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Modern Family (2009–2020) is an American sitcom created by Christopher Lloyd that follows three related, fictional families: a traditional family led by Phil and Claire Dunphy; Gloria and Jay Pritchett, a May-December couple; and Mitchell and Cam, a gay couple. The show is shot in a mockumentary.


Season 1
Season 2
Season 3


The Pritchett-Delgado Family[edit]

  • Jay
  • Gloria (2nd wife)
  • Manny (Gloria's son from her first marriage with Javier)
  • Joe (Jay & Gloria's trueborn son)

The Dunphy Family[edit]

  • Claire (Jay's daughter)
  • Phil (husband)
  • Alex (daughter)
  • Luke (son)

The Tucker-Pritchett Family[edit]

  • Mitchell (Jay's son)
  • Cameron (husband)
  • Lily (adoptive daughter)
  • Rexford (adoptive son)

The Marshall Family[edit]

  • Haley (Claire & Phil's daughter)
  • Dylan (husband)
  • George: Poppy's twin brother (son)
  • Poppy: George's twin sister (daughter)

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