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Vox Day in 2007

Theodore Robert Beale (born August 21, 1968), professionally known as Vox Day, is an American writer, editor, video game designer, and blogger.


  • A one-world government is an absolutely terrible concept, because it sets up a system of an ultimate prize to be claimed by the most ruthless, most determined, and most power-hungry individuals. The hypothetical process of getting to that point is bad enough, but if the global governance enthusiasts ever succeed in establishing it, it's going to make the historical institutions of slavery and medieval serfdom look like freedom in comparison. The only peace it will bring to Mankind is the peace of the grave. The most effective way for individual Americans to respond is to continue to insist on the restoration of their Constitution and to remain steadfast in refusing demands that they give up their national sovereignty.
  • I am a Christian who wrote a novel in a specific literary tradition. I did not approach the process as a representative of modern evangelical culture, hoping to collect a few crumbs fallen from the medieval feast described in excruciatingly painstaking detail on the secular table, but as one of the legitimate heirs to the literary kingdom who is castigating the usurpers.
  • The truth always forces its way through the lies and deceit that cloak it over time. All of the lies that Americans have been told by their immigrant invaders, from “the proposition nation” to the “huddled masses”, the “melting pot”, “we are the world”, and “diversity is our strength” are going to be disproven in a conclusive, and possibly cataclysmic manner by the geopolitical rivalry with a unified and confident nation.

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