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Renaud Camus in 2019
Renaud Camus and Filip Dewinter in 2020

Renaud Camus; (born 10 August 1946) is a French painter and photographer and author of more than one hundred and sixty works. To fight (in his own words) against the industrialization of man and the massacre of landscapes, against a pan-economism that treats men as Undifferentiated Human Matter, and against the change of people and the violence it implies, the author founded the party of In-nocence in 2002, and with Karim Ouchikh, the National Council of the European Resistance in 2017.


  • Le Grand Remplacement is not merely about the replacement of some people by others. It is also, the fact that everything is replaced by something else: the original by the copy, the authentic by the imitation, the object by its facsimile, writers by intellectuals, literature by journalism, journalism by information, information by fake news, Venice by Venice in Las Vegas, Las Vegas by Las Vegas in a Spanish desert or anywhere else. The fake is at the heart of global replacement. This is a world where everything is fake, where everything is the imitation of what things should be.
  • Replacists will be eaten, devored, absorbed, replaced by their replacers même, Replacists replace lambs by wolfs. They replace docile replacees, well prepared to their own repalcemement by excess of comfort, too much civilization, too little culture and constant propaganda, by rather agressive replacers, younger, more numberous, testeronically superior, well fed by their replacees and fiercely identitarian Replacists will be gobbled up first. That is a meager consolation.
    • How Gay Icon Renaud Camus Became the Ideologue of White Supremacy Camus describes the doomsday battle on which his entire project is based, the ultimate showdown in which “replacists”—his name for those who support immigration and cultural diversity—are finally attacked by the newcomers they have foolishly championed.
  • I think my life is united, Tricks was an attempt to say what could not be said, and Le Grand Remplacement is the same. Homosexuality could only be mentioned in an erotic context, and never in simple terms. Tricks is a paradoxical book that shows that what is told isn’t extraordinary, that there isn’t much to tell, in fact.” The mission of the great writer in society is to go toward what is not said, the untold part of the discourse.

Quotes About Renaud Camus[edit]

  • Camus was speaking about a show on France Culture, and while he expressed himself in terms that were certainly maladroit, the campaign against him was totally unjust. Demographic substitution, is “not a conspiracy theory.” He testifies to the anxiety of French identity, but he is so radical in his propositions. He’s become totally inaudible.

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