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Sturgeon in 2016

Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon (born 19 July 1970) is a Scottish politician and the current First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party. She has been the MSP for Glasgow Southside since 2007 and before that for Glasgow since 1999.




  • I have opposed Trident and nuclear weapons for all of my political life - I even joined CND before becoming a member of the SNP.


  • I believe both Scotland and the UK should stay in the EU. Scotland benefits from being part of the EU, and the EU benefits from having Scotland a part of it. No SNP parliamentarian has expressed a desire to campaign for the out campaign - though they are not prevented from doing so. I am determined to make the positive case for continued membership in a reformed EU.
  • While I do not agree with the decision on the EU reached by people in England and Wales, I do respect it. I hope the new PM will show the same respect for the decision reached by the Scottish people.


  • The President of the United States telling elected politicians – or any other Americans for that matter – to ‘go back’ to other countries is not OK, and diplomatic politeness should not stop us saying so, loudly and clearly.
  • We've backed a second EU referendum, which gives people the opportunity to stop Brexit in its tracks and reverse the decision that was taken. I would also support a General Election, which would give people the opportunity to do that. And of course I want to give Scotland the opportunity of choosing our own future through independence through which we can try to fashion a future that has Scotland as part of the European Union and broader international community.

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