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Nightrise is the third book in The Power of Five series. In this book it is set in the United States of America, involving an evil corporation named Nightrise who is intent on kidnapping some of the Five to use them in the upcoming presidential election.

Jamie Tyler

  • (Stage lines) Ever since we were kids we've known we can read each other's minds. That doesn't make it easy when we're trying to pick up girls...
  • Scott and I... we've always been... close.
  • Carson City was OK. We used to see bald eagles and hawks in the Summer.
  • Scott just looked him straight in the eyes and I'll never forget what he said. "Nobody's going to separate us. You can go hang yourself."
  • I'm not Sapling; I'm Jamie.
  • Can't we stop for a drink?
  • Where did the Old Ones come from?
  • There's nothing inside the box, it's empty.

Scott Tyler

  • You're blaming yourself for letting them take him.
  • I'm with you.
  • Stop the car...

John Trelawny

  • Now I don't believe all big business is bad; but Nightrise are very big and they seem to take pride in being as bad as they can get away with.
  • A kid who was working in a factory in Indonesia got burned by one of the machines and died. He was making parts for a shooting game and the company that employed him just happened to be fully owned by Nightrise. But did they pay any compensation? Did they care? Of course not! And yet you could still buy that toy in any mall in America...
  • The chief of staff and the vice president used to work for Nightrise. Whoever wins the election; they'll go back on the board.
  • The Old Ones? Who're they? What've they got to do with a bunch of disappearing kids?


  • The power of five has been defeated. One of you has been trapped far away from here and another one has been killed. He died painfully. And now, lie down your arms and I will give you a quick death. The rest of you I will allow to serve me. There is no need for this battle. You know it has already been won!
  • One of the Five... but not enough. Two of the Five... but not enough... still not enough... Four of you!


  • Jamie: You knew about the Five. Did you also know about the Old Ones?
  • Joe Feather: That isn't what we call them. We call them Anazasi. That means ancient enemy. Others speak of them as the people eaters. They are the same.
  • Jamie: How did you know who I was?
  • Joe Feather: I had been waiting for you. How can I begin to tell you everything you want to know? Perhaps I should begin by asking what you know about the Washoe - and other Native Americans.
  • Jamie: Not much. ...We talked about Native Americans at school; about what happened to them.
  • Joe Feather: Then you must begin by understanding that my people were destroyed. The Washoe was a mountain tribe and we learned to hide. But even so there are only a few hundred of us left today and we have almost nothing. Of course, we are not alone. Every Native American tribe in America suffered the same way. The white people took all our past away from us and left us without hope of a future. Our parents turned to alcohol to try and forget what has been done to us. Many of our young people have turned to drugs for the same reason. But there are still some of us who walk two worlds. We work in modern America - in the hotels or casinos, or, like me, in the prisons. But we have not forgotten our history. We still tell the story of a great battle that took place at the beginning of time and two heroes - twins - who helped win it.
  • Jamie: Flint and Sapling.
  • Joe Feather: Those are not the names we use. Those names are Iruqous, I think. But it doesn't matter. There was a time when all the tribes were one tribe.

  • Cop: Oh Jesus!
  • Cop 2: That sure is a beauty.
  • Cop 3: Looks like one of the kids came home last night.

  • Shape changer: Good day to you my friend. A living child amongst so many dead. That is very strange. Who are you, my boy? What are you doing here?
  • Jamie: My name is Jamie... I don't know what I'm doing here, I don't even know where I am. Can you help me?
  • Shape changer: Of course I can help you. Ha. But as to where you are, there is nothing left here so why should it even have a name? And even if it did have a name it would soon be forgotten, like everything else. There are no cities, no towns, all is but ashes. Where are you from, boy?
  • Jamie: I'm American, from Nevada.
  • Shape changer: America? Nevada? I don't know those places. How'd you get here?
  • Jamie: I don't know; I didn't mean to come here. It just happened.
  • Shape changer: As if by magic?
  • Jamie: Well, yes.
  • Shape changer: Then perhaps it was magic! Perhaps you were bought here by the Old Ones. They may have wanted you but I don't know why. Do you serve the Old Ones?
  • Jamie: I'm sorry, I don't know what you're talking about.
  • Shape changer: You're not a servant of the Old Ones?
  • Jamie: NO! I'm not anyone's servant!
  • Shape changer: It is fortunate, then, that you are here. It would seem I have arrived only just in time.
  • Jamie: To do what...?
  • Shape changer: TO KILL YOU. Categories:Horror novels