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Shaykh Muhammad Qutb (born in Egypt after 1919 - 2014) was an Islamic cleric, the younger brother of Islamist Sayyid Qutb. Shaykh Osama bin Laden studied Islam under Muhammad Qutb[1] when the former was young.


Islam: the Misunderstood Religion[edit]

  • Western psychologists accuse religion of repressing the vital energy of man and rendering his life quite miserable as a result of the sense of guilt which especially obsesses the religious people and makes them imagine that all their actions are sinful and can only be expiated through abstention from enjoying the pleasures of life. Those psychologists add that Europe lived in the darkness of ignorance as long as it adhered to its religion but once it freed itself from the fetters of religion, its emotions were liberated and accordingly it achieved wonders in the field of production.
  • ...hunting of a beast, inventing of an instrument, laying down the foundations of a new system of economy, setting up a new form or government, kindling a war, or making peace. All these activities of man depend upon his intellectual ability. Emotions creeping in cannot but spoil them.
  • Disowning one's God [is not] freedom of thought but freedom of atheism.


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