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Way of the Ninja[edit]

(The episode begins with Wu heading to Ignacia where Kai and Nya are working at Four Weapons Blacksmith.)

Kai: (Making a sword.) To forge the perfect weapon, you first need the right metal and plenty of heat. Cool it off… and… presto! (Sighs in disappointment as his sword ends up bent.)

Nya: (Laughs.) You made it too quickly, Kai. Be patient. If father was still here, he'd say—

Kai: I know. No matter how much fire you have, experience isn't something you learn overnight. That may work for you, Nya, but I'm gonna be a better blacksmith than Dad ever was.

Wu: (Entering the shop.) Hmm… your metal is loud and heavy. Useful to slow one down. Useless in the art of stealth. All tools for a samurai, but nothing for a ninja?

'Kai: Ninja? Huh, you're a long way from finding a ninja in these parts, old man. And the shop is called "Four Weapons," not "For Browsing." Either buy something or go peddle your insults somewhere else.

Wu: Ha! Too bad. Thought I'd find something special here. (Nya motions to Kai to show Wu around.)

Kai: If it's something special you're looking for, let me sh— (Wu disappears.)

Nya: What is it?

Kai: He was just… forget it.

(A dark cloud then appears over Ignacia, heralding the arrival of the Skulkin. Upon the arrival, three Skulkin generals appear on the Skull Truck.)

Nuckal: Oh, oh! Let me go first! Please, oh please! I'm dying to go down there!

Kruncha: You nitwit, you're already dead! Try to control yourself in front of Master Samukai! (Changing tone, talking to Samukai.) But with all due respect, last time… you did say… I could go first.

Samukai: Sorry boys, this one is mine. Just remember what we're after and find that map. Attack!

(All the Skulkin Vehicles accelerate in full speed. The citizens of Ignacia charge towards the oncoming trucks.)

Samukai: Boo!

(The citizens turn and flee as the Skeleton Army rushes past them.)

Nya: (Noticing them from the shop). What are they?

Kai: (Wearing armor.) I don't know. Stay here.

(Kai battles the Skulkin warriors as one of them decapitates itself and bites Kai's foot.)

Kai: Ow! Bite this! (He kicks the Skulkin's head away. As two skeletons clap for the extraordinary performance, Nya sneaks up behind them and performs a stealth attack.)

Kai: (Surprised at Nya's attack.) I thought I told you to stay back!

Nya: And what? Let you have all the fun?

(As the siblings fight the Skeleton Army, Kruncha and Nuckal sneak inside the shop unnoticed and start looking at the merchandise inside.)

Kruncha: You're not looking hard enough! (He hits Nuckal with a samurai helmet.)

Nuckal: Ow! You're not looking hard enough! (He hits Kruncha in retaliation. As the two Skulkin generals continue tussling, they come across the map Samukai was looking for.)

Kruncha and Nuckal: A map!

(Back outside, Kai finishes off the last of the Skulkin warriors when Samukai approaches him. Kai takes out his weapon while Samukai takes out four more.)

Kai: (Realizing how outmatched he is.) Oops…

(Samukai easily disarms Kai and knocks him down. As Samukai is about to give him a deadly blow, a golden tornado approaches Samukai and attacks him.)

Wu: (Inside the tornado.) Ninja, go! (He attacks Samukai again.)

Samukai: Sensei Wu! Your Spinjitzu looks rusty.

Wu: Nothing like bone to sharpen its edge, Samukai.

(Samukai notices a knocked down Kai and a water tank above him, and destroys one of the support legs to crush Kai with the tank.)

Kai: (Noticing the tank.) Oh no…!

Wu: Ninja, go! (He performs Spinjitzu again and rescues Kai.)

Samukai: (He retreats into his Skull truck with the map, but not before leaving Wu a message.) Lord Garmadon says take the girl!

Wu: (shocked) Lord Garmadon?

(Kruncha laughs as he launches the truck's bone hand to grab Nya.)

Kai: Nya! (The Skeleton Army escape with Nya in their hands.)

'Kai:" (saddened) They took Nya…

Wu: I told you. (He hits Kai's head with a his bamboo stick.) Useless.

Kai: (Furious.) Arrgh! You could've done something! You could've used your… Twistitzu or your—

Wu: Spinjitzu!

Kai: But you did nothing! I'm going to get my sister back!

Wu: Where they go, a mortal cannot. That was Samukai, king of the Underworld. And if it's true that he's carrying orders for Lord Garmadon, then I fear things are much worse than I ever thought.

Kai: Lord Garmadon?! Underworld?! What's going on?! What do we have that's so important to them?! And why would they take my sister?!

"Wu': What's so important? How about everything in Ninjago itself? (A flashback begins.) Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master, by using the Four Weapons of Spinjitzu: The Scythe of Quakes, the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Shurikens of Ice, and the Sword of Fire. Weapons so powerful, no one can handle all of their power at once. When he passed away, his two sons swore to protect them, but the oldest was consumed by darkness and wanted to possess them. A battle between brothers broke out, and the oldest was struck down and banished to the Underworld. Peace returned, and the younger brother hid the weapons, but knowing his older brother's relentless ambition for power, he placed a guardian to protect them. And for fear of his own demise, a map for an honest man to hide. (The flashback ends.) That honest man was your father. The older brother is Lord Garmadon. And I need to find those weapons before he does.

Kai: You're the younger brother? Then you came here looking for the map?

Wu: No. I came for something greater—you. Since my brother cannot enter this realm, it's obvious he has struck a deal with Samukai. If he were to collect all four weapons, even I would not be able to stop him again. But you! You have the fire inside. I will train you to harness it. Use it. Become a Spinjitzu Master.

Kai: Look, I'm flattered you think I'm all that, but I gotta save my sister! I'm not getting involved in your sibling rivalry. (Sensei Wu knocks Kai down as he tries to walk away.)

Wu: Haha. Clunky mule. You are not even ready to face my pinky toe. If you want to get your sister back, you must control the fire that burns inside. Only when you become a Spinjitzu Master, will you be able to face… Lord Garmadon.

Kai: Okay. Then when do we start?

(The next day, Kai struggles to climb the Mountains of Impossible Height that Wu is on to reach the Monastery of Spinjitzu.)

Kai: (Exhausted from the mountain climbing.) How long is training gonna be? Aren't we in a bit of a rush since they have the map?

Wu: (Pauses for a second.) Patience. (They enter the monastery.) You will be ready when you are ready. Not a minute sooner.

Kai: (surprised) A monastery? You expect me to learn to fight in a place of peace?

Wu: Not fight. Train. In order to become a true ninja, first you must be able to see what others do not.

'Kai: But there's nothing here.

(Sensei Wu pushes a dragon statue, which reveals a secret button. He pushes it, activating all the training equipment in the monastery.)

Kai: (amazed) Whoa! Is this gonna teach me how to do that cool move? (Goes on top of one of the training poles as it descends.)

Wu: (Pauses in a moment of worry.) Oh, dear.

(Kai gets launched into the dragon symbol and falls back on the ground.)

Wu: Complete the training course before I finish my tea. Then we will see if you are ready. (He drinks the entire cup.) Today you failed. Tomorrow you will try again.

Kai: (confused) Failed?! But I didn't even start to—

Wu: (Closing the door of the monastery.) Patience.

(For the next couple of days, Kai trains, but fails to meet Wu's expectations, making Wu fail him over and over again.)

Wu: Fail. Fail. Dial! Arrgh, so fail! And… fail.

(One day, a determined Kai goes though the training equipment once again as Wu watches. Just as Wu is about to drink his tea, Kai knocks his cup away with his sword to stall him. When he pours some more tea into another cup and looks up, he notices that Kai is nowhere to be found.)

Kai: (He offers Wu a cup of sugar cubes, surprising him.) Was that one sugar… or two?

(Wu is impressed with Kai's progress and enters the monastery.)

Kai: So, am I gonna learn this Spinjitzu I've been hearing about?

Wu: You already have. Your final test comes tomorrow. (Closes the door.) My advice is to get some sleep.

(Later that night, three unknown ninja enter the monastery as Wu is asleep and Kai is preparing for bed.)

Wu: (In a flashback.) My advice is to get some sleep.

Kai: (Talking to himself and gesturing wildly.) Oh yeah?! Well take this! (The first ninja lands silently near the front door, wielding a pair of nunchucks.) And this! (The second ninja lands in the corner of the room possessing a pair of shurikens.) And this! (Kai then comes face to face with the third ninja, who is holding a scythe.)

(The three ninja prepare to attack him.)

Kai: (Realizing his trapped situation.) Oops…

(The episode ends with a "To be continued" subtitle.)

The Golden Weapon[edit]

(Continuing from the previous episode, Kai gets ambushed by three mysterious ninja.)

(Kai attacks the ninja and escapes through the rooftop, but the ninja attack him to the floor of the Monastery of Spinjitzu. Kai then turns on the training equipment to attack the other ninja. As the fight continues to take part, Kai lands on one of the ninja, making the other two dogpile on them when Wu stops the fight.)

Wu: Stop!
Cole, Jay and Zane: Yes, Sensei.
Kai: (Confused.) Wait a minute, they're your students too? (Wu nods.) This was my final test, wasn't i-?

Jay: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You never said anything about a fourth. It's always three. Three Blind Mice. Three Musketeers. Three—

Cole: Uh, what he's trying to say, Sensei Wu, is that three of us have trained together. We're solid.

Kai: Didn't look so solid to me.

Zane: Master, what is the meaning of this?

Wu: Each of you have been chosen. Each in tune with elemental properties. But first, ninja, Go!

(Wu uses his Spinjitzu to change the outfits of the four ninja and give them each a weapon.)

Kai: Whoa!

Cole: How'd he do that?!

Jay: (Elated.) Whoa! Look what color I am!

Cole: Wait a minute, I'm still black.

(Wu starts donning each ninja with their respective element.)

Wu: Kai, Master of Fire. It burns bright in you. Jay is blue, Master of Lightning.

Jay: Heh, that's not all I'm the master of. I do a little inventing. A dabble in model building. A touch of cooking. A little poetry.

Cole: (Sighs.) More like "Mouth of Lightning".

Wu: Black Ninja is Cole, solid as rock, Master of Earth.

Cole: (To Kai.) Nice to meet you, kid. I got your back, and for the record, there ain't nothing in this world I'm afraid of.

Zane: Except for dragons.

Cole: (Annoyed.) Dragons aren't from this world, Zane. I said in this world.

Wu: And White Ninja is Zane, Master of Ice, and seer with sixth sense. (As Wu speaks, Zane utilizes his shurikens before making them vanish.)

Kai: I sense this one takes things a little too seriously.

Zane: You too have the gift?

Jay: (Laughs.) He's just making a joke, Zane. Remember what we talked about? Your sense of humor? Huh?

Zane: Yes, it was a joke. Haha. (Jay shakes his head in disappointment.)

Wu: Pay attention! You four are the chosen ones who will protect the Four Weapons of Spinjitzu... from Lord Garmadon.

Kai: But what about my sister?!
Jay: [gasps] We're saving a girl?! Is she hot?
Cole: Jay...
Jay: I-I just wanna know what we're getting ourselves into! [to Kai] Does she like blue?
Kai: Back off!
Wu: When we find the weapons, we will find your sister. It is time! We must go to the first weapon!
Cole: Whoa! Hold on a minute. You said you were gonna teach us Spinjitzu.

Wu: Spinjitzu is inside each and every one of you, but it will only be unlocked when the key is ready to be found. (Pauses for a moment.) Come! My feet are tired. We will take the horse carriage.

Cole: Great.

Jay: Now we have to find the key?

Cole: Yeah, I'm feeling like he's taking us for a ride.

Kai: Well, if it means finding my sister, then sign me up.

(The next day, the four ninja pull the horse carriage which Wu is sitting on as they travel to the Caves of Despair to retrieve the first Golden Weapon.)

Jay: (Mocking Kai.) "Sign me up". Way to go, spark plug.

Zane: I sense this is some strange form of team-building.

Cole: Just keep pulling. We have a long way to go.

Kai: So, where did Sensei find you three?

Cole: Let's just say if it wasn't for Sensei Wu, I don't think we'd ever been seen together. I was testing my limits. (In a flashback, Cole is seen climbing a mountain when he stumbles across Wu drinking tea.)

Jay: I was testing my invention. (In a flashback, Jay is shown to be testing his gliders, which were working well. Unfortunately, he crashed through a billboard, noticing Wu next to it after the accident.)

Zane: And I was testing myself. (In a flashback, Zane is meditating under a frozen pond. He loses focus and starts struggling for air upon noticing Wu, who was apparently also underwater the whole time.)

Kai: You're right, if it weren't for Sensei, none of us would—

Wu: Shh... Stop! (They arrive at the Caves of Despair.) The Caves of Despair. Samukai must be close to unearthing the Scythe of Quakes. Remember, do not use the weapon. For its power—

Jay: Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's too much for us mortals. Alright, guys. Let's chop-socky this lemonade stand! Cole, you got the plan?

Cole: Sure do. First, we lower ourselves down the ledge. And then... (Notices Kai's missing.)... where's Kai?

(As the ninja are looking for Kai, it is shown that he is already on ground level.)

Jay: (Sighs.) Let's go!

(The three ninja abort their plan and proceed to Kai's route instead. When Kai gets caught by one of the Skulkin warriors, the other three attack him in order not to alert the others of the ninja's presence.)

Kai: (Noticing the map Samukai has.) The map!

(At the conveyor belt, as the Skeleton Army are collecting rocks, Nuckal notices something he considers special while Cole, Jay and Zane ride the conveyor belt unnoticed.)

Nuckal: Oh, oh, oh, oh. I found something!

Kruncha: (Annoyed.) That's another rock, you bonehead!

Nuckal: But it's shaped like a doughnut! I wonder what it tastes like. (As he bites the rock and shrieks in agony, Kruncha shakes his head in disappointment.)

(Meanwhile, Kai advances closer to the map while his teammates follow him using other routes and eventually catching up to him.)

Jay: (Slaps Kai on the head.) What's the matter with you?

Kai: Shh.

(Samukai laughs as he studies the map and leaves it on his base.)

Jay: (Noticing the map from a different view.) It's upside-down. They're digging at the wrong spot.

Zane: The Golden Weapon is near. (Grabs it with one of his shurikens without Samukai noticing.)

Kai: (After studying the map.) There's no time to waste. (He takes off without his team again.)

Jay: What is it with that guy? Always in a rush!

(As Kai sneaks in without being noticed, he tries to push a boulder out of the way when his teammates arrive.)

Cole: Hey! Before you race off again, you need to remember that we're a team.

Kai: Yeah, whatever.

(The four ninja push the boulder aside and enter the inside of the cave to see the Scythe of Quakes.)

Jay: (In excitement.) Wow! That is so cool! (His echo alerts the Skulkin Army while Cole tells him to lower his voice.)

Cole: (After retrieving the Scythe.) Not so loud.

Jay: Come on. Don't be paranoid. We're totally on the opposite side of the caves.

Cole: Zip it, okay? (Throws the Scythe to Kai.) Now that we got the Scythe, let's sneak out while those boneheads are still busy.

(As the ninja leave, a dragon head opens its mouth wide open.)

Cole: Alright, team. Everyone stick together. The way out is right around the corner.

(As Cole is leading the path, he comes across Samukai and the Skulkin, preparing for battle with his teammates.)

Jay: (Jay hits a skeleton with his Nunchucks) Two points!

Zane: Kai! Throw it here! (Kai throws the Scythe to him.)

Cole: Going long! (Zane throws the Scythe in Cole's direction.)

Kai: There's too many of them!

Jay: Let me handle that.

(As Jay is fighting them, he realizes the battle is just like the training course back at the Monastery.)

Jay: Hey, guys! It's just like the training course! Over the planks! Dodge the sword! Here comes the dummy! Cha-Ching!

(Jay performs Spinjitzu.)

Kai: (Surprised.) Spinjitzu! Jay! What's the key?!

Jay: I'm just going through the motions. This is what Sensei must have meant when he said we already know it.

Kai: Over the planks! Dodge the sword! Here comes the dummy! (Kai also performs Spinjitzu.)

Kruncha: (Misinterpreting the use of the word "dummy" while laughing at Nuckal.) He just called you a dummy.

Nuckal: No, he called you a dummy.

(The two Skulkin Generals retreat when they see Zane's Spinjitzu heading their direction.)

Zane: I sense you do not stand a chance.

Samukai: (After realizing the danger they're in.) Retreat!

(The whole Skeleton Army retreats as the four tornadoes head towards them.)

Cole: Huh! Guess they didn't want a second serving of these babies. (Kisses his biceps.)

(Kai and Jay react in disappointment.)

Cole: Good thing they didn't check out the merchandise in the back! (Cole turns around and is shocked to see what is behind the team.)

Kai: (Celebrating.) Alright!

Jay: (Celebrating.) Woo hoo hoo!

Cole: (Still in shock.) Uh... guys...

Zane: Didn't Sensei say there was a guardian protecting the Weapons?

(The other three ninja turn around to see the Earth Dragon standing right in front of them.)

Cole: Is... that... a... that's not what I think it is. Is it?

Jay: You mean a dragon?

Kai: Uh, that sure looks like a dragon!

Zane: I sense we won't be able to spin our way out of this one.

(The Earth Dragon spits out sand as the four ninja duck for cover. They then try to flee.)

Cole: I thought dragons weren't from this world!

(Kai uncovers the Scythe to use it.)

Jay: No no, Kai! Bad idea! Sensei told us not to!

Kai: Then you better keep your mouth shut!

Cole: (As Kai charges towards the Earth Dragon with the Scythe.) Kai! DOOOON'T!

(Kai goes on to use the Scythe anyway. The Earth Dragon collapses after the use of the Scythe while the ninja retreat.)

Kai: We got our escape!

Cole: We'll use Spinjitzu!

(The Earth Dragon follows them as they escape using Spinjitzu. Unfortunately, the Earth Dragon couldn't catch the ninja in time.)

Cole: (After the ninja escaped.) That was so awesome!

Kai: Yes! We are unbelievable!

Zane: We are the best!

Jay: Did you see that?! I was like "pow"! And you were like "bam"!

Wu: (Infuriated.) Enough! (All four ninja pause and pay attention to Wu.) I told you not to use the Scythe!

Jay: (Pointing at Kai.) He did it.

Kai: (Surprised.) What?

Cole: I warned him, Sensei.

Kai: Using it was my only option.

Wu: And what makes you think you're more important than the team?! Huh?! Huh?!

Kai: They took my sister, remember?!

Wu: There are still three Weapons left. Maybe next time you can do it right.

(Kai realizes the mistake he made and follows right behind his team.)

(Meanwhile, in the Underworld, Samukai begs Garmadon for forgiveness.)

Samukai: Master, I have failed you. They have learned Spinjitzu and they have the Scythe.

Garmadon: Good. (Much to Samukai's surprise.) Then my brother was there.

Samukai: If I can gather my army, then we can easily ambush them and—

Garmadon: No. Let them think they're winning.

Samukai: But I... do not understand.

Garmadon: Everything is going to plan. (Laughs evilly while Samukai complies.)

(The episode ends with a "to be continued" subtitle.)

King of Shadows[edit]

(Continuing from the previous episode, the four ninja and Wu sail to the Frozen Wasteland on a ship to retrieve the Shurikens of Ice.)

Jay: I spy something... white!

Cole: (Sighs.) Could you try to be quiet for once? This ain't easy.

(The boat stumbles as they're sailing ahead.)

Jay: (Groans.) I spy something broken!

Kai: (Worried.) If Sensei knows the way to the next Golden Weapon, then why isn't he steering the ship? We've been drifting aimlessly for miles.

Zane: Sensei's wisdom is beyond my own.

Wu: The most powerful move in Spinjitzu can only be accomplished when all four elements are combined. Earth! Ice! Fire! Lightning!

Jay: Uh, what happens when all of them are combined?

Wu: The Tornado of Creation. The power to create something out of nothing.

(Kai attempts a few moves that might activate the Tornado of Creation.)

Wu: No, Kai! If done incorrectly, it will lead to disastrous consequences.

Kai: Disastrous consequences. Right... (The boat then crashes on icy land.)

Cole: Uh... wasn't me.

Kai: Did I do that?

Wu: No. We are here.

(The ninja then walk to the Weapon's direction and come across a few frozen skeletons.)

Cole: Whoa... looks like someone's already been here.

Zane: (After locating the Shurikens of Ice.) The shurikens!

(Zane reaches for them in mid-air, but gets frozen in the process, awakening the Ice Dragon at the same time. The ninja then escape the Frozen Wasteland with the shurikens and a frozen Zane. They crash onto a dead end, unfreezing Zane in the process.)

Zane: Ow.

(The ninja head to the Floating Ruins to collect the Nunchucks of Lightning. The Skulkin are shown to be following the ninja.)

Zane: We're being followed.

Jay: Now let's go!

(The ninja climb to the top of a ruin attached to the ground by a chain.)

Jay: (After locating the Nunchucks of Lightning.) Heh, alright!

(Just as he is about to leave, the Lightning Dragon appears out of nowhere. Jay instinctively jumps off the ruin with the support of his gliders while his fellow comrades follow suit. Upon seeing the ninja escape, Samukai laughs evilly as things going according to plan. The ninja escape to the Forest of Tranquility, where they are celebrating as Wu meditates.)

Kai: Come on, Sensei. Join us.

Wu: There is still one weapon left! We must get our sleep!

Jay: Aww, Sensei. Look, you gotta admit, we're kicking their boney butts.

Kai: Get up here. Show us some moves.

Wu: I guess I could. Now this move is very special.

Zane: But if done incorrectly, will it lead to disastrous consequences?

(Everyone starts laughing, thinking it's a joke.)

Kai: Zane, is that a joke? A sense of humor... you found it!

Wu: (Singing and dancing.) Shake what your momma gave you. Yeah, look at this one now. Hmm... oh yeah. Spin round. Oh yeah. I put my feet.

(Kai and Jay laugh and join him dancing, with Cole playing the drums and Zane meditating. As they all sleep, a voice starts calling Kai.)

Nya: (Whispering) Kai... Kai...

Kai: (Waking up) Huh?

Nya: Kai...

Kai: Was that...?!

Nya: I have to go... (She starts running away.)

Kai: Nya! Wait up! (Chases after her.) Slow down! Why are you running so fast?! (He loses Nya.) Nya! Where are you?! (He spots the Fire Temple and goes to the entrance when the door opens.)

Nya: Kai...

Kai: Nya? (He proceeds to the inside of the temple.)

(Upon searching for his sister, he finds her standing in front of the Sword of Fire.)

Kai: (Relieved.) Nya!

Nya: Don't worry. (Morphing into the shadow of Garmadon.)

Garmadon: I'm right here, brother. (Laughs evilly.)

Kai: Garmadon.

Garmadon: Forgot something?

Kai: [to Garmadon] You can't hurt me here! You are banished! Trapped in the underworld!

Garmadon: And that is why 'you' are going to remove the Sword of Fire for me.

Kai: I don't think so!

Garmadon: Are you sure about that?

(He disappears as the real Nya is chained above the lava.)

Nya: Kai!

Kai: Nya!

Garmadon: If you don't remove the sword, how else will you cut the chains to save your precious little sister?

Nya: You know it's a trap. I can... free my...self. (Struggles with the chains.) Okay, that's tight.

(Nya is dropped closer to the lava.)

Kai: Nya!

Garmadon: Tick tock. Tick tock.

(Kai reaches for the sword and performs Spinjitzu.)

Kai: Ninja, go!

(He cuts off the chain and rescues Nya while Garmadon laughs evilly.)

Kai: Stay close.

Nya: (Fearfully.) Trust me, I'm not going anywhere.

Kai: (To Garmadon.) You can't hurt us! You're only a shadow!

Garmadon: Even shadows have their uses.

(A shadow version of Kai appears in front of him and Nya.)

Nya: Kai! Look out!

Kai: Stay back, Nya.

Nya: Stay close, stay back. Make up your mind.

(Kai attempts to attack his own shadow, but nothing is working while the shadow easily attacks him.)

Nya: That's not fair!

Garmadon: Oh, am I being too hard? (More Kai shadows are created.)

(Kai struggles to get up as he trying to fight them. One of the shadows disarms him and picks up the sword when Wu appears out of nowhere and attacks the shadows, retrieving the sword back.)

Garmadon: Brother. I see you protect one, but what about the other three?

Wu: They are safe! Far from you grasp, Garmadon!

Garmadon: I wouldn't be so confident.

(Garmadon shows Kai and Wu what is currently happening at the Forest of Tranquility. Cole wakes up in front of a Skulkin Warrior and reaches for his scythe, but it is taken by Kruncha while Nuckal stands on top of Zane and Jay and Samukai wields the collected Golden Weapons.)

Samukai: I believe these belong to Lord Garmadon now. (The Skulkin celebrate their victory.)

Wu: My brother must not unite the four weapons. We must keep them apart!

(As Wu, Nya, and Kai attempt to escape the Fire Temple, Garmadon wakes up the Fire Dragon to stop them from doing so.)

Garmadon: Awaken, guardian of the deep! They're stealing the Sword! You must not let them escape!

(Wu jumps on top of the Fire Dragon's head as it reaches out of the lava. It roars angrily, making Nya scream. It seals the trio inside the temple so that they would not escape.)

Kai: There's no way out! He's taken away all our options.

Wu: All but one. (Wu jumps onto a rock suspended on the lava.)

Kai: Sensei, what are you doing?!

(Wu cuts the rock using the sword.)

Garmadon: No, you fool!

Wu: If he is to bring the other weapons here, then I will take the Sword of Fire to the Underworld. It is my sacrifice to pay.

Kai: No! It's mine. I shouldn't have come on my own. You don't have to do this! There has to be another way!

(Wu drinks his last cup of tea before falling off to the Underworld.)

Kai: No!

Garmadon: Then I will see you there, Brother! (His shadow follows Wu to the Underworld.)

Kai: This is all my fault. Sensei won't be able to hold up for long.

(The Fire Dragon appears behind both Kai and Nya, which the latter notices.)

Nya: Forget Sensei. What about us?

(Kai and Nya are forced to deal with the Fire Dragon by themselves. Meanwhile, Cole, Zane and Jay are still in the Forest of Tranquility, tied up and hung on a tree by the Skulkin.)

Samukai: To the Fire Temple!

Skulkin: Yeah!

Garmadon: (In shadow form.) My brother has taken the Sword of Fire to the Underworld. Hurry! Return home and unite the weapons before it's too late!

Samukai: Uh... change of plans. To the Underworld!

(During the Skulkin's celebration, Nuckal's sword gets replaced by a stick.)

Kruncha: What happened to your weapon?

(Nuckal throws the stick away. The Skulkin depart to the Underworld.)

Cole: (Coughs.) Great. Now what?

Jay: (Revealing Nuckal's stolen sword.) Now, we get outta here.

Cole: Uh, Jay. Before you do that, you might wanna... (Jay cuts the rope, sending the three ninja to the floor.) ...warn us.

Zane: Let's go!

(The ninja pursue to follow the Skulkin.)

Samukai: (On the Skull Truck.) Faster! We need to go faster to cross over to the Underworld!

(As some vehicles cross over to the Underworld, the three ninja catch up to them.)

Cole: There they are!

(The ninja finally get to their vehicles.)

Samukai: More speed! We'll never get home at this rate.

(The Skull Truck loses acceleration.)

Samukai: Uh... what's wrong?

(Cole is shown to be pulling the chain off the vehicle. Zane gets on the vehicle and knocks off two warriors. Jay knocks off the remaining two warriors.)

Samukai: Get them!

Jay: Ninja, go! (Uses Spinjitzu to knock off the warriors attempting to eliminate the ninja.)

(Jay attempts to punch the padlock that secures the Golden Weapons, but nothing happens and feels pain from the impact.)

Jay: (Groans.) Okay... that's why they make keys.

(Cole tries to knock off Kruncha and Nuckal with his scythe.)

Jay: Hey, Cole... (Cole accidentally hits Jay's throat with his scythe, causing the latter to lose his voice. Cole knocks off Kruncha and Nuckal in the process.)

Cole: Jay. Sorry. I didn't see you.

Zane: (Approaching the driver of the Skull Truck.) Greetings... (Samukai knocks him off the vehicle but manages to hang on. In the process, Samukai knocks off the driver and drives the vehicle himself. Samukai drives at full speed, enough for the three ninja to fall off the vehicles and for him to cross-over to the Underworld.)

Jay: (Groaning.) We didn't stop them.

Cole: You don't need to say it. I know. We've lost.

(The three ninja stand in the middle of nowhere, accepting defeat.)

(The episode ends with a "to be continued" subtitle)

Weapons of Destiny[edit]

(Continuing from the previous episode, Wu awakens in the Underworld after a long journey down from the Fire Temple.)

Wu: Hmm... the Underworld.

(He sees some Skulkin Warriors walking by and hides from them as he wraps up the Sword of Fire and searches for Garmadon.)

(Meanwhile, Jay, Zane, and Cole arrive at the Fire Temple to look for Kai and Wu.)

Cole: Kai! Sensei!

Zane: The Sword of Fire was here, as well our friends, but I only sense loss. We are too late. The Elemental Weapons have left this realm and are now in the Underworld. The end is drawing near.

Cole: Ugh... great. The one place no mortal can cross over.

Kai: (Inside the temple.) We might not be able to cross over... (The temple door opens as Kai, Nya and the Fire Dragon exit.)... but a dragon can.

(Cole screams and hides behind one of the pillars due to his fear of dragons.)

Nya: Our father used to tell us stories about the dragons, that they were mystical creatures that belong to both worlds and ferried between them.

Cole: (Chuckles in fear.) Are you insane?!

Kai: Once he realized we were trying to protect the Sword of Fire, he actually became quite a softie. (Plays with the dragon.) Knock it off.

(Nya giggles)

Jay: (Groaning to Nya.) Do you like blue? (Coughs.)

Zane: He cannot talk, but he wants to know if you like blue.

Nya: It's my favorite color.

Jay: (Groaning.) Yes. (Kai shakes his head in annoyance.)

Kai: Nya...

Nya: This is goodbye, isn't it? (Kai nods his head.) Come back to me in one piece, okay? I don't wanna have to run the store on my own.

Kai: I promise I won't be gone for long.

Nya: I'll keep a candle lit outside our shop until you return.

(Jay and Zane hop on the Fire Dragon.)

Cole: You guys go on ahead. There's not enough room for all of us on that... thing. (The Fire Dragon looks at Cole.)

Kai: You're right, Cole. But I got a way to fix that.

(The next day, each ninja is shown to be riding their respective elemental dragon as Cole awkwardly rides the Earth Dragon.)

Cole: (In fear.) E-easy... not so fast...

Jay: Whoa! This is awesome!

Zane: Yes. This is quite fun.

Cole: So how do the dragons cross over to the Underworld?

Kai: I think we're about to find out...

(The dragons descend at full speed and do a Spinjitzu-like tornado, crossing over to the Underworld.)

Cole: Is it over?

Kai: Hardly! I hope these dragons know what they're doing!

(The dragons further increase their acceleration.)

Kai: They're speeding up! Hold on!

(There is a moment of silence as the four ninja and their dragon almost reach the Underworld. They reach the Underworld moments later.)

Cole: Solid ground. We made it!

(They notice the structure of the Underworld, the vehicles of the Skulkin and the building.)

Zane: (After noticing a building.) Sensei's inside.

Kai: They're expecting us.

(They observe every Skulkin member being searched before they enter the building as a cart full of waste barrows appears.)

Kruncha: Hold up! Nothing gets through without inspection.

Nuckal: Ninja search! (He manages to knock off everything that was on the cart) Okay, clear to pass. (Kruncha sighs in disappointment.)

(Meanwhile, the ninja try to enter the building without being noticed when they hang onto a Spykor creature. Jay notices this and tries to warm his comrades, but due to his lack of voice, he can't get through to them.)

Cole: Can I be the first to say it's been an absolute pleasure since Jay lost his voice? (Kai nods in agreement.)

(They all notice what they were hanging on and let go immediately as they land on the ground. This attracts the Skeletons' attention.)

Nuckal: Uh... if there are more than one ninja, is it 'ninjas' or just 'ninja?'

Kruncha: I think it's just 'ninja.'

Nuckal: Oh, okay. Then, NINJA!

(The Skulkin Army surrounds the four ninja.)

Cole: I count ten boneheads to every one of us. I think I like these odds.

(The Spykor begin to descend from the ceiling.)

Kai: Uh-oh. Anyone got any bright ideas?!

(Meanwhile, Wu is still searching for his brother as he reaches the base level of the building when Garmadon appears from behind.)

Garmadon: (Laughs.) Brother.

Wu: Brother. (Uncovers the Sword of Fire.)

Garmadon: Seize the sword!

(A bunch of Skeleton Warriors surround Wu.)

Wu: Ninja, go! (Uses Spinjitzu to knock off the enemies.) You'll have to take it from me!

Samukai: My pleasure. (He battles Wu, using the other three Golden Weapons to his advantage.)

Lord Garmadon: (To Samukai.) Teach him a lesson.

(The ninja are shown to be surrounded by the Skulkin Warriors and the Spykor.)

Kai: Any ideas? I'm still all ears! (Attempts to slice a warrior with his sword. Jay gets an idea.)

Jay: (Groaning.) Tornado of Creation.

Kai: Huh?

Cole: You feel a weird sensation?

Jay: (Groaning.) No.

Zane: You ate an odd crustacean?

Jay: (Groaning.) Tornado of Creation.

Kai: I got it. I got it! Two natives on vacation. Huh?

Jay: (Regaining his voice.) Tornado of CREATION!

Cole, Kai and Zane: Oh...

Zane: Welcome back.

Cole: But it could lead to disastrous consequences.

Kai: We're about to HAVE a disastrous consequence.

Cole: Let's do this. Earth! (Performs Spinjitzu.)

Kai: Fire! (Performs Spinjitzu.)

Zane: Ice! (Performs Spinjitzu.)

Jay: Lightning! (Performs Spinjitzu.)

Ninja: Ninja, go!

(They all combine their elemental Spinjitzu tornadoes into a large tornado and begins to suck in everything. They create a Ferris-Wheel with some skeletons trapped inside the ride. When Kruncha sees Nuckal enjoying some cotton candy, he purposely makes him drop it.)

Kai: Come on! There's no time to waste!

(The ninja proceed to the bottom of the building, witnessing the fight between Samukai and Wu. The other ninja try to help Wu, but are stopped by Kai.)

Kai: [to Cole, Zane, and Jay] No! This is Sensei's fight.

(The ninja proceed to the bottom of the building, witnessing the fight between Samukai and Wu. The other ninja try to help Wu, but are stopped by Kai.)

Kai: No. This is Sensei's fight.

(Wu blasts flames out of the Sword of Fire, but misses and Samukai uses the Shurikens of Ice to freeze the Sword of Fire on the ground. He then uses the Scythe of Quakes to split the ground into pieces and the Nunchucks of Lightning to disarm Wu. Samukai approaches the sword, much to Wu's worry.)

Garmadon: Bring me the Four Weapons.

Samukai: (Betraying Garmadon.) No! You will obey me now!

(Garmadon laughs mockingly as Samukai loses control over the weapons. Wu jumps to where his students are standing.)

Wu: No one can handle all of their power at once.

Garmadon: Selfish fool. Did you think I wouldn't plan on your betrayal?

Samukai: What's happening to me?

Garmadon: You've fallen right into my master plan. Not even I can handle all of their power! But now that they're combined, it'll create a vortex through space and time, allowing me to finally escape this ghastly place!

Samukai: Uh-oh. (Screams and explodes to his death.)

(This creates a portal and Garmadon heads towards it.)

Wu: Father would not want you to do this, Brother.

Garmadon: Father is no longer here! Good and evil, there has always been a balance. Where I go, the balance can be destroyed. Soon I will be strong enough to possess the Four Weapons, so I can recreate the world in my image! (To Wu.) You! You were always his favorite. (Goes through the portal and escapes the Underworld.)

(Wu and the ninja jump to where the Four Weapons are.)

Wu: He is gone, but he will return.

Kai: Then we'll be ready for him.

Cole: And keep an eye out in case he has any more of his evil plans.

(The ninja pick up the weapons of their respective element, with Kai picking up the Sword of Fire, Jay picking up the Nunchucks of Lightning, Zane picking up the Shurikens of Ice and Cole picking up the Scythe of Quakes.)

Wu: Then I have done my part. The balance has been restored... for now.

(Back in Ignacia, the light is restored while Nya waits for Kai back at Four Weapons Blacksmith. She sees him and his friends return and runs to him in excitement.)

Nya: Kai! (Runs to give Kai a hug.)

Jay: Hey, my turn! (Nya runs to give him a hug too (which Kai has no problem with).)

(The citizens of Ignacia celebrate the victory.)

Nya: I'm so happy you're back.

Kai: For now...but it's not over. Lord Garmadon will return.

(The excitement of the citizens quickly turns to worry.)

Cole: And we'll be ready for him.

(The citizens are excited again.)

Cole: Yeah!

(The ninja high-five each other with their Golden Weapons, causing them to make a strong blast that knocks them down due to their great power combined.)

Kai: Okay, we gotta remember not to do that again.

Cole: (Groans.) Good idea.

Jay: (Groans.) Yeah, we'll stick to high-fives instead.

Zane: Agreed.

(Everyone laughs.)

Zane: Was that a joke?

(The episode ends with Kai putting on his ninja hood, signifying that he is ready for any upcoming challenge.)

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes[edit]

Rise of the Snakes[edit]

[The episode begins at the Monastery of Spinjitzu with Wu meditating in one room and the Ninja making combat sounds in another room]
Kai: [off-screen] Fire strike! Oh my gosh, is that the greatest move you've ever seen?
Cole: [off-screen] Stop trying to do it yourself. We need to attack as a team.
[Wu goes to the training compound and finds that none of the Ninja are training there]
Jay: Zane, why are you wasting your special attack on me? You have to save it.
[Wu goes to look for them in a different room and finds them playing video games]
Jay: Fantastic! I'm out of lives!
Zane: But the lesson lives on, and I am getting the hang of it. Hee-yah!
Cole: Okay. Now!
[As the Ninja continue with their game, but, Wu unplugs the television]
Ninja: Aww!
Cole: Aw, man!
Jay: What? What happened?!
Cole: It took us three hours to get there.
Jay: Why would you do that? Why?!
Wu: Just because Lord Garmadon escaped through a vortex doesn't mean he won't return one day for the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu!
Zane: But Sensei Wu, ever since he's been gone, Ninjago has had nothing but peace.
Jay: Yeah. Peace is boring. There's no one to save. There's nothing to do.
Cole: We can train tomorrow.
Wu: Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.
Cole: Well, I was gonna eat this pizza tomorrow. So if that's the case. [Wu kicks the pizza slice out of his hand] OW!
Wu: NO PIZZA FOR YOU! In order to reach your True Potential, YOU MUST TRAIN!
Kai: Uh, remember when we did a little thing called the Tornado of Creation? I thought that was pretty insane.
Wu: [sighs] You four have merely scratched the surface of your full potential. There are still so many secrets you have yet to unlock. You haven't even begun to tap into what powers your Golden Weapons hold. [Kai's sword is shown to be burning a pizza slice]
Cole: You wanna talk secret powers? Check this out. [uses his scythe to plug back the television so that the Ninja can resume their game]
Zane: Don't worry, master. We will be ready when Lord Garmadon returns.
[Nya runs into the room]
Nya: Guys! Lord Garmadon! He's returned! He was spotted approaching Jamanakai Village!
[The ninja struggle to prepare for the mission, Nya gives Jay his nunchucks]
Jay: Uh, thanks, uh, uh, uh...
Nya: Hurry!
Jay: Okay!
[The Ninja rush to the dragon stables to mount their dragons, but are unfortunately not as fit as they think they are. One of the stall doors hits Zane's head. Cole drops his weapon when mounting on his dragon. Jay attempts a stunt to mount his dragon, but overshoots it a little, landing on the ground instead]
Nya: [watches Kai mount his dragon] Uh, can I help?
Kai: Sorry, sis. Where we go, danger abounds. This is a job for the Ninja. [fails to reach his dragon's reins] Uh, uh... a little help? [laughs nervously]
[Nya shakes her head and hands him the reins, the ninja then proceed to fly off to Jamanakai Village on their dragons]
Nya: Will they ever reach their full potential?
Wu: In time. Maybe a long time, but in time.

[The Ninja are shown to flying up in the sky]
Cole: Just like old times, hey, Rocky? 
Kai: You guys believe what Sensei said about unlocking our full potential?
Jay: He may be onto something. I mean since we got these Golden Weapons, it's not like we've ever had to use them. I wonder what they do.
Zane: I for one look forward to the future. If there's more for us to accomplish, let it be.
Cole: Don't know about you, but is anyone else a little excited about battling Lord Garmadon? I've been looking forward to trying out some new Spinjitzu moves. Could be the perfect opportunity.
Jay: Ha-ha, race you there?
[The Ninja start racing to Jamanakai village]
Kai: [spots their destination] Jamanakai Village. First ninja there wins!
[The Ninja speed through the last stretch while approaching Jamanakai Village, they all land at the same time]'
Kai: Ha-ha! I was first!
Jay: No! No one was faster than me!
Cole: Ha-ha-ha, my feet were down before yours!
Zane: You were all disillusioned! It was clearly me!
[The villagers are screaming and running to their homes, an evil shadow appears and an evil laughter echos through the village, the Ninja prepare for this scenario]
Kai: Stay sharp, fellas. Whatever happens, never let your guard down.
[The laughter and shadow turned out to be owned by a young boy wearing a black hoodie]
Lloyd: [laughs evilly] It is I, Lloyd Garmadon! [jumps up on the fountain] I demand all the candy in town... or else!
Jay: Lloyd Garmadon? I thought we were gonna face Lord Garmadon.
Cole: It's his son. [Jay sighs] Looks like he escaped his boarding school for bad boys again. And to think we could've been doing Spinjitzu already.
Lloyd: Uh, uh, give me your candy or else I'll release the Serpentine on you!
[The villagers start booing him, Lloyd attempts the old rubber-snakes-in-a-can trick on them, but naturally, they start throwing vegetables at him]
Lloyd: No way! I asked for candy, not vegetables! I HATE VEGETABLES!!! [manages to dodge a few, but the sheer amount soon causes him to fall over]
Kai: He's gonna have to do a lot better than use an old bedtime story to scare people.
Zane: The Serpentine are real, Kai. They're not something to joke about.
Kai: Serpentine? Real? We're talking about the ancient race of snake people who once ruled Ninjago and were supposedly locked underground?
Jay: [squeals] Sealed in five different tombs to separate the worrying tribes and ensure they don't unify to exact their revenge upon those who put them there!
Kai: It was an old wives' tale, to teach kids not to poke our noses where they don't belong. Don't you think it's a little suspicious no one's ever found one of their tombs?
Cole: Well that's because you'd be a fool to look for one! If there was anything I hated more than dragons, it was snakes. Rubber or not. [the Ninja approach Lloyd and start to carry him away] Don't worry, folks, we'll take care of this. Nothing to see here.
Lloyd: Bow down to me, or, suffer my wrath! I'll give you the count of three. One! Two!
Kai: What are we supposed to do? Spank him?
Lloyd: Two in a half! [shows to be hanging on a sign with food all over him; screams] YOU JUST MADE ME YOUR NEMESIS! MARK MY WORDS, YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!
[The citizens laugh at him as Zane buys some candy for him and his comrades]
Cole: Next time, try paying for your candy.
Kai: Crime doesn't pay, muchacho. You can take that to the bank.
Jay: [mocking Lloyd] Mmm, cotton candy.
Lloyd: [screams in rage]

(The ninja mount on their dragons when Kai accidentally drops a scroll.)

Kai: Huh? I don't remember putting this here.

Zane: That Sensei's bag. You must've accidentally taken it in the rush.

Jay: What is it?

Kai: It's a scroll, windbag.

Jay: I know it's a scroll, but what does it say? It's written in chicken scratch.

Zane: Not chicken scratch. The ancient language of our ancestors.

Kai: Uh, can you read it?

Zane: Well, I can try. This symbol means "prophecy".

Jay: Prophecy?

Kai: It means it tells the future.

Jay: Of course. Ha-ha. I knew that.

Zane: "One ninja will rise above the others and becomes the Green Ninja, the ninja destined to defeat the Dark Lord".

Jay: (Gasps.) Oh, look, a picture!

Kai: Dark Lord? Hold on... you think they mean Lord Garmadon? Wait a minute! Is that us? Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?

Jay: Like how good I'm gonna look in green? Ha.

Kai: Isn't it obvious I'm gonna be the Green Ninja?

Jay: The color obviously suits me!

Zane: Technically, I am the best.

Cole: Everyone, stop it! Remember why Sensei brought us together in the first place. We're a team. We weren't meant to see this and probably for good reason. Come on, let's head back home. We have training to do.

Jay: It's about time I added some finesse to my routine.

Zane: Well, I could use some exercise.

Cole: Yeah. I gotta work on some new moves.

(All the ninja except Kai head home).

Kai: (To himself.) Could I be the Green Ninja?

(Lloyd is wandering aimlessly at the Glacier Barrens.)

Lloyd: Stupid ninja. I'll show them who they're dealing with.

(Lloyd kicks a stone that lands somewhere, making a clang sound.)

Lloyd: What is this?

(He rubs the floor to find out what it is.)

Lloyd: Hey, what is—

(It is shown that he found the first of five Serpentine Tombs, the Hypnobrai Tomb, and unlocks it, falling inside. Lloyd screams while falling. He lands inside the icy tomb.)

Slithraa: You are out of your mind to venture so far away from home, little one. (He attempts to hypnotize Lloyd.) Look into my eyes. Give up your mind. I will control you.

(As he's about to hypnotize Lloyd, Lloyd accidentally slips on some ice, causing Slithraa to hypnotize himself after looking at his own reflection on the ice pillar.)

Lloyd: (Chuckles after seeing the result.) No. I will control you from now on.

Slithraa: What shall you have us do, Master?

Lloyd: (Surprised.) Us?

(The whole Hypnobrai Army attends the situation occurring.)

Lloyd: My own army of snakes! (He laughs evilly.)

(The ninja are back at the Monastery.)

Jay: So then we all agree. The prophecy states that one of us will become the Green Ninja and the issue will not rest until it is decided.

Zane: May I suggest a tournament? Last ninja standing is the best.

Kai: And will be declared the Green Ninja! I love it!

(They enter to see Nya training at the training compound. Once she notices them, she gets knocked off the course.)

Jay: (Laughs shyly.) Hey, Nya. Closer to beating your brother's speed record?

Nya: I'm getting there. Heard what happened in town. Just a false alarm?

Kai: Yeah. Uh, but we're gonna need the space. Sorry, sis.

Cole: Two matches. Then the winners of each face off for the title. Armors for our own protection. It's time to see what these babies can do.

Kai: Hey, Nya. Wanna stay and watch me mop the floor with them?

Nya: No, thanks. I think I'll just visit Jamanakai Village. Knock yourselves out.

Cole: Alright! First up: Kai versus Jay! Ninja, go! (The fight commences. Jay uses his Nunchucks, but accidentally shocks himself. The fight is shown to be even. Both ninja fight with their might until Kai uses his Sword to blast a fireball at Jay, gaining victory.)

Kai: Next up: Cole versus Zane! Ninja, go!

(The fight is shown to be a balanced fight in the beginning. Zane uses one of his Shurikens to freeze Cole's legs. Zane tries to attack Cole with other Shuriken with Cole deflecting each shot. Cole tackles Zane with his Scythe, giving him victory.)

Jay: (Mumbling.) For the prize and the title of best ninja...blah, go.

(The two remaining ninja fight evenly with their respective weapons until Cole uses the power of his Scythe to knock Kai off the ground, gaining victory. Jay and Zane celebrate.)

Cole: Yes!

(Kai viciously gets up, then loses control over his weapon as it starts to burn.)

Kai: It's too h-hot!

Zane: It's burning!

Jay: Fire!

(Kai loses control of the weapon to the extent that he throws it on the ground. This causes the Monastery to start burning. Wu quickly goes outside and uses the Shurikens to melt the fire.)

Wu: (Furious.) What were you thinking?!

Jay: Uh, we were tryna figure out who is the Green Ninja. (Zane slaps him.) Ow! Did I say Green Ninja? No, sorry. (Clears throat.) What I-what I said was lean.

Wu: You were not supposed to see this.

Kai: But Sensei, we wanna know. Which one of us is the chosen one?

Wu: None of you if you don't unlock your full potential.

Kai: But my sword. It was so bright. Is this what you meant by unlocking our Golden Weapons?

Wu: You are only at the beginning. And the road is long and winding, but yes, this is what I meant. If this is what it must take for you to train, then so be it. But none of you are near the level of what it takes to be the Green Ninja.

(In Jamanakai Village, the citizens are screaming and fleeing into their homes.)

Nya: What now?

(It is shown that Lloyd returned and stole all the candy.)

Lloyd: Take the candy! Take it all! (He laughs evilly.)

(Nya is shocked to see that the Hypnobrai are with Lloyd as Slithraa hypnotizes the whole village.)

Skales: This makes no sense, General. Raiding an entire town for sweets?

Slithraa: You will do as I command because I hold the staff!

(Back at the Monastery, the ninja are properly practicing with their weapons while Wu sees through the spirit smoke that the Serpentine have been released.)

Wu: The Serpentine are back! Everyone in Jamanakai Village is in danger!

Cole: Calm down, Sensei. We were just there. It was some kid who says he—

Wu: The spirit smoke does not lie! An ancient evil has been released!

Kai: Nya's there right now.

Jay: Nya?

(The ninja go to the dragon cabinets to mount their respective dragons.)

Kai: Stay close. Stay together.

Cole: Would we do it any other way?

(The ninja arrive at Jamanakai Village when other villagers are still running away.)

Lloyd: I'm never coming down from this sugar ride! Woo-hoo! (The ninja stand in front of him.)

Cole: Sorry to bust your buzz, little Garmadon.

Jay: But it's already past your bedtime.

Lloyd: Get them!

Slithraa: (Rattling his tail.) Seize them!

Kai: (Shocked.) The Serpentine? They're real?

(Both the Serpentine and the villagers surround the ninja.)

Cole: It's not just them we have to worry about, the whole village has been hypnotized.

(Jay tries to use his weapon before Zane stops him.)

Zane: No! Our weapons are too unstable. We can do more harm than good.

Jay: I guess that leaves us with run!

(The ninja run away and meet up with Nya.)

Jay: Huh, Nya. You're okay.

Nya: Barely. They've hypnotized everyone in town.

Jay: Mind control. How is this possible?

Nya: When you hear them rattle their tails, don't look them in the eyes. That's how they get you.

Jay: Well, what are we supposed to do? We can't use our weapons, and now we gotta fight with our eyes closed? Ha, perfect.

Nya: The snake with the staff is the General. He's the one in charge. If we can get the staff from him, it holds the anti-venom. If we get that, we can save everyone.

Kai: Look, guys. Forget about the whole Green Ninja thing. Let's make Sensei proud. The four of us. We're a team.

Cole: Now you're talking.

Jay: Oh. And Nya, you can be our honorary member.

Nya: (Sarcastically.) Gee, thanks.

(The ninja head to the Serpentine.)

Kai: You wanna play? How about a little Spinjitzu? Ninja, go! (He does Spinjitzu, but loses control of it and falls to the ground.)

Jay: Okay, we're really out of shape.

Lloyd: (While escaping.) Ha! Consider this a warning, ninja! (Laughs crazily.)

Zane: Ninja, go! (Zane stops him with his Shurikens and approaches him using Spinjitzu.)

Lloyd: My candy!

Zane: Sensei was right. Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today. We should've dealt with you the first time around.

Lloyd: (Shrieks.) Retreat!

Slithraa: Retreat!

(The Serpentine attempt to escape, but Cole stops Slithraa and kicks him to gain the staff from him.)

Cole: Go ahead. Give me a reason.

(Cole gains the staff, but Skales hypnotizes him.)

Skales: Look into my eyes. I control you.

Cole: You control...

Nya: Cole! (She kicks Skales in the head, allowing Cole to regain consciousness.) You have the anti-venom!

Cole: By golly, you're right!

Nya: Quick, the fountain!

Cole: Good idea.

(They use the fountain to spray the anti-venom on the whole village to cleanse the villagers from the hypnosis.)

Kai: We're sorry, Sensei. If we dealt with Lloyd before he became a problem, none of this would've been necessary.

Wu: Even lessons learned the hard way are lessons learned. Mmm... a great evil has been released. I fear troubling times will come. This is only the beginning.

Zane: Then we will train and be ready for the Serpentine. It may not be Lord Garmadon, but that doesn't mean we won't bring our A-game.

Kai: Help us train. Help us realize our potential.

Jay: Yeah. Teach us the secrets behind the weapons of Spinjitzu.

Wu: Hmm... there is much to teach. We must return to the Monastery.

Nya: (Sighs.) When am I gonna get my own dragon?

Wu: Patience, Nya. Your time will come.

(Lloyd and the Hypnobrai are back at the Hypnobrai Tomb.)

Lloyd: Uh... candy. I need candy.

Slithraa: The boy set us free.

Skales: He is a child. He is not one of us.

Slithraa: I may not have the staff, but I'm still your General! Stand down!

(Skales walks away when a Hypnobrai soldier confronts him.)

Mezmo: You coward! We all know he's under Lloyd's spell. You're second-in-command and still you do nothing?

Skales: Now was not the time. I still hold the key to destroy the ninja. And when I do that, everyone will see it is I who should be in control. (Laughs wickedly.)

(The episode ends with Skales using Cole to spy on the ninja.)


Kai: [to Zane] If you hadn't followed that silly bird, none of this would've happened!
Wu: Kai.
Jay: No! Sensei, he's right. [to Zane] Because of you, my high score has been deleted!
Zane: This is a teaching moment. We must learn from this.
Cole: A teaching moment? What's wrong with you? Don't you get it?! EVERYTHING IS GONE!
Wu: ENOUGH!!! We're all at fault. Zane is your brother. Apologize at once.


Never Trust A Snake[edit]

Lloyd: [to Pythor] I thought you were my friend!

Can of Worms[edit]

Kai: [to Cole] You couldn't just be happy with the top score, you had to rub it in my face!
Cole: [to Jay] Do you know how long it took me to make that? Three days. Three days!
Jay: [to Zane] It's an unsaid law, okay? You don't touch a man's robot!
Zane: [to Kai] How am I supposed to strike fear in this?! [shows that his ninja suit is pink] IT'S PINK!

Kai: It's one thing to let the son of your nemesis live with you, but having my sister here?! I mean, come on! I thought this was a NINJA headquarters!
Nya: [on the intercom] You do know I can hear you. Over and out!

The Snake King[edit]

Tick Tock[edit]

Kai: [to Zane] You're... a robot?!

Once Bitten, Twice Shy[edit]

[the Constrictai destroyed the Samurai's Mech]
Pythor: Finally, the mystery man is revealed! [takes the helmet off Nya's head] Or should I have said mystery girl? Who's gonna save you now, hmm?

Nya: [to Jay] Whatever happens next, just remember... you are the best you.

The Royal Blacksmiths[edit]

The Green Ninja[edit]

Jay: Ha-ha! Look, Kai has unlocked his full potential.
Nya: Kai, you're alive, and look at you, you've unlocked your full potential.
Wu: You saved my nephew, but how?
Kai: When I was there, I was given a choice, I could've taken the blade but then I realized something, this journey wasn't about me, its was all about him. [looks at Lloyd]
Lloyd: Wait. Why is everybody looking at me?
Nya: Then that means...
Wu: All this time I thought it was brother vs brother, but now I see the Green Ninja was him all along.
[The ninja all give Lloyd their golden weapons which reveals him to be the Green Ninja]
Kai: It was Lloyd all the time.
Cole: And we didn't even realized it.
Wu: The battle line has been drawn brother, now its not brother vs brother, its father vs son.
Garmadon: No! No! It can't be!
Lloyd: Am I going to have to fight my father?
Wu: Yes. On the next final battle, it will be father vs son.

All of Nothing[edit]

Rise of the Great Devourer[edit]

Day of the Great Devourer[edit]

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja[edit]

Darkness Shall Rise[edit]

[As Kai tries to blow a balloon, the police are rushing to the bank]
Kai: Trouble? Sounds like they need me. [run to the bank but the mom grabs him]
Impatient Mom: Not so fast! I still have you for an hour.
Kai: Uh, but the bank, people are in danger!
Impatient Mom: Not until my son is done playing! [realizes Kai has left] Huh? YOU'RE FIRED!!!

[At Ninjago restaurant]
Man: It's true, at the bank. I heard they stole all their money, and no one's doing anything about it!
[Zane accidentally drops an egg on a kid's head]
Zane: Uh, uh, I'm sorry!
The Chef: YOU'RE FIRED!!
Zane: It must be my hard drive overheating... I mean, never mind. I'm going!

[At the Ninjago bank]
Cole: I'll make it up to you! I swear!
The Bank Owner: No, why don't you go home and get a good night's rest? And go ahead and sleep in. In fact, sleep in all day for all I care, 'cause YOU'RE FIRED!

Pirates vs. Ninja[edit]

Double Trouble[edit]

Ninjaball Run[edit]

Child's Play[edit]

Lloyd: Fair? Fair isn't a word where I come from.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time[edit]

The Stone Army[edit]

The Day Ninjago Stood Still[edit]

The Last Voyage[edit]

Island of Darkness[edit]

Wu: Not you, Lloyd.
Lloyd: Aw, seriously? Are we still doing this?
Misako: Wu is right. If you were to come across your father, it could prematurely start the final battle. We need to be at full strength before we take any risks.
Jay: [mocking Lloyd; laughing] Jealous?

Both: Ninja-- [quietly] go.

The Last Hope[edit]

Return of the Overlord[edit]

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master[edit]

Season 3: Rebooted[edit]

The Surge[edit]

The Art of the Silent Fist[edit]

Garmadon: Ah, my son. So glad you could join us.
Lloyd: It's been a while, Father.
Jay: [whispering to Cole] Check out the new Sensei looking sharp.
Garmadon: Silence! [hits Jay on the head with his staff]
Jay: OW!
Garmadon: Close your mouth and open your ears.


[At Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk, Kai and Cole are digging through junk.]
Cole: We've been digging for so long, I think I forgot what we're looking for.
Kai: A jiggly compact compress converter. Or was it a compress compact jiggly converter? Whatever it is, if it can get us back to New Ninjago City any sooner, it's worth finding.
[Suddenly, a huge pile on junk falls on Kai and Cole, causing them to scream.]
Jay: We shut off the power thinking we could just waltz in, but no, we didn't stop to think we were a bajillion miles away. [notices something] Hey! A compact converted jiggly compressor!
Ed: Ah! Great find, kiddo. Now all we need to adapt that hover-copter's power supply to solar power is an upside down rotter derottermabob and a whiz bang automated amplifier!
[Kai and Cole sigh.]
Kai: I'm starting to think they're just making this stuff up.

Cole: It's so quiet in here. What did I miss, another signature Jay Walker gut buster?
Jay: [angered] Oh, you backstabbing, no good!
[Jay tackles Cole to the ground, causing them to start fighting]
Cole: What's wrong with you?!
Kai: [sighs] I hope Lloyd is faring better than us.

The Curse of the Golden Master[edit]

Enter The Digiverse[edit]

Cyrus: If we digitize the ninja and Techno Blades using my experimental technology, you could fight him on his own turf inside the Digiverse.
Jay: What do you mean inside the Digiverse?
Cole: Ugh, weren't you listening? He's going to put us into the video game.
Jay: [excited] I know! I just wanted to hear it again!

Codename: Arcturus[edit]

The Void[edit]

The Titanium Ninja[edit]

Season 4: Tournament of Elements[edit]

The Invitation[edit]

Only One Can Remain[edit]


Ninja Roll[edit]

Spy For a Spy[edit]


The Forgotten Element[edit]

The Day of the Dragon[edit]

The Greatest Fear of All[edit]

The Corridor of Elders[edit]

Season 5: Possession[edit]

Winds of Change[edit]

Ghost Story[edit]

Stiix and Stones[edit]

The Temple on Haunted Hill[edit]


Kingdom Come[edit]

The Crooked Path[edit]

Grave Danger[edit]

Curseworld, Part I[edit]

Curseworld, Part II[edit]

Season 6: Skybound[edit]


Public Enemy Number One[edit]


Misfortune Rising[edit]

On a Wish and a Prayer[edit]

My Dinner With Nadakhan[edit]


The Last Resort[edit]

Operation Land Ho![edit]

The Way Back[edit]

Season 7: The Hands of Time[edit]

The Hands of Time[edit]

The Hatching[edit]

A Time of Traitors[edit]


A Line in the Sand[edit]

The Attack[edit]

Secrets Discovered[edit]

Pause and Effect[edit]

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea[edit]

Lost in Time[edit]

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon[edit]

The Mask of Deception[edit]

The Jade Princess[edit]

The Oni and the Dragon[edit]

Snake Jaguar[edit]

Dead Man's Squall[edit]

The Quiet One[edit]

Game of Masks[edit]

Dread on Arrival[edit]

True Potential[edit]

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago[edit]

Season 9: Hunted[edit]


Iron & Stone[edit]

Radio Free Ninjago[edit]

How to Build a Dragon[edit]

The Gilded Path[edit]

Two Lies, One Truth[edit]

The Weakest Link[edit]

Saving Faith[edit]

Lessons for a Master[edit]

Green Destiny[edit]

Season 10: March on the Oni[edit]

The Darkness Comes[edit]

Into the Breach[edit]

The Fall[edit]