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I'm starting a discussion page for Nightwish, because I'm thinking of changing how the page works. I doubt Nuclear Blast/ Spinefarm would stumble upon this, but we're ending up with almost entire sets of lyrics and that's probably not good for copyright. Beside that, I want to make the quotations easy to see, and therefore appreciate, for people who aren't familiar with the band perhaps. Any objections, or anyone who wants to help or has suggestions, please post here as I won't be doing it for a while (I have an essay to do!). Ideas welcome :)Joncheetham88 20:58, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

    • The page has been totally revamped; I'm not sure what the copyright status is on this page, or if it matters too much, but if you wish to add quotations try to avoid entire choruses or verses, and keep it to something short and eloquent - the sort of thing Holopainen's got bags of, fortunately! Also, it's now organised by song, so make sure you put the quotation in the right place. Hope this is to everyone's liking.Joncheetham88 00:44, 22 April 2009 (UTC)