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The National Policy Institute (NPI) is a white supremacist think tank and lobby group based in Alexandria, Virginia, founded in 2005 by William Regnery II. It lobbies for white supremacists and the alt-right. Its president is Richard B. Spencer, and its executive director (since July 27, 2017) is Evan McLaren.


  • You should have stood up for me. I am a son of your people. I’m one of you. And I’ve expressed a slightly out-of-normal-position political opinion, and you’ve thrown me by the wayside for it. And that is why your system will fail.


  • He was fired from Holy Cross immediately after his affiliation with the "alt-right" came to my attention.
    Prior to his firing, he was successfully using an alternate identity in his work with this atrocious group.
    As for his potential impact on our girls, I conducted an investigation at the time of his firing and determined there was no reason to think that he negatively influenced any of our girls with his philosophy.

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