link smashes the train window with his fist to crack it open] …Dow.
Mr. Link: Oh, that’s better.

[as Mr. Link tears off his shirt to reveal himself and old tribeswoman yells in horror and passes out]
Mr. Link: Um…
Tribeswoman: You have killed my grandmother!
Adelina Fortnight: Quick, quick, quick, someone should give her the kiss of life!
[they both look at the unconscious older woman]
Frost: [to Mr. Link] You’re the man for the job.
Mr. Link: How’s my breath?

Frost: Throw me out of the pit.
Mr. Link: I think you might be a little too heavy.
Frost: Nonsense. Now, give it all you’ve got.
Mr. Link: [throws him and Sir Lionel smashes into the ice wall and slides down] Ooph. It’s hard to know who’s fault that was. Let’s do it again.


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