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My Gym Partner's a Monkey, created by couple Tim Cahill and Julie McNally Cahill, is an American animated television series that aired on Cartoon Network on December 26, 2005. A 12-year-old boy named Adam Lyon is transferred to animal school Charles Darwin Middle School from Chester Arthur Middle School because of a typo in his last name. There, in P.E. class, he is partnered up with spidermonkey, Jake Spidermonkey, causing them to become best friends. See List of characters from My Gym Partner's a Monkey for more information on the main characters and minor characters.

Season 1[edit]

Inoculation Dad / Animals Texting [1.1][edit]

Adam: What happened?
Lupe: You went totally ape and stuff, but Nurse Gazelle got you back to normal.
Principal Pixie frog: Nice shooting, nurse, in spite of your itty-bitty brain.
Nurse Gazelle: Thanks, but it wasn't the blowdart alone that did the trick.
Jake: Yeah, it was booty killed the beast. What, you don't get it? Booty as in my butt. It's a play on words.

[faculty and students leave]

Jake: Hey wait!
[Ingrid walks away]
Jake: Maybe I didn't sell it. [Jake points to his butt with an arrow] Booty...killed...the... beast!!! Heh, I guess some people don't appreciate great literature.

Lyon of Scrimmage / Bad News Bear [1.2][edit]

Adam: [to Coach Gills] Excuse me ma'am, but these plays aren't so hard to remember.

[puts away football playbook]

Adam: Rollout Option Pass, the offensive line blocks down to prevent a defender from following the pulling guard and the tight end double teams the OT's man. If the defender changes the cover to block, the Quarterback runs behind his two blockers, sending the play into second option.

Kid: [to Adam] You forgot your lunch, monkey boy! [a banana is thrown at Adam]

Mr. Hornbill: Which reptile has poor eyesight?
Ingrid: Snakes!
Mr. Hornbill: Correct, Ingrid. Here's your treat.

[Slips puts glasses on]

Mr. Hornbill: Which reptile has no ears?
Ingrid: Snakes!
Mr. Hornbill: Correct again.
[Slips's glasses fall]

Chef no This / Tee "A" World [1.3][edit]

Shari Attacks / My Adam, Yo Jame [1.4][edit]

Henry: Me, um...line.
Ms. Chameleon: Jungle Guy.
Henry: Jungle Guy.
Ms. Chameleon: Next!
Henry: Next! Line.
Ms. Chameleon: Next!
Henry: Next!
Ms. Chameleon: Next!!!
Henry: Next!!!
Ms. Chameleon: Get off the stage, you idiot!

Adam: [to Jake] The best Jungle Guy can...make a soufflé.
Jake: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!

Jake: Are you embarassed about your flabby stomach? [He pats Adam's stomach]
[Adam lifts up his shirt and points at his stomach]
Adam: My Stomach's not flabby!
[He sucks in his gut and his stomach flattens]
Jake: Is it because of your scrawny arms?
[Adam, enraged, takes off his backpack and his shirt, and flexes his arms]
Adam: My arms aren't scrawny!
[As he says this, his arms droop down.]
Jake: Is it because of your knobby, knobby knees?
[Adam gets really mad now. So, he puts his hands on his cargo pants and starts to undo the ties on them]
Adam: My knees are not knobby!

Tee Shed's / Shiny Think [1.5][edit]

Principal Pixiefrog: [about Slips] Oh, yuck! That snake's got a cold! Germ alert! Germ alert!

Students: [under the hypnotic powers of Jake] Pretty! Pretty! Shiny! Shiny!

Amazon Kevin / Grab Driver [1.6][edit]

Henry Armadillo: I Say We Teach Him A Lesson
Jake Spidermonkey: Lets Get Amazon Kevin
Amazon Kevin: It's A Mob House! A Mob House!
Endungu Elephant: Rats, Anyone Got A Possible Thumb!
Mrs Tusk: Oh, Not That Hair, Child, This Hair!

Gal 1: This Is Our Turf! You Show Your Face Around Here Again, and You're Gonna Pay!
Gal 1: Hey Lady Do You Wanna Buy Some Cookies
Woman: Oh, I'll Do Whatever Say.
Gal 1: Thank You Very Much. Ma'am.

Lax and dOor / Yesterday's Funny Monkey [1.7][edit]

Jake: My butt is a classic, a classic has-been.

Jake: [showing off his butt routine to the audience] What are you looking at? Okey dokey!

It's the Scary Old Custodian, Adam Lyon / My Science Project [1.8][edit]

James Ant: [his science project is on fire] Break out the sauce, I smell barbecue. Oh, that's me. Ouch!

[avoiding the robot arm]
Jake: I'm glad you're here Adam, 'cause you're sooo smart.
Adam: I'm not that smart. I think chocolate milk comes from a brown cow.
Jake: Uh, well, I look forward to the Easter bunny coming every Christmas.
Adam: Don't look at me, I think professional wrestling is real.
Jake: I can't even spell real.
Adam: It's R-E-A-L. [mechanical arm powers up its drill] Durn it!
Jake: That's what you get for being such a smarty pants.

Two Tons of Fun / Doc-Trauma [1.9][edit]

Adam: What just happened?
Jake: The one-ton rhino just got his butt kicked by a eight ounce frog! Where have you been these past thirty seconds?

Zera Corneilious: [while Adam runs away] Pants! Pants! Pants! Pants! I lost my Pants!
Jake: [pulls up his shirt] And is that a problem?

Principal Pixiefrog: This is Principal Pixiefrog with another fun-filled announcement: You're all expelled!!! [a zebra faints] Just kidding, just a little principal's joke. Ok, now for the real announcment.

Supplies Party / She's Koala That [1.10][edit]

Chad: Who's having a birthday party?
Adam: I am.
Chad: Oh, it is going to be like the one you had in first grade? Where you wet your pants and cried.
Adam: No, that's not going to happen again.
Chad: Why? Are you going to wear a stupid diaper? What other stupid stuff are you going to do? Invite your stupid animal friends? I'm sure they'll do something to make you look stupid.
Kerry: [to Adam] Don't listen to Chad. He's just [pauses] stupid.

Political Animals / Guano in 60 Seconds [1.11][edit]

Adam: Uh, Jake. That's not popcorn. It's abestos.
Jake: [continues to eat abestos, which is actually bat guano] I don't speak Greek, but whatever it is, needs more butter.

Bubble or Nothing / Up All Night [1.12][edit]

Jake: Pizza isn't just complete without toppings.
[Jake adds bugs to Adam's slice of pizza]

Jake: [impersonating Principal Pixiefrog's voice on the phone] Hello, this is Principal Pixiefrog, we will just let you know we will be cancelling school next week.
Principal Pixiefrog: It was nice of me to cancel school next week.

Adam: In fact, I'm sick of being lunch!

Coach Gills: I've been in a bubble my whole life. Before it was cool.

Jake: How are you feeling now, sport?
Adam: Jake, I'm in a giant bubble!
Jake: Wow, don't you just love this place?
Adam: No!

Kerry to Dance? [1.13][edit]

Kerry: Hey Ingrid, nice glitter.
Ingrid: Thanks. It's actually embedded in my corneas.
Kerry: [sighs] Boys are more trouble than they're worth, aren't they?
Lupe: Uh-huh! You said it, sister! Come on, girlfriends. Let's dance!!!

Season 2[edit]

Le Switchers / I Got a New Aptitude [2.1][edit]

Jake: Hey Adam, you know what I want to be?
Adam: Umm, let me guess. A zoo animal.
Jake: No way! I want to be an underwear model.
Adam: I almost hate to ask, but why?
Jake: 'Cause I've always wanted to see what it's like to wear underwear.
Adam: But you don't even wear pants.
Jake: Look Adam; Every time I see a monkey on T.V., he's either naked or wearing diapers. It's time for me to step up and blaze a new trail for simians everywhere! And that trail happens to involve [deepens his voice] big boy pants!

Cheer Pressure / Basic Jake [2.2][edit]

Adam: You do realize that I could be in bed at home right now, watching cartoons and eating cereal, perfectly content in (he puts his hands on the button and zipper of his jade cargo pants) my limited-edition (an unzipping sound is heard as Adam unbuttons and unzips his pants, thereby beginning to take them off) collector-series---
(Adam, then, raises his hands up off his pants, and lets them fall down to the ground.)
(His underpants are now revealed.)
(Then, Adam turns around and bends over to reveal the back off his underpants.)
(They have a picture of a clown face on the back: authentic red clown lips, blue X's for eyes, and a real-live clown nose to honk.)
(Adam points directly at them to show them off to Jake.)
(Then, Adam honks the red clown nose of the clown face on the back of his underwear, which he just now called "Captain Clownies".)

The Times, They Are Exchanging' / Cool Kids [2.3][edit]

Mr Thornbill: Eating Your School May Be Apporpriate In That Animal School, But Not Here.

Disregarding Henry / Nice Moustache [2.4][edit]

Henry: [sings] Oh, I'm a friendly armadillo. I'm a gentle pussy willow.
[stops singing as Jake opens curtain] Ahhh!!! Jake, what are you doing?
Jake: That is the best sing good. I want to enter you in the school talent show. What's your name, kid?
Henry: Well, it's Henry, Jake. You know that.
Jake: Well, Henrietta, I'm going to make you a star.
Henry: It's Henry. I'm a boy.
Jake: Well, if you say so.
[closes curtain]

Poop Scoop / Leaf of Absence [2.5][edit]

Principal Wolverine: Do I have to bite you on the buttocks?!

Jake: [jumping] I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you! I'm not touch---
Adam: Knock it off already!
Jake: ing you.

Principal Wolverine: Stop growing right now! [the grass grows higher] Mr. Grass, do I have to bite you on the buttocks?

I Fear Pretties / The Magic Fish [2.6][edit]

Steve Lobster: [to the waiter] I'll take the lobster.
[Steve's wife is picked up by the waiter]
Steve's wife: Steve, how could you?!!!

Ain't Too Proud to Egg / The Two Jake [2.7][edit]

Mr. Hornbill: (explaining an assignment involving eggs) Any questions?
[a girl Badger happily raises her hand.]
Mr. Hornbill: No, Lacey, you may not eat the eggs.
[Her hand goes down after turning Her smile into a frown.]

Jake's Day Off / Lupe in Love [2.8][edit]

Orlando Parrot: Pretty bird!
Jake: Pretty monkey!
Adam: Pretty stupid!


Principal Pixiefrog: Spidermonkey was just here. I can almost taste it. [He licks the ground.] YUCK! He's got that Lyon kid with him too. Hey, what the--? Where am I? And how come nobody ever told me? Nobody ever includes me in anything.


Principal Pixiefrog: Oh! An important message! I better listen to myself!


Jake (as Pixiefrog): Ready? Stand up! You put your right hoof in, you put your right hoof out. You put your left claw in and you shake it near your snout. Do the Shakey-Jakey and turn yourself about,

(Scene changes to outside of school)
Everyone in the school: That's what it's all about!

Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas [2.9][edit]

Carny Crazy / Up and Adam [2.10][edit]

Making The Grade / One Lump Or Tutor [2.11][edit]

Pranks For The Memories / Talking Teddy [2.12][edit]

Pants In Space / Uniformity [2.13][edit]

(The rest of the animal students have just now torn off all of their uniforms, and are now running around in their underpants, or naked.)
(Adam Lyon, Principal Pixiefrog, and Mr. Sugarjumper are all looking on from the doorway to the cafeteria.)
Principal Pixiefrog: Beautiful, isn't it?
(Adam grabs his uniform on his body, as he agrees with Principal Pixiefrog.)
Adam: Yes!
(Then, he rips off his uniform (pants, shirt, jacket, and hat) off of his own body.)
(Now, he is wearing nothing, expect his uniform shoes, socks, and underpants.)
(A look of extreme happiness has now come over his face.)
(Then, he tosses away the shreds of the rest of his uniform, and he runs into the cafeteria to join his friends.)
Adam: Ahhh! (Then, Principal Pixiefrog looks down at Mr. Sugarjumper, to see why he is not going to join in, too.)
Mr. Sugarjumper: Hey, don't look at me! I actually chose to dress like this!

Season 3[edit]

Sick Day / Cuddle-muffins [3.1][edit]

The Biggest Field Trips [3.2-3.3][edit]

Winsor: So this is where it all ends? If I had known I was headed for a premature demise, I'd have eaten more butter.
Ingrid: I'd have spent more time apologizing for things I didn't do.
Slips: I'd have eaten more butter.
Winsor: Hey, that was mine.
Ingrid: I'm sorry!

Adam: Hey, I thought car rides made you sick.
Jake: Can and did. I used your barf bag when you weren't looking.
Adam: That's not a barf bag! That's my lunch!
Jake: Really? What are you having? [looks inside] Ew, barf.

Adam: Some field trip. Hey, where are we going? Duh, I don't know. Let's drive off a cliff and find out. Animals.
Jake: Oho, so that the way it is, eh? Put man out in the wild and his true nature comes out. Well, let me tell you something! [sobs] That true nature hurts.

The MAXXXXX! / The Little Mer monkey[3.4][edit]

Diplomatic Insanity / Sidekick Ed [3.5][edit]

Gorilla Of My Dreamscapes / The Prince Andrew The Pooper [3.6][edit]

That Darn Platypus[3.7][edit]

Pride And Pixie frog / Morning Zoo [3.8][edit]

Flesh Fur Fantasyland /Max’s Sweet heart [3.9][edit]

Donut Nock Is 'Tim Your Try It / Then Citronellas Solutions [3.10][edit]

Mongooses / Mellow Fellows [3.11][edit]

Save The Drama For Your Llama / Hornbill And Ted's Bogus Journey [3.12][edit]

Lie, Cheetah, Steal / An Inconvenient Goof [3.13][edit]

The Frog Principal / Meeting She Spider monkeys [3.14][edit]

The Butter of Jake / Shark Fin Soupy [3.15][edit]

Season 4[edit]

She Hyenas any tee Might / Oh Henri[edit]

Adam: (angry at Issac) Laugh or you'll be sorry! [Issac starts crying.]

Season 5[edit]

Donut Og, A dam! [5.1][edit]

Once Monkeys Plush an Monkey / Welcome go the Juvenile Bigger Housekeeping [5.2][edit]

The New Adam / Neck Love [5.3][edit]

The Bigger Chill / Romeo & Juliet [5.4][edit]

Chuckle and Max / Vices Principals Pixie-frog [5.5][edit]

Telephones Lyne / Slips' Girlfriends [5.6][edit]

Danske Stemmer[edit]

  • Zacharias Grassme – Adam
  • Troells Walther Toya – Jakob
  • Julie Lund – Lulu
  • Pernille Lyck – Ingrid Giraf / Karen
  • Andreas Jessen
  • Ann Hjort
  • Caspar Phillipson
  • Morten Lützhøft
  • Pernille Lyck
  • Tom Jensen


  • Adam: Hey girls! [the Popular Girls turned to look at Adam with an angry look and a fox girl student kicked him way back on the lake.]
  • Egret Girl: Yeah! That's when I saw him that yesterday! Anyways, what's your name?
  • Slips: Slips Python! What's yours?
  • Egret Girl: Joanna Egret!

Jam min' Jake / Jake Phone [5.7][edit]

The Smarter Apex Around Here / Smarty’s Snakes [5.8][edit]

The Giraffes Whose Cried Wolf / Basketballs Lupe [5.9][edit]

It's Going’s too bye An L-O-M-G night / Fun [5.10][edit]

Donald and Van a / but our [5.11][edit]

Lupe Andrew Lopez / One Bites or Too? [5.12][edit]

Windsor-Z / Troubles In Paradise’s [5.13][edit]

  • Jake: (to Adam) Whoa! You know what, Adam? Sometimes pool begins with the letter P, or for Principal Pixiefrog.
  • Adam: Look Jake! We need to get out of this flooding school before it reaches the student body and faculty.
  • Jake: (crossing his arms) Oh yeah! What are you trying to pause at this? Living in the school being flooded?
  • Adam: No, but we need to stay together if we need to save everyone in CDMS.
  • Henry: Jake, I think Adam's right. We need to fix this one way.
  • Jake: (chuckles) Come on. It'll be okay, Henry. We'll be fine. We need to find a way out if here.

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