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Mr. Incredible and Pals is a 2005 animated short film that is a part of the DVD edition of the 2004 Pixar film The Incredibles. The short comes with an audio commentary made by Craig T. Nelson and Samuel L. Jackson as the voices of Mr. Incredible and Frozone.

Commentary Dialogue[edit]

Mr. Incredible: Hello, this is Mr. Incredible here with...
Frozone: Frozone.
Mr. Incredible: You know, I've never actually seen this.
Frozone: Yeah, me neither.
Mr. Incredible: Several years ago, before the heroes were banned, we were approached about using our likenesses in a cartoon for kids by a producer named, err, Erv Shecktemer...
Frozone: Wait a second, what's this? Is that me? I'm white...they made me a white guy?!
Mr. Incredible: You'
Frozone: They made me a white guy!
Mr. Incredible: Well, maybe the print's faded. You're tan...ish.
Frozone: Wait, wait. Is that supposed to be me? I sound like a, a...
Mr. Incredible: A what?
Frozone: A beatnik. Yeah, that's it! I sound like a beatnik!
Mr. Incredible: It was meant to sound cool.
Frozone: Well, it doesn't sound cool, and it doesn't sound like me. I sound cool. And if it sounded like me, it would sound cool.
Mr. Incredible: Hang on, I'm sure it gets better.
Frozone: I thought you said this thing was animated.
Mr. Incredible: It is animated.
Frozone: When they gonna start moving? Ain't nothing moving but their lips!
Mr. Incredible: It is an-You can see it's not real, so, it's a s...sense.
Frozone: What's that bunny? Hey, hey, hey! What happened? They didn't show me make the ice bridge? That's the best part!
Mr. Incredible: Hey, come on! Well, don't be like that. We're recording this.
Frozone: [sarcastically] Yeah, you're holding the rabbit's hand, that's better. Why's everybody got lady lips? Are those human lips? Whose lips are those?
Mr. Incredible: I was told it was a new process.
Frozone: [sarcastic] Ooh, new process!
Mr. Incredible: A real breakthrough!
Frozone: And what would that new process be, Mr. I? Cheap-o-Rama?!
Mr. Incredible: This is breaking through!
Frozone: And that rabbit is getting on my last nerve!
Mr. Incredible: The rabbit is cuddly! Kids like little cuddly sidekicks! I mean, the rabbit...It's a time-tested...Okay, the rabbit bites.
Frozone: Are you kidding me?!
Mr. Incredible: Don't shout.
Mr. Incredible: Hey! You're shouting! Don't shout!
Frozone: "Lady Lightbug"? They got a show with real heroes, but they gotta make up the villains? What's up with that?!
Mr. Incredible: They said it was a breakthrough!
Frozone: Are you kidding?!
Mr. Incredible: Well, you liked the idea too. You wanted to expand your fanbase.
Frozone: Isn't that what you said?
Mr. Incredible: How was I to know?
Frozone: Oh, oh, oh, I get caught. The black superhero gets caught!
Mr. Incredible: Well, a minute ago, you were complaining they made you white.
Frozone: Oh, that's right-the tan superhero gets caught! You talked me into this.
Mr. Incredible: It's for kids. The kids loved it.
Frozone: Hey, you said it never aired.
Mr. Incredible: Well, if it had aired, then the kids...w-would've loved it-
Frozone: This is a stain on my otherwise spotless endorsement record! You owe me one, Incredible!
Mr. Incredible: I never saw this! We were forced to go underground before the episodes were finished! You can't blame me!
Frozone: Frozone is only involved in quality work. Crappy animation reflects badly on me!
Mr. Incredible: Oh, for Pete's sake. It's not you.
Frozone: It's my likeness.
Mr. Incredible: It's a cartoon!
Frozone: [increasingly angry] And now you have me involved in this commentary, further connecting me to work that is clearly inferior, AND CONNECTING ME TO THE RABBIT! DID YOU OKAY THE RABBIT?!
Frozone: WELL, SOMEBODY OKAYED THE RABBIT! [after a while, more calmly] You know, we've been friends for a long time. But I'm telling you, this thing better never see the light of day.
Mr. Incredible: Zone, where you going? Come on, get back here. Hey, don't do this. Oh, man. There he goes, see? He's emotional, he's emotional. He'll come back. Are we still rolling?


Narrator: The Adventures of Mr. Incredible, with his pals Frozone and Mr. Skipperdoo. When last we left them, Mr. Incredible and Frozone had just discovered the startling disappearance of the West River Bridge.
Mr. Incredible: Frozone, the disappearance of the West River Bridge is startling. What dastardly demon could have done such a dirty deed?
Frozone: This is one big scene, Big Daddy. What's up with Mr. Skipperdoo?
[Mr. Skipperdoo hops as he spotted something]
Mr. Incredible: He's found something. [they see a blue glowing rivet] A rivet from the missing bridge, and it's radioactive.
Frozone: Radioactive? That's powerful goodness, but isn't that dangerous in the wrong hands?
Mr. Incredible: Yes, and what pretty hands they are. For this is blue radioactivity, which can only be the work of one person. The sinister, yet lovely, Lady Lightbug!
Frozone: Let's make like a banana and split!
Mr. Incredible: Hold on there, Frozone. We can't leave this traffic piled up. There's nothing more important than keeping our country's automobiles on the go.
Frozone: Well, this will get all those hip cats rolling for now. Cool it! [begins making the bridge with his ice powers]
Mr. Incredible: [surprised] Amazing! You're constructing a temporary bridge of ice! I've never seen anything like it! [Frozone finished making the ice bridge before the cars ran smoothly and carefully on it] Good job, old friend. Now let's go find Lady Lightbug!
Narrator: With traffic flowing for now, our heroes embark on a search for their evil adversary.

[The heroes arrived at the abandoned carnival]
Frozone: How did you peg this as Lady Lightbug's pan?
Mr. Incredible: Evil is attracted to dark, remote places, and this abandoned fairground is dark and remote.
Frozone: Dig it, Daddy-o.
Mr. Incredible: [lifts up the fun house] Well, she's not under this abandoned fun house. [lifts up the shooting gallery] And she's not under this abandoned shooting gallery. [lifts up the house of mirrors] And she's not under this abandoned house of mirrors. [Mr. Skipperdoo hops and found something] What is it, Mr. Skipperdoo?
Frozone: He found the bridge!
Mr. Incredible: The bridge? [behind him was the missing West River Bridge] The bridge!
Lady Lightbug: [flies out of the fun house to reveal herself] Yes, the bridge!
Mr. Incredible: Lady Lightbug!
Lady Lightbug: By stealing the West River Bridge, I will create massive traffic jams! With the people of the earth unable to commute the work, the economies of the free world will crumble!
Frozone: That is one crazy bug!
[Lady Lightbug shoots her glowing silk to tie up Frozone]
Mr. Incredible: Radioactive silk!
Lady Lightbug: And there's nothing you can stop me, Incredible!
Mr. Incredible: You mean "Mr. Incredible"! [throws the Ferris wheel at Lady Lightbug, who dodges]
Lady Lightbug: Ha! Your first will attackers is pathetic and ineffective in your system of the government! [evil laugh]
Mr. Incredible: Now, Lightbug, for nothing can defeat the power of freedom! It's showtime! [hops onto the moving Trollercoaster and jumps at Lady Lightbug]
Lady Lightbug: NO!!!! [gets caught]

Frozone: The whole world is crazy safe again. Thanks to you, Mr. Incredible.
Mr. Incredible: No, Frozone. Thanks to you, and Democracy. [Mr. Skipperdoo hops in agreement] And of course you, Mr. Skipperdoo. Do hope you remember to poke some holes in that jar. [laughs]
Lady Lightbug: [trapped in the jar] Curse you, Mr. Incredible, and Frozone, and Mr. Skipperdoo!
Narrator: Tune in next week for another amazing adventure!
Corn Monster: I'll crush you, Mr. Incredible! [evil chuckle]
Narrator: Starring the world's greatest super, Mr. Incredible!

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