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My Girl 2 is a 1994 comedy-drama movie starring Anna Chlumsky, Dan Aykroyd, Christine Ebersole, Jamie Lee Curtis, Richard Masur, Austin O'Brien and Roland Thomson. This was a sequel to 1991's My Girl.


  • Why is it boys talk so much, when they have nothing to say? And girls have plenty to say, but no one will listen?
  • Dad, when a boy likes you, does he pretend that he doesn't like you? And if he pretends that he doesn't like you how can you tell that he likes you?
  • Why do they call them training bra's? It's not like learning to ride a bike.
  • When sex is involved, it's always special circumstances.
  • Life is full of barbaric customs, I just hope they all end with a kiss like that.


  • UCLA. My Cardigan-Sweater period.


  • Look, we react to every kick this baby gives, maybe Vada's trying to tell us something too.


My dear, this is not a country that rewards poetry, this is a country that rewards gas mileage, besides, people don't read poetry anymore, they watch television. Don't be a poet, be a TV repairman.


Vada: Shelly's already told me all about sex.
Harry: She told me too. I mean, she told me she told you about sex. I - I personally knew about sex long before I met Shelly.
Vada: I figured you did.
Harry: Hey, you're not eating your meatloaf.
Shelly: If I eat it I'll throw up.
Harry: Well you should at least try a little bit.
Shelly: Then I'll throw up a little bit.
Vada: Maybe I should just move to China. One kid per family, that way you don't lose your room.
Harry: Hey, why don't you just keep your room and we'll put the baby in the back yard.
Veda: Don't do that, you've got the whole garage.
Harry: Oh yeah, right-between the power mower and the weed killer.
Vada:Put that down, I'll...I'll call the police!
Nick: What are you gonna do? Tell them that... a polite person helped carry your bag?
Vada: I don't think you're very polite.
Phil: Wha...what do you mean? We have a date every night.
Rose: No, that's not a date, a date is when I don't cook.

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