Sayyid Qutb

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Sayyid Qutb

Sayyid Qutb (October 190629 August 1966) was an Egyptian author, Islamist, and the leading intellectual of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s and 60s. He is considered a major influence on Sheikh Osama bin Laden and Imam Khamenei.


  • The defeatists should fear Allah lest they distort this religion and cause it to become weak on the basis of the claim that it is a religion of peace. Yes, it is the religion of peace but in the sense of saving all of mankind from worshiping anything other than Allah and submitting all of mankind to the rule of Allah.
  • Verily, this Quran does not reveal its secrets save to those who rush into battles with the Quran at their side.
    • Doctrines for Jihadi Terrorist Training, Brynjar Lia, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI), Kjeller, Norway, 2008,p.13 pdf

Ma'alim fi'l-Tariq (Signposts on the Road, or Milestones) (1964)[edit]

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