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Muharrem İnce (born 4 May 1964) is a Turkish teacher and politician.


  • If you were afraid of God as much as you were afraid of the United States, the country would not be like this.[1]
  • Dear friends, not so much, was Turk Telekom a Turkish company in 2002? It was the Turk. Did you sell this company in the Arabs? Did you sell Telsim to the British, Akbank to the Kuwait, Kusadasi Harbor to the Israel, vehicle inspection job to the Germany, İzmir harbor to the Hong Kong, Avea and MNG to the Lebanon, TGRT to the a American, Süper FM to the Canada? You did sell. Not very much, in 2002 these companies were owner Turk. It belonged to the Turks. Now these companies are all in the hands of strangers. Do you know how many factory, shipyard, facility, port, land, building you sell privatized in your seven year rule? I learned one by one from the Privatization Administration. 721 pieces. You sold like father's goods. Do you have one new factory, one?[2]
  • I want peace, I want fraternity, I want prosperity, I want jobs for teens, I want food.[3]
  • He has forgotten you! I am a people child. I am people's child.
    At a rally in Istanbul, when talking about Erdoğan.[4]

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