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President Ronald Reagan and Bill Clark meeting with President Zia-ul-Haq, 1982.

Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq (12 August 192417 August 1988) was 6th president of of Pakistan (1977–1988). He was born in Jalandhar of Indian Punjab and migrated to Pakistan after partition of sub-continent in 1947. He was well known for his work to contain Soviets in Afghanistan and Islamization of Pakistan and Afghanistan.


  • What is a constitution? It is a booklet with twelve or ten pages. I can tear them away and say that tomorrow we shall live under a different system. Today, the people will follow wherever I lead. All the politicians including the once mighty Mr. Bhutto will follow me with tails wagging.
  • Cricket can be a bridge and a glue... Cricket for peace is my mission.
    • Quoted in Helen Exley Cricket Quotations (1992)[1]


  • Zia's military dictatorship, once again fully backed by the United States, was the worst period in the country's history. Zia's men were dense, deaf and heartless. The new regime had decided to use Islam as its battering ram, and its bearded supporters, often incredibly stupid, were opportunist to the marrow of their bones. They combined religion with profanities of the vilest kind. Under Zia, despotism and lies mutilated a whole generation. Islamic punishments were introduced, public floggings and hangings instituted. The political culture of Pakistan was brutalised. It has still to recover. Washington and London watched from the sidelines as the country's elected leader was executed. Work on the nuclear programme continued, but Washington now chose to ignore the process because by now the pro Moscow Afghan left had seized power in Kabul.
    • Tariq Ali - The Clash of Fundamentalisms, Crusades, Jihads and Modernity (2002)

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