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Necropolis is a 2008 novel by Anthony Horowitz, the fourth in the The Power of Five series. This is about the fourth Gatekeeper, Scarlett Adams and how the Triads try to get her out of the Necropolis, Hong Kong, before the Old Ones can capture her and brainwash her.

Scarlett Adams

  • It's crazy, someone wouldn't blow up a restaurant to stop me meeting them.
  • Did you see that man?
  • I thought we could go to the Peak.
  • Did you see him? That boy who went past?
  • Those men they're following me.


  • Someone said they screwed up the voting slips. The wrong man won the election.
  • It's a Chinese restaurant.
  • Maybe they're journalists. You're still a mystery. They could be after you.

Matthew Freeman

  • I think we should separate.
  • I'm not sure.
  • Against the Old Ones. Am I going to win or lose?
  • Shame to waste good leather.

Father Gregory Malenkov

  • There is no God, Scarlett. I know that now. But there are the Old Ones. They deserve to rule the world because the world is evil and so are they.
  • Father Janek is dead.
  • I murdered Father Janek.
  • I would take what you are given when you can, child.
  • How are you killing them? Is it something to do with the pollution?



(all the Gatekeepers, professor Chambers and Richard are woken in the night)

  • Jamie: What's happening?
  • Professor Chambers: A single figure moving through the garden. It looks like there's only one of them, but we can't tell.
  • Richard: I'd say he's trying not to be seen. Why don't we get a good look at him?

(he flips on the light switch and shows an Indian man moving cautiously through the illuminated garden)

  • Professor Chambers: Stay where you are! I have a gun pointing at you!
  • The man (Ramon): There's no need for that. I am a friend.
  • Professor Chambers: What do you want?
  • Ramon: I want to speak to the boy. Matthew Freeman. Is he here?
  • Professor Chambers: What's your name?
  • Ramon: Ramon.
  • Professor Chambers: Where have you come from?
  • Ramon: From Lima. Please, are you Matthew? I am here because I want to help you!
  • Pedro: (suspicious) Why does he come, like a thief in the middle of the night?
  • Matt: (nods)
  • Richard: We can ask him to come back in the morning.
  • Matt: What do you want?
  • Ramon: I will show you when I am inside. Please, it is not safe for me out here.

(Matt climbs a hill in the DreamWorld and sees a giant Library, which he first thinks is a city. He then descends the hill, enters it, and, looking round, meets the Librarian)

  • The Librarian: Can I help you?
  • Matt: (surprised) What is this place?
  • The Librarian: (equally surprised) This is the great Library. And it's very good to see you again!
  • Matt: We've never met...
  • The Librarian: I think we have. You are Matthew Freeman. At least, that's the name you call yourself. You're one of the Gatekeepers. The first of them, in fact.
  • Matt: Do you have a name?
  • The Librarian: No, I'm just the Librarian.
  • Matt: I'm looking for Scarlett, Scarlett Adams. Has she been here?
  • The Librarian: Scarlett Adams? Scarlett Adams? You mean... Scar. Yes. She most certainly has been here. But not for a long time. And she's not here now.
  • Matt: Do you know where I can find her?
  • The Librarian: I'm afraid not.

(Scarlett arrives in Hong Kong)

  • Justin: Did you have a good flight?
  • Scarlett: It was OK.
  • Justin: You must be tired. Never mind. I'll see you through to the other side. Is this your first time in Hong Kong?
  • Scarlett: Yes.
  • Justin: You're going to love it here!

(Scarlett goes through passport control)

  • Official: (taking her passport) Scarlett Adams. (He stamps it)

(Suddenly his eyes turn into crocodile's eyes as he is one of the Old Ones, and she gets alarmed)

  • Official: (smiles normally)

(His eyes are now back to normal)

  • Justin: We need to pick up your bags.
  • Scarlett: Fine.