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Tuomas Holopainen, Marco Hietala, Floor Jansen, Jukka Nevalainen, Troy Donockley and Emppu Vuorinen

Nightwish is a symphonic metal band from Kitee, Finland. Early on, their lyrical themes predominantly dealt with mythological and fantasy themes. Though these themes are still occasionally used, lyricist Tuomas Holopainen has used more personal lyrics on recent albums, dealing with sexuality, loneliness and childhood, as well as the split with former singer Tarja Turunen.


  • The only true love I ever knew was behind those downcast eyes. The only comfort I ever felt was during those long hours of loneliness when I felt for you. I do believe only Innocence can save the world.
    • From the album booklet of the 2002 album Century Child.

Song lyrics[edit]

I am the voice of Never-Never-Land
The innocence,
the dreams of every man
I am the empty crib of Peter Pan

All lyrics written by Tuomas Holopainen.

Angels Fall First (1997)[edit]

  • In the sheltering shade of the forest
    Calling calming silence
    Accompanied only by the full moon
    The howling of a night wolf
    And the path under my bare feet...
    ...The Elvenpath
    • Elvenpath
  • The moon witch took me to a ride on a broomstick
    Introduced me to her old friend Home Gnome
    Told me to keep the sauna warm for him
    • Elvenpath
  • Your trembling paw in my hand
    Dreaming of that northern land
    Touching me with a kiss of a beast
    • Beauty and the Beast
  • Love me before the last petal falls.
    • Beauty and the Beast
  • However cruel the mirrors of sin
    Remember, beauty is found within
    • Beauty and the Beast
  • ...Forever shall the wolf in me desire the sheep in you...
    • Beauty and the Beast
  • Why? Was the wine of the grail
    Too sour for man to drink
  • I hear you
    Through the symphonic voices of nature
    The purity I could never doubt
    They tell me to lie on the grass
    And observe my saviour
    The one crucified to the chirping of birds
    • The Carpenter
  • Hymn of gathering stars as my guide
    As I wander on this path of the night
    • Astral Romance
  • The nightwish I sent you centuries ago
    Has been heard by those
    Who dwelled in a woe
    • Astral Romance
  • Departed by the guillotine of death
    I received a letter from the depth
    The dream of my lover it carried inside
    • Astral Romance
  • Above the universe
    Beneath the Great Eye
    I shall desire you forevermore
    • Astral Romance
  • Bury my dreams dig up my sorrows
    Oh Lord why
    The angels fall first?
    • Angels Fall First
  • Not relieved by thoughts of Shangri-La
    Nor enlightened by the lessons of Christ
    I'll never understand the meaning of the right
    Ignorance lead me into the light
    • Angels Fall First
  • Sacrifice me
    And let me be your queen
    Take me
    Tonight and always
    We'll breed to fill all earth
    • Tutankhamen
  • Old love lies deep you said
    Deeper shall be the wound between your legs
    • Nymphomaniac Fantasia
  • Know why the nightingale sings
    Is the answer to everything
    • Know Why the Nightingale Sings
  • Dismal are the mirrors of a wolf
    • Lappi (Lapland)
  • Seadrops foam all empty human skulls
    Those on the shores of Atlantis
    Darwin's resurrection is witnessed
    By turtles he used to play with
    • A Return to the Sea

Oceanborn (1998)[edit]

  • Oracle of the Delphian Domine
    Witness of Adam's frailty
    Seer of the master prophecy
    The stellar world her betrothed
    • Stargazers
  • Enchantment has but one truth:
    I weep to have what I fear to lose
    • Gethsemane
  • I knew you never before
    I see you never more
    But the love the pain the hope O beautiful one
    Have made you mine 'till all my years are done
    • Gethsemane
  • Without you
    The poetry within me is dead
    • Gethsemane
  • Hail the Oceanborn!
    • Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean
  • Disgraced is my virginity
    Death has woven my wedding dress
    Oh Great Blue breathe the morning dew
    For you are the cradle of the image of god
    • Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean
  • From cradle to coffin
    Shall my wickedness be your passion
    • Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean
  • We shall come to set the dolphins free
    We shall wash the darkened bloodred sea
    Our songs will echo over the mountains and seas
    The eternity will begin once again in peace
    • Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean
  • I want to hunt with the tameless heart
    I want to learn the wisdom of mountains afar
    We will honor the angel in the snow
    We will make the streams for our children flow
  • An Aphrodite for mortal souls
    Playing hide and seek in lecherous roles
    Their erotic hour my tearless weep
    Their satisfaction my infinite sleep
    • Passion and the Opera
  • In my world
    Love is for poets
    Never the famous balcony scene
    • Swanheart
  • Crystal pond awaits the lorn
    Tonight another morn for the lonely one is born
    • Swanheart
  • You think you dwell in wisdoms sea
    Still sweet ignorance is the key
    To a poet's paradise
    Challenge the Riddler and you will see...
    • The Riddler
  • For nature hates virginity
    I wish to be touched
    Not by the hands of where's and why's
    But by the Oceans' minds
    • The Riddler
  • The Unicorn arrives with the westwind to dream His funeral
    "Thou art born for Horus dwells in Thee"

    Slumbering with the ebb and the flow of this foaming tomb
    "Thou art born for Seteh dwells in Thee"

    • The Pharaoh Sails to Orion
  • Open thy veins for my venom
    Kiss the cobras with thy twisted tongue
    So shalt thou join the empyrean circus
    Where beggars mourn and seraphs dance
    In this twilight cathedral
    Shall I wed thee,
    O Bride of the Netherworld
    • The Pharaoh Sails to Orion
  • Join my soul the Hunter in the sky
    • The Pharaoh Sails to Orion
  • I wish for this night-time
    to last for a lifetime
    The darkness around me
    Shores of a solar sea
    Oh how I wish to go down with the sun
    With you
  • Sorrow has a human heart
    From my god it will depart
    I'd sail before a thousand moons
    Never finding where to go
    • Sleeping Sun
  • Patriotic to the promised land
    of never-waking dream.
    • Nightquest
  • The dreams remain – they only break.
    • Nightquest
  • First ones to walk this path of night
    Lady in black lady in white
    Followed by legions of night-time wanderers

    Guardians of the halls of heart
    When we from my homeland depart
    To challenge the gods of emptiness
    May the quest begin!

    • Nightquest

Wishmaster (2000)[edit]

  • Take heed, dear heart
    Once apart, she can touch nor me nor you
    Dressed as one
    A wolf will betray a lamb
    • She Is My Sin
  • I am the Fallen
    You are what my sins enclose
    Lust is not as creative
    As its discovery
    • She Is My Sin
  • God I must confess...
    ...I do envy the sinners
    • She Is My Sin
  • Need to understand
    No need to forgive
    No truth no sense left to be followed
    • The Kinslayer
  • Facing this unbearable fear like meeting an old friend
    • The Kinslayer
  • In this world of a million religions everyone prays the same way
    • The Kinslayer
  • Dry the rain from my beaten face
    Drink the wine the red sweet taste of mine
    • Come Cover Me
  • For me
    For you
    Time devours passion`s beauty
    With me
    With you
    In war for the love of you
    (Tonight any dream will do)
    • Come Cover Me
  • I want to find The Secret Path
    A bird delivered into my heart
    • Wanderlust
  • Drown into my eyes and see the wanderer
    See the mirrors of a wolf behold the pathfinder
    • Wanderlust
  • Now let us lie
    Sad we lived sad we die
    Even in your pride
    I never blamed you
    • Two For Tragedy
  • A dreamy-eyed child staring into night
    On a journey to storyteller`s mind
    Whispers a wish speaks with the stars the words are silent in him
    • Wishmaster
If you hear the call of arcane lore,
Your world shall rest on Earth no more
  • To august realms, the sorcery within
    If you hear the call of arcane lore,
    Your world shall rest on Earth no more
    • Wishmaster
  • Just a child without a fairytale am I
    Dark but so lovely
    A Little Match Girl freezing in the snow
    • Bare Grace Misery
  • Roaming on razor-sharp castles
    Ruling all but myself
    (Now my night is laid to sleep)
    • Crownless
The age will say "This poet lies"
Heaven never touched earthly face
The age will say "This night was ours"
Blessed with the Deep
The Silent the Complete
  • The age will say "This poet lies"
    Heaven never touched earthly face
    The age will say "This night was ours"
    Blessed with the Deep
    The Silent the Complete
  • Sing what you can`t say
    Forget what you can`t play
    • Dead Boy's Poem
  • Wrote for the eclipse, wrote for the virgin
    Died for the beauty the one in the garden
    Created a kingdom, reached for the wisdom
    Failed in becoming a god
    • Dead Boy's Poem
  • If you read this line, remember not the hand that wrote it
    Remember only the verse, songmaker`s cry, the one without tears
    For I`ve given this its strength and it has become my only strength.
    Comforting home, mother`s lap, chance for immortality
    Where being wanted became a thrill I never knew
    The sweet piano writing down my life
    • Dead Boy's Poem
A lonely soul... An ocean soul...
  • A lonely soul... An ocean soul...
    • Dead Boy's Poem
  • Wish upon a star
    No matter who you are
    The second star to the right

Century Child (2002)[edit]

  • I was born amidst the purple waterfalls.
    I was weak, yet not unblessed.
    Dead to the world. Alive for the journey.
    One night I dreamt a white rose withering,
    a newborn drowning a lifetime loneliness.
    I dreamt all my future. Relived my past.
    I witnessed the beauty of the beast
  • There's a poison drop in this cup of Man
    To drink it is to follow the left hand path
    • Bless the Child
Remember, my child: Without innocence the cross is only iron,
hope is only an illusion & Ocean Soul's nothing but a name...
  • Time pays us but with earth & dust, and a dark, silent grave.
    Remember, my child: Without innocence the cross is only iron,
    hope is only an illusion & Ocean Soul's nothing but a name...

    The Child bless thee & keep thee forever

    • Bless the Child
  • It is the end of all hope
    To lose the child, the faith
    To end all the innocence
    To be someone like me
    This is the birth of all hope
    To have what I once had
    This life unforgiven
    It will end with a birth
    • End of All Hope
  • Angels, they fell first but I'm still here
    • End of All Hope
  • Mandylion without a face
    Deathwish without a prayer
    End of hope
    End of love
    End of time
    The rest is silence
    • End of All Hope
  • It's not the monsters under your bed
    It is the Man next door
    That makes you fear, makes you cry,
    Makes you cry for the child
    • Dead to the World
  • I don't want to die a scarless man
    A lonely soul
    • Dead to the World
I studied silence to learn the music
I joined the sinful to regain innocence
  • I studied silence to learn the music
    I joined the sinful to regain innocence
    • Dead to the World
  • As he died, he will return to die in me again
    Weaving the cloth, giving birth to the Century Child
    Who gave his life not for the world but for me
    Innocence reborn once more
    • Dead to the World
  • Ever felt away with me
    Just once that all I need
    Entwined in finding you one day

    Ever felt away without me
    My love, it lies so deep
    Ever dream of me

  • Would you do it with me
    Heal the scars and change the stars
    • Ever Dream
  • Come out, come out wherever you are
    So lost in your sea
    Give in, give in for my touch
    For my taste for my lust
    • Ever Dream
  • Put a stake through my heart!
    And drag me into sunlight
    So awake for your greed
    As you're slaying the dreamer
    • Slaying the Dreamer
  • Wake up, mow the weed
    You'd be nothing without me
    Take my life if you have the heart to die
    • Slaying the Dreamer
  • Whatever walks in my heart will walk alone
    • Forever Yours
  • Crying for me was never worth a tear
    My lonely soul is only filled with fear
    • Ocean Soul
  • Losing emotion
    Finding devotion
    Should I dress in white and search the sea
    As I always wished to be - one with the waves
    Ocean Soul
    • Ocean Soul
I only wished to become something beautiful
Through my music, through my silent devotion
  • I only wished to become something beautiful
    Through my music, through my silent devotion
    • Ocean Soul
All of my songs can only be composed of the greatest of pains
Every single verse can only be born of the greatest of wishes
  • All of my songs can only be composed of the greatest of pains
    Every single verse can only be born of the greatest of wishes
    • Beauty of the Beast
  • Sanest choice in the insane world:
    Beware the beast but enjoy the feast he offers
    • Beauty of the Beast
  • Oh, sweet Christabel. Share with me your poem.
    For I know now, I'm a puppet on this silent stage show.
    I'm but a poet who failed his best play.
    A Dead Boy, who failed to write an ending
    To each of his poems.
    • Beauty of the Beast
  • Feeling lonely and content at the same time,
    I believe,
    is a rare kind of happiness
    • Lagoon

Once (2004)[edit]

Once I had a dream
And this is it
  • Once I had a dream
    And this is it
    • Dark Chest of Wonders
  • Once I knew all the tales
    It's time to turn back time
    Follow the pale moonlight
    • Dark Chest of Wonders
  • Fly to a dream
    Far across the sea
    All the burdens gone
    Open the chest once more
    • Dark Chest of Wonders
  • Last dance, first kiss
    Your touch my bliss
    Beauty always comes with dark thoughts
    • Wish I Had an Angel
  • This is me for forever
    One of the lost ones
    The one without a name
    Without an honest heart as compass
  • Oh how I wish
    For soothing rain
    All I wish is to dream again
    My loving heart
    Lost in the dark
    For hope I`d give my everything
    • Nemo
  • My flower, withered between
    The pages 2 and 3
    The once and forever bloom gone with my sins
    • Nemo
  • The 1st rock thrown again
    Welcome to hell, little Saint
    Mother Gaia in slaughter
    Welcome to paradise, Soldier
    • Planet Hell
  • You fool, you wanderer
    You challenged the gods and lost
    • Planet Hell
  • Save yourself a penny for the ferryman
    Save yourself and let them suffer
    In hope
    In love
    This world ain't ready for The Ark
    Mankind works in mysterious ways
    • Planet Hell
  • Our souls will join again the wild
    Our home in peace 'n war 'n death
    • Creek Mary's Blood
  • I still dream every night
    Of them wolves, them mustangs, those endless prairies
    The restless winds over mountaintops
    The unspoilt frontier of my kith 'n kin
    The hallowed land of the Great Spirit
    I still believe
    In every night
    In every day
    I am like the caribou
    And you like the wolves that make me stronger
    We never owed you anything
    Our only debt is one life for our Mother
    It was a good day to chant this song
    For Her

    Our spirit was here long before you
    Long before us
    And long will it be after your pride brings you to your end

    • Creek Mary's Blood
  • All the tales are told
    All the orchids gone
    Lost in my own world
    Now I care for dead gardens
    • Dead Gardens
  • My song is little worth anymore
    Time to lay this weary pen aside
    • Dead Gardens
  • Where are the wolves, the underwater moon
    The elvenpath, the haven of youth
    Lagoons of the starlit sea

    Have I felt enough for one man's deed?
    Or is it time to challenge the Ancient of Days
    And let the virgin conceive

    • Dead Gardens
  • Romanticide
    Till love do me part
    • Romanticide
  • See me ruined by my own creations
    • Romanticide
  • Take me
    Cure me
    Kill me
    Bring me home
    Every way
    Every day
    Just another loop in the hangman's noose
    • Ghost Love Score
  • Redeem me into childhood
    Show me myself without the shell
    • Ghost Love Score
  • My fall will be for you
    My love will be in you
    You were the one to cut me
    So I'll bleed forever
    • Ghost Love Score
  • Passiontide
    An angel by my side
    But no Christ to end this war
    To deliver my soul from the sword
    Hope has shown me a scenery
    Paradise poetry
    With first snow I`ll be gone
    • Higher Than Hope
  • The hopes were high
    The choirs were vast
    Now my dreams are left to live through you
    • Higher Than Hope
  • Your death saved me
    • Higher Than Hope

Dark Passion Play (2007)[edit]

  • Forgive me
    I have but two faces
    One for the world
    One for God
    Save me
    • The Poet and the Pendulum
  • Everyone must bury their own
    No pack to bury the heart of stone
    Now he's home in hell, serves him well
    Slain by the bell, tolling for his farewell
    • The Poet and the Pendulum
  • The morning dawned, upon his altar
    Remains of the dark passion play
    Performed by his friends without shame
    Spitting on his grave as they came
    • The Poet and the Pendulum
  • Today, in the year of our Lord 2005,
    Tuomas was called from the cares of the world.
    He stopped crying at the end of each beautiful day.
    The music he wrote had too long been without silence.

    He was found naked and dead,
    With a smile in his face, a pen and 1000 pages of erased text.

    • The Poet and the Pendulum
  • Be still, my son
    You're home
    Oh when did you become so cold?
    • The Poet and the Pendulum
  • Search for beauty, find your shore
    Try to save them all, bleed no more
    You have such oceans within
    In the end
    I will always love you
    • The Poet and the Pendulum
  • Did you ever hear what I told you
    Did you ever read what I wrote you
    Did you ever listen to what we played
    Did you ever let in what the world said
    Did we get this far just to feel your hate
    Did we play to become only pawns in the game
  • ...How blind can you be, don't you see...
    ...that the gambler lost all he does not have...
    • Bye Bye Beautiful
  • Caress the one
    the never-fading rain in your heart
    the tears of snow-white sorrow
    Caress the one
    the hiding amaranth
    in a land of the daybreak
    • Amaranth
  • Who the hell are you to tell me
    What to do, why to do, why bother
    Leech in a mask of virtue
    Such waste, to ever think of you again
    • Master Passion Greed
  • Time for one more daring dream
  • Heaven today is but a way
    To a place I once called home
    • For the Heart I Once Had
  • Once my heart beat to the rhythm of the falling snow
    Blackened below, the river now flows
    A stream of molten virgin snow
    • For the Heart I Once Had
  • I'll believe and foresee
    Everything I could ever be
    • For the Heart I Once Had
  • The wolves, my love, will come
    Taking us home where dust once was a man
    • 7 Days to the Wolves
  • This is my church of choice
    Love's strength standeth in love's sacrifice
    • 7 Days to the Wolves
  • This is
    Where heroes
    And cowards
    Part ways
    • 7 Days to the Wolves
Take the road less traveled by
Leave the city of fools
Turn every poet loose
  • Take the road less traveled by
    Leave the city of fools
    Turn every poet loose
    • 7 Days to the Wolves
  • A nightingale in a golden cage
    That's me locked inside reality's maze
    Come someone make my heavy heart light
    Come undone bring me back to life
    It all starts with a lullaby
    • Escapist

Imaginaerum (2011)[edit]

  • I am the voice of Never-Never-Land
    The innocence, the dreams of every man
    I am the empty crib of Peter Pan
  • Imaginarium
    A dream emporium
    Caress the tales
    And they will dream you real
    • Storytime
  • He will go down he will drown drown, deeper down
    The river wild will take your only child
    He will go down he will drown drown deeper down
    The mills grind slow in a riverbed ghost town

    He will go down he will drown drown, deeper down
    If you want me, then do come across

    • Ghost River
  • The bride will lure you, cook you, eat you
    Your dear innocence boiled to feed the evil in need of fear

    Burning farms and squealing pigs
    A pool of snakes to swim with, oh sweet poison bite me bite me

    • Scaretale
  • Ladies and gentlemen
    Be heartlessly welcome!
    To Cirque De Morgue
    And what a show we have for you tonight!
    • Scaretale
  • Every little memory resting calm in me
    Resting in a dream
    Smiling back at me
    The faces of the past keep calling me to come back home
    To caress the river with awe
    • Rest Calm
  • Don`t give me love
    Don`t give me faith
    Wisdom nor pride
    Give innocence instead

    Don`t give me love
    I`ve had my share
    Beauty nor rest
    Give me truth instead

  • Riding the day, every day into sunset
    Finding the way back home
    • Last Ride of the Day
  • Once upon a night we`ll wake to the carnival of life
    The beauty of this ride ahead such an incredible high
    It`s hard to light a candle, easy to curse the dark instead
    This moment the dawn of humanity
    The last ride of the day
    • Last Ride of the Day
  • Wake up, Dead Boy
    Enter adventureland
    • Last Ride of the Day
  • The nightingale is still locked in the cage
    • Song of Myself
  • A song of me a song in need
    Of a courageous symphony
    A verse of me a verse in need
    Of a pure-heart singing me to peace
    • Song of Myself
  • All that great heart lying still and slowly dying
    All that great heart lying still on an angelwing
    • Song of Myself
  • An obese girl enters an elevator with me.
    All dressed up fancy, a green butterfly on her neck.
    Terribly sweet perfume deafens me.
    She`s going to dinner alone.
    That makes her even more beautiful.
    • Song of Myself
  • How can you "just be yourself" when you don`t know who you are?
    Stop saying "I know how you feel"
    How could anyone know how another feels?

    Who am I to judge a priest, beggar, whore, politician, wrongdoer?
    I am, you are, all of them already

    • Song of Myself
  • Dear child, stop working, go play
    Forget every rule
    There`s no fear in a dream
    • Song of Myself
  • And there forever remains that change from G to Em
    • Song of Myself

Endless Forms Most Beautiful (2015)[edit]

  • Awake, oceanborn
    Behold this force
    Bring the outside in
    Explode the self to epiphany
    • Shudder Before the Beautiful
  • The music of this awe
    Deep silence between the notes
    Deafens me with endless love
    This vagrant Island Earth
    A pilgrim shining bright
    We are shuddering before the beautiful
    Before the plentiful
    We, the voyagers
    • Shudder Before the Beautiful
  • Your only truth
    Tribal poetry
    Witchcraft filling your void
    Lust for fantasy
    Male necrocracy
    Every child worthy of a better tale
    • Weak Fantasy
  • From words into war of the worlds
    This one we forsake with scorn
    From lies the strength of our love
    Mother's milk laced with poison for this newborn
    • Weak Fantasy
  • Come
    Taste the wine
    Race the blind
    They will guide you from the light
    Writing noughts till the end of time
    Surf the clouds
    Race the dark
    It feeds from the runs undone
    Meet me where the cliff greets the sea
    • Élan
  • Riding hard every shooting star
    Come to life, open mind, have a laugh at the orthodox
    Come, drink deep let the dam of mind seep
    Travel with great élan, dance a jig at the funeral
    • Élan
  • Stop! Life is now, still all for you
    Turn from the hate, turn from the smoke
    I see the parchment of your soul
    The notes, the song
    Join your voice
    • Yours Is an Empty Hope
  • Our walk has been sublime
    A soaring ride and gentle lead
    You have the heart of a true friend
    One day we'll meet on that shore again
  • Our Decades in the Sun
  • Weaving my wings from many-colored yarns
    Flying higher, higher, higher
    Into the wild
    Weaving my world into tapestry of life
    Its fire golden
    In my Walden
    • My Walden
  • Deep into the past
    Follow the aeon path
    Greet a blade of grass
    Every endless form most beautiful
    Alive, aware, in awe
    Before the grandeur of it all
    Our floating pale blue ark
    Of endless forms most beautiful
    • Endless Forms Most Beautiful
  • We are the Edema Ruh
    We know the songs the sirens sang
    See us dream every tale true
    The verse we leave with you will take you home
    • Edema Ruh
  • We were here
    Roaming on the endless prairie
    Writing an endless story
    Building a Walden of our own
    We were here
    Grieving the saddened faces
    Conquering the darkest places
    Time to rest now and to finish the show
    And become the Music, one with alpenglow
    • Alpenglow
  • We are one
    We are a universe
    Forbears of what will be
    Scions of the Devonian sea
    Aeons pass
    Writing the tale of us all
    A day-to-day new opening
    For the greatest show on Earth
    • The Greatest Show on Earth
  • Man, he took his time in the sun
    Had a dream to understand
    A single grain of sand
    He gave birth to poetry
    But one day'll cease to be
    Greet the last light of the library
    • The Greatest Show on Earth
  • We were here!
    • The Greatest Show on Earth

Human. :II: Nature. (2020)[edit]

  • Music
    Fanning the flames of a mystery
    Deepening the listening
    Yourself to the endless symphony
    Of now

    Singing the tale of another man
    Have you ever heard
    It's coming, coming, coming your way
    The very first song

    • Music
  • Noise
    From a sunless world
    Your mirror is black, only a copy stares back
    At a slave of brave new world
    To decoy the human voice
    Brain insomniac, paranoiac
    Endless noise
    • Noise
  • Here I came to be
    Your reach into the far
    On the stellar sea
    Cut in little stars
    • Shoemaker
  • Laudato Si
    Ad Astra
    • Shoemaker
  • Join the harvest of hundred fields, hearty and tame
    All going back to one single grain
    Offer light to the coming day, inspire a child
    Water the field, surrender to the earth
    Water the field, surrender to the earth
    Water the field, surrender to the earth
    • Harvest
  • A moment alone
    With unbeknown
    Reset the world
    Imagine home
    A primal need
    To touch the stars
    Only way there
    To enter
    • Pan
  • A pale beautiful theatre stage
    A feast of beautiful tragedy, wonderful fantasy
    The play is yours to write
    Yours to live
    Ready the night by a playwright
    • Pan
  • How's the heart
    Underneath the silence?
    How's the one
    Drowning in the mire?
    Let us sound a human paean
    Come in, the fire's warm
    Burn the rope and dance some more
    • How's the Heart?
  • We have been here a while
    At the end of Pi, as along came harvest
    • Procession
  • We will remember all the suffering
    We wrote this in a tongue you will understand
    Words and melodies with a touch of coloring
    We were there and will remember mankind
    Our kin
    Aeons ago
    • Procession
  • Sing the praise of your creation
    Bride-prices, thought crimes, blind minds
    The Word hides vivid monsters
    To bed the tribal itch
    • Tribal
  • Someone in the tomorrow
    Is waiting for me
    Someone to share the thief with
    Dust with a meaning
    Precious and rare
    • Endlessness
  • An unscarred land
    Unsung yarn
    Unborn child
    Await my touch, the luck of the draw
    Enter now
    Here is life
    • Endlessness
  • Soon, beyond the fields you've come to know
    You will join the silent flow
    Follow me, I am the spark
    At the end of everything

    Tip the reaper to ensure
    The blade is sharp
    As soon we'll go
    Follow me into the dark
    To the birth of everything

    • Endlessness


  • One by one, We will fall, down
    • 10th Man Down
  • For this gift of dream I must pay the price
    with the loss of life's pleasures
    • Away

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