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NinjaGo is a computer-animated television series based on the similar-named Lego toy brand.


Way of the Ninja[edit]

[The episode begins with Wu heading to Ignacia where Kai and Nya are working at Four Weapons Blacksmith]
Kai: [making a sword] To forge the perfect weapon, you first need the right metal and plenty of heat. Cool it off… and… presto! [sighs in disappointment as his sword is now bent]
Nya: [laughs] You made it too quickly, Kai. Be patient. If father was still here, he'd say—
Kai: I know. "No matter how much fire you have, experience isn't something you learn overnight". That may work for you, Nya, but I'm gonna be a better blacksmith than Dad ever was.
Wu: [entering the shop] Hmm… your metal is loud and heavy. Useful to slow one down. Useless in the art of stealth. All tools for a samurai, but nothing for a ninja?
Kai: Ninja? Huh, you're a long way from finding a ninja in these parts, old man. And the shop is called "Four Weapons," not "For Browsing." Either buy something or go peddle your insults somewhere else.
Wu: Ha! Too bad. Thought I'd find something special here.
[Nya motions for Kai to show Wu around]
Kai: If it's something special you're looking for, let me sh— [notices that Wu is now gone]
Nya: What is it?
Kai: He was just… forget it.

(A dark cloud then appears over Ignacia, heralding the arrival of the Skulkin. Upon the arrival, three Skulkin generals appear on the Skull Truck.)

Nuckal: Oh, oh! Let me go first! Please, oh please! I'm dying to go down there!

Kruncha: You nitwit, you're already dead! Try to control yourself in front of Master Samukai! (Changing tone, talking to Samukai.) But with all due respect, last time… you did say… I could go first.

Samukai: Sorry boys, this one is mine. Just remember what we're after and find that map. Attack!

(All the Skulkin Vehicles accelerate in full speed. The citizens of Ignacia charge towards the oncoming trucks.)

Samukai: Boo!

(The citizens turn and flee as the Skeleton Army rushes past them.)

Nya: (Noticing them from the shop). What are they?

Kai: (Wearing armor.) I don't know. Stay here.

(Kai battles the Skulkin warriors as one of them decapitates itself and bites Kai's foot.)

Kai: Ow! Bite this! (He kicks the Skulkin's head away. As two skeletons clap for the extraordinary performance, Nya sneaks up behind them and performs a stealth attack.)

Kai: (Surprised at Nya's attack.) I thought I told you to stay back!

Nya: And what? Let you have all the fun?

(As the siblings fight the Skeleton Army, Kruncha and Nuckal sneak inside the shop unnoticed and start looking at the merchandise inside.)

Kruncha: You're not lookin’ hard enough! (He hits Nuckal with a samurai helmet.)

Nuckal: Ow! You're not lookin’ hard enough! (He hits Kruncha in retaliation. As the two Skulkin generals continue bickering, they come across the map Samukai was looking for.)

Kruncha and Nuckal: The map!

(Back outside, Kai finishes off the last of the Skulkin warriors when Samukai approaches him. Kai takes out his weapon while Samukai takes out four more.)

Kai: (Realizing how outmatched he is.) Oops…

(Samukai easily disarms Kai and knocks him down. As Samukai is about to give him a deadly blow, a golden tornado approaches Samukai and attacks him.)

Wu: (Inside the tornado.) Ninja, go! (He attacks Samukai again.)

Samukai: Sensei Wu! Your Spinjitzu looks rusty.

Wu: Nothing like bone to sharpen its edge, Samukai.

(Samukai notices a knocked down Kai and a water tank above him, and destroys one of the support legs to crush Kai with the tank.)

Kai: (Noticing the tank.) Oh no…!

Wu: Ninja, go! (He performs Spinjitzu again and rescues Kai.)

Samukai: (He retreats into his Skull truck with the map, but not before leaving Wu a message.) Lord Garmadon says take the girl!

Wu: (shocked) Lord Garmadon?

(Kruncha laughs as he launches the truck's bone hand to grab Nya.)

Kai: Nya! (The Skeleton Army escape with Nya in their hands.)

Kai: (saddened) They took Nya…

Wu: I told you. (He hits Kai's head with a his bamboo stick.) Useless.

Kai: (Furious.) Arrgh! You could've done something! You could've used your… Twistitzu or your-

Wu: Spinjitzu!

Kai: But you did nothing! I'm going to get my sister back!

Wu: Where they go, a mortal cannot. That was Samukai, king of the Underworld. And if it's true that he's carrying orders for Lord Garmadon, then I fear things are much worse than I ever thought.

Kai: Lord Garmadon?! Underworld?! What's going on?! What do we have that's so important to them?! And why would they take my sister?!

Wu: What's so important? How about everything in Ninjago itself? (A flashback begins.) Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master, by using the Four Weapons of Spinjitzu: The Scythe of Quakes, the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Shurikens of Ice, and the Sword of Fire. Weapons so powerful, no one can handle all of their power at once. When he passed away, his two sons swore to protect them, but the oldest was consumed by darkness and wanted to possess them. A battle between brothers broke out, and the oldest was struck down and banished to the Underworld. Peace returned, and the younger brother hid the weapons, but knowing his older brother's relentless ambition for power, he placed a guardian to protect them. And for fear of his own demise, a map for an honest man to hide. (The flashback ends.) That honest man was your father. The older brother is Lord Garmadon. And I need to find those weapons before he does.

Kai: You're the younger brother? Then you came here looking for the map?

Wu: No. I came for something greater—you. Since my brother cannot enter this realm, it's obvious he has struck a deal with Samukai. If he were to collect all four weapons, even I would not be able to stop him again. But you! You have the fire inside. I will train you to harness it. Use it. Become a Spinjitzu Master.

Kai: Look, I'm flattered you think I'm all that, but I gotta save my sister! I'm not getting involved in your sibling rivalry. (Sensei Wu knocks Kai down as he tries to walk away.)

Wu: Haha. Clunky mule. You are not even ready to face my pinky toe. If you want to get your sister back, you must control the fire that burns inside. Only when you become a Spinjitzu Master, will you be able to face… Lord Garmadon.

Kai: Okay. Then when do we start?

[The next day, Kai struggles to climb the Mountains of Impossible Height that Wu is on to reach the Monastery of Spinjitzu]
Kai: [exhausted] How long is training gonna be? Aren't we in a bit of a rush since they have the map?
Wu: Patience. [they enter the monastery] You will be ready when you are ready. Not a minute sooner.
Kai: [surprised] A monastery? You expect me to learn to fight in a place of peace?
Wu: Not fight, train. In order to become a true ninja, first you must be able to see what others do not.
Kai: But there's nothing here.
[Wu pushes a dragon statue, revealing a secret button. He pushes it, activating all the training equipment in the monastery]
Kai: [amazed] Whoa! Is this gonna teach me how to do that cool move? [gets on top of one of the training poles as it descends]
Wu: [pauses in a moment of worry] Oh, dear.
[Kai gets launched into the dragon symbol and falls back on the ground]
Wu: Complete the training course before I finish my tea. Then we will see if you are ready. [drinks the entire cup] Today you failed. Tomorrow you will try again.
Kai: Failed?! But I didn't even start to—
Wu: [closing the door of the monastery] Patience.

(For the next couple of days, Kai trains, but fails to meet Wu's expectations, making Wu fail him over and over again.)

Wu: Fail. Fail. Dial! Arrgh, so fail! And… fail.

(One day, a determined Kai goes though the training equipment once again as Wu watches. Just as Wu is about to drink his tea, Kai knocks his cup away with his sword to stall him. When he pours some more tea into another cup and looks up, he notices that Kai is nowhere to be found.)

Kai: (He offers Wu a cup of sugar cubes, surprising him.) Was that one sugar… or two?

(Wu is impressed with Kai's progress and enters the monastery.)

Kai: So, am I gonna learn this Spinjitzu I've been hearing about?

Wu: You already have. Your final test comes tomorrow. (Closes the door.) My advice is to get some sleep.

(Later that night, three unknown ninja enter the monastery as Wu is asleep and Kai is preparing for bed.)

Wu: (In a flashback.) My advice is to get some sleep.

Kai: (Talking to himself and gesturing wildly.) Oh yeah?! Well take this! (The first ninja lands silently near the front door, wielding a pair of nunchucks.) And this! (The second ninja lands in the corner of the room possessing a pair of shurikens.) And this! (Kai then comes face to face with the third ninja, who is holding a scythe.)

(The three ninja prepare to attack him.)

Kai: (Realizing his trapped situation.) Oops…

(The episode ends with a "To be continued" subtitle.)

The Golden Weapon[edit]

[Kai attacks the ninja and escapes through the rooftop, but the ninja attack him to the floor of the Monastery of Spinjitzu. Kai then turns on the training equipment to attack the other ninja. As the fight continues to take part, Kai lands on one of the ninja, making the other two dogpile on them when Wu stops the fight]
Wu: Stop!
Cole, Jay and Zane: Yes, Sensei.
Kai: [confused] Wait a minute, they're your students too? [Wu nods] This was my final test, wasn't i-?
Jay: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You never said anything about a fourth. It's always three. Three Blind Mice, three Musketeers, three—
Cole: Uh, what he's trying to say, Sensei Wu, is that three of us have trained together. We're solid.
Kai: Didn't look so solid to me.
Zane: Master, what is the meaning of this?
Wu: Each of you have been chosen. Each in tune with elemental properties. But first, ninja, Go!
[Wu uses his Spinjitzu to change the outfits of the four ninja and give them each a weapon]
Kai: Whoa!
Cole: How'd he do that?!
Jay: Whoa! Look what color I am!
Cole: Wait a minute, I'm still black.
[Wu starts donning each ninja with their respective element]
Wu: Kai, Master of Fire. It burns bright in you. Jay is blue, Master of Lightning.
Jay: Heh, that's not all I'm the master of. I do a little inventing, a dabble in model building, a touch of cooking, a little poetry.
Cole: [sighs] More like "Mouth of Lightning".
Wu: Black Ninja is Cole, solid as rock, Master of Earth.
Cole: [to Kai] Nice to meet you, kid. I got your back, and for the record, there ain't nothing in this world I'm afraid of.
Zane: Except for dragons.
Cole: Dragons aren't from this world, Zane. I said in this world.
Zane: And White Ninja is Zane, Master of Ice, and seer with sixth sense. [Zane utilizes his shurikens before making them vanish]
Kai: I sense this one takes things a little too seriously.
Zane: You too have the gift?
Jay: [laughs] He's just making a joke, Zane. Remember what we talked about? Your sense of humor? Huh?
Zane: Yes, it was a joke. Haha. [Jay shakes his head]
Wu: Pay attention! You four are the chosen ones who will protect the Four Weapons of Spinjitzu... from Lord Garmadon.
Kai: But what about my sister?!
Jay: [gasps] We're saving a girl?! Is she hot?
Cole: Jay...
Jay: I-I just wanna know what we're getting ourselves into! [to Kai] Does she like blue?
Kai: Back off!
Wu: When we find the weapons, we will find your sister. It is time! We must go to the first weapon!
Cole: Whoa! Hold on a minute. You said you were gonna teach us Spinjitzu.
Wu: Spinjitzu is inside each and every one of you, but it will only be unlocked when the key is ready to be found. [pauses for a moment] Come! My feet are tired. We will take the horse carriage.
Cole: Great.
Jay: Now we have to find the key?
Cole: Yeah, I'm feeling like he's taking us for a ride.
Kai: Well, if it means finding my sister, then sign me up.

(The next day, the four ninja pull the horse carriage which Wu is sitting on as they travel to the Caves of Despair to retrieve the first Golden Weapon.)

Jay: (Mocking Kai.) "Sign me up". Way to go, spark plug.

Zane: I sense this is some strange form of team-building.

Cole: Just keep pulling. We have a long way to go.

Kai: So, where did Sensei find you three?

Cole: Let's just say if it wasn't for Sensei Wu, I don't think we'd ever been seen together. I was testing my limits. (In a flashback, Cole is seen climbing a mountain when he stumbles across Wu drinking tea.)

Jay: I was testing my invention. (In a flashback, Jay is shown to be testing his gliders, which were working well. Unfortunately, he crashed through a billboard, noticing Wu next to it after the accident.)

Zane: And I was testing myself. (In a flashback, Zane is meditating under a frozen pond. He loses focus and starts struggling for air upon noticing Wu, who was apparently also underwater the whole time.)

Kai: You're right, if it weren't for Sensei, none of us would—

Wu: Shh... Stop! (They arrive at the Caves of Despair.) The Caves of Despair. Samukai must be close to unearthing the Scythe of Quakes. Remember, do not use the weapon. For its power—

Jay: Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's too much for us mortals. Alright, guys. Let's chop-socky this lemonade stand! Cole, you got the plan?

Cole: Sure do. First, we lower ourselves down the ledge. And then... (Notices Kai's missing.)... where's Kai?

(As the ninja are looking for Kai, it is shown that he is already on ground level.)

Jay: (Sighs.) Let's go!

(The three ninja abort their plan and proceed to Kai's route instead. When Kai gets caught by one of the Skulkin warriors, the other three attack him in order not to alert the others of the ninja's presence.)

Kai: (Noticing the map Samukai has.) The map!

(At the conveyor belt, as the Skeleton Army are collecting rocks, Nuckal notices something he considers special while Cole, Jay and Zane ride the conveyor belt unnoticed.)

Nuckal: Oh, oh, oh, oh. I found something!

Kruncha: (Annoyed.) That's another rock, you bonehead!

Nuckal: But it's shaped like a doughnut! I wonder what it tastes like. (As he bites the rock and shrieks in agony, Kruncha shakes his head in disappointment.)

(Meanwhile, Kai advances closer to the map while his teammates follow him using other routes and eventually catching up to him.)

Jay: (Slaps Kai on the head.) What's the matter with you?

Kai: Shh.

(Samukai laughs as he studies the map and leaves it on his base.)

Jay: (Noticing the map from a different view.) It's upside-down. They're digging at the wrong spot.

Zane: The Golden Weapon is near. (Grabs it with one of his shurikens without Samukai noticing.)

Kai: (After studying the map.) There's no time to waste. (He takes off without his team again.)

Jay: What is it with that guy? Always in a rush!

(As Kai sneaks in without being noticed, he tries to push a boulder out of the way when his teammates arrive.)

Cole: Hey! Before you race off again, you need to remember that we're a team.

Kai: Yeah, whatever.

(The four ninja push the boulder aside and enter the inside of the cave to see the Scythe of Quakes.)

Jay: (In excitement.) Wow! That is so cool! (His echo alerts the Skulkin Army while Cole tells him to lower his voice.)

Cole: (After retrieving the Scythe.) Not so loud.

Jay: Come on. Don't be paranoid. We're totally on the opposite side of the caves.

Cole: Zip it, okay? (Throws the Scythe to Kai.) Now that we got the Scythe, let's sneak out while those boneheads are still busy.

(As the ninja leave, a dragon head opens its mouth wide open.)

Cole: Alright, team. Everyone stick together. The way out is right around the corner.

(As Cole is leading the path, he comes across Samukai and the Skulkin, preparing for battle with his teammates.)

Jay: (Jay hits a skeleton with his Nunchucks) Two points!

Zane: Kai! Throw it here! (Kai throws the Scythe to him.)

Cole: Going long! (Zane throws the Scythe in Cole's direction.)

Kai: There's too many of them!

Jay: Let me handle that.

(As Jay is fighting them, he realizes the battle is just like the training course back at the Monastery.)

Jay: Hey, guys! It's just like the training course! Over the planks! Dodge the sword! Here comes the dummy! Cha-Ching!

(Jay performs Spinjitzu.)

Kai: (Surprised.) Spinjitzu! Jay! What's the key?!

Jay: I'm just going through the motions. This is what Sensei must have meant when he said we already know it.

Kai: Over the planks! Dodge the sword! Here comes the dummy! (Kai also performs Spinjitzu.)

Kruncha: (Misinterpreting the use of the word "dummy" while laughing at Nuckal.) He just called you a dummy.

Nuckal: No, he called you a dummy.

(The two Skulkin Generals retreat when they see Zane's Spinjitzu heading their direction.)

Zane: I sense you do not stand a chance.

Samukai: (After realizing the danger they're in.) Retreat!

(The whole Skeleton Army retreats as the four tornadoes head towards them.)

Cole: Huh! Guess they didn't want a second serving of these babies. (Kisses his biceps.)

(Kai and Jay react in disappointment.)

Cole: Good thing they didn't check out the merchandise in the back! (Cole turns around and is shocked to see what is behind the team.)

Kai: (Celebrating.) Alright!

Jay: (Celebrating.) Woo hoo hoo!

Cole: (Still in shock.) Uh... guys...

Zane: Didn't Sensei say there was a guardian protecting the Weapons?

(The other three ninja turn around to see the Earth Dragon standing right in front of them.)

Cole: Is... that... a... that's not what I think it is. Is it?

Jay: You mean a dragon?

Kai: Uh, that sure looks like a dragon!

Zane: I sense we won't be able to spin our way out of this one.

(The Earth Dragon spits out sand as the four ninja duck for cover. They then try to flee.)

Cole: I thought dragons weren't from this world!

(Kai uncovers the Scythe to use it.)

Jay: No no, Kai! Bad idea! Sensei told us not to!

Kai: Then you better keep your mouth shut!

Cole: (As Kai charges towards the Earth Dragon with the Scythe.) Kai! DOOOON'T!

(Kai goes on to use the Scythe anyway. The Earth Dragon collapses after the use of the Scythe while the ninja retreat.)

Kai: We got our escape!

Cole: We'll use Spinjitzu!

(The Earth Dragon follows them as they escape using Spinjitzu. Unfortunately, the Earth Dragon couldn't catch the ninja in time.)

Cole: (After the ninja escaped.) That was so awesome!

Kai: Yes! We are unbelievable!

Zane: We are the best!

Jay: Did you see that?! I was like "pow"! And you were like "bam"!

Wu: (Infuriated.) ENOUGH! (All four ninja pause and pay attention to Wu.) I told you not to use the Scythe!

Jay: (Pointing at Kai.) He did it.

Kai: (Surprised.) What?

Cole: I warned him, Sensei.

Kai: Using it was my only option.

Wu: And what makes you think you're more important than the team, huh?! HUH?!

Kai: They took my sister, remember?!

Wu: There are still three Weapons left. Maybe next time you can do it right.

(Kai realizes the mistake he made and follows right behind his team.)

(Meanwhile, in the Underworld, Samukai begs Garmadon for forgiveness.)

Samukai: Master, I have failed you. They have learned Spinjitzu and they have the Scythe.

Garmadon: Good. (Much to Samukai's surprise.) Then my brother was there.

Samukai: If I can gather my army, then we can easily ambush them and—

Garmadon: No. Let them think they're winning.

Samukai: But I... do not understand.

Garmadon: Everything is going to plan. (Laughs evilly while Samukai complies.)

(The episode ends with a "to be continued" subtitle.)

King of Shadows[edit]

(Continuing from the previous episode, the four ninja and Wu sail to the Frozen Wasteland on a ship to retrieve the Shurikens of Ice.)

Jay: I spy something... white!

Cole: (Sighs.) Could you try to be quiet for once? This ain't easy.

(The boat stumbles as they're sailing ahead.)

Jay: (Groans.) I spy something broken!

Kai: (Worried.) If Sensei knows the way to the next Golden Weapon, then why isn't he steering the ship? We've been drifting aimlessly for miles.

Zane: Sensei's wisdom is beyond my own.

Wu: The most powerful move in Spinjitzu can only be accomplished when all four elements are combined. Earth! Ice! Fire! Lightning!

Jay: Uh, what happens when all of them are combined?

Wu: The Tornado of Creation. The power to create something out of nothing.

(Kai attempts a few moves that might activate the Tornado of Creation.)

Wu: No, Kai! If done incorrectly, it will lead to disastrous consequences.

Kai: Disastrous consequences. Right... (The boat then crashes on icy land.)

Cole: Uh... wasn't me.

Kai: Did I do that?

Wu: No. We are here.

(The ninja then walk to the Weapon's direction and come across a few frozen skeletons.)

Cole: Whoa... looks like someone's already been here.

Zane: (After locating the Shurikens of Ice.) The shurikens!

(Zane reaches for them in mid-air, but gets frozen in the process, awakening the Ice Dragon at the same time. The ninja then escape the Frozen Wasteland with the shurikens and a frozen Zane. They crash onto a dead end, unfreezing Zane in the process.)

Zane: Ow.

(The ninja head to the Floating Ruins to collect the Nunchucks of Lightning. The Skulkin are shown to be following the ninja.)

Zane: We're being followed.

Jay: Now let's go!

(The ninja climb to the top of a ruin attached to the ground by a chain.)

Jay: (After locating the Nunchucks of Lightning.) Heh, alright!

(Just as he is about to leave, the Lightning Dragon appears out of nowhere. Jay instinctively jumps off the ruin with the support of his gliders while his fellow comrades follow suit. Upon seeing the ninja escape, Samukai laughs evilly as things going according to plan. The ninja escape to the Forest of Tranquility, where they are celebrating as Wu meditates.)

Kai: Come on, Sensei. Join us.

Wu: There is still one weapon left! We must get our sleep!

Jay: Aww, Sensei. Look, you gotta admit, we're kicking their boney butts.

Kai: Get up here. Show us some moves.

Wu: I guess I could. Now this move is very special.

Zane: But if done incorrectly, will it lead to disastrous consequences?

(Everyone starts laughing, thinking it's a joke.)

Kai: Zane, is that a joke? A sense of humor... you found it!

Wu: (Singing and dancing.) Shake what your momma gave you. Yeah, look at this one now. Hmm... oh yeah. Spin round. Oh yeah. I put my feet.

(Kai and Jay laugh and join him dancing, with Cole playing the drums and Zane meditating. As they all sleep, a voice starts calling Kai.)

Nya: (Whispering) Kai... Kai...

Kai: (Waking up) Huh?

Nya: Kai...

Kai: Was that...?!

Nya: I have to go... (She starts running away.)

Kai: Nya! Wait up! (Chases after her.) Slow down! Why are you running so fast?! (He loses Nya.) Nya! Where are you?! (He spots the Fire Temple and goes to the entrance when the door opens.)

Nya: Kai...

Kai: Nya? (He proceeds to the inside of the temple.)

(Upon searching for his sister, he finds her standing in front of the Sword of Fire.)

Kai: (Relieved.) Nya!

Nya: Don't worry. (Morphing into the shadow of Garmadon.)

Garmadon: I'm right here, brother. (Laughs evilly.)

Kai: Garmadon.

Garmadon: Forgot something?

Kai: [to Garmadon] You can't hurt me here! You are banished! Trapped in the underworld!

Garmadon: And that is why 'you' are going to remove the Sword of Fire for me.

Kai: I don't think so!

Garmadon: Are you sure about that?

(He disappears as the real Nya is chained above the lava.)

Nya: Kai!

Kai: Nya!

Garmadon: If you don't remove the sword, how else will you cut the chains to save your precious little sister?

Nya: You know it's a trap. I can... free my...self. (Struggles with the chains.) Okay, that's tight.

(Nya is dropped closer to the lava.)

Kai: Nya!

Garmadon: Tick tock. Tick tock.

(Kai reaches for the sword and performs Spinjitzu.)

Kai: Ninja, go!

(He cuts off the chain and rescues Nya while Garmadon laughs evilly.)

Kai: Stay close.

Nya: (Fearfully.) Trust me, I'm not going anywhere.

Kai: (To Garmadon.) You can't hurt us! You're only a shadow!

Garmadon: Even shadows have their uses.

(A shadow version of Kai appears in front of him and Nya.)

Nya: Kai! Look out!

Kai: Stay back, Nya.

Nya: Stay close, stay back. Make up your mind.

(Kai attempts to attack his own shadow, but nothing is working while the shadow easily attacks him.)

Nya: That's not fair!

Garmadon: Oh, am I being too hard? (More Kai shadows are created.)

(Kai struggles to get up as he trying to fight them. One of the shadows disarms him and picks up the sword when Wu appears out of nowhere and attacks the shadows, retrieving the sword back.)

Garmadon: Brother. I see you protect one, but what about the other three?

Wu: They are safe! Far from you grasp, Garmadon!

Garmadon: I wouldn't be so confident.

(Garmadon shows Kai and Wu what is currently happening at the Forest of Tranquility. Cole wakes up in front of a Skulkin Warrior and reaches for his scythe, but it is taken by Kruncha while Nuckal stands on top of Zane and Jay and Samukai wields the collected Golden Weapons.)

Samukai: I believe these belong to Lord Garmadon now. (The Skulkin celebrate their victory.)

Wu: My brother must not unite the four weapons. We must keep them apart!

(As Wu, Nya, and Kai attempt to escape the Fire Temple, Garmadon wakes up the Fire Dragon to stop them from doing so.)

Garmadon: Awaken, guardian of the deep! They're stealing the Sword! You must not let them escape!

(Wu jumps on top of the Fire Dragon's head as it reaches out of the lava. It roars angrily, making Nya scream. It seals the trio inside the temple so that they would not escape.)

Kai: There's no way out! He's taken away all our options.

Wu: All but one. (Wu jumps onto a rock suspended on the lava.)

Kai: Sensei, what are you doing?!

(Wu cuts the rock using the sword.)

Garmadon: No, you fool!

Wu: If he is to bring the other weapons here, then I will take the Sword of Fire to the Underworld. It is my sacrifice to pay.

Kai: No! It's mine. I shouldn't have come on my own. You don't have to do this! There has to be another way!

(Wu drinks his last cup of tea before falling off to the Underworld.)

Kai: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Garmadon: Then I will see you there, Brother! (His shadow follows Wu to the Underworld.)

Kai: This is all my fault. Sensei won't be able to hold up for long.

(The Fire Dragon appears behind both Kai and Nya, which the latter notices.)

Nya: Forget Sensei. What about us?

(Kai and Nya are forced to deal with the Fire Dragon by themselves. Meanwhile, Cole, Zane and Jay are still in the Forest of Tranquility, tied up and hung on a tree by the Skulkin.)

Samukai: To the Fire Temple!

Skulkin: Yeah!

Garmadon: (In shadow form.) My brother has taken the Sword of Fire to the Underworld. Hurry! Return home and unite the weapons before it's too late!

Samukai: Uh... change of plans. To the Underworld!

(During the Skulkin's celebration, Nuckal's sword gets replaced by a stick.)

Kruncha: What happened to your weapon?

(Nuckal throws the stick away. The Skulkin depart to the Underworld.)

Cole: (Coughs.) Great. Now what?

Jay: (Revealing Nuckal's stolen sword.) Now, we get outta here.

Cole: Uh, Jay. Before you do that, you might wanna... (Jay cuts the rope, sending the three ninja to the floor.) ...warn us.

Zane: Let's go!

(The ninja pursue to follow the Skulkin.)

Samukai: (On the Skull Truck.) Faster! We need to go faster to cross over to the Underworld!

(As some vehicles cross over to the Underworld, the three ninja catch up to them.)

Cole: There they are!

(The ninja finally get to their vehicles.)

Samukai: More speed! We'll never get home at this rate.

(The Skull Truck loses acceleration.)

Samukai: Uh... what's wrong?

(Cole is shown to be pulling the chain off the vehicle. Zane gets on the vehicle and knocks off two warriors. Jay knocks off the remaining two warriors.)

Samukai: Get them!

Jay: Ninja, go! (Uses Spinjitzu to knock off the warriors attempting to eliminate the ninja.)

(Jay attempts to punch the padlock that secures the Golden Weapons, but nothing happens and feels pain from the impact.)

Jay: (Groans.) Okay... that's why they make keys.

(Cole tries to knock off Kruncha and Nuckal with his scythe.)

Jay: Hey, Cole... (Cole accidentally hits Jay's throat with his scythe, causing the latter to lose his voice. Cole knocks off Kruncha and Nuckal in the process.)

Cole: Jay. Sorry. I didn't see you.

Zane: (Approaching the driver of the Skull Truck.) Greetings... (Samukai knocks him off the vehicle but manages to hang on. In the process, Samukai knocks off the driver and drives the vehicle himself. Samukai drives at full speed, enough for the three ninja to fall off the vehicles and for him to cross-over to the Underworld.)

Jay: (Groaning.) We didn't stop them.

Cole: You don't need to say it. I know. We've lost.

(The three ninja stand in the middle of nowhere, accepting defeat.)

(The episode ends with a "to be continued" subtitle)

Weapons of Destiny[edit]

(Continuing from the previous episode, Wu awakens in the Underworld after a long journey down from the Fire Temple.)

Wu: Hmm... the Underworld.

(He sees some Skulkin Warriors walking by and hides from them as he wraps up the Sword of Fire and searches for Garmadon.)

(Meanwhile, Jay, Zane, and Cole arrive at the Fire Temple to look for Kai and Wu.)

Cole: Kai! Sensei!

Zane: The Sword of Fire was here, as well our friends, but I only sense loss. We are too late. The Elemental Weapons have left this realm and are now in the Underworld. The end is drawing near.

Cole: Ugh... great. The one place no mortal can cross over.

Kai: (Inside the temple.) We might not be able to cross over... (The temple door opens as Kai, Nya and the Fire Dragon exit.)... but a dragon can.

(Cole screams and hides behind one of the pillars due to his fear of dragons.)

Nya: Our father used to tell us stories about the dragons, that they were mystical creatures that belong to both worlds and ferried between them.

Cole: (Chuckles in fear.) Are you insane?!

Kai: Once he realized we were trying to protect the Sword of Fire, he actually became quite a softie. (Plays with the dragon.) Knock it off.

(Nya giggles)

Jay: (Groaning to Nya.) Do you like blue? (Coughs.)

Zane: He cannot talk, but he wants to know if you like blue.

Nya: It's my favorite color.

Jay: (Groaning.) Yes. (Kai shakes his head in annoyance.)

Kai: Nya...

Nya: This is goodbye, isn't it? (Kai nods his head.) Come back to me in one piece, okay? I don't wanna have to run the store on my own.

Kai: I promise I won't be gone for long.

Nya: I'll keep a candle lit outside our shop until you return.

(Jay and Zane hop on the Fire Dragon.)

Cole: You guys go on ahead. There's not enough room for all of us on that... thing. (The Fire Dragon looks at Cole.)

Kai: You're right, Cole. But I got a way to fix that.

(The next day, each ninja is shown to be riding their respective elemental dragon as Cole awkwardly rides the Earth Dragon.)

Cole: (In fear.) E-easy... not so fast...

Jay: Whoa! This is awesome!

Zane: Yes. This is quite fun.

Cole: So how do the dragons cross over to the Underworld?

Kai: I think we're about to find out...

(The dragons descend at full speed and do a Spinjitzu-like tornado, crossing over to the Underworld.)

Cole: Is it over?

Kai: Hardly! I hope these dragons know what they're doing!

(The dragons further increase their acceleration.)

Kai: They're speeding up! Hold on!

(There is a moment of silence as the four ninja and their dragon almost reach the Underworld. They reach the Underworld moments later.)

Cole: Solid ground. We made it!

(They notice the structure of the Underworld, the vehicles of the Skulkin and the building.)

Zane: (After noticing a building.) Sensei's inside.

Kai: They're expecting us.

(They observe every Skulkin member being searched before they enter the building as a cart full of waste barrows appears.)

Kruncha: Hold up! Nothing gets through without inspection.

Nuckal: Ninja search! (He manages to knock off everything that was on the cart) Okay, clear to pass. (Kruncha sighs in disappointment.)

(Meanwhile, the ninja try to enter the building without being noticed when they hang onto a Spykor creature. Jay notices this and tries to warm his comrades, but due to his lack of voice, he can't get through to them.)

Cole: Can I be the first to say it's been an absolute pleasure since Jay lost his voice? (Kai nods in agreement.)

(They all notice what they were hanging on and let go immediately as they land on the ground. This attracts the Skeletons' attention.)

Nuckal: Uh... if there are more than one ninja, is it 'ninjas' or just 'ninja?'

Kruncha: I think it's just 'ninja.'

Nuckal: Oh, okay. Then, NINJA!

(The Skulkin Army surrounds the four ninja.)

Cole: I count ten boneheads to every one of us. I think I like these odds.

(The Spykor begin to descend from the ceiling.)

Kai: Uh-oh. Anyone got any bright ideas?!

(Meanwhile, Wu is still searching for his brother as he reaches the base level of the building when Garmadon appears from behind.)

Garmadon: (Laughs.) Brother.

Wu: Brother. (Uncovers the Sword of Fire.)

Garmadon: Seize the sword!

(A bunch of Skeleton Warriors surround Wu.)

Wu: Ninja, go! (Uses Spinjitzu to knock off the enemies.) You'll have to take it from me!

Samukai: My pleasure. (He battles Wu, using the other three Golden Weapons to his advantage.)

Lord Garmadon: (To Samukai.) Teach him a lesson.

(The ninja are shown to be surrounded by the Skulkin Warriors and the Spykor.)

Kai: Any ideas? I'm still all ears! (Attempts to slice a warrior with his sword. Jay gets an idea.)

Jay: (Groaning.) Tornado of Creation.

Kai: Huh?

Cole: You feel a weird sensation?

Jay: (Groaning.) No.

Zane: You ate an odd crustacean?

Jay: (Groaning.) Tornado of Creation.

Kai: I got it. I got it! Two natives on vacation. Huh?

Jay: (Regaining his voice.) Tornado of CREATION!

Cole, Kai and Zane: Oh...

Zane: Welcome back.

Cole: But it could lead to disastrous consequences.

Kai: We're about to HAVE a disastrous consequence.

Cole: Let's do this. Earth! (Performs Spinjitzu.)

Kai: Fire! (Performs Spinjitzu.)

Zane: Ice! (Performs Spinjitzu.)

Jay: Lightning! (Performs Spinjitzu.)

Ninja: Ninja, go!

(They all combine their elemental Spinjitzu tornadoes into a large tornado that begins to suck in everything. They create a Ferris-Wheel with some skeletons trapped inside the ride. When Kruncha sees Nuckal enjoying some cotton candy, he purposely makes him drop it.)

Kai: Come on! There's no time to waste!

(The ninja proceed to the bottom of the building, witnessing the fight between Samukai and Wu. The other ninja try to help Wu, but are stopped by Kai.)

Kai: No. This is Sensei's fight.

(Wu blasts flames out of the Sword of Fire, but misses and Samukai uses the Shurikens of Ice to freeze the Sword of Fire on the ground. He then uses the Scythe of Quakes to split the ground into pieces and the Nunchucks of Lightning to disarm Wu. Samukai approaches the sword, much to Wu's worry.)

Garmadon: Bring me the Four Weapons.

Samukai: (Betraying Garmadon.) No! You will obey me now!

(Garmadon laughs mockingly as Samukai loses control over the weapons. Wu jumps to where his students are standing.)

Wu: No one can handle all of their power at once.

Garmadon: Selfish fool. Did you think I wouldn't plan on your betrayal?

Samukai: What's happening to me?!

Garmadon: You've fallen right into my master plan. Not even I can handle all of their power! But now that they're combined, it'll create a vortex through space and time, allowing me to finally escape this ghastly place!

Samukai: Uh-oh. (Screams and explodes to his death.)

(This creates a portal and Garmadon heads towards it.)

Wu: Father would not want you to do this, Brother.

Garmadon: Father is no longer here! Good and evil, there has always been a balance. Where I go, the balance can be destroyed. Soon I will be strong enough to possess the Four Weapons, so I can recreate the world in my image! (To Wu.) You! You were always his favorite. (Goes through the portal and escapes the Underworld.)

(Wu and the ninja jump to where the Four Weapons are.)

Wu: He is gone, but he will return.

Kai: Then we'll be ready for him.

Cole: And keep an eye out in case he has any more of his evil plans.

(The ninja pick up the weapons of their respective element, with Kai picking up the Sword of Fire, Jay picking up the Nunchucks of Lightning, Zane picking up the Shurikens of Ice and Cole picking up the Scythe of Quakes.)

Wu: Then I have done my part. The balance has been restored... for now.

(Back in Ignacia, the light is restored while Nya waits for Kai back at Four Weapons Blacksmith. She sees him and his friends return and runs to him in excitement.)

Nya: Kai! (Runs to give Kai a hug.)

Jay: Hey, my turn! (Nya runs to give him a hug too (which Kai has no problem with).)

(The citizens of Ignacia celebrate the victory.)

Nya: I'm so happy you're back.

Kai: For now...but it's not over. Lord Garmadon will return.

(The excitement of the citizens quickly turns to worry.)

Cole: And we'll be ready for him.

(The citizens are excited again.)

Cole: Yeah!

(The ninja high-five each other with their Golden Weapons, causing them to make a strong blast that knocks them down due to their great power combined.)

Kai: Okay, we gotta remember not to do that again.

Cole: (Groans.) Good idea.

Jay: (Groans.) Yeah, we'll stick to high-fives instead.

Zane: Agreed.

(Everyone laughs.)

Zane: Was that a joke?

(The episode ends with Kai putting on his ninja hood, signifying that he is ready for any upcoming challenge.)

Mini Movies[edit]

Secrets of the Blacksmith[edit]

[Jay and Nya are heading back to Four Weapons Blacksmith on Jay's Lightning Dragon]
Jay: Hey, Nya, check this out.
[He goes to ground level in fast speed, disturbing the peace of the citizens]
Nya: Jay, grow up. [they arrive at the blacksmith shop] Thanks for helping out, blue boy. Now that I'm moving in with you guys, I just need to get a few things.
Jay: Okay, cool. Need a hand?
Nya: No, just wait here.
Jay: Oh, uh... okay.

Jay: [talking to himself outside, waiting for Nya] Hey...Nya, maybe after this, you wanna go for a ri... Oh, Jay.

Flight of the Dragon Ninja[edit]

[The ninja are preparing for another Dragon race]
Jay: Why must we go through this again? I'm clearly the best. I mean, look at me!
Kai: Impressive, thunder cracker, but may I remind you we all have dragon suits. So what's your point?
Jay: Well, I—
Cole: Jay's only point is that he won last time, so obviously he thinks he'll hold the title of Dragon Master forever.
Zane: This is highly irrational. We should be training. If Sensei finds out—
Kai: Well, technically, riding your dragon is kind of training.

The New Masters of Spinjitzu[edit]

Kruncha: This bites.
Nuckal: Tell me about it. Since those ninjas came down here and did that Twistitzu—
Kruncha: Spinjitzu!
Nuckal: Everything has just been... not cool.
Kruncha: They think they're so tough. Well, they wouldn't be so tough if they didn't have those Magic Weapons. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!
[The two Skeleton Generals sneak out of the Underworld and cross over to the Monastery of Spinjitzu. They then steal the Golden Weapons from the sleeping ninja and head outside to celebrate]
Kruncha: Yeah!
Nuckal: We're the Masters of Spin—
[They lose control of the weapons and spin inside a Spinjitzu. They stop spinning when Kruncha strangles Nuckal]
Kruncha: I don't think this is gonna work.

Kruncha: That was your worst idea yet!
Nuckal: What?! It was your idea!
[They fight]

An Underworldly Takeover[edit]

Cole: Sensei... I've been thinking.
Wu: Yes?
Cole: How did Garmadon gain control over the Underworld's Skeleton Army?
Wu: Hmm... Garmadon and I were brothers and the best of friends, but then he turned, and fell.

Cole: So how did Garmadon gain control over the Underworld?
Wu: [diverting the flashback] I don't know, I expect they just sat down and agreed over a nice cup of tea.

Return to the Fire Temple[edit]

Kruncha: You dummy! [slaps Nuckal] You left the stove on again, didn't you?!
Nuckal: No, you did!
Kruncha: I did?! Why would I…?!
[The two fight]

Battle Between Brothers[edit]

[A flashback shows a younger Garmadon trying to steal the Golden Weapons. Wu, also younger, catches him in the act]
Wu: I'm afraid those are for display only.
[Garmadon slowly turns around to Wu. His skin is pale and he has red eyes, having succumbed the Great Devourer's venom]
Garmadon: Hmm... tell me, what good is a weapon if all it's used for collecting dust?
Wu: Don't be a fool! Father warned that their power's beyond any one man—
Garmadon: Father was the fool!
Wu: How dare you speak so lowly of Father! We made him a promise. These weapons shall not leave this Monastery!
Garmadon: Then I shall destroy it, and all who stand in my way!

[Back to reality]
Wu: After Garmadon's fall, the balance of the elements was restored and Ninjago enjoyed many years of peace.
Jay: [riding his Lightning Dragon] Woo hoo! Sensei, look! No hands!
Zane: Apparently, those days are over.
Wu: [chuckles] More or less.

Season 1: Rise of the Snakes[edit]

Rise of the Snakes[edit]

Wu: Long before time had a name, the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago using four elemental weapons. But when he passed, a dark presence sought out to collect them all: Lord Garmadon. So I, Sensei Wu, his brother, sought out to find four ninja to collect them first.

[The episode begins at the Monastery of Spinjitzu with Wu meditating. He overhears the Ninja making combat sounds]
Kai: [off-screen] Fire strike! Oh, my gosh, is that the greatest move you've ever seen?
Cole: [off-screen] Stop trying to do it yourself. We need to attack as a team.
[Wu goes to the training compound and finds that none of the Ninja are training there]
Jay: Zane, why are you wasting your special attack on me? You have to save it.
[Wu goes to look for them in a different room and finds them playing video games]
Jay: Fantastic! I'm out of lives!
Zane: But the lesson lives on, and I am getting the hang of it. Hee-yah!
Cole: Okay. Now!
[As the Ninja continue with their game, Wu unplugs the television. The ninja groan]
Cole: Aw, man!
Jay: What? What happened?!
Cole: It took us three hours to get there.
Jay: Why would you do that? Why?!
Wu: Just because Lord Garmadon escaped through a vortex doesn't mean he won't return one day for the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu!
Zane: But Sensei Wu, ever since he's been gone, Ninjago has had nothing but peace.
Jay: Yeah. Peace is boring. There's no one to save. There's nothing to do.
Cole: We can train tomorrow.
Wu: Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.
Cole: Well, I was gonna eat this pizza tomorrow. So if that's the case… [Wu kicks the pizza slice out of his hand] OW!
Wu: NO PIZZA FOR YOU! In order to reach your True Potential, YOU MUST TRAIN!
Kai: Uh, remember when we did a little thing called the Tornado of Creation? I thought that was pretty insane.
Wu: [sighs] You four have merely scratched the surface of your full potential. There are still so many secrets you have yet to unlock. You haven't even begun to tap into what powers your Golden Weapons hold. [Kai's sword is shown to be burning a pizza slice]
Cole: You wanna talk secret powers? Check this out. [uses his scythe to plug back the television so that the Ninja can resume their game]
Zane: Don't worry, master. We will be ready when Lord Garmadon returns.
[Nya runs into the room]
Nya: Guys! Lord Garmadon! He's returned! He was spotted approaching Jamanakai Village!
[The ninja struggle to prepare for the mission, Nya gives Jay his nunchucks]
Jay: Uh, thanks, uh, uh, uh...
Nya: Hurry!
Jay: Okay!
[The Ninja rush to the dragon stables to mount their dragons, but are unfortunately not as fit as they think they are. One of the stall doors hits Zane's head. Cole drops his weapon when mounting on his dragon. Jay attempts a stunt to mount his dragon, but overshoots it a little, landing on the ground instead]
Nya: [watches Kai mount his dragon] Uh, can I help?
Kai: Sorry, sis. Where we go, danger abounds. This is a job for the Ninja. [fails to reach his dragon's reins] Uh, uh... a little help? [laughs nervously]
[Nya shakes her head and hands him the reins, the ninja then proceed to fly off to Jamanakai Village on their dragons]
Nya: Will they ever reach their full potential?
Wu: In time. Maybe a long time, but in time.

[The Ninja are flying on their dragons in the sky]
Cole: Just like old times, hey, Rocky? 
Kai: You guys believe what Sensei said about unlocking our full potential?
Jay: He may be onto something. I mean since we got these Golden Weapons, it's not like we've ever had to use them. I wonder what they do.
Zane: I for one look forward to the future. If there's more for us to accomplish, let it be.
Cole: Don't know about you, but is anyone else a little excited about battling Lord Garmadon? I've been looking forward to trying out some new Spinjitzu moves. Could be the perfect opportunity.
Jay: Ha-ha, race you there?
[The Ninja start racing to Jamanakai village]
Kai: [spots their destination] Jamanakai Village. First ninja there wins!
[The Ninja speed through the last stretch while approaching Jamanakai Village, they all land at the same time]'
Kai: Ha-ha! I was first!
Jay: No! No one was faster than me!
Cole: Ha-ha-ha, my feet were down before yours!
Zane: You were all disillusioned! It was clearly me!
[The villagers are screaming and running to their homes, an evil shadow appears and an evil laughter echos through the village, the Ninja prepare for this scenario]
Kai: Stay sharp, fellas. Whatever happens, never let your guard down.
[The laughter and shadow turned out to be owned by a young boy wearing a black hoodie]
Lloyd: [laughs evilly] It is I, Lloyd Garmadon! [jumps up on the fountain] I demand all the candy in town... or else!
Jay: Lloyd Garmadon? I thought we were gonna face Lord Garmadon.
Cole: It's his son. [Jay sighs] Looks like he escaped his boarding school for bad boys again. And to think we could've been doing Spinjitzu already.
Lloyd: Uh, uh, give me your candy or else I'll release the Serpentine on you!
[The villagers start booing him, Lloyd attempts the old rubber-snakes-in-a-can trick on them, but naturally, they start throwing vegetables at him]
Lloyd: No way! I asked for candy, not vegetables! I HATE VEGETABLES!!! [manages to dodge a few, but the sheer amount soon causes him to fall over]
Kai: He's gonna have to do a lot better than use an old bedtime story to scare people.
Zane: The Serpentine are real, Kai. They're not something to joke about.
Kai: Serpentine? Real? We're talking about the ancient race of snake people who once ruled Ninjago and were supposedly locked underground?
Jay: [squeals] Sealed in five different tombs to separate the worrying tribes and ensure they don't unify to exact their revenge upon those who put them there!
Kai: It was an old wives' tale, to teach kids not to poke our noses where they don't belong. Don't you think it's a little suspicious no one's ever found one of their tombs?
Cole: Well that's because you'd be a fool to look for one! If there was anything I hated more than dragons, it was snakes. Rubber or not. [the Ninja approach Lloyd and start to carry him away] Don't worry, folks, we'll take care of this. Nothing to see here.
Lloyd: Bow down to me, or, suffer my wrath! I'll give you the count of three. One! Two!
Kai: What are we supposed to do? Spank him?
Lloyd: Two in a half! [shows to be hanging on a sign with food all over him; screams] YOU JUST MADE ME YOUR NEMESIS! MARK MY WORDS, YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!!!
[The citizens laugh at him as Zane buys some candy for him and his comrades]
Cole: Next time, try paying for your candy.
Kai: Crime doesn't pay, muchacho. You can take that to the bank.
Jay: [mocking Lloyd] Mmm, cotton candy.
[Lloyd screams in rage]

[The ninja mount on their dragons when Kai accidentally drops a scroll]
Kai: [notices the scroll] Huh? I don't remember putting this here.
Zane: That Sensei's bag. You must've accidentally taken it in the rush.
Jay: What is it?
Kai: It's a scroll, windbag.
Jay: I know it's a scroll, but what does it say? It's written in chicken scratch.
Zane: Not chicken scratch, the ancient language of our ancestors.
Kai: Uh, can you read it?
Zane: Well, I can try. [points to a symbol on the scroll] This symbol means "prophecy".
Jay: Prophecy?
Kai: It means it tells the future.
Jay: Of course, ha-ha. I knew that.
Zane: [reading the scroll] "One ninja will rise above the others and become the Green Ninja, the ninja destined to defeat the Dark Lord".
Jay: Oh, look, a picture!
Kai: Dark Lord? Hold on... you think they mean Lord Garmadon? Wait a minute, is that us? Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?
Jay: Like how good I'm gonna look in green?
Kai: Ha, isn't it obvious I'm gonna be the Green Ninja?
Jay: The color obviously suits me!
Zane: Technically, I am the best.
Cole: Everyone, stop it! Remember why Sensei brought us together in the first place. We're a team. We weren't meant to see this and probably for good reason. Come on, let's head back home. We have training to do.
Jay: It's about time I added some finesse to my routine.
Zane: Well, I could use some exercise.
Cole: Yeah, I gotta work on some new moves.
[The ninja except Kai head home]
Kai: [to himself] Could I be the Green Ninja?

(Lloyd is wandering aimlessly at the Glacier Barrens.)

Lloyd: Stupid ninja. I'll show them who they're dealing with.

(Lloyd kicks a stone that lands somewhere, making a clang sound.)

Lloyd: What is this?

(He rubs the floor to find out what it is.)

Lloyd: Hey, what is—

(It is shown that he found the first of five Serpentine Tombs, the Hypnobrai Tomb, and unlocks it, falling inside. Lloyd screams while falling. He lands inside the icy tomb.)

Slithraa: You are out of your mind to venture so far away from home, little one. (He attempts to hypnotize Lloyd.) Look into my eyes. Give up your mind. I will control you.

(As he's about to hypnotize Lloyd, Lloyd accidentally slips on some ice, causing Slithraa to hypnotize himself after looking at his own reflection on the ice pillar.)

Lloyd: (Chuckles after seeing the result.) No. I will control you from now on.

Slithraa: What shall you have us do, Master?

Lloyd: (Surprised.) Us?

(The whole Hypnobrai Army attends the situation occurring.)

Lloyd: My own army of snakes! (He laughs evilly.)

(The ninja are back at the Monastery.)

Jay: So then we all agree. The prophecy states that one of us will become the Green Ninja and the issue will not rest until it is decided.

Zane: May I suggest a tournament? Last ninja standing is the best.

Kai: And will be declared the Green Ninja! I love it!

(They enter to see Nya training at the training compound. Once she notices them, she gets knocked off the course.)

Jay: (Laughs shyly.) Hey, Nya. Closer to beating your brother's speed record?

Nya: I'm getting there. Heard what happened in town. Just a false alarm?

Kai: Yeah. Uh, but we're gonna need the space. Sorry, sis.

Cole: Two matches. Then the winners of each face off for the title. Armors for our own protection. It's time to see what these babies can do.

Kai: Hey, Nya. Wanna stay and watch me mop the floor with them?

Nya: No, thanks. I think I'll just visit Jamanakai Village. Knock yourselves out.

Cole: Alright! First up: Kai versus Jay! Ninja, go! (The fight commences. Jay uses his Nunchucks, but accidentally shocks himself. The fight is shown to be even. Both ninja fight with their might until Kai uses his Sword to blast a fireball at Jay, gaining victory.)

Kai: Next up: Cole versus Zane! Ninja, go!

(The fight is shown to be a balanced fight in the beginning. Zane uses one of his Shurikens to freeze Cole's legs. Zane tries to attack Cole with other Shuriken with Cole deflecting each shot. Cole tackles Zane with his Scythe, giving him victory.)

Jay: (Mumbling.) For the prize and the title of best ninja...blah, go.

(The two remaining ninja fight evenly with their respective weapons until Cole uses the power of his Scythe to knock Kai off the ground, gaining victory. Jay and Zane celebrate.)

Cole: Yes!

(Kai viciously gets up, then loses control over his weapon as it starts to burn.)

Kai: It's too h-hot!

Zane: It's burning!

Jay: Fire!

(Kai loses control of the weapon to the extent that he throws it on the ground. This causes the Monastery to start burning. Wu quickly goes outside and uses the Shurikens to melt the fire.)

Wu: (Furious.) What were you thinking?!

Jay: Uh, we were tryna figure out who is the Green Ninja. (Zane slaps him.) Ow! Did I say Green Ninja? No, sorry. (Clears throat.) What I-what I said was lean.

Wu: You were not supposed to see this.

Kai: But Sensei, we wanna know. Which one of us is the chosen one?

Wu: None of you if you don't unlock your full potential.

Kai: But my sword. It was so bright. Is this what you meant by unlocking our Golden Weapons?

Wu: You are only at the beginning. And the road is long and winding, but yes, this is what I meant. If this is what it must take for you to train, then so be it. But none of you are near the level of what it takes to be the Green Ninja.

(In Jamanakai Village, the citizens are screaming and fleeing into their homes.)

Nya: What now?

(It is shown that Lloyd returned and stole all the candy.)

Lloyd: Take the candy! Take it all! (He laughs evilly.)

(Nya is shocked to see that the Hypnobrai are with Lloyd as Slithraa hypnotizes the whole village.)

Skales: This makes no sense, General. Raiding an entire town for sweets?

Slithraa: You will do as I command because I hold the staff!

(Back at the Monastery, the ninja are properly practicing with their weapons while Wu sees through the spirit smoke that the Serpentine have been released.)

Wu: The Serpentine are back! Everyone in Jamanakai Village is in danger!

Cole: Calm down, Sensei. We were just there. It was some kid who says he—

Wu: The spirit smoke does not lie! An ancient evil has been released!

Kai: Nya's there right now.

Jay: Nya?

(The ninja go to the dragon cabinets to mount their respective dragons.)

Kai: Stay close. Stay together.

Cole: Would we do it any other way?

(The ninja arrive at Jamanakai Village when other villagers are still running away.)

Lloyd: I'm never coming down from this sugar ride! Woo-hoo! (The ninja stand in front of him.)

Cole: Sorry to bust your buzz, little Garmadon.

Jay: But it's already past your bedtime.

Lloyd: Get them!

Slithraa: (Rattling his tail.) Seize them!

Kai: (Shocked.) The Serpentine? They're real?

(Both the Serpentine and the villagers surround the ninja.)

Cole: It's not just them we have to worry about, the whole village has been hypnotized.

(Jay tries to use his weapon before Zane stops him.)

Zane: No! Our weapons are too unstable. We can do more harm than good.

Jay: I guess that leaves us with run!

(The ninja run away and meet up with Nya.)

Jay: Huh, Nya. You're okay.

Nya: Barely. They've hypnotized everyone in town.

Jay: Mind control. How is this possible?

Nya: When you hear them rattle their tails, don't look them in the eyes. That's how they get you.

Jay: Well, what are we supposed to do? We can't use our weapons, and now we gotta fight with our eyes closed? Ha, perfect.

Nya: The snake with the staff is the General. He's the one in charge. If we can get the staff from him, it holds the anti-venom. If we get that, we can save everyone.

Kai: Look, guys. Forget about the whole Green Ninja thing. Let's make Sensei proud. The four of us. We're a team.

Cole: Now you're talking.

Jay: Oh. And Nya, you can be our honorary member.

Nya: (Sarcastically.) Gee, thanks.

(The ninja head to the Serpentine.)

Kai: You wanna play? How about a little Spinjitzu? Ninja, go! (He does Spinjitzu, but loses control of it and falls to the ground.)

Jay: Okay, we're really out of shape.

Lloyd: (While escaping.) Ha! Consider this a warning, ninja! (Laughs crazily.)

Zane: Ninja, go! (Zane stops him with his Shurikens and approaches him using Spinjitzu.)

Lloyd: My candy!

Zane: Sensei was right. Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today. We should've dealt with you the first time around.

Lloyd: (Shrieks.) Retreat!

Slithraa: Retreat!

(The Serpentine attempt to escape, but Cole stops Slithraa and kicks him to gain the staff from him.)

Cole: Go ahead. Give me a reason.

(Cole gains the staff, but Skales hypnotizes him.)

Skales: Look into my eyes. I control you.

Cole: You control...

Nya: Cole! (She kicks Skales in the head, allowing Cole to regain consciousness.) You have the anti-venom!

Cole: By golly, you're right!

Nya: Quick, the fountain!

Cole: Good idea.

(They use the fountain to spray the anti-venom on the whole village to cleanse the villagers from the hypnosis.)

Kai: We're sorry, Sensei. If we dealt with Lloyd before he became a problem, none of this would've been necessary.

Wu: Even lessons learned the hard way are lessons learned. Mmm... a great evil has been released. I fear troubling times will come. This is only the beginning.

Zane: Then we will train and be ready for the Serpentine. It may not be Lord Garmadon, but that doesn't mean we won't bring our A-game.

Kai: Help us train. Help us realize our potential.

Jay: Yeah. Teach us the secrets behind the weapons of Spinjitzu.

Wu: Hmm... there is much to teach. We must return to the Monastery.

Nya: (Sighs.) When am I gonna get my own dragon?

Wu: Patience, Nya. Your time will come.

(Lloyd and the Hypnobrai are back at the Hypnobrai Tomb.)

Lloyd: Uh... candy. I need candy.

Slithraa: The boy set us free.

Skales: He is a child. He is not one of us.

Slithraa: I may not have the staff, but I'm still your General! Stand down!

(Skales walks away when a Hypnobrai soldier confronts him.)

Mezmo: You coward! We all know he's under Lloyd's spell. You're second-in-command and still you do nothing?

Skales: Now was not the time. I still hold the key to destroy the ninja. And when I do that, everyone will see it is I who should be in control. (Laughs wickedly.)

(The episode ends with Skales using Cole to spy on the ninja.)


[At the Monastery of Spinjitzu, Wu is meditating. He hears the ninja arguing offscreen]
Kai: My turn! It's my turn!
Cole: Oh, you want a little more? Take this!
Jay: Yeah? How about a little of this?
Kai: Monkey paw to the head!
Cole: Ninja, roll!
[Wu goes to the video game room only to find that none of the ninja are there]
Jay: Dragon punch!
[Wu goes to the training compound and is surprised to see the ninja are actually training. Jay is deflecting arrows with his nunchucks, Cole is practicing on the dummies, Kai is practicing his Spinjitzu and Zane is meditating]
Kai: Ninja, go!
[Zane suddenly gets up from his meditation process and jumps in front of Jay]
Jay: Hey! Huh?
[Zane steals Cole's Scythe for the dummy test]
Cole: Hey! What?
Zane: Ninja, go!
[His Spinjitzu freezes the whole compound]
Kai: [slips] Woah. [falls] Oof.
[Kai, Jay and Cole regroup]
Kai: This roof isn't big enough for the four of us.
Cole: Correction: This roof isn't big enough for him.
Jay: It's like he's in his own world. [raises his voice] I BET HE CAN’T EVEN HEAR US!
[Wu approaches the three ninja]
Kai: Sensei, Zane's... weird.
Wu: What is weird? Someone who is different or someone who is different than you?
Cole: No, Sensei. He's "weird" weird.
[Flashback. Zane enters the bathroom where Cole is doing some private business]
Cole: [embarrassed] Do you mind?!
[Flashback again. Jay, Nya, and Zane watching a sad romantic movie. Zane starts laughing. Flashback again. Kai is going to the fridge, only to find Zane inside]
Kai: Ahh! Holy bologna!
Zane: I'm sorry. I consumed the last of the deli meat. Cheese?
[Flashbacks end, back to present]
Kai: We like the guy. He's really smart. He's just... [sighs] a little off sometimes.
Wu: Zane is a brother and brothers are often different. I should know.

Jay: Oh, I love it when it's Zane's night to cook.
Cole: Hey, I didn't hear any complains about my duck chowder last night.
Kai: That's because it glued our mouths shut. You really thought Jay was speechless all throughout dinner?
Jay: Yeah, please don't make that again.

[The next day, Zane is leading his team to the fortress]
Kai: I don't even think Zane knows where he's going. [to Zane] Uh, tell us again how you stumbled upon Lloyd's secret headquarters?
Zane: I followed a bird.
Jay: Why did you follow a bird?
Zane: Because it danced.
Jay: Oh... okay. Was it a cuckoo bird? [he, Kai and Cole laugh] The bird.
Zane: Of course not. Everyone knows cuckoo birds are not indigenous to these forests.

[When the ninja return to the Monastery, they see it burnt down, covered in flames]
Kai: We're too late. Those snakes.
[The Dragons cry for help]
Cole: Rocky!
[He quickly releases the Dragons for them to gain some fresh air]
Kai: Our home.
Zane: Shard! Put this out!
[Shard freezes the flames]
Zane: The training equipment, gone.
Jay: Our video games, gone!
Wu: They stole their staff back.
Cole: What do we do now?
[Kai's sadness turns to anger as he turns to Zane]
Kai: If you hadn't followed that silly bird, none of this would've happened!
Wu: Kai…
Jay: No, Sensei, he's right! [to Zane] Because of you, my high score has been deleted!
Zane: This is a teaching moment. We must learn from this.
Cole: A teaching moment?! What's wrong with you?! Don't you get it?! EVERYTHING IS GONE!
Wu: Enough! [Kai, Cole and Jay turn to look at him] We're all at fault. Zane is your brother. Apologize at once.


[On the Destiny's Bounty, the ninja are sleeping]
Wu: [banging a gong, waking the ninja up] Evil doesn't sleep and neither should you! [the ninja groan as they wake up] In order to reach your full potential, we must greet each day as an opportunity.
Kai: [gets up] Okay, okay, we're up. But if you want us to reach full potential, shouldn't we at least get a full night of rest?
Cole: You call that a rest? I think my back has more lumps than the mattress.
Jay: We were up so late, talking about how cool it is to have a new headquarters, I guess we lost track of time. Since the Serpentine burned down our monastery, I'm just glad we have a roof over our head.
Zane: What is our lesson today, Sensei? Mastering the strike of the Scorpion? Or perhaps the grace of— [the ground breaks and he coughs]
Wu: I think today's lesson would be chores.
Ninja: Chores?!
Cole: Ninja fight, Sensei. They do not clean.
Wu: In order to respect ourselves, we must respect our new home and where we are from. And this place is a long way from becoming a ninja headquarters. I expect things to be spotless when I return. And put your backs into it.

Nya: Looks like we're about have some visitors, and loud ones at that.
Jay: [sighs] Ugh, it's my parents. Please, if they start yapping, just don't get them going, okay? They don't know when to quit. And if you start talking, then they'll start talking, and suddenly half the day is gone before you know it ends-
Kai: We get it! They talk a lot! [mutters] The cherry doesn't fall far from its blossom.

Never Trust A Snake[edit]

[Zane wakes up, hitting his head on the top bunk of the bed]
Jay: Oh, sleeping in. You're gonna be late for training.
Zane: Oh, how come no one awakened me?
Kai: We didn't think you wanted us to. You looked like you were having some dream.
Zane: How do I know this isn't a dream—
Cole: [hits Zane in the face with a pillow] Does that feel like a dream?
Zane: No. Thank you for your help.
[The others laugh]

Wu: What was so important to ignore my teachings?
Kai: Uh, nothing.
Jay: It was nothing, Sensei.
Cole: Yeah, we don't talk while you teach.
Zane: Everyone was paying attention.
Wu: Since you all appear to be lacking in focus, then you can all share in the punishment.
Kai: What?
Jay: Punishment?
Cole: It was all Zane.
Zane: I was merely answering their questions.
Wu: No free time and no video games. The rest of the day can be used for training. And tomorrow, for that matter.
Kai: Training? For how long?
Wu: Until you can answer this simple riddle: what is the best way to defeat an enemy?
Kai: Easy, with a sword.
Jay: Your fists.
Cole: Spinjitzu.
Zane: Tornado of Creation?
Wu: [sighs] Pace yourselves. You have a lot of training ahead of you. Make sure you sharpen your mind as well as your Spinjitzu. [walks away]
Cole: Ugh. What's the best way to defeat an enemy? It could be anything, ugh!
Jay: Come on, guys, we're smart. We can figure this out.
Kai: Yeah, but let's hear more about this dream.
Zane: Let me just say, the Green Ninja is awesome.

[On the Bounty, the ninja tell Wu they solved his riddle]
Wu: Oh. You must have found the answer to what is the best way to defeat an enemy.
Cole: We have, Sensei. It's— On three, guys. One, two...
All: Teamwork!
Wu: Is this what you all think?
Cole: Yeah.
Jay: Yes!
Kai: Absolutely.
Wu: Sadly, you are all wrong.
Cole: Come on.
[Kai groans]
Jay: Aw, man.
Cole: I'm starting to think whoever figures out this riddle can be the Green Ninja for all I care.

Wu: Why are you not still training? Did you find the answer to the riddle?
Kai: [sighs] No, Sensei. We still don't know what the best way to defeat your enemy is.
Wu: It is to make them your friend.
Ninja: Oh.

Can of Worms[edit]

Kai: [to Cole] You couldn't just be happy with the top score, you had to rub it in my face!
Cole: [to Jay] Do you know how long it took me to make that? Three days. Three days!
Jay: [to Zane] It's an unsaid law, okay? You don't touch a man's robot!
Zane: [to Kai] How am I supposed to strike fear in this? [shows that his ninja suit is pink] IT'S PINK!
[As the ninja argue with each other, Wu enters, sees them and opens the bathroom door to reveal Lloyd. He laughs evilly. The ninja stop arguing and see some spices, tools and detergent]
Kai, Cole, Jay, and Zane: [gasp] You did this?
Cole: Boys, I get first dibs on…
Wu: No dibs. I put him up to this for today's lesson. I wanted to show you the destructive power of rumors and that jumping to conclusions can only lead to trouble. Did you ever think to find out if the accusations were true?
Cole: Uh, no offense, Sensei, but let me jump to this conclusion: today's lesson is lame.
Jay: Yeah, why can't you just teach us to paralyze your enemy with one finger, or find out if a man is lying by the twitch of his nose?
Wu: Because not all lessons are about fighting! And I… misplaced my lesson book.
[Kai sees a book sticking out of Lloyd's back pocket and takes it]
Kai: You mean this lesson book?
Lloyd: It was the perfect plan, until you had to show up and mess everything up and-
[Cole closes the door on him]
Nya: [over the speaker] If you're done fooling around, I could use you guys on the bridge. We do still have a snake problem to attend to. Over and out!
Kai: It's one thing to let the son of your nemesis live with you, but having my sister here? I mean, come on! I thought this was a NINJA headquarters!
Nya: You do know I can hear you. Over and out!

Cole: You know, whether it was in a lesson book or not, we used the destructive power of rumors to our advantage.
Kai: And now the Serpentine are further away than ever from getting their act together.
Jay: You know, I don't think we would've gotten out of there if it hadn't been for Zane.
Zane: Don't thank me, thank Lloyd. If it hadn't been for his "laundry skills," we all would've been found.
[Everyone laughs. Lloyd comes in with Zane's ninja suit, which is now white again]
Lloyd: Well, it took me twenty loads, but your suit's no longer pink. [to Cole] And to show that I'm sorry, Cole, I got you a can of nuts.
Cole: Uh, haha, yeah. Don't think I don't see what this is. When I open this, a bunch of snakes are gonna pop out, right? Yeah, no thank you.
[Cole opens the fridge, only for fake snakes to pop out at him. Everyone laughs]

The Snake King[edit]

Lloyd: First, I'll stomp on his tail. Then when he turns, a thunder clap to his ears. Then when he's stunned, I'll disarm him.
Cole: Too late, he's already hypnotized you and now you're under his control.
Zane: Or he's already put you in a squeeze.
Kai: Or spit on you with his hallucinatory venom. Trust me, bad stuff.
Lloyd: [groans] Uncle, what's the best way to stun a Serpentine if you don't know what kind they are?
Wu: Sadly, it was the Sacred Flute you four carelessly lost.
Jay: Hey, no, no, no, we didn't lose it, Pythor stole it.
Wu: Whatever the case, without it, I fear we have nothing to combat their powers. We may have prevented them from uniting in the past, but they will try again, and one day they will be stronger.
Cole: Don't worry, Sensei. I've almost reached my Full Potential, and when I become the Green Ninja, we're not gonna need any magic flute.
Kai: You're gonna be the Green Ninja? Hahaha, don't make me laugh.
Zane: I thought it was decided that I was destined to become the Green Ninja.
Jay: Oh, the only thing decided about you, Zane, is that you're weird.
[The ninja start arguing]
Lloyd: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What's in the box?
Wu: Your new uniforms.
[The ninja stop arguing and gasp in excitement at seeing their new suits]
Jay: Whoa! They've got, like, armor!
Kai: I love the gold highlights!
Cole: Battle claws!
Zane: The material is really light and breathable.
Lloyd: [upset] Oh, nothing for me?
Wu: Um, you get, uh, the box.

Kai: [sees the Samurai] Huh? The Samurai?
[The Samurai crashes, and Kai runs after him]
Samurai X: Testing. Testing? One, two...
[The Samurai takes the helmet off, revealing Nya]
Kai: [surprised] Nya?
Nya: [puts the helmet back on] Steer clear, ninja! Don't look... [takes the helmet off] me.
Kai: I don't understand. You're the Samurai?
Nya: It was always a boys' club. You never let me try to help, so I found my own way to be a hero. Are you mad?
Kai: Mad? Of course not. It's just, all this time, I've been trying to protect you and you've never needed it. You're amazing.
Nya: [lightly punches Kai's arm] Girl power. You're not gonna tell the others, are you?
Kai: But we had a bet. We said whoever caught the Samurai would be the Green— [sighs] Of course I won't say anything. How'd you make all this stuff?
Nya: You'd be surprised how much spare time I have waiting for you guys to come back from your missions. You better head back before anyone gets suspicious. We'll have to rescue Lloyd another day.
[She gives him the weapons]
Kai: Nya, whenever I get in trouble, the other three always have my back. But you...just be careful, will you?
Nya: Promise.

Tick Tock[edit]

Zane: [finds out that he's a robot] No! It can’t be! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Jay: Zane, what's wrong?
Kai: Are you hurt?
Cole: You okay? [Zane sighs and looks at the blueprint] Hey, what...
[Zane opens his chest to reveal a control panel, making the others scream in shock]
Kai: You're... a robot?!
Zane: All this time, and I never knew.
Jay: Uh, guess this explains why you're always acting so weird. Right?
Zane: The reason I never had a sense of humor was because my funny switch wasn't on. [turns on his funny switch and starts dancing and singing] Hello, my baby, hello, my honey, hello, my ragtime gal, send me a kiss by wire.
[Jay laughs as Zane turns off his funny switch and sighs sadly]
Cole: Uh, it just makes you more special. You're still the same Zane. Just more, uh… gears.
Kai: No matter what you're made of, you're still our brother.
Zane: Really?
Cole: In fact, I bet it even makes you an even better ninja.
Jay: Yeah, and how cool is it that I can honestly say "My brother is a Nindroid"?
Zane: A Nindroid?

Zane: [to the Treehorn Queen] You will not hurt my friends! There is nothing that will hold me back! [starts to unlock his True Potential, turning light blue] I know who I am!
Kai: What's happening to him? Was he programmed to do that?
Jay: I've never seen a robot do that.
Cole: You mean Nindroid.
Jay: Yeah, whatever.
Cole: Zane's unlocked his True Potential.
[Zane uses his Ice to freeze the queen and falls to the ground]
Zane: What happened?
Jay: That was awesome!
Kai: You should've seen yourself.
Cole: Heh, I've never seen anything like it.
Zane: This must be what Sensei meant by unlocking our hearts. I remember now. I remember everything. I remember my father and how he cared for me. I remember where I came from. And I feel stronger for knowing.
Cole: I'm so jealous. His powers are so cool.
Jay: We have our very own Nindroid.
[They all cheer]
Zane: Watch out, Pythor. We're coming to get you.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy[edit]

[Kai, Cole and Zane arrive to confront the Serpentine]
Kai: Not so fast!
Cole: Really? That's the best you got?
Kai: I couldn't think of anything on the fly.
Cole: How about "Time to burn" or "Jump on this fire ride?"
Kai: Well, next time, you lead.
Cole: Next time I will.
Kai: Oh, yeah? If you can catch up.
Cole: Oh, come on. You gotta follow my lead.

Nya: [tries to fly off in her Samurai X mech but can't] Thruster malfunction.
[She runs away but the snakes eventually tackle her]
Pythor: Finally, the mystery man is revealed! [takes the helmet off Nya's head, making everyone gasp] Or should I have said mystery girl? Who's gonna save you now, hmm?

Nya: [tied on a roller coaster] Jay! Help!
Pythor: [signals for Bytar to turn it on] Later, alligator. Let's go, boys.
[Jay gets on the ride]
Nya: What happened to you?
Jay: What happened to you? [sees a ring of fire and broken tracks ahead] Unh, we have to get you out of here.
Nya: [sees his tail] Were you bit? Take off your head scarf.
Jay: I prefer not. I was meaning to tell you, but I didn't want it to ruin the date.
Nya: Oh, that's so sweet. Hey, you were the first in your 'Lil Scouts group to get your knot badge, right?
Jay: Yeah, about that, I made that up just so I could impress you. I was never in 'Lil Scouts.
Nya: You weren't? Hold on.
Jay: What? You have an idea?
Nya: No, hold on!
[They ride down a slope and Jay's scarf comes undone]
Jay: Aah! Don't look at me! I'm a monster. Though I hate the Samurai, where is he when you actually need him? Samurai! Help! Help! Samurai!
Nya: Jay, I don't think the Samurai is coming.
Jay: Why?
Nya: I know this might not be the best time, but I haven't been totally honest either.
Jay: What is it?
Nya: I... I'm the Samurai!
Jay: [surprised] You're the Samurai?! Aah! We're running out of track.
Nya: Jay, if anything horrible were to happen, I want you to know that you don't have to wear cologne or pretend to be anything that you're not. Because I like you best when you're you. [kisses him, turning him back to human] Your face. You're returning back to normal.
Jay: It's just like you said. You must have raised my heart rate.
Nya: Whatever happens next, just remember... you are the best you.

The Royal Blacksmiths[edit]

Nya: They got the first one, but there are three more, and we just need one to stop Pythor. They have a map, and we don't, so they question remains: how are we gonna find them first?
Jay: I still can't get over the fact that you were the mysterious Samurai. Is anyone else blown away like I am?
Kai: We're over that. Can we move on?
Jay: Someone's a little hot under the collar.
Zane: It appears his impatience is because he has not found inner peace and unlocked his full potential like you and I have, Jay.
Kai: Great observation, Mr. Roboto, but Cole hasn't found it either.
Cole: I got it!
Kai: You've unlocked it!? Oh, why am I the only one!?
Cole: No, I figured out where I recognized the Fangblade from. I have a picture of it.
Kai: Oh, haha, is that it? Heh. Good.

Lou: Okay, from the top. Five, six, seven, eight. [plays some piano keys]
Kai: Bop till you drop!
Jay: Shake it till you break it!
Zane: Move it till you lose it!
Cole: Spin it till you win it!
Lou: [stops playing] Stop, stop! Ugh. If my ears weren't attached to my head, they'd be running away! Kai, love the energy, hate the hair. [hits Kai on the head with his cane]
Kai: Ow!
Lou: Jay, you're giving a lot, but I need more! Zane, you're like a machine. Don't change anything. And Cole, try to act like you wanna be here.
Jay: [whispering to Kai] He's worse than Sensei Wu!

Zane: I have butterflies in my stomach.
Jay: Aw, come on, that's just nerves.
Zane: No, I really do have butterflies. [releases literal butterflies from his panel]
Jay: Okay, glad he got that out of his system.

The Green Ninja[edit]

Kai: [wearing the Green Ninja suit] FIRE! Unlock Fire! Uh, Fire go! Shoot flames! Oh, come on, everyone else can do it. So can you. BRING HEAT!
[The other ninja see him and laugh]
Cole: Very nice. Perhaps if you tried the phrase "Fire dork," maybe it might work.
Kai: [removes the mask] How long have you all been watching?
Jay: The Green Ninja suit. That's awesome!
Kai: Well, I was looking for some kind of clue from Sensei and then I found this.
Zane: But you know only he who is foretold to face Lord Garmadon is destined to be the Green Ninja, and only he should wear the Green Ninja outfit. So Sensei would most likely be very—
Kai: I know, I know. But I thought if I just tried it on, it might help me see my True Potential. It's not fair that you guys have unlocked your cool powers and I still haven't.

Kai: [practicing fighting moves] Garmadon, get ready to get Kai'd! Fire! Wham, bam, sorry to beat you, man!

Lloyd: Dad? Is it really you?
Garmadon: It is, son.
Lloyd: Dad? Why do you have four arms?
Cole: He's gonna be okay.
[Everyone cheers]
Garmadon: Thank you, Kai.
Zane: But how did you survive? How did you discover the key to unlocking your powers?
Kai: I knew when I had to make a choice. I wanted the Fangblade so badly, to prove I was good enough to become the Green Ninja. But then I figured it out: all of my training to become the best ninja wasn't in preparation to become the Green Ninja. It was... to protect him.
[He looks at Lloyd while everyone else realizes what he means]
Lloyd: What? What is everybody looking at me for?
Nya: That means...
[She, Kai and Cole bring the weapons in front of Lloyd, and they react by levitating and emitting green lightning]
Wu: Lloyd is the Green Ninja. I had thought it would be one of you, but it was him the whole time. It all makes sense. Not only have you four been chosen to protect the Golden Weapons, but also to protect the Chosen One.
Garmadon: [realizes something] That means...
Wu: The battle lines have been drawn, brother. Sadly, our family has only become more divided. Brother versus brother, and now, son versus father.
Jay: Hehe, this is heavy and all, but whatever happened to the FANGBLADE?!

All of Nothing[edit]

[In Ninjago City, Spitta is being chased by the ninja]
Cole: Going somewhere?
Spitta: Uh-oh!
[The ninja surround him and hold him at weapon-point]
Jay: Thought you could joyride through town and not be noticed, eh? Where's the last Fangblade?
Spitta: I don't know what you're talking about.
Kai: You know what it is. The fourth Fangblade. When Pythor finds them all, he plans to unleash the Great Devourer.
Spitta: Oh, that Fangblade. Haha, you're too late. Pythor's already there now. He's probably already digging it up. If I were you, I'd start preparing for the worst, because when the Great Devourer is awakened, there will be nothing it won't consume!
Zane: Won't that mean it'll consume you too?
Spitta: Ah! Please, you have to stop him. That snake is crazy. I don't wanna unleash the Great Devourer. I'm a snake, not food!
Kai: Is it really too late to stop Pythor from getting the last Fangblade?
Spitta: You're days behind him. There's gotta be something else you can do!

Rise of the Great Devourer[edit]

Day of the Great Devourer[edit]

Kai: Oh, that was too intense. All that action makes you so thirsty.
Zane: There's no time to rest. We need to warn people before it becomes bigger.
Jay: Bigger? Bigger!? That thing in one big bite crushed our entire ship! We need to save as many as we can. Uh, uh, we'll find some kind of refuge, somewhere safe to hide. Ooh, the Serpentine Tombs. Yeah, they're underground. Sure, we'll be without sunlight for months, but they're perfect.
Cole: And what, just give up?
Jay: You know as well as I do, we have no chance at stopping that thing!
Kai: Hey, stop it! Listen to yourselves. Is this what Sensei Wu would've wanted? Us fighting? Running and hiding? Giving up?
Lloyd: But he's not here anymore.
Kai: But his teachings live on. Sensei once told me it's not the size of a ninja in a fight, it's the size of the fight in the ninja. All this training, all of these battles we've had with skeletons and Serpentine. We've persevered through so much, we can't just give up now. A ninja never admits defeat, a ninja always picks himself up when he's down. Which is exactly what Sensei Wu would want us to do right now.
Zane: But how do we destroy a snake of that magnitude?
Jay: Yeah, it's not like we have an extra Sacred Flute lying around to charm it. Or wait, haha, how about one of our awesome Dragons? Oh, I forgot, they took off and left us high and dry. Or, hey, what about our Golden Weapons? Which will do nothing against a snake that size. Heh, oh, we are so hooped.
Cole: Ah, Jay's right, we would need a weapon so big.
Kai: Or an idea that's even bigger! Ha! Jay, you're a genius! You thinking what I'm thinking?
Jay: Probably not, but go ahead.
Kai: There's no time. I'll fill you guys in on the way.
Jay: Wha— Where are we going?
Kai: We're going to destroy that snake once and for all.

Kai: Did you guys notice on his forehead? It has a weak spot.
Jay: Oh, great, let me make a note of that. Giant snake has wee, itty-bitty weak spot that'll be [raises his voice]TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET AT BECAUSE THE THING IS TOO RIDICULOUSLY HUGE TO DO ANYTHING TO STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!
Nya: Are you done?
Jay: [takes a deep breath] Yes.

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja[edit]

Darkness Shall Rise[edit]

Cole: [with his feet in water] My feet... I can't feel my feet.
Kai: [tired and battered] There was so many of them. And they wouldn't stop.
Zane: [putting oil in his gears] My gears locked up several times. I didn't even know my gears could lock up.
Jay: [groans] I don't even have enough energy to play video games.
Lloyd: Oh, but I thought you were going to train me when you got home.
Cole: Sorry, champ, but we can't until we make rent. How close are we, Jay?
Jay: [checks the jar] Is this jar getting bigger? We're not even close!
Zane: And our rent is due tomorrow.
Cole: I can pull a double shift.
Zane: And I can do overtime.
Jay: Maybe I can sling a few more pizza pies.
Kai: And maybe I can make a little extra if I do the human piñata… [the others stare at him] Ugh, don't ask.
Cole: Great, then our priorities are set. Tomorrow, we make rent.
Lloyd: And, uh, what about me?
Cole: How about you help out and fetch me some more ice, huh?

Skales: Our fellow Serpentine follow Garmadon. We're going to have to do something truly diabolical if we're going to earn their respect to win them back. Let's brainstorm ideas on how we can do that.
Skalidor: Release the Devourer!
Skales: No, you idiot. We've already done that.
Acidicus: Release the swarm of evil bees.
Skales: Ugh, where would we even get evil bees?
Fangtom: I don’t hear you offering any ideas.
[Skales groans]

[As Kai is about to blow a balloon, he sees the police rushing to the bank]
Kai: Trouble? Sounds like they need me.
[He's about to leave, but the mom stops him]
Mother: Not so fast! I still have you for another hour.
Kai: Uh, but the bank, people are in danger!
Mother: Not until my son is done playing! [sees that Kai has now left] Huh! YOU'RE FIRED!
[Ninjago restaurant]
Man: It's true, at the bank. I heard they stole all their money, and no one's doing anything about it!
[Zane accidentally drops an egg on a kid's head. The child starts crying]
Zane: Uh, uh, I'm sorry!
Zane: [his skin falls off] It must be my hard drive overheating... I mean, never mind. I'm going! [leaves]
[Kai and Zane reach the Ninjago bank]
Cole: [talking to the bank owner] I'll make it up to you, I swear.
Bank Owner: Hmmm, no. Why don't you go home and get a good night's rest, and go ahead and sleep in. In fact, sleep in all day for all I care, because YOU'RE FIRED!

Pirates vs. Ninja[edit]

Double Trouble[edit]

Garmadon: Instead of things that have already failed to destroy the ninja, how about something new?
Chokun: Can you create a giant ham sandwich?
Garmadon: A poisoned giant ham sandwich?
Chokun: I would hope not. I'm sssso hungry.

[The ninja wake up in a room full of teachers in captivity]
Noble: Thank goodness you're here!
Kai: What happened? Where's Lloyd? And who are all of you?
Woman: We're the teachers and we've all been taken prisoners. We've tried to teach the boys how to be good, but they overthrew us. They're monsters!
Jay: But I thought Lloyd was getting an honorary degree.
Noble: Oh, that was just the boys' trick to lure Lloyd here and convince him to be their leader.
Cole: What? There's not gonna be CAKE?!

Ninjaball Run[edit]

Cole: Uh, Dareth, what is this all about?
Dareth: Well, I fell behind on some of my payments and some developer named "Darnagom Enterprises" is buying the entire block to put in some stupid frisbee-golf course. They say if I don't come up with 50,000 by tomorrow, the dojo is gone.
Jay: But we already lost the Bounty. We can't lose the dojo now.
Dareth: [picks up his trophies] My trophies. Oh, my fake trophies! [sobs]
Zane: [notices something] Wait a minute, "Darnagom"? When you rearrange the letters, it spells—
Jay: "O Grandma"?
Kai: No! Garmadon!
Jay: Right. [laughs] That would make more sense.
Lloyd: Um, my dad is behind this?
Cole: If he destroys the dojo, where will we train Lloyd?
Dareth: [to Wu] Any chance you got 50,000 in that teapot of yours?
Wu: Worry not, Dareth. You're not in this alone. We're all with you.
[Nya enters]
Nya: Did someone say 50,000—?
Jay: [gasps] You didn't happen to win the lottery?
Nya: No, but I heard about Ninjaball Run!
Wu, Dareth and Ninja: Ninjaball Run?
Nya: It's the biggest road race in Ninjago, with a prize of 100,000 big ones. And it's tomorrow.
Dareth: I thank you, little lady fighter, but you're talking about the most dangerous race known to man. Only the most serious of racers even stand a chance.
Kai: But didn't you just do a few upgrades on our Ultra Sonic Raider? Maybe we might stand a chance.
Lloyd: And I can enter with my Dragon. You did say I needed the practice.
Wu: So it is agreed. You will all enter this "Ninjaball Run" to save the dojo.
Nya: [notices Dareth crying] Are you still crying?
Dareth: Yes, but these are happy tears.

Royal Blacksmiths: [eliminated from the race; singing] Too big, too slow, we had a lead but let it go!

[The Ultra Sonic Raider jet and the Black Bounty are near the finish line]
Announcer #1: It looks like it's going to be a photo finish.
[The Black Bounty and Ultra Sonic Raider pass the finish line]
Crowd: [chanting] Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Ninja! Ninja!
Garmadon: I won. I won! Clearly I passed the finish line first!
Announcer #1: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner! [everyone looks at the screen and sees that the headlamp on the Ultra Sonic Raider jet crossed the finish line first] The ninja! The ninja have won!
[The crowd cheers]
Jay: [removes the headlamp] Yeah! I knew it would bring us luck!
Garmadon: No! That's not fair! That wasn't even part of the vehicle in the first place! It's not even street legal! My ship was…
Lloyd: Your ship? [Garmadon looks up to see Lloyd and the Ultra Dragon on the deck of the Black Bounty] I believe this belongs to us.

Child's Play[edit]

Jay: [high pitched] I can't believe we couldn't catch up to them. I'm usually faster than that. It's as if my legs were half the size.
Kai: [also high pitched] I don't remember that thing being so big. Did it grow?
Zane: [also high pitched] Or did we shrink?
Kai: [sees something in a glass door] Uh, guys?
[The ninja look at themselves in their reflections in the glass door and see that they've become kids]
Jay: [he and the others remove their hoods and gasp in shock] Ah! WE SHRUNK!!!!!!!!
Kai: We're... we're kids!
[The ninja all scream in horror]
Jay: Oh, oh, oh, this is bad! This is so bad on so many levels!
Cole: [high pitched] Oh, it's impossible! We must be dreaming, Zane! TELL ME WE’RE DREAMING!!!!
Zane: Nindroids don't dream! Perhaps Garmadon succeeded in turning back the clock, but instead of reviving the Grundal, it only affected us.
Jay: Yeah, but Nindroids don't turn into kids. Explain that, genius!
Zane: I've extended my logic parameters, but nothing is coming up. This does not compute!
Cole: Okay, fine, I get it, we're all in this together. Oh, but I can't be a kid again! I hated being a kid! You can't drive, nobody listens to you! Oh, no.... BEDTIMES!!!!

[On the Bounty, Lloyd is playing a video game when a nearby phone rings. He struggles to answer it while still playing the game before he manages to grab the phone, but drops it]
Lloyd: Whoa! [puts the phone on speaker while resuming his game] Destiny's Bounty here.
Jay: [through the phone] Lloyd, it's Jay! Let me talk to Sensei!
Lloyd: Jay? Where are you? Why haven't you returned? Sensei's out looking for you.
Jay: [groans] Apparently, you need parental permission to take the bus and we can't seem to get out of the city!
Lloyd: Uh, what?
Jay: Oh, never mind, it's a bit complicated. Just meet us at Buddy's Pizza in ten minutes. And bring our weapons.

[Lloyd arrives at Buddy's Pizza to meet the ninja]
Cole: [to Jay] Really? Of all places we could meet, you pick this place?
Jay: What? I like their pizza.
Kai: [notices Lloyd] Psst, Lloyd.
Lloyd: [not recognizing Kai while holding the ninja's weapons] Beat it, brat! I'm on a mission.
Kai: [stops him] It's me, Kai.
Lloyd: [looks closer to see his friends, all as young as him and gasps, dropping their weapons] What happened? You're small!
Kai: Keep it down. We're trying to lay low. Your father's Mega Weapon not only turned us into kids, but unleashed a creature whose sole purpose is to hunt down ninja.
Cole: Typical Garmadon.
Jay: And now every time we try to tell somebody, they wouldn't believe us 'cause we're kids.
[Lloyd laughs]
Kai: What's so funny?
Lloyd: Well, I guess you now know what it feels like to be treated differently.
Zane: Look, this is serious. If we don't turn big so that we can use our Spinjitzu, we don't stand a chance against the Grundal.
Lloyd: What about me? I know Spinjitzu.
Kai: Yeah, but you don't know the Grundal. We all need to be at full strength. What we need to do first is to find someone who might know more about how to defeat one of those things.
[Lloyd notices a kid reading a Starfarer comic]
Cole: Focus, Lloyd!
Lloyd: I am. I think I know just the guy.

[The ninja arrive at Ninjago City Doomsday Comix]
Cole: You brought us to a comic book store?
Lloyd: Trust me. If there's anyone who knows how to defeat a monster that doesn't exist, I know just the person to talk to.
Kai: We're not coming to pick out your stupid comic, Lloyd! This is serious business.
Jay: [picks up a comic, gasping] Oh, look, a first edition "Daffy Dale." I used to love that nut growing up. [laughs before clearing his throat] So juvenile.
Lloyd: Fellas, meet Rufus McCallister, AKA Mother Doomsday.
Rufus: Well, if it isn't Lloyd "Hemorrhoid" Garmadon. Sorry if you came looking for the latest "Starfarer," I'm all sold out.
Lloyd: Wh—Sold out? Oh, actually, Mother Doomsday, we need help.
Rufus: Well, colour me intrigued.
Lloyd: We have a problem. There's a Grundle on the loose and we need to know how to deal with it.
Rufus: Ah, a theoretical question.
Lloyd: Yeah, theoretical. Can you help?
Rufus: Dromaeosaurid Theropod Grundalicus. Although extinct, there has been a plethora of film, television and comics exploring the mythology around the primordial predator. Supposedly, they always get their prey.
Kai: Sounds like he knows his stuff.
Lloyd: Can it be stopped?
Rufus: First thing you need to know is its thick shell-like hide is invincible to swords, scythes, nunchucks, and throwing stars. So your cheap imitations will do nothing to slow him down.
Cole: Swell.
Rufus: Second of all, it's nocturnal and will only hunt at night.
Jay: Oh, good. It's still daylight, so we can relax for a bit. [Rufus looks at him suspiciously before Kai clears his throat] Uh, I meant theoretically.
Rufus: And the only way to defeat it is with light. Like a vampire, with enough of it, it could potentially destroy him. [shows a display] If I had my weapons of choice, may I recommend the Illuma-Sword? [opens the display case, revealing four purple bladed Illuma-Swords] These are authentic replicas that would come in handy were you to live long enough to actually face a Grundal. And if swords are your thing, maybe I can interest you in an authentic ninja gi, signed by the very ninja that saved the city.
Kai: Uh, we'll just take the light swords.
Rufus: Not so fast. This "Starfarer" combo pack can only be won in the Fritz Donnegan Trivia Battle Royale. [points to a fan, dressed like Fritz Donnegan, talking to some cosplayers] You have what it takes to be the best?
Jay: You can do this, Lloyd.
Lloyd: Sign me up.

[Wu and Nya are at a tea shop]
Wu: Hello, Mystake. We're looking for a special tea.
Mystake: They're all special, you old fool!
Nya: But this tea can turn someone... older.
Mystake: You're looking for Tommorow's Tea. I only have one in stock in back. Follow me.
[They go to the back room. Mystake turns the lights on while on a ladder]
Mystake: It should be here.
Nya: It's gone?
Mystake: Just misplaced. I know it's here somewhere.
Wu: We need to find that tea before it's too late.

Lloyd: [now older] I'm... older.
Wu: The time for the Green Ninja to face his destiny has grown nearer.
Lloyd: I'm ready.
[They prepare to leave the ruined building as Rufus stops Lloyd while holding a comic book]
Father Doomsday: Here you go Lloyd. You can my have my copy of Starfarer. You deserve it.
Lloyd: That's OK. I already know how it ends.
[He leaves to catch up with the others]

Wu: There comes a time when we all must grow up. When that time comes, it's important not to forget the lessons of our childhood because our childhood is the greatest training one can ever have. Yes, the time until the final battle has grown shorter, but the Green Ninja has grown stronger.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time[edit]

[The ground starts to rumble and turn into sand]
Kai: What's going on?
Jay: Is the city sinking?
Zane: Worse. The city's returning back into the desert, as if it had never been found in the first place.
Kai: Uh, what? What does that mean?
Nya: What's happening?
Zane: Garmadon's gone back in time to make it so Lloyd never turns into the Green Ninja.
Lloyd: I can't... I can't feel my hands.
Kai: Uh. Ugh. We have to go in!
Wu: If he changes anything, he changes everything! Protect the future, ninja!

Jay: Did we just, uh...?
Kai: Return to the future?
Cole: This feels familiar, but weren't we training Lloyd?
Zane: The future was altered and there is no Green Ninja.
Lloyd: [panting] Sorry I'm late, guys. Are we ready to get training?
Kai: Ha! You're still here!
Lloyd: Uh, yeah. Why wouldn't I be?
Jay: So when we went back in time and destroyed Garmadon's Mega Weapon, that didn't change anything?
Lloyd: My father has a Mega Weapon?
Kai: [with a watermelon] Oh, wait a minute, you've never heard of it? [slices the melon, giving everyone each a slice]
Lloyd: I-I think I would've remembered that. Why? What is it? Should I be concerned? [the others laugh] Hey, what are you guys laughing at? What's so funny? [carves a Dragon on his slice]
Kai: Hahaha, I think some things are best left in the past. Come on. Let's just prepare for the future.
Lloyd: I don't get it.

The Stone Army[edit]

[The Stone Warrior breaks into the museum]
Jay: WHOA!!!! EXCUSE ME?! Will somebody please tell me: WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!!

The Day Ninjago Stood Still[edit]

The Last Voyage[edit]

[On the Bounty, the ninja, except for Jay, are trying to stabilize the ship]
Cole: Hold the line!
Lloyd: The winds are too strong!
Zane: We need everyone's help, Jay!
Jay: But I don't wanna get wet. I... I only have one pair of underwear.
Kai: Jay, this is no time to be making jokes. The Bounty can only take so much.
Jay: You think I'm trying to be funny? Okay, laugh all you want, but we'll see who laughs last when I have to go commando.

Island of Darkness[edit]

Julien: A medallion. It's like a compass. When the three holes match up, the medallion will reveal where the temple is hidden.
Jay: Uh, how'd you know that?
Julien: Oh, I did a lot of reading in my spare time. [chuckles] Adventure stories were my favorite.
Zane: [takes the medallion] Then what are we waiting for?
[The ninja get up, but Wu stops Lloyd]
Wu: Not you, Lloyd.
Lloyd: Ah, seriously? Are we still doing this?
Misako: Wu is right. If you were to come across your father, it could prematurely start the final battle. We need to be at full strength before we take any risks.
Jay: Hahaha. Jealous?
Julien: Well, I could use some help around the shop. We should get working on vehicles that might help give us a fighting chance.  
Wu: Remember, Garmadon doesn't know we're on the island. It's imperative that you stay out of sight.  
Jay: Of course, Sensei. Don't worry. Have you ever known us to veer from a plan, huh?
[Lloyd, Wu, and Misako looks at them, unamused]
Ninja except Lloyd: Ninja-
Wu: Shh! Not so loud. Are you trying to get us caught?
Ninja: [quietly] …go.
Jay: I spy, uh... another tree!
Cole: Jay, how did you ever become a ninja? Seriously.

The Last Hope[edit]

Lloyd: This is all my fault. I should've taken the shot.
Cole: We're all at fault, kid. It's just the way the cookie crumbled.
Jay: Ah, are you still making jokes? They have Nya, AND YOU’RE MAKING JOKES?!! [tackles Cole in anger]
Cole: It was just a poor choice of words!
Wu: [just before Jay can punch Cole] Enough! We have lost enough! We don't need to lose our focus!
Kai: Forget focus. We have to get my sister.
Misako: By the time we get back up there, they'll be gone. We will get your sister, but the clock has reached a zero and the Final Battle could start at any moment. We must head back to the Bounty to get prepared, so that next time, you will not hesitate.
Wu: Come on, Lloyd. Let's go home. You will get your chance.

Return of The Overlord[edit]

Lloyd: Father!
Wu: No, Lloyd, that is no longer your father.
Lloyd: But what about the prophecy? It said I had to face my father.
Misako: You still must, but now the Overlord has possessed him. Unlike your father, the Overlord will show you no mercy.
Kai: You can do this, Lloyd.
Jay: We're here and behind you all the way.
Cole: He's tough, but you're tougher.
Zane: But we have to act before his evil gets more powerful.
Lloyd: Let's do this.
Ninja: Ninja, go!

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master[edit]

[Misako, Wu, Dr. Julien and the ninja are still stuck on the Dark Island. Dr. Julien finishes bandaging Lloyd's leg]
Lloyd: Can I still fight?
Julien: Hmm, I'm sorry. That leg will take weeks to heal.
Lloyd: We don't have weeks.
Wu: The battle between good and evil will be decided today.
Kai: And we can't even get to the fight, much less get off this island. [throws a rock into the sea]
Jay: Ah, I wonder if I'll ever see Nya again.
Zane: Perhaps it's best to think of our friends as we remember them in our hearts, not as they are now.
Lloyd: But I don't remember my father any other way.
Misako: Your father loved you. It was the evil of the Great Devourer that corrupted him.
Kai: Sensei, I don't understand. The prophecy said the Green Ninja would defeat the Dark Lord. [throws another rock into the sea] Why didn't we win?
Wu: I...don't know.
Jay: Don't know? You're Sensei! You always know! You have a long white beard!
Kai: There must be some message to learn. A lesson. A word of wisdom. Just a word? Something.
Wu: For once, I'm afraid there is nothing to learn. Only that evil has won.
Lloyd: If Sensei doesn't have a lesson, then I do. I used to be nothing but trouble, but then I met you guys. You took me in. Showed me the importance of being brave, the importance of being strong. And most importantly, being good. When this battle first began, when the First Spinjitzu Master fought the Overlord and his back was up against the wall and he knew it was all over, did he quit? No. He found a way to keep the fight going. He passed his Elemental Powers to us. Of all people, a bunch of kids. But there must have been a reason he chose us. I'd like to think it's because he knew we'd never back down, we'd never give up. We've learned the ancient ways of the ninja. And ninja never quit.
Kai: He's right. If that means we have to swim the sea to get off this island, then so be it.

Lloyd: [confronting the Overlord] I have come here to fight you!
Overlord: You're in no shape to fight. It's over. Evil wins.
Lloyd: A ninja never quits!
Overlord: [laughs] You don't even have a sword.
Lloyd: [surrounds himself with his Energy, creating a force field] I don't need a sword.
Overlord: Then all I have to say is... goodbye.
[The Overlord opens his mouth and blasts Lloyd with Darkness, nearly pushing him off the building. Lloyd's Energy force field grows, turning him into the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master]
Misako: He has become the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master.
Wu: This is the Final Battle.
Lloyd: [now wearing gold] I am the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master!

Overlord: You can't defeat me! Where there is light, there will always be shadow!
Lloyd: Unless my light is bright enough!

Season 3: Rebooted[edit]

The Surge[edit]

Kai: [voiceover] The ultimate battle. The battle that would end all battles. It feels like ages ago. After the Golden Ninja defeated the Overlord, much of Ninjago City was in ruin. It was a time to reflect on our past, and build for our future. Ninjago City soon became New Ninjago City. And it became the center of great technological advancements. But without an enemy to fight, the age of the ninja came to an end.

Jay: All right! Who took my pudding cup? My name was clearly written on it.
Cole: [eating Jay's pudding cup] I didn't see "Motor Mouth" on it. [throws the cup in the trash]
Jay: I'm telling the headmaster.
Wu: Leave me out of it. I'm on break, too.
Kai: Relax, Jay, you can have mine. [gives Jay his pudding cup]
Jay: But this isn't cold. [Zane flips a switch in his arm and freezes the pudding cup] Oh, give me. [eats the pudding] Mm.

Nya: Hey, did you guys hear the news?
Kai: There's trouble?
Jay: Danger?
Zane: An emergency?
Cole: Oh, a new menace?
Nya: No, we got clearance for a field trip.
[The ninja groan]
Nya: Not just any field trip. A field trip to tour Borg Industries.
Jay: [gasps] Not the Borg Industries. As in home to super genius reclusive savant Cyrus Borg? Inventor of the hover car and everything else cool in this world? [Zane kicks him] Ow!

Brad: Why can't we take Ultra Dragon? Or the Ultra Sonic Raider?
Cole: Because they don't have one of these. [on a microphone] Pretty cool, huh? I'm on a microphone. I am the M.C, the Mighty Cole!
Brad: Mr. Cole is the worst.
Cole: I heard that!

P.I.X.A.L.: Welcome to Borg Industries. I'm P.I.X.A.L., Cyrus' Primary Interactive X-ternal Assistant Life-form. I'm sorry to hear about the traffic accident.
Cole: Wow, news travels fast.
P.I.X.A.L.: Everything in New Ninjago City is fully automated and interconnected. [turns to Zane] Your antiquated bus should be ready shortly. You are Zane, a droid like me. What does Zane stand for?
Zane: I stand for peace, freedom, and courage in the face of all who threaten Ninjago.
Jay: She means your name, tin head.
Zane: I guess I'm just Zane.

Security Man #1: Ah, I'm bored.
Security Man #1: Really? Well, me too, actually.
[The elevator crashes and explodes behind them]

[A security mech tries to tip over the school bus]
Cole: I'm on it. Ninja, go! [uses Spinjitzu to jump over the bus and pulls out the power chords on the mech] No one calls me pedestrian!
Brad: I always said Mr. Cole was my favorite.
[The students cheer]

The Art of the Silent Fist[edit]

[At nightfall at Garmadon's monastery, Nya and the ninja sit down with their students for training. They gasp when they see Garmadon's shadow has four arms. This turns out to be someone else, who opens the door for him]
Garmadon: Ah, my son. So glad you could join us.
Lloyd: Heh, it's been a while, Father.
Jay: [whispering to Cole] Check out the new Sensei looking sharp.
Garmadon: Silence! [hits Jay on the head with his staff]
Jay: OW!
Garmadon: Close your mouth and open your ears. Tonight's lesson is the Art of the Silent Fist, to fight without fighting. May I have a volunteer?
Lloyd: How about me?
Nya: The Ultimate Battle, Round Two!
Garmadon: Attack me, but please, no powers. I happen to like my monastery.
[The kids laugh. Lloyd charges at Garmadon, but he dodges, making him run into a table]
Garmadon: You see, the key is balance. Let your opponent fight himself. [dodges more of Lloyd's attacks] Let the enemy tire himself.
Lloyd: Argh! [Garmadon yawns then dodges his attack] Huh? [slams into a support column]
Garmadon: Pupils, I give you the most powerful ninja in all the land, the Golden Ninja.

Garmadon: Why must everything have so many weapons?
Lloyd: Says the man who had four arms to possess the Golden Weapons.
Garmadon: Haha, I deserved that.

P.I.X.A.L.: The ninja have been discovered. Operation jeopardized. Calculating probability of success to affecting outcome by— Oh, who cares about probability?


[At Ed & Edna's Scrap 'N' Junk, Kai and Cole are digging through junk.]
Cole: We've been digging for so long, I think I forgot what we're looking for.
Kai: A jiggly compact compress converter. Or was it a compress compact jiggly converter? Whatever it is, if it can get us back to New Ninjago City any sooner, it's worth finding.
[Suddenly, a huge pile on junk falls on Kai and Cole, causing them to scream.]
Jay: We shut off the power thinking we could just waltz in, but no, we didn't stop to think we were a bajillion miles away. [notices something] Hey! A compact converted jiggly compressor!
Ed: Ah! Great find, kiddo. Now all we need to adapt that hover-copter's power supply to solar power is an upside down rotter derottermabob and a whiz bang automated amplifier!
[Kai and Cole sigh.]
Kai: I'm starting to think they're just making this stuff up.

Cole: Ah, it's so quiet in here. What did I miss, another signature Jay Walker gut buster?
Jay: [turns to Cole in anger] Oh, you backstabbing, no good…! YAAAH!!!
[Jay tackles Cole to the ground, causing them to start fighting]
Cole: What's wrong with you?!
Kai: [sighs] I hope Lloyd is faring better than us.

Jay: Oh, you know why you're the black ninja?! 'Cause it's the color of your heart!
Cole: Oh, yeah?! Well, what's the point of being a blue ninja?! Unless you're trying to hide out for some goofy clown college!
Jay: Oh, you take that back! There are reputable performers that attend clown college!

The Curse of the Golden Master[edit]

[The ninja return to the city]
Kai: What happened?
Cole: No power, that's what happened.
Zane: Are we too late?
[They step on a tripwire, alerting the civilians]
Man: Outsiders must answer to the Postman!
Postman: Return… to… sender! [the civilians cheer]
Cyrus: Ah, you finally made it. Don't mind the savages. Since power went out, everyone here has grown a bit bored. Their imagination knows no bounds. [sees P.I.X.A.L.] P.I.X.A.L., amazing! You're... powered.
Postman: You need to stay in character, Borg. This is no fun if we're not all committed.
Cyrus: Oh, I'll have you committed if you don't all leave us at once. Now shoo!
[The civilians leave]

Cole: Watch your step, Nya. We don't know the last time this ladder was used.
Nya: That's thoughtful of you, Cole.
Jay: Hey! How about you watch where you're watching, Cole? Huh?
Cole: Oh, is that a threat, Jay? 'Cause coming from you, it sounds like some of your best material.
Jay: Hahaha! There's a reason nobody liked you.

Enter The Digiverse[edit]

Cyrus: If we digitize the ninja and Techno Blades using my experimental technology, you could fight him on his own turf inside the Digiverse.
Jay: What do you mean inside the Digiverse?
Cole: Ugh, weren't you listening? He's going to put us into the video game.
Jay: [excited] I know! Heh, I just wanted to hear it again!

Zane: Once we're inside, what do we do?
Cyrus: Put simply, reboot the system. All source code travels through the heart of the mainframe. Follow it and you'll find a glowing activation port. The Techno Blades are the keys to activate the reboot and erase all corruption from the system.
Kai: Uh, can you put it more simply?
Cole: Look for a big bright light, airhead, then put your weapon in it.
Kai: Okay, got it. I can do that. [realizes what Cole just called him] Hey! I am not an airhead!
Cyrus: Remember, I wrote the code, but he controls it. His turf, his rules. I'll do my best to keep you hidden from here, but the longer you go unnoticed, the better chance you have to succeed.

Cole: [gets punched by Jay] Ow! What was that for?!
Jay: Just testing the rules. First rule: Cole's a crybaby!

Overlord: Just because your friend thinks she can change the rules doesn’t mean I can’t play the same game! THIS IS MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

Kai: [notices that Zane is now wearing gold] What? Zane, you're gold.
Zane: Exactly. Even in the darkness, we have the choice to reflect the light.

Codename: Arcturus[edit]

Postman: I think I may have made a discovery. "Carrot Cup Juster."
Wu: What's a "juster"?
Postman: I don't know. Yet.
Wu: Keep looking, I don't think that's it.

P.I.X.A.L.: [on the Prototype X-1 roadster's speakers with Kai] There's a Nindroid convoy heading west and General Cryptor is on it.
Kai: Cryptor.
P.I.X.A.L.: We need you to follow, but not be spotted.
Kai: I'm a ninja. That's part of the job. [puts on some sunglasses]
P.I.X.A.L.: We mean it, Kai. It's imperative your carelessness does not jeopardize the mi—
Kai: [puts P.I.X.A.L on mute] Relax. When have I ever been careless?

The Void[edit]

[The ninja are inside Arcturus in space]
Jay: [floating around in the ship] Is this the greatest thing ever or what?
Kai: Where are you? We're trapped in space and you... where did you go?
Jay: Guys, we're in space. I thought this is stuff only Fritz Donnegan gets to enjoy.
Lloyd: Fritz is from a comic book, dude. This is real!
Jay: Well, you got me hooked on the character. Would you lighten up and not step on your dreams of being a real Starfarer just yet?
Lloyd: We have to find a way to take control of the ship. If they get the Golden Weapons back to the Overlord, Ninjago doesn't stand much of a chance. [Kai accidentally bumps into him] Whoa!
Kai: But there's no access to the rest of the ship. The only way out is through the same airlock we came in.
Zane: And if my memory banks serve correct, space has a way of taking one's breath away, in the negative sense.

Jay: I can't wait to see the expressions on the faces of those metal chrome domes when they find out we've stowed away onboard.
Cole: They're Nindroids, nimrod, they don't have expressions.
Jay: Oh, yeah? Well, Zane has expressions.
Kai: Zane's not like them. Do we really have to go over this right now?
Jay: It's just so quiet, I'm only trying to fill the space. Get it? Space.

Jay: [saves Cole from floating off into space] Gotcha! Next time, don't get carried away.
Cole: Ah, thanks. I owe you one.
Jay: Okay. Stay away from Nya.
Cole: Maybe a different one.

The Titanium Ninja[edit]

Cole: No one happens to have a build-your-own-rocket-kit handy, do they?
Lloyd: [gets an idea] Whoa, that's it!
Jay: You have a build-your-own-rocket-kit?
Lloyd: No, but we can make one. Arcturus may not fly, but she'll give us all the metal we need. And Zane knows this solar system better than anyone.
Zane: And Kai's Fire could weld the missing parts.
Kai: Cole's manpower could do all the heavy lifting.
Cole: Jay has enough electricity and nerd knowledge to make a halfway believable spacecraft.
Jay: Haha. [realizes what Cole just said] Hey! Hey, this could actually work.

[Cryptor throws Nya to a wall]
Cryptor: What is that perfume I smell? Fear?
Nya: Actually, it's called Damsel in Distress. But I don't think it suits me.
Cryptor: You think you can mock me?
Nya: Of course. Doesn't everyone? I mean, even Min-Droid knows you're short of a hard drive.
Cryptor: Min-Droid? That little piece of scrap isn't even fit to tighten my bolts. I've met toasters more intelligent than him.
[Min-Droid overhears Cyptor, walks over to him, and taps him on the shoulder. Cryptor turns around to see him, and Min-Droid punches him, allowing Nya to escape]

[The ninja, their allies, and the citizens attend Zane's memorial]
Cyrus: …But then I saw technology invent new problems. Devastating problems. And then a Nindroid named Zane saved us all. He was the perfect balance between us and technology. He taught us that life should be a balance. Technology can improve our lives, but so can people. And if we focus on one at the expense of the other, that's when the balance is off. Our city will find its way again, but this time with Zane as our compass. With that, I give to you… [reveals a statue of Zane] …the Titanium Ninja.
[The falcon flies in and lands on the statue's shoulder]
Nya: So, what happens after this?
Cole: I don't know.
Jay: And I don't care. Today's about Zane.
Cyrus: And now Kai would like to speak for those who knew him best.
Kai: Everyone wondered what powered Zane. I don't know if we'll ever know, but I'd like to think it was brotherhood. Because he powered me. And he'll still power me as his memory lives on. Ninja never quit, and ninja will never be forgotten. Wherever you are, Zane, you'll always be one of us.

Season 4: Tournament of Elements[edit]

The Invitation[edit]

Mezmo: Welcome to the Yang Slither Pits Final. In the left corner, we have Kai, the Flaming Shogun. And in the right corner, we have Kruncha.
Kai: Ninja, go! [defeats Kruncha with his Spinjitzu] Didn't your mama ever warn you not to play with me?
Kruncha: No.
Mezmo: Victor of the Slither Pit and undefeated champion... Kai, the Flaming Shogun!
Kai: The Red Shogun. Red Shogun! [kicks Kruncha's head]
Kruncha: Hey!
Nuckal: Some fight that was. [picks up Kruncha's bones]
Kruncha: Let's get out of here. You said to go down in the first.
Nuckal: I said don't be the first to go down!

[Lloyd, Kai, Jay, and Cole find a note on the wall with a picture of Zane and a plate of fortune cookies on the table]
Lloyd: What's this?
Jay: Uh…
Kai: [gasps] It's Zane.
Cole: What does it say?
Lloyd: [takes the invitation off the wall] It says he's alive.
[Kai, Jay, and Cole gasp]
Kai: I don't think those thugs were delivering a message to the Noodle House. I think they were delivering a message to us.
Jay: What do you mean it says he's alive?
Lloyd: Hey, I'm just telling you what it says.
Kai: Why would these thugs lead us here?
Cole: You know, this has to be some cruel joke, and I'm not laughing.
Lloyd: [sees the fortune cookies] Look, I think this was meant for us too.
Jay: Fortune cookies? Very peculiar.
Lloyd: Should we?
[Cole eats a fortune cookie]
Kai: Uh, you do realize there's a fortune inside, right?
Cole: Oh, so that's why they're called that.
Lloyd: Listen to this. [reads his fortune] "Master Chen has personally invited you to participate in his Tournament of Elements."
Cole: Wait a minute. Are you saying that Mr. Chen, the same guy filling my belly with delicious goodness, is actually Master Chen?
Kai: [reading his fortune] "Secrecy is of the utmost importance. Tell no one, or suffer the consequences."
Jay: [reading his fortune] "If you ever want to see your friend again, meet on the pier at midnight and leave your weapons behind."
[Their fortunes explode, and Cole belches]
Cole: Uhh, at least I know I was invited.
[Everyone laughs]
Lloyd: You don't think...
Kai: It could be a trap. A lie to lure us in.
Jay: Yeah, but what if it's not? What if Zane's alive?
Lloyd: The Tournament of Elements. I'm starting to think this Master Chen makes more than noodles.
Kai: You can forget bringing in a new ninja, Lloyd. Let's go see about an old one.

Lloyd: You know him. You said his name's Clouse.
Garmadon: Don't be fooled by his attire. He is a Master of Dark Arts and Master Chen's number two.
Cole: Huh, I thought Master Chen's number two was an eggroll and fried rice.
Kai: Why haven't you or Wu ever told us there are others with powers like us?
Garmadon: Because there are some things we don't want you to know. You were led to believe you were special, yet you never questioned where your powers came from.
Jay: Uh, are you implying that I'm not special?
Garmadon: Everyone on this ship is a descendant of an original Elemental Master.
Lloyd: Elemental Master? Who were they?
Garmadon: They were the First Spinjitzu Master's guardians, each endowed with an Elemental Power that has passed down through generations.
Kai: if that's true, then so is my sister Nya. But she can't do what I can.
Garmadon: Can't she? Power lies in all of you. It only needs to be awoken. The fighters here serve no master and have managed to unlock their own True Potential. For instance, that pale man, a distant relative to the Master of Light. Watch closely and you'll see how he's stayed hidden all these years. [Mr. Pale disappears, shocking the ninja. Griffin Turner runs by] Then there's Griffin Turner. Grandson to the Master of Speed.
Griffin: Hey, you can't lay a hand on me. I'm faster than fast, swifter than swift!
Jay: Uh, Master of Speed? Pfft. That's not an Element.
Garmadon: So asks the Master of Lightning.
Cole: Oh, snap, he got you there.

Only One Can Remain[edit]

Kabuki Servant: [brings Kai to his room] Your Fire suite, Master Kai.
Kai: Are you kidding me? Ha! Fire! [sees a picture of himself] Whoa, so handsome. [goes to the balcony] I could get used to this. [sees Skylor next door] Huh? [Skylor turns to him and he smiles] Ah, looks like we're neighbors. I'm Kai, Master of Fire. [uses Fire on his hand]
Skylor: Skylor, Master of... wouldn't you like to know?
Kai: [the Fire starts to hurt his hand] Huh? Ow, ow, ow, ow!
[Skylor giggles]

[Garmadon and the ninja eat in a booth]
Cole: [eating] At least the chow's good.
Jay: Arrgh, it's killing me. What's under the trapdoor? What happens when you lose?
Garmadon: Don't think about that.
Jay: It's all I can think about. I moved on. I feel guilt. These are not good feelings.
Kai: You think you feel bad? Imaging how I feel. Our mission is simple. Tonight we find Zane and get off this crazy island.
Cole: And just how are we supposed to do that? You heard Chen. Break a rule and we're out. He's not gonna let us roam around.
Kai: Then it's a good thing we're ninja. Meet me in my room at midnight.
Mr. Pale: [enters] You mind if I join you?
Jay: Disappear, pal! This is private. [Mr. Pale turns invisible] I know you're still here. I can see your lunch tray. [Mr. Pale leaves]
Cole: Wow, Jay, you were really mean.
Jay: How am I supposed to know if we can trust him? See what this island is doing to me? It's corrupting me! It has to stop. I'll see you tonight.

Jay: No more sneaking around. From now on, let's just follow the rules.
Kai: We may not have found Zane, but we've found something just as important. This tournament isn't about glory. It's about Chen stealing all of our elemental powers.
Lloyd: But why? What is he planning?
Kai: I don't know. But if we're gonna find out and find Zane, we have to play by his rules. Agreed?
Lloyd, Jay and Cole: Agreed.
Cole: Good thing we weren't spotted. That was close.
Jay: Yeah, too close.


[At the Samurai X Cave, Nya is rebuilding the Destiny's Bounty]
Nya: Sure, Jay's cute and funny, and I'm always laughing around him, but everything's about him, and he never takes me seriously. More light, please.
Wu: [wakes up from sleep and turns the flashlight on] Right. He never takes you seriously.
Nya: Then there's Cole. He's handsome, and I suppose I connect with him on a deeper level, but everything's so serious with him, you know what I mean? Socket wrench.
Wu: [gives Nya needle-nose pliers] Young emotions are...complicated.
Nya: Sensei, these are needle-nose pliers. I asked for a socket wrench. And could you at least try to impart some wisdom?
Wu: No way. I'm not sticking my finger into that beehive.

Garmadon: There's a valuable lesson here, son. If you turn your back on your first evil Sensei in an effort to go straight… you may not be served creamy biscuits.
Lloyd: Well, I know what we are being served. A whole bunch of baloney. [to Kai] This isn't a fighting tournament, it's an alibi for Chen to steal everyone's powers. But we still don't know why.
Kai: Isn't it obvious? Chen wants to destroy New Ninjago City. I don't know what it is, but that place has had a string of bad luck.
Cole: I'm not so sure. From what Sensei G's told us about him, I have a feeling it's something far more sinister.
Jay: And may I remind us, we still don't know where Zane is, which is why we all need to take care of our first rounds to give us more time. Don't look at me. I've already moved on.
Cole: Your opponent got himself kicked out.
Jay: [chuckles] Either way, it's my day off. Extra creamy biscuits. And don't skimp.
Cole: Taking a day off? And here I thought ninja never quit.
Jay: I used to think ninja wouldn't steal your girlfriend!
Garmadon: Whatever you have to say to each other, say it now, because harbouring grudges hurts no one but yourselves.
Lloyd: He's right, you two should be preparing to fight your next opponent, not each other.
Cole: What grudge? I already dropped it.
Jay: I dropped it first.
Cole: Did not!
Jay: Did too!
[They continue arguing, with Jay dropping his biscuits and drink]
Garmadon: The tournament will test them, Lloyd. Either find a way for them to make peace, or neither of them will move on.

[The ninja approach the Elemental Masters, who are gathered around the bracket]
Jay: What's all the commotion?
[They see Cole and Jay on the same bracket and gasp]
Cole: No, he can't do this.
Lloyd: He already did.
Cole: We gotta fight each other.
Jay: But why does it say I have to fight Cole? It didn't say that before. I'm not ready to fight. It was supposed to be my day off.
Cole: I tried to warn you, but you never listen. Talk, yes. Listen, not so much.
Clouse: [walks up to the ninja] Is there a problem, ninja?
Cole: You cheated! You changed the brackets.
Clouse: Oopsie. [laughs and walks away]
[Garmadon approaches the ninja]
Lloyd: What do we do? They can't fight each other. We came here to become whole, not fall further apart.
Garmadon: You can't undo what's been done. My only advice is to be at peace with it.
Jay: Peace? One of us has to lose! Oh, my gosh, it's totally gonna be me. He's got super strength and what do I have? Quick, tell me! What do I have!?
Lloyd: Don't listen to my dad. We find Zane, then none of us have to battle. Your fight isn't until tonight, so we still have time to figure out what Chen's up to and stop this.
Kai: I think I know just the person who can help, and I think he already knows.

Ninja Roll[edit]

Chen: I hope the Tournament of Elements has entertained you as much as it has me. To thank you, I wanted to give everyone fancy jewels and untold shiny things. But then in yesterday's battle, Master Jay and Cole tried to undermine me by teaming up and refusing to fight each other. And that made me very upset. For their insubordination, all of your fancy quarters will be taken away, and tonight everyone must sleep together in the chow house. That is all. Thank you, you can go.
[The Elemental Masters walk away]
Kai: Nice one, Jay.
Jay: Whoa, easy, Romeo.
Lloyd: Don't worry about them. We aren't here to make friends, just to save ours.
Garmadon: Yes, but your exclusion of others has only made enemies. Beware how you treat those around you, for they will treat you the same.

Cole: [locked up in a dungeon] You can take my clothes and my power, but you'll never take my super strength! [tries to break the bars to no avail] Alright, so you got that too. [Clouse opens the door] You're letting me go?
Clouse: Of course not. Your presence is required in the factory.
Cole: The factory!? Lock me up for all I care. I'm never gonna lift a finger for you, you despicable- Ah! [Clouse and Zugu take him into the factory] A noodle factory? Ha, why didn't you say so? This is my kind of place. Look, that's how they make the noodles. Oh, and that's the dumpling machine. And is that how you make fortune cookies? Haha! [turns to a worker] You know there's a fortune in those, right?
Clouse: There's only one rule: no eating the merchandise. [leaves]
Cole: No eating the merchandise? How cruel can this place be!? [runs over to Zugu] You're evil!
[He tries to eat a fortune cookie, but Zugu takes it from him]
Zugu: [eats the fortune cookie] Mm, yummy.
Karlof: Don't worry. After while, not so bad. Since you new, I show you how to chop noodles. [Cole pulls the wrong lever, dropping flour on another worker] Not that one. [Cole pulls the right lever] See? Chop. Now don't make trouble.
Jacob: Well, I for one don't like following rules. The minute you tell me the coast is clear, I'm busting out of here.
Karlof: Even if you get past the guards, Mr. Blind Guy, there's still the labyrinth guarded by big snake.
Jacob: My name's not Mr. Blind Guy, it's Jacob. And you may have already lost hope, but not me and not my buddy Cole here. Am I right?
Cole: Actually, I'm on your left.
Jacob: Oh, heh, you moved on me. Sneaky ninja.

[At the factory, Zugu leaves. Jacob takes his chance to escape. Cole is about to follow him, but Karlof stops him]
Karlof: Make noodles, not trouble.
[Jacob makes it to the door and opens it to reveal Clouse and Zugu about to come in. Cole tries to warn him, but Karlof covers his mouth. Zugu grabs Jacob]
Jacob: Hey! Not one of you could've warned me?
Clouse: Make an example of him. Take him to feed my serpent.
Jacob: Hey, hey!
[Clouse and Zugu take him into the dungeon]
Cole: Feed his serpent? He doesn't mean—
Karlof: Karlof not make trouble. Karlof make noodle.
[He pulls a lever that dumps flour on Cole]
Cole: [coughs] I'm so not into this dumpling dump after all.

Spy For a Spy[edit]

[In the factory, Cole is whistling]
Karlof: Why you whistle? Yesterday Cole was sad. Not today. What changed?
Cole: Things are looking up, Karlof. We came here to find a friend, and I found him. All I gotta do now is get Zane and bust him out.
Karlof: Not so easy. Chen's made it nearly impossible to escape this place.
Cole: I'm still working out the details, but Zane's a Nindroid, a walking computer. If I can get to him, he'll solve anything Chen throws at us in no time.
Karlof: Karlof wished he had friend like that.
Cole: But first order of business, I gotta let the others know I'm busting him out. [puts a piece of paper in a fortune cookie]
Karlof: You put message in cookie?
Cole: I know, right? That's why it's called a fortune cookie.
Karlof: Well, if you get out, don't forget about Karlof.
Cole: Yeah, sure, of course. [turns to an Anacondrai Cultist with a tray of fortune cookies] Special order for the banquet's ready.
[The cultist takes the tray]
Karlof: I hope you have the good fortune for it to end up in the right hands.
Cole: You and me both, Karlof. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get out of here.

Jay: [a Kabuki starts fanning too close to him] If we're gonna convince anyone, argh, we need proof. Ugh. We need to, oh, find that spell. [to the Kabuki] Would you cut it out?!
[The Kabuki is revealed to be Nya]
Nya: Jay, it's me.
Ninja and Garmadon: Nya?
Nya: Lower your voices. I'm undercover. And to be completely honest, a bit out of my element. And I heard what happened to Cole. That was big of you both.
Jay: Love is like war, Nya. Everybody gets hurt.
Kai: Is it just you, sis?
Nya: Dareth's also on the island.
Dareth: [on a communication device] What up, ninja?
Nya: And in contact with Wu via mobile base.
Kai: If you're undercover, that means you can get close to Clouse's spellbook. All we know is that it's on page 149. I think he might have it in his quarters.
Nya: I'll look into it. And it sounds like you have your work cut out for you too.
Jay: How so?
Nya: How do you think they found out about your little alliance? Someone in your circle of trust is a spy.

Cole: Zane!
Zane: Cole? You've returned.
Cole: [frees Zane] Of course I did. I made a promise. Now come here, you shiny new tin can. [hugs Zane] Can you feel the love?
Zane: No. But the longer we stand here, the shorter time we have to escape.
Cole: Ha! You know you were always the smart one. Let's go.

[Eyezor walks up to two Cultists, who are distracted by Dareth's music]
Eyezor: What are you doing?
Cultist #1: I was, uh— I was headbanging.
Cultist #2: Taking a break.
Eyezor: Have you checked out the waterfall?
Cultist #2: Yeah.
Cultist #1: Uh, yeah, it's beautiful.
Cultist #2: So serene.
Eyezor: I meant for spies, you idiots! [chases them to the waterfall]
Cultist #1: Yes, sir!
Cultist #2: Right away!
Eyezor: Now, come on!

Zane: Hurry, the exit is just around the bend.
Cole: You go. I can't. A ninja doesn't save himself. He protects those who can't protect themselves. I have to go back. I have to go back and save them all.
Zane: And a ninja never leaves another ninja's side.
Cole: We'll get off this island one day, Zane. But it's either all of us or none of us.


Jay: What are you looking at, Zippy?
Griffin Turner: The next one out of the Tournament.
Jay: Uh, heh.
Kai: Why so scared to show us your back, Shadow? Worried we're gonna find a tattoo and know you're working for Chen?
Shade: I hope this next fight is between you and me, because I'm gonna put you on your back.
[Mr. Pale whistles flirtatiously at Skylor]
Skylor: Do you mind?
Garmadon: Tensions are high.
Lloyd: Yeah, not as high as we are now. Can hardly see the island from up here.

Kai: Nya! Where are you? [hears someone behind him] Nya? Is that you? [sets his hand on Fire] Whoever's there, I'm fired up.
[Skylor comes out]
Skylor: It's just me.
Kai: Oh. [puts out his Fire] I see you didn't pick up any of Chen's special treats either.
Skylor: Of course not, like I'd ever trust him. And I wanna find her to help you get the spell and stop Chen once and for all.
Kai: Maybe we should be together. Aah, that didn't come out right, heh. I mean, it's a big island, so maybe if we were a couple— Argh! No. Uh, heh. What I'm trying to say, is, um...
Skylor: You want me to help you find your sister. Of course, I'll follow you.
Kai: Heh, it's good to work with people you trust.
Skylor: Yes, I couldn't agree more.

Lloyd: Father, I don't understand. You trained under Chen, yet you fought beside Wu in the wars. What happened to the truce?
Garmadon: When Chen said "Never trust a snake," he was right. The Serpentine struck first. The alliance of the Elemental Masters fought back. But they had never seen the likes of an Anacondrai warrior. They were bigger, smarter, natural leaders on the battlefield. The Anacondrai were a proud tribe who fought with every ounce of venom. There was no greater warrior in the land. And with them in command, they proved to be too much for the alliance to handle. Chen stood to gain more if he sided with the snakes and wanted me to help him. Though the evil in my veins tempted me, I wouldn't fight a war for him. I would only fight to see Misako again. From then on, Chen and I went our separate ways so that I could join my brother in battle. We were the sons of the First Spinjitzu Master. And together, with the Elemental Alliance, we stood a fighting chance. But Chen's influence changed all that. He found a way to turn the alliance against each other. The battle was all but lost. But in our darkest hour, we found hope. And hope found a way to end the war. The Serpentine were divided and locked away in tombs. Chen and Clouse were exiled. And the Anacondrai generals were given the strictest sentence: banishment to the Cursed Realm so that they will never set foot in Ninjago again.
Lloyd: Even after all this time, you never told Wu about your past with Chen?
Garmadon: What would I have said? I would have lost your mother, as well as my brother, not to mention—
Lloyd: Someone once told me you need to control your fear, and not let fear control you.
Garmadon: Hm, you're right. Once we put all of this behind us, I'll make things right. But first, we need to find Nya. Come on.

Cole: Okay, so maybe rolling ourselves up into giant egg rolls isn't the best plan. Anyone else have another idea?
Karlof: Karlof used to be aeronautical engineer back in Metalonia. Work on Roto Jets. Just one could take out entire army.
Cole: Oh, great idea. But two things, we don't have a Roto Jet, and what good is a jet if we're UNDERGROUND?!
Dareth: [on the conveyor belt] Okay, don't mind me, carry on whatever important business you're all doing.
Cole: Sure, we were only using that to hatch our escape. Dareth, what are you doing?
Dareth: Well, if there isn't a machine that makes puffy potstickers, by golly, I'm gonna make one.
Zane: That's it! Dareth, you've solved it.
Cole: How are puffy potstickers gonna help us?
Zane: We'll use machine parts to build the Roto Jet. Karlof, do you still remember the schematics of it?
Karlof: Of course.
Zane: Then it's set. Karlof and I will create a blueprint. Everyone else, find parts.
Cole: But… we're… underground!

The Forgotten Element[edit]

Kai: [Skylor turns her head away from him] Go ahead and look away, but you know as well as I do. After he takes our powers, he's still gonna need yours.
Skylor: You don't understand. My father gets everything he wants. I had no choice.
Kai: Just tell me one thing. Was it his idea to make me fall for you, or yours? Because it worked.

[Eyezor walks past two Cultists]
Cultist #1: Would you look at that? If a foot soldier like Eyezor can move up the chain of command, why can't we? I mean, the guy's only got one good eye, and we each got two. We could spot a ninja twice as fast as he could.
Cultist #2: But he's got a mohawk. And his name, Eyezor. It's got a real ring to it. And it's practical. You know, with his creepy sore eye and all.
Cultist #1: That's it, that's it, we need names. We need something that'll make us, you know, stand out. I got it. Call me Kapau!
Cultist #2: Oh, that's good. What should I be? Oh, I know. "Hey, who's that? It's Maleficium!"
Kapau: Malefici—? That's a horrible name. I can hardly pronounce it.
Cultist #2: Then how about, uh... Chope?
Eyezor: [sees Kapau and Chope talking] Hey! [walks over to them]
Kapau: Chope? Yeah, I'm not gonna judge. Wait a minute, yes, I am. That is awesome!
Chope: Look out, world, Kapau and Chope moving up the ranks.
Kapau: Yeah!
Eyezor: No talking on duty, minions.
Kapau: Uh, it's actually Chope and Kap—
Eyezor: I said no talking!

[Garmadon and Nya wake up tied to posts]
Garmadon: Nya, are you alright?
Nya: Yes. What- what happened?
Garmadon: We have to get out of here.
[They try to break free of the chains. Chen and Clouse enter]
Clouse: My pet loves the smell of fear.
Garmadon: Where's my son? What have you done with-
Chen: I have your son, but his power will be mine at the ceremony tonight. I'm sorry you didn't get an invite. I'm still a little hurt when my pupil decided to betray me so long ago.
Nya: But how did you defeat him?
Chen: Oh, I had a little help.
[Kai walks in, looking ashamed and guilty. Nya gasps in shock]
Garmadon: You pitted the ninja against themselves, just as you did the elemental masters.
Nya: Why, Kai? How could you do this?
Kai: Chen holds all the power. Lloyd alone never stood a chance. I had to think about what was best for us. He'll let you go if-
Nya: I'd rather be snake food!
Garmadon: [grabs Skylor] Untie us!
[Chen and Clouse laugh]
Chen: Or what? You've changed, remember? You're Sensei Garmadon. You're a good guy. Threats don't frighten me.
[Garmadon pushes Skylor away]
Clouse: My pet may be napping, but she's always hungry when she wakes up.
Chen: You had a good run, Garmadon, but all good things must come to an end.

Kai: Hey, Chen! You forgot one element. The element of surprise!
[Skylor kicks Chen's staff away]
Chen: You betray me!?
Skylor: Runs in the family.

Lloyd: Hurry, Kai. You must destroy the staff.
Kai: [corrupted by the staff] Chen was right. This thing's awesome!
Lloyd: Kai, it holds too much power! Destroy it! [to Skylor] The power is corrupting him. If we don't get that staff out of his hands—
Kai: No one is taking my staff! You had all that power. Now it's my turn! [back to normal] Ah, what am I saying? [corrupted again] Nothing I don't already feel!
Chen: Yes, yes. Embrace the power.
Kai: [normal] I can't... I can't control it! [corrupted again] I don't want to control it! I SHOULD'VE BEEN THE GREEN NINJA!

The Day of the Dragon[edit]

Cole: The palace and sleeping quarters are all clear. Still no sign of Chen and Clouse.
Kai: What about Skylor?
Lloyd: She wasn't able to pick her family, but she was able to pick her friends. And since you're her friend, that means so are we. We'll find her.
Cole: He's right. With no way off the island, it'll only be a matter of time.
Garmadon: [walks up to the Ninja] I'm proud of you five. You've done what the original Elemental masters never could: stick together. But you must not rest on your laurels, for your guard is down when you sleep.

Jay: [sees Garmadon as an Anacondrai snake and gasps] Snake among us! [readies his Lightning]
Lloyd: No, don't! It's my father.
Jay: First it was four arms, then you became a dragon. Would you mind picking a body and sticking with it, please?

[Kapau and Chope, now Anacondrai, are ecstatic]
Chope: Oh, man, look at you! You've got a tail!
Kapau: No, look at you! You've got fangs!
Chope: You know what I'm thinking?
Both: We're gonna need cooler names! [laugh]
Kai: [shoots fire at them] You're both still ugly.

The Greatest Fear of All[edit]

The Corridor of Elders[edit]

Season 5: Possession[edit]

Winds of Change[edit]

[The ninja are flying on their Elemental Dragons looking for a mutant Fangfish over the Endless Sea]
Lloyd: Getting ahead of yourself, Kai? Heh, I'm leading this charge.
Kai: [gets splashed with water by Lloyd] Aah!
Jay: [laughs] That's one way to cool off a hothead.
Kai: Hey, no one messes up my hair! [splashes water]
[Zane spits and coughs up water]
Cole: You okay there, Zane?
Zane: Affirmative. It'll take more than a little water to take me out.
Jay: [sees the Fangfish] Oh, what about a big fish? Incoming!
Zane: Oh, no!
Cole: There he blows!
P.I.X.A.L.: Based on its weight and size, this is the mutant Fangfish terrorizing the coastal village and depleting their food source.
Zane: P.I.X.A.L. says this is the one.
Lloyd: And now that he's taken the bait, let's reel him in and get him to the aquarium.
Jay: Let me guess, Kai, you caught one that big once?
Kai: Heck no. He was twice the size. [the Fangfish lunges at him] Whoa!
Jay: He's almost as hungry as you, Cole.
Cole: And twice as ugly as you, Jay.
Lloyd: It's time for the catch of the day. In line formation!
[They line up their dragons]
Cole: It's right behind us!
Lloyd: Now!
[They split up, making the fish land in a boat, and the ninja cheer]
Jay: Now that's what I call hook, line, and stinker!

Kai: Looks like we made this place safe to fish again. If your father was still here, he'd be proud. You've become a great leader, Lloyd.
Lloyd: No, we're a great team. Can't say I don't miss him. With my dad gone, sometimes I question where I'm going. Sometimes I worry about who I might become.
Kai: I know how that feels. After I lost my dad, I lost my way. But I was lucky to have my sister watch over me. Don't worry, big shot. [playfully noogies Lloyd] I'll watch over you from now on.
Lloyd: Hey, no one messes up my hair.

[In Ninjago City, the ninja are trying to sell fliers for Steep Wisdom]
Kai: Uh, Steep Wisdom. Enlightenment in a cup!
Woman: Steep Wisdom? Never heard of it.
Cole: Best little tea shop in Ninjago.
Zane: First cup is free, with a flier.
Jay: Take... Why won't you take the flier? Just take the flier! [sighs]
Kai: [groans] I see no one else is having any luck.
Jay: Oh, it's as if they think I'm passing out a communicable disease. I mean, sure, I have a cold sore, but it's hardly contagious.
Cole: Aah! [he and the other ninja back away]
Jay: What? What?

Ghost Story[edit]

Wu: I need ink and parchment to make an imprint to see what's on the staff.
Zane: Kai and I will take you to our quarters, while Jay and Cole will keep him busy.
Cole: Oh, that's honorable of you to nominate us.
Jay: Yeah, we didn't fare so hot last time. Why is it that you get off with the easy task?
Zane: Because I'm the intelligent one.

[Morro arrives at the Library of Domu]
Morro: [turns to a monk] Sensei Yang's scroll. Where is it?
Monk #1: Oh, yes, Sensei Yang will be sorely missed. His teachings will always—
Morro: [grabs the monk] Where's the Scroll of Airjitzu!?
Monk #1: It was s-stolen a-a few days ago by that thief they call R-R-Ronin.
[Morro throws him and runs off]
Monk #2: Uh, excuse me. Uh, could we get your autograph?
Morro: Autograph?
Monk #3: You're the Green Ninja, right? Mind if we all get a selfie with you?
[Morro grunts as they take a selfie with him, the result showing him with a grimace on his face. He then runs off]

[The ninja are riding to Stiix in the desert]
Jay, Cole, and Zane: [singing] 92,898 bottles of tea on the wall, 92,898 bottles of tea, you take one down and pass it around, 92,8-
Kai: Enough! I'm really thirsty, so we don't need to keep singing about tea!
Cole: Ho, ho! Someone should've had their breakfast.
Kai: Ugh, we've been following the sun for hours. We should've arrived at Stiix already.
Zane: But Stiix is on the eastern coast. We should be riding away from the sun.
Jay: Why are you just telling us now?!
Zane: Because Kai wanted to lead.
Cole: Great! We're officially lost! You know, we had a leg up, but nooo, Kai wanted to lead!
Kai: I swear, my gut says we should be following the sun.
Jay: Ugh, you're arguing with a Nindroid. He's a walking computer. Why is it when Lloyd's gone, we look to Kai? We should really be following Zane.
Cole: You know, he is the most logical choice.
Kai: Well, I still think it's that way. And when I learn Airjitzu first, we'll see who's right. [his Walloper starts following the others] Hey, no, this way! Ugh! [his Walloper doesn’t listen] Ugh, fine, we'll follow Zane.
[Zane sees something up ahead and speeds up on his Walloper]
Cole: He's already found something. Let's go. [they see train tracks] Train tracks.
Zane: They lead straight to Stiix.
Jay: Hey, you hear that, Kai? They lead to Stiix. We follow Zane and look what happens.
Kai: But Sensei said the path we seek is never a straight line.
Zane: He also said to rely on each other to guide.
Jay: Yeah, Kai. Pfft.
Jay, Cole, and Zane: [continue singing] 92,897 bottles of tea on the wall, 92,897 bottles of tea, you take one down…

[Wu, Misako, and Nya arrive back at Steep Wisdom]
Nya: Who needs to go on an epic quest when my services are best needed here?
Misako: [whispers to Wu] You need to tell her.
Wu: She's not ready.
Misako: And you waited this long to tell them about Morro, and how did that go? [to Nya] Nya, dear, we didn't exactly hold you back to care for the shop.
Nya: Really? Then why?
Wu: [sighs] Um, there's something I haven't told you about your parents.
Nya: Ah, you can save it. Kai already told me that Chen dangled that carrot too. We looked into it and we know our father used to be a Master of Fire. Not exactly mind-shattering.
Misako: But did you know your mother was the Master of Water?
Nya: I...I didn't know that. You mean—
Wu: Yes. As Kai took on the traits of your father to become a Fire Ninja, for the sake of saving Ninjago, you must train to become the Master of Water.
[Nya faints]
Misako: Huh, you're right. She wasn't ready.

Ninja: [singing] …No more bottles of tea on the wall! [all laugh]
Zane: That was enjoyable! Let's do it again.
Jay, Cole and Kai: No! [laugh] Hahaha!

Wrayth: You think a train can stop a Ghost? Your world will pay dearly when Morro finds the tomb. And when he does, he will take possession of the—
[He pulls on his chain, splashing himself with water and dissolving]
Cole: What, uh, what just happened?
Zane: He went... ka-blooey.
Jay: Yeah, but he was just gonna tell us what was in the tomb. Couldn't it have waited another second?
Kai: We may not know what's in the tomb, but we do know one thing: how to stop a Ghost.
Cole, Jay and Zane: Water?
Zane: Unusual. I guess it's true. The path we seek is never a straight line.
Jay: Uh, speaking of straight lines, if that train's heading to Stiix, wouldn't it be faster if we...
All: [chase the train] Hey! Wait for us! Slow down! Slow down!

Stiix and Stones[edit]

Kai: We want the scroll, Ronin. What do you want for it?
Ronin: Two hundred.
Jay: What? Two hundred? We don't have that kind of dough!
Ronin: Come on, you guys once had the Golden Weapons. You honestly telling me you've never pinched anything?
Kai: No, we don't pinch! And we don't even have pockets.
Cole: What if we were to tell you all of Ninjago depends on it?
Ronin: Well then, that changes everything. Four hundred.
Jay: Argh, you can't just double the price!
Ronin: My shop, my rules.
[The ninja huddle together]
Kai: All right, so my gut says—
Cole: What do you think, Zane?
Kai: What, my opinion doesn't matter?
Jay: We don't listen to your gut anymore, Kai. Zane's the leader. You just get us lost.
Zane: Well, I say we give him what he wants. I sense if we won't, Morro will.
Kai: All right, but let me negotiate. [turns back to Ronin] Two hundred.
Ronin: Four hundred.
Kai: Three hundred.
Ronin: Four hundred.
Kai: Three-fifty!
Ronin: Four-fifty.
Kai: Deal!
Jay: [facepalms] Ugh.
[The ninja walk out the shop]
Jay: [sarcastically] Nice negotiations, Kai.
Kai: I didn't see you do any better.

Jay: His voice mod's on the fritz. I can fix it, but it's gonna take time.
Zane: [speaking backwards] ?ti si ,dab taht ton s'tI [sighs]
Cole: Sorry, Zane, you tried to lead, but I guess it just didn't work out.
Kai: [sighs] No money, no scroll. And it couldn't have happened at a worse time.
Jay: What are you, a bunch of quitters? Sure, we can't understand Zane, but did we ever? And Kai's the last person I'd want to follow.
Kai: Hey!
Jay: But now, I'm in charge. We may not have the money to buy the Scroll, but I say we don't need it.
Cole: And why's that?
Jay: 'Cause we're gonna steal it!
Cole: Jay, we're ninja, not thieves!
Jay: Yeah, but we're stealing from a thief. Haven't you ever heard, two wrongs make a right?
Kai: Uh, Jay, I don't think that's how it goes.
Zane: ."thgir a ekam t'nod sgnorw owt" s'tI
Jay: Shut it, Mush Mouth! I'm the leader and what I say goes. After Ronin locks up tonight, we steal the Scroll of Airjitzu!

Zane: !sdneirf s'orroM fo eno rehtonA
Kai: I think he said "Another one of Morro's friends".

Kai: Thanks for the pick-me-up.
Ronin: Remember what I said about second chances, and I'm gonna hold you that deal. So long, and I hope you get your friend back. [leaves]
[Kai meets up with the other ninja]
Cole: Second chances? What did he mean by that?
Kai: We may have lost out on the Scroll, but he thinks there may be another way to learn Airjitzu.
Cole: We're still gonna fly?
Jay: Really? Another way?
Zane: .swen taerg si sihT
Cole: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a sec, Ronin only makes deals in his favor, and you're a horrible negotiator.
Jay: Kai, what did you give him?
Kai: I sort of gave him... my shares of the tea farm... along with all of yours.
Jay: You what?!
Cole: Wu's gonna flip!
Zane: !swen elbirroh s'tahT
Kai: I did what I had to, and for Lloyd, I'd do it again.
Cole: You're right. But I have to ask, if Morro has the only Scroll, just how are we gonna learn Airjitzu?
Kai: Let's just say, it's not gonna be easy. We have a ghost of a chance.

The Temple on Haunted Hill[edit]

[The ninja arrive on a tour to Yang's Haunted Temple]
Patty Keys: Welcome to Yang's Haunted Temple, the historical landmark and former home of Sensei Yang, the notorious sensei without a pupil, infamous for creating the lost martial art of Airjitzu. Unfortunately, we can't take our tour groups inside, for rumors say anyone trapped inside its walls at sunrise, will be turned into a Ghost permanently. But, if you listen closely, maybe we'll be able to hear the Ghost of Sensei Yang himself looking for his lost pupils.
Cole: Ah, sorry about my loud friend. He's a little hard of hearing.
Patty: Known for his un- [clears throat] -usual teaching methods ...
Kai: [to Jay] I thought you said you fixed him?
Jay: At least he's no longer talking backwards. I guess my tinkering got his volume level stuck, heh.

Zane: [points to a dumbwaiter behind Jay] THERE'S A DUMBWAITER!
Jay: [offended] Hey, watch who you're calling— [realizes what Zane meant] Oh, a dumbwaiter! That can take us down.

[The ninja open the front door, but almost fall down the Ethereal Divide]
Jay: What is it? What's down there? Oh, wait, don't tell me! I don't want to know!
Jay: Oh, I told you not to tell me, Zane! Knowing that just makes things worse!

Kai: [sees a moving painting of a ship in the sea] Uh, guys? Are paintings supposed to move?
[Jay taps the painting, and water comes out of it, slowly flooding the room]
Cole: Why would you touch the scary picture, Jay?!
Jay: I didn't know it would do that, Cole!


Misako: Now that both Morro and you have Airjitzu, it's time to turn our attention to the second clue, the Sword in the Cloud.
Zane: [in a pirate accent] Me senses tell me it could be many a swords. Thar be the Fire Sword, the Sword of Destiny, the Golden Cutlass...
Kai: [to Jay] I thought you said you fixed his voice.
Jay: I did. [snickers] And then I made it better.
Zane: ...the Sword of Invisibility, the Sword of Invincibility...
Kai: [snickers, to Jay] You're right, he is better.
Zane: ...the Blade of Ruin.

Jay: Tell me, Zane, how tall is this mountain?
Zane: [still speaking in a pirate accent] The precise elevation of the Wailing Alps be well over three Leagues and twenty eight Fathoms.
Jay: [snickers] Zane's so much cooler.

Jay: [sees a yak] Oh, look, a little goat!
Kai: That's not a goat. Don't you remember? We rode one of those.
Jay: It's got horns. It's a goat.
Kai: Even giraffes have horns. And that's not a goat, it's a yak.
Jay: A yak? No way. Maybe it's a cow.
Kai: I'm about to have a cow.

Kingdom Come[edit]

Fenwick: In this realm, we strive for greater understanding and let go of distractions. There is no television, no video games—
Jay: No video games? Hmph, not impressed.
Zane: [pirate accent] It appears all any lad does here be writing.
Fenwick: That is because here, our words matter. You see, in Cloud Kingdom, we are the Writers of Destiny. It was here that it was decided that Lloyd should be the Green Ninja. And just now, that Zane should find his voice again.
Zane: [voice now back to normal] I sense my vocal pattern has returned without any repairs.
Jay: Ugh, he doesn't talk like a pirate anymore.

Nobu: Fenwick's convinced there's no way to stop the Queen of the Cursed, so he's agreed to help Morro only to help himself. But he doesn't know you've escaped. You have to get the Sword of Sanctuary, or else Morro will have too big of an advantage.
Cole: Tell us where it is.
Nobu: The tallest tower. But you must hurry, they're already headed there.
Kai: Guess there's no time to take the stairs. You thinking what I'm thinking?
Kai, Cole and Zane: Airjitzu!
Jay: Cyclondo! [groans] Why isn't it catching on?

The Crooked Path[edit]

Grave Danger[edit]

Zane: We're almost to the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master.
Cole: Yeah, can't believe we're almost there after all we've been through.
Kai: I can't believe I'm underwater.
Cole: You? What about me? Just how thick is this glass?
Wu: [on screen] We're heading to your location now. With Morro already ahead of you and able to foresee the traps protecting the tomb with the Sword of Sanctuary, it's going to be up to you four to find the Realm Crystal before he does.
Jay: Hehe, Cole's a Ghost, Kai can't swim, we have no magical sword or Elemental Powers. [laughs nervously] What could go wrong?

[After no more traps are active, the ninja are each standing on a tile]
Kai: I can make it. It's just a hop, skip, and a jump.
[He tries to use Airjitzu, but the tiles under him fall, making him crawl back]
Cole: But what else comes with a hop, skip, and a jump? You trigger one more trap, I don't know how much more we can take.
Jay: The clue clearly said this is a test a Spinjitzu master cannot do. SO WHY ARE WE NOT LISTENING TO THE CLUE?!

Curseworld, Part I[edit]

Kai: Shouldn't we be going to Stiix? The longer we wait, the worse it'll get.
Wu: We need to stock up.
Jay: On what? Magic tea that will make us invincible? Give us special powers? Is it gonna give us four arms?
Wu: Sadly, no magical tea today. I had to sell the rest of the merchandise along with everything else.
Zane: What? You sold your business? But that was for your retirement.
[Cyrus Borg arrives]
Cyrus: Ah! Hello again, ninja.
Wu: While we were away, I had Borg use the money from the tea farm to create us some new toys to balance the scales. They are expensive, you know.
Cyrus: It's been so long, I hardly recognize any of you. Lloyd looks older. I see a Water Ninja. A titanium Nindroid. Cole is a...a ghost? Huh. Jay looks shorter. And then there's Kai.
Jay: Hey, what do you mean I look shorter?

Curseworld, Part II[edit]

[In the Cursed Realm, Lloyd finds Garmadon chained up]
Lloyd: Dad!
Garmadon: Lloyd? [Lloyd runs to him and hugs him] My son.
Lloyd: I'll get you out of here, Dad. [tries to break the chains]
Garmadon: There's no use. These chains will not break.
Lloyd: Where are we?
Garmadon: The Cursed Realm is the Preeminent, and the Preeminent is the Cursed Realm. Son, you're in the belly of the beast. But if you're in here...
Lloyd: Morro is the Green Ninja, and he's stolen the Realm Crystal. I tried, Father...
Garmadon: You must not give up. If he has the Crystal, all is endangered.
Lloyd: But how? I'm not the Green Ninja anymore.
Garmadon: It was never the color of the gi that made you who you are. It was the color of your heart. Don't give up.
Lloyd: I won't, Father.
Garmadon: You must leave here and destroy the Preeminent. Save Ninjago. Save the Realms.
Lloyd: But if I destroy it, it could destroy you.
Garmadon: Whatever happens to me, wherever I am, I will always be with you. There comes a time when every boy must become a man. What sort of man, is up to him.

[Wu summons his dragon and finds Morro struggling to break free of the Preeminent's grasp]
Wu: Take my hand!
Morro: Why, so you can take the Realm Crystal and use it to find your own prized pupil?
Wu: You are all my prized pupils, but none of us can do this alone. You're strong, Morro, but it takes others to make us stronger, even me. Take my hand, so we can be stronger together. Please, Morro!
Morro: [grabs Wu's hand, then glances at the water] You can only save those who want to be saved. Goodbye, Sensei. [gives Wu the Crystal before letting go, allowing himself to be pulled into the water, killing him]
Wu: [screams in despair] MORRO!!!

Season 6: Skybound[edit]


Dareth: [sees Nya] Oh, hey, sweetheart. Mind sticking around for a segment to teach girls how to apply makeup?
Nya: [angered] You're gonna need makeup when I rearrange your face! [walks over to punch Dareth]
Jay: [holds Nya back] Easy! [to Dareth] Nya's one of us now, there's no reason she should be treated differently.
Dareth: No reason? You added a girl to the group. You know how much that hurts your image? You're a boy band, a hunk machine!
Lloyd: No, we're equals. Our power comes from no one being more important than the other.
Kai: Important? No. Irresistible... uh, debatable. [winks at fangirls at the doorway]
Dareth: [chuckles] I don't tell you how to do your business, don't tell me how to do mine. Remember how every time you save Ninjago no one cared? Well, now Dareth's in charge and Dareth says don't change the recipe. You boys are the face of the franchise, and now the face of Teen Idol!
[He brings out a magazine with Lloyd on it and Jay and Cole on each side on a heart with Nya in it]
Lloyd: [reads the title] "Sensei Lloyd"? But I'm only a Sensei-in-training.
Cole: And what's this about me and Jay still fighting over Nya? That's old news.
Dareth: Who cares if it's real or not? Isn't this what you've always dreamed of? You're the hottest thing in Ninjago!

Cole: Ah, Minidroid Chess. So what's the tally now? A hundred games to none? [laughs]
Jay: Set them up, Zane. We're going again. [to Cole] What's got you so cheery?
Cole: Remember back in the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, when we all saw the reflection of our future selves?
Jay: You mean when you couldn't see anything?
Cole: Yeah, it wasn't because I'm a goner, it's because I can disappear!
Jay: Oh, then why don't you make like a ghost and vanish? I need full concentration.
Cole: Oh, touchy, are we? Teach him a lesson, Zane. [laughs and walks away, whistling]

[The ninja visit Lil' Nelson at the hospital]
Lloyd: As a part of the Grant-A-Wish Foundation, we dub you an Honorary Ninja for the Day.
Nelson: Could you stay to sign their casts?
Nya: Aw, I wish we could, but duty calls.
Cole: [looks out the window] Uh, not sure how far we'll get. Looks like we've got company.
Jay: [looks out the window and sees their fans] How'd they find us?
Kai: [on his phone] Reply. Of course I'm at the hospital. My hair is sick. Haha. Send.
Nya: Are you sending out a Chirp?
Kai: Uh, my followers have needs too.

[Nadakhan is disguised as a citizen and walks into Ninjago City]
Man #2: Watch where you’re going. Ha! Nice hair, bozo.
Cyrus: [on Infovision] You look lost. Can I be of assistance?
Nadakhan: Hmm, are you trapped too?
Cyrus: I'm sorry, I don't understand your quarry. You are talking to Infovision. Ask a question and maybe I can answer it.
Nadakhan: Where is my crew?
Cyrus: You'll have to be more specific.
Nadakhan: The crew of Misfortune's Keep.
Cyrus: Misfortune's Keep, the most feared pirate ship that ruled the high seas, taken down by Captain Soto and his Destiny's Bounty at the end of the era of the Stone Army. The Misfortune's Keep captain Nadakhan the Djinn with the power to grant other's wishes is trapped in the Teapot of Tyrahn while his crew is later marooned in separate realms.
Nadakhan: Separate realms?
Cyrus: After the ninja discovered the Realm Crystal in The Tomb of The First Spinjtzu Master, it is common knowledge that Ninjago is one of the 16 realms.
Nadakhan: Which realm is Delara in?
Cyrus: No known image of Delara the quartermaster of Misfortune's Keep and love of Nadakhan the Djinn. She died shortly after Nadakhan's imprisonment.
Nadakhan: Died?
Cyrus: Die, to expire, to croak or to tint.
Nadakhan: Where is this Realm Crystal?
Cyrus: Location is classified. Since realm crossing is prohibited, it is under the protection of Sensei Wu and the Masters of Spinjitzu.
Nadakhan: Then tell me how to find them.

Stiix Citizen: Hey, no one here cares for them fruit-colored ninja.
Cole: [offended] Excuse me, what fruit is black?
Jay: Uh, blackberries?
Cole: Shut it, Jay.

Public Enemy Number One[edit]

Cop: Come out with your hands up.
[A rat comes out with a tracker device]
Simon: It's not Kai, sir. It's his communication device. He gave it to the rat so we'd go on a wild goose chase. Ah. I mean, wild rat chase. Heh.
Commissioner: Yes, thank you, detective.
Simon: But your eye is twitching.
Commissioner: I'm not blind!

[Cole and Jay arrive at Mega Monster Amusement Park]
Cole: Looks like Mega Monster Amusement Park shut down after it became a crime scene. Come on, let's go check out the roller coaster. That's where Zane was framed.
Jay: Ah, this place gives me so many fond memories. [gasps] It's here I found my True Potential. Oh, and over there is where Nya and I went on our first date. I bet one day she and I will laugh about all this. [laughs, then sees Cole staring at him] Uh, I mean, why would she laugh at that? She hates me. It's not like I'd expect anything to suddenly change between her and I. Where is that roller coaster?
Cole: The only thing this place gives me is the creeps. Let's not stick around any longer than we need to. [sees the roller coaster] There it is. Just what kind of clues are we looking for? It's not like there are any witnesses around to tell us what they saw.
Jay: I wouldn't be so sure about that.
[He uses his powers to turn on some monitors]
Cole: Ha, it's practically a visual timeline of the events that day. Jay, you're a genius.
Jay: Like I said, it's where I found my True Potential.
Cole: [sees Nadakhan in one of the pictures] There, that's our guy.
Jay: These pictures were taken seconds after each other.
Cole: That means that guy is Zane.
Jay: [gasps in realization] You mean—
Cole: The Djinn can shape-shift. He could be anybody! [Jay passes his hand through him] Seriously?


[Dareth visits the ninja at Kryptarium Prison]
Cole: What are you doing to get us out of here!?
Zane: This is no place for a Nindroid!
Kai: I don't look good in stripes!
Jay: They're all so mean! Help us! You have to help us!
Lloyd: Shh. While we're stuck in here, the Djinn is out there.
Dareth: I know, I'm doing everything I can. Borg wanted me to let you know that the Djinn broke into Hiroshi's Labyrinth Stronghold and took the Realm Crystal. The good news is everything else is accounted for. The bad news is the Djinn may now have his old crew back.
Kai: You have to get us out of here, Dareth. You're our manager. What are you doing to manage this?
Dareth: [whispering] Did you get the cake? I baked some tools in it for you to cut through the bars.
Jay: Cake? We didn’t get any cake.
Cole: Uh, how was I supposed to know there was something in it? I just thought it was crunchy.
Jay: You ate our only way out?!
Dareth: Well, looks like you’re on your own. Be strong, little ninja.
Kai: What do you mean on our own?
Jay: You're not leaving us in here!
Cole: Wait, Dareth!
Dareth: [walks to the Warden] If anything happens to them in here, you'll have to answer to the Brown Ninja.
Warden: If there's a Brown Ninja out there, maybe he belongs in here too.
Dareth: Uh, I'll give him the message. Gotta go. [leaves]

Misfortune Rising[edit]

Kai: [touches an electric fence] Ow! Careful, Zane. It's electrified.
Zane: I believe all of the signs on this repo yard made that abundantly clear. Perhaps there's another suitable solution past this obstacle. Airjitzu?
[He uses Airjitzu to fly over the fence]
Kai: You don't have to sound so cocky.
Repo Man: [sees Kai and Zane] Looks like we have some trespassers. [to his dog] Go get them, Sir Chomps-A-Lot.
[Zane tries to break the Bounty's restraints]
Kai: Would you hurry up?
Zane: These chains will take me a while. You could keep interrupting me or perhaps start making yourself useful.
[Kai tries to melt the chains, but the Repo Man's dog starts chasing him]
Kai: Aah! Get away, get away, get away, get away!!
Repo Man: Trespasser! Don't move!
[He shoots at Zane, but misses and breaks the chain instead. The dog is now chasing both Zane and Kai]
Kai: I told you to hurry up!
Zane: Would you be quiet and run?!

On a Wish and a Prayer[edit]

Lloyd: [gives Zane a canteen] Here, you'll need this.
Zane: Why do I need a canteen?
Lloyd: There may be no fresh water on the island. This way, we won't be without.
Zane: But I'm a Nindroid. I repeat, why do I need a canteen?

[The ninja are crossing a bridge]
Lloyd: The Tiger Widow's den should be just up ahead. Watch your step.
Cole: You don't have to tell me twice.
Jay: [sighs] Just how am I supposed to extract this dangerous venom? Can I ask it nicely?
Nya: Well, maybe if Zane hadn't been captured, we would have a Nindroid around to tell you.
Jay: Ooh, that's a low blow. I mean, do we know anything about this Tiger Widow, other than it was named to strike terror in the hearts of men?
Cole: Zane told me it's the last of its species. So it sounds like you've only got one chance at this. But I'm sure you'll be just fine— What are you doing now?
Jay: [on what seems to be a hammock] Resting my feet on this hammock. We've been walking for miles. If I have to face this thing alone, I'm gonna need to be well-rested.
Lloyd: Jay, I don't think that's a hammock.
Jay: [notices he's on a giant spider web with a skeleton on it] Aah! Get it off me! Aah! Get it off of me! Get it off of me! [gets out and spits out the webbing]
Nya: We have to keep moving.
Jay: [groans] Haven't I suffered enough?
Nya, Cole and Lloyd: No!

Jay: [trying to get venom from the Tiger Widow] HOW DO I GET VENOM WHEN HIS FANGS ONLY COME OUT WHEN HE TRIES TO BITE ME?!
Cole: Then let him bite you!

My Dinner With Nadakhan[edit]

[Lloyd comes back after flying over the Endless Sea on his dragon]
Cole: You okay? Did you see any land?
Lloyd: Just water. I tried to reach the mainland, but it's too far. We won't be able to get off this island on our own.
[Cole laughs]
Nya: What's so funny about our predicament?
Cole: Oh, I was just thinking about what Jay might say to that. [raises his voice to sound like Jay] "YOU'RE TELLING ME WE WENT THROUGH ALL THAT TROUBLE TO GET THE VENOM TO STOP NADAKHAN, AND NOW WE HAVE NO WAY TO GET OFF THIS ISLAND?!" [normal voice] Heh, gone one day and I already miss him spazzing out.
Nya: Me too. After he lied to us, I was so hard on him. And now he's captured and all alone. Some friends we are.
Lloyd: Hey, Jay's strong. We'll get him back. It's like what Wu once told me, if you want something bad enough, you find a way to make it happen.
Cole: He's right. If we can't fly off this island, we'll build our way. I've seen enough movies to know it's possible.
Lloyd: And if we've built a rocket off an asteroid, what's one raft a little—
Nya: Across an endless sea filled with unknown creatures that wanna eat us?! Uh, that was my Jay impression. Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get building.

Lloyd: One more round of palm ties, and I'd say she's secure enough for sea.
Nya: Why is it all sea vessels are shes?
Cole: I don't know, because it takes a lot of paint to make them look good?
[Cole and Lloyd laugh but stop when they see Nya glaring at them]
Lloyd: Oh. [turns his laughter into coughing]
Cole: I kid, I kid. Lighten up, water lily.
Nya: I get it. My personal mission to rid the world of its prejudices is wearing thin.


The Last Resort[edit]

Operation Land Ho![edit]

The Way Back[edit]

[Back on Misfortune's Keep, Zane tries to remove the strip of metal from Jay's mouth]
Dogshank: He banished them right before our eyes!
Flintlocke: Fear not, Buttercup. We all know the realms we came from were a lot more welcoming than this world's ever been.
Cole: But how are we supposed to stop him? Without the poison, we don't stand a ghost of a chance.
Kai: How long are you gonna say that?
Cole: If Nadakhan gets his way, not long.
Dogshank: Maybe it's best if we keep our distance.
Kai: But that's my sister he's got.
Lloyd: Kai's right, we have to do something. But what?
Jay: [now free from the strip of metal] We have the poison! Oh, boy, that really hurt.
Kai: I thought the poison was gone long ago.
Jay: Thanks to Clancee, it's right here.
Cole: And you still have your wish.
Jay: I do. But if there's anything I learned, it's that wishing for something won't make it come true. We all tried to get something from Nadakhan, and look what happened.
Lloyd: It only made him stronger.
Jay: Right, but if we really want something, don't wish it to happen, make it happen.
Cole: But how are we gonna get close?
Jay: Maybe one of us doesn't have to get close.
Flintlocke: Me?
Jay: You can take the shot from far away. Once he's weakened, we'll do the rest.
Flintlocke: But I can't even shoot water in an ocean.
Jay: According to Nadakhan. But he never held the real power, we did.
Kai: I don't follow.
Jay: All his wishes, he could never make them on his own. He needed us to make them come true. Just like when I wished to be rich, he tried to convince me my dad died, but that wasn't my real dad. My real dad lives with my mom, happy in the junkyard.
Cole: That's true.
Jay: And how did he manage to capture the greatest ninja this world has ever seen?
Lloyd: We all wished ourselves away. He's right, it's worth a shot, Flintlocke.

Special: Day of the Departed[edit]

Dr. Saunders: The ninja. The Master Wu.
Wu: Dr. Saunders.
Saunders: Oh, please, we are all friends. You must call me by my first name, yes? Sander, yes?
Kai: [whispering to Nya] Dr. Sander Saunders?
Saunders: At your service. [chuckles] I am so pleased to be seeing you at this now. We are opening our new exhibit. Come. You see, come. [leads Wu and the ninja to the entrance to the hall] Might I be presenting the Hall of Villainy.
All: Wow.
Saunders: [presenting statues and portraits of the ninja's villains and enemies] Cryptor.
Zane: A plastic mannequin.
Saunders: Kozu.
Lloyd: Uncanny.
Saunders: Chen.
Nya: Memories.
Saunders: Samukai.
Jay: Is he looking at me?
Wu: Maybe from the past.
Saunders: And Morro. Check this out! We don't just open on the Day of Departed. It's the Day of Departed lunar eclipse. A special eclipse.
Wu: The rarest Yin-Yang eclipse.
Saunders: Oh, poetic, is it not? Scary holiday, scary exhibit, scary moon, there is magic in the air.

Cole: [trying to talk to one of Yang's students] So I didn't get your name. Okay, I'll just call you Chuck. Look, Chuck, I know you think you're Yang's student, and maybe you were once, but now you're his prisoner. Don't you see? He's not your friend, he's your captor. You gotta shake off his spell. Then, we can stop him, together, you and me. [Chuck doesn't talk] Okay, no pressure, but you have three seconds to decide. One, two, three. [jumps and kicks Chuck] Guess I'm working solo, Chuck.

Wu: [at the Monastery of Spinjitzu] An eclipse is always an omen, but is this one a sign of good...or bad?
Morro: [behind him] Bad. Very bad.
Wu: [turns to see Morro behind him] Well, my former student. How have you returned, Morro?
Morro: The question is not how, but why.
Wu: [wields his staff] We have fought twice before. And although it pains me, I will do so again if I must.
Morro: No, you misunderstand. I'm not here to fight you. I'm here to warn you. Master Yang has put your team in terrible danger.
Wu: What has Yang done?
Morro: He's made you forget one of your own, one who was already slipping away.
Wu: Tell me more.
Morro: I will, but aboard the Bounty. We have to warn the others.

[Jay arrives at the museum, where the other ninja are waiting for him]
Jay: Guys, I have the ghost story to end all ghost stories. You will never guess what just happened.
Kai: You battled the possessed mannequin of a mortal enemy?
Nya: Him and his goons tried to send you to the Departed Realm with magic blades?
Zane: But you defeated them first.
Lloyd: And saw their ghosts disappear into the night.
Jay: Oh, okay, fine, you guessed. Well, since you know so much, why were all those ghosts out here?
Wu: [approaching them] Because distracting you was part of Master Yang's plan.
Morro: [appearing beside Wu] And he had help.
Lloyd: Morro!
[He and the other ninja bring out their weapons]
Jay: Any other villains want to show up tonight?
Kai: We stopped five, what's one more?
Wu: No, put away your weapons. He's here to help. Morro, tell them.
Morro: Yang tricked Cole into helping him open a rift to return to Ninjago.
Jay: Cole? How'd he trick you?
Zane: Jay, Cole isn't here.
Jay: Are you sure? He's been fading a lot lately. He's kind of easy to miss.
All ninja: [gasp in realization] We forgot Cole!
Wu: To the Bounty. They must be at the Temple of the Airjitzu Master. [to Morro] Thank you, Morro.
Morro: Happy Day of the Departed, Master.
[Morro returns to his pedestal and poses. His spirit leaves his statue and goes back to the Departed Realm]

Season 7: Hands of Time[edit]

The Hands of Time[edit]

[On the Bounty, the alarms are going off]
Cole: Um, weren't we just outside? When did we get here?
Nya: How did we get here?
Zane: My circuits are picking up an energy displacement.
Kai: There was a displacement, all right. It displaced us right in here.
Lloyd: What is going on?
Jay: [covering his ears from the alarm] I don't know, but it's loud!
Nya: [looks at some panels] These energy readings are off the charts. Where is it coming from?
Zane: I'm trying to pinpoint the location.
Jay: [still covering his ears from the alarm] How about pinpointing the location of the off button?! These alarms are giving me a... [Kai slams on a nearby console, turning the alarm off and calming Jay down] ...headache. Thank you.
Zane: Hm, this is surprising.
Jay: No, it's not. I've always had sensitive ears and—
Zane: I meant, I think I know how we suddenly appeared on the Destiny's Bounty.
Cole: How?
Zane: The displacement we experienced was not caused by just any normal energy, it was temporal energy.
Jay: Oh, well, temporal energy, of course. Everyone knows that's, um... powerful.
Kai: You have no idea what temporal means, do you?
Jay: I do not.
Lloyd: It means time.
Zane: Precisely. Whatever created that displacement can warp the very fabric of space-time.
Jay: Which is powerful, right?
Zane: Very. All the normal rules of existence no longer apply to such a force.
Jay: [to Kai] Told you it was powerful.

Lloyd: Jay, Cole, Kai, we get Acronix. Zane, Nya, use your Elemental Powers to put out this fire.
Jay: Hang on, who put you in charge? Why can't I help with the flames?
Lloyd: You think lightning is better than water and ice for stopping flames?
Jay: Good point. Let's go!

The Hatching[edit]

Cole: Okay, Master Wu, you've had your tea. Now can we talk?
Wu: Ask any question you wish.
Cole: Who did we fight in the monastery?
Zane: That was Acronix?
Kai: From the painting?
Lloyd: Twins look alike!
Nya: Or was it Krux?
Zane: Is he from the future?
Kai: How did he speed up time like that?
Cole: Was he from the past?
Jay: Who ate my pudding cup? [the other ninja stare at him] What? He said ask any question. I put my name on this. Just because we're in a new dojo doesn't mean we disobey the refrigerator rules!

Cyrus Borg: [on television] The wait is over! The future has arrived! The BorgWatch. Launching today.
Acronix: [watching] Incredible. A wall-mounted window for display thirty-second dramas!
Krux: [turns the TV off] Those dramas are called commercials. Cynical films playing off of consumers' insecurities to convince them to purchase that which they do not need.
Acronix: So cool. I am jealous, brother. You got to experience the last forty years of progress. Hot beverages at the touch of a button, a beadless abacus, instant communication.
Krux: Worthless, all of it. [sighs] I absolutely despise modern life.
Acronix: But it's filled with wondrous things we couldn't have even conceived of forty years ago! [holds up a BorgPad] Like this amazing thing.
Krux: A BorgPad. Vile contraption!
Acronix: I got it at the museum gift shop. A piece of glass that performs music… [plays music on the BorgPad]
Music: Ninja, go! Ninja, go! Come on, come on…
Acronix: [simultaneously] …creates a permanent visual record of any event. [takes a photo of Krux] There's even games!
Krux: I hate those infernal devices most of all! Everyone perpetually plugged in, distracted like infants by bright lights and sound.
Acronix: [distracted by his game] Yes! Smashed all the candy!
[Krux growls]

Cole: Hey, I just realized... the mural we saw at the museum, that must be the battle Wu just told us about.
Nya: But Dr. Saunders said the Hands of Time were a myth.
Zane: History is art, not science. Even an expert such as Dr. Saunders can be mistaken from time to time.
Jay: Ha! True that! Know how I know? 'Cause Acronix was a so-called myth, and we totally busted him! Haha!
Kai: Yeah! Hahaha! Except now, there's nothing to do.
Lloyd: Hm, the temple still needs unpacking.
Cole: [sighs] Lloyd's right.
Jay: Ugh, kinda wish we hadn't busted him. [to Nya] Hey, Nya. Wanna hang out?

Jay: [carrying Nya's Samurai X suit] When I asked if you wanted to "hang out" I meant play video games or something, not pack and ship your Samurai X suit back to the cave. [Nya looks at her helmet, he sighs] You gotta let it go. You're the Water Ninja now.
Nya: I know, but it's hard. I only inherited my Water power. Samurai X is something I actually created, with my own hands.
Jay: [takes Nya's hands] These hands?
[Nya smiles. Kai comes into the room]
Kai: Whoa! Sorry! [covers his eyes] Didn't mean to interrupt! Heh, I didn't see anything!
Nya: What's up?
Kai: [still covering his eyes] Something you need to see. Hurry! [runs into the doorway] Ugh.

A Time of Traitors[edit]

[Jay and Cole attack some Vermillion warriors]
Jay: Looks like somebody wants to play. Wish we had the rest of the team here to help.
Cole: Well, say hello to our newest members: Lefty and Righty. [uses his Earth Punch but can't control it] Oops. Wow, if I'm not more careful, I can take all of us out.
Jay: Lefty, Righty, nice to meet you. Also, DO BETTER!


[Kai, Jay and Cole are training]
Cole: Zane is down, folks are disappearing all over town, and we can't do a thing to help! If we just knew why Acronix and Krux are taking people.
Jay: You know, my theory—
Cole: For the last time, they are not hostages.
Jay: How can you be sure?
Cole: No ransom note.
Jay: Maybe they're gonna hypnotize them into being an army?
Cole: Krux and Acronix already have an army, of Samurai snakes.
Jay: Well, you know my other theories—
Cole: Do not say alien abductions again, or dimensional rifts, or elven magic portals! [uses his Earth Punch on Jay] Sorry, it's just...I'm tired of speculating. We need to take action! Right, Kai? [notices Kai] Kai? You okay? You haven't been the same since you squared off against Krux. Did... did he do something?
Kai: More like said something. No, nothing. I'm fine.
Cole: Good, 'cause I was just saying it's time to stop guessing and to start fighting!
Kai: So you're saying we capture one of those snake guys and bring them back here for Wu to question?
Cole: I just want to fight somebody. But okay, we could do that too.
Lloyd: That plan won't work.
Kai: Why not?
Lloyd: Because Master Wu still hasn't recovered from his battle with Acronix. He rambles. He passes out. I think he's a lot more hurt than he lets on.
Kai: Oh, great! All this and now we have no leader, either?
Lloyd: Uh, that's not exactly true. With Wu out of commission, the, um...logical successor would be, uh...
Cole: The Green Ninja.
Lloyd: Correct.
Cole: Uh, Master Lloyd?
Kai: "Temporary Master Lloyd", you mean.
Jay: " Training".
Cole: Okay, Temporary Master Lloyd in Training, we mere ninja await your words of wisdom, which I assume involve kicking some butt till we get a few answers, right?
Lloyd: Wrong. Too random. We need a plan.
Kai: We have one: go kick some butt.
Lloyd: Really? Whose butt? Where?
Kai: We'll work it out down there.
Lloyd: No, we'll work it out here first. That's what Wu would do. Come on!
Kai: Oh, yay, I just love sitting around and talking instead of doing.
Cole: Cut him some slack, guys. He's doing the best he can.

Dareth: Someone stole my trophies!
Ronin: I have an alibi! Wait. Why would anyone steal your fake trophies?
Dareth: I know! They were irreplaceable. Which is why I'm here to buy replacements.
Ronin: You want world championships this time or just intercontinental?
Dareth: Uh, um, let's mix and match.

A Line in the Sand[edit]

Zane: These snakes are behaving curiously.
Kai: You think? 'Cause boosting scrap metal doesn't seem like, you know, normal snake behavior.
Cole: Neither does reforming into unstoppable samurai things.
Zane: I mean strategically. They appear more interested in keeping us away from their compatriots that are stealing metal, than they are in actually defeating us.
Lloyd: Well, they finally have to deal with us at full strength. And—hang on, has anyone seen Jay?
Kai: No. Now that you mention it, he wasn't with us when we arrived.
Cole: You know, just once, it would be nice to go into battle with a full team.
Kai: Well, don't tell us, tell Jay! He's the one who took off for wherever without saying a word to us.
Nya: I'm sure he has a good reason.
Kai: Well, I'm glad you're sure.

Raggmunk: Ah, what are we going to tell the Hands of Time?
Blunk: The moon was in our eyes?
Raggmunk: That's... not bad. Actually, yeah, let's go with that.

The Attack[edit]

[Cole, Jay, and Zane are playing with the Slow-Mo Time Blade]
Cole: Whoa, amazing.
Zane: It is unlike anything I have ever seen.
Jay: So cool.
Zane: I must urge caution, Jay. The Time Blade is a powerful weapon.
Jay: Uh, you think I don't know that? Check this. [throws the blade at a stack of boxes] Boom! Ha! Eight bull's eyes in a row. Beat that.
Cole: I did.
Jay: Oh, really? When?
Cole: When I got nine in a row.
Jay: Okay, yeah, if you wanna count that.
Cole: But watch this. [throws a box in the air and and blasts it with the Time Blade]
Jay: Haha! You missed!
Cole: Did I? Slow-moving target. Easy peasy, lemon. [jumps and slices the box] And that's how you recycle an empty box.
Zane: [sees that the box is not empty] That box was not empty.
Jay: [sees a ruined stuffed teddy bear, screams in shock, and picks it up] Mr. Cuddlywomp… uh, is a teddy bear I used to love when I was five, but now he's totally lame and—
Cole: We know you still sleep with him.
Jay: And I don't care who knows it! [hugs his toy sadly] Mr. Cuddlywomp…

Secrets Discovered[edit]

Krux: What are you doing?
Acronix: [on his BorgWatch] Sharing this with all my Instabook followers. "Achieved... total... victory."
Krux: Why must you ruin every good moment with your modern techno-garbage?
Acronix: And why must you be so stubborn about staying in the ancient past?

Cole: One question: How are we supposed to get to the museum? Our vehicles got trashed by the snakes.
Lloyd: Uh, we have the Supersonic Raider Jet.
Jay: Uh, actually, hehe, my dad's still kind of working on that. We can take the Lightning Bike.
Nya: Kai and I have our old bikes.
Lloyd: What about me and Zane?
Misako: Well, I was saving this for your birthday, but… [presses a button, revealing a new ship] The Destiny's Shadow.
Kai: Oh, come on! First Jay, now Lloyd? Does everyone get a new ride for their birthday!? [notices everyone else staring at him] Uh, I said that out loud, didn't I?

Lloyd: [on the Destiny's Shadow with Zane] I have no idea what any of these buttons do. And it doesn't come with a user's manual.
Zane: On it. P.I.X.A.L., please do a vehicular spec analysis. Oh, right, she's still offline. I'll do it myself. The Destiny's Shadow has four offensive weapons, seven defensive systems, five transformative reconfigurations, and one mini-fridge. [offers Lloyd a beverage] Beverage?
Lloyd: Uh, maybe later.

Jay: You wouldn't happen to have a reconfigurable amphibious vehicle with you, would you?
Lloyd: No.
Zane: Actually, we might. Let me access those specs again. Reconfiguration three of the Destiny's Shadow is the Experimental Amphibious Multi-Terrain Assault Vehicle, XAMTAV.
Jay: Ha! What a catchy name. XAMTAV. Heh. Sounds like a laxative. No wonder Kai was so jealous.

Pause and Effect[edit]

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea[edit]

Lost in Time[edit]

Wu: Kai, Nya.
Kai: Master Wu.
Wu: Where are we?
Kai: Long story, but we're back in time. Forty years. When you, Garmadon, and the Elemental Masters fought Krux and Acronix at the monastery. Only this time, the good guys are losing.
Nya: We have to help you.
Kai: Not just you you. Young you, too, Wu. Oh, that's a mouthful.

Ninjago: Decoded[edit]


[In the Samurai X Cave, Zane is hooked up to a computer and shows clips from the ninja's adventures]
Zane: Long before time had a name, the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago using four Elemental Weapons. But when he passed, a dark presence sought out to collect them all, Lord Garmadon.
Nya: This is what you wanted help with? I didn't know Nindroids kept diaries.
Zane: This is not a diary, it is a backup of our adventures. I returned from our latest search for Master Wu and thought it pertinent that someone record the story of Ninjago.
Nya: I should've brought popcorn. Now let's make history.
Zane: As I was saying, Lord Garmadon wanted the Elemental Weapons, but Sensei Wu, his brother and son of the First Spinjitzu Master, found four ninja to collect them first. Kai, Master of Fire. His desire to protect friends and family burns as hot as his temper. Jay, Master of Lightning. His humor and heart echo louder than thunder. Cole, Master of Earth. His body and spirit are solid as a rock, but strong muscles cannot hide his softer side. Last but not least, Zane, Master of Ice. Cool and calculating with a head for strategy. [Nya clears her throat] I was gonna mention you, Nya, once you became a ninja.
Nya: How about "Nya, future Master of Water, the original Samurai X, expert mechanic and pilot, not just Kai's sister and Jay's girlfriend?"

Vehicles and Mechs[edit]

Nya: We're looking for an aircraft and you think boat?
Jay: Nya, we've been on at least two flying pirate ships.
Nya: You have a point. So many of the vehicles we've encountered have been... unconventional.
Jay: What about my Storm Fighter?
Nya: How is that unconventional?
Jay: It's not, I just really love it.
Nya: Stop suggesting your own vehicles!
Jay: My parents' jalopy?
Nya: Or your parents' vehicles.
Jay: But they have so many!
Nya: You're not helping.
Jay: Sorry. I thought it would be easier to recognize a blueprint for a vehicle I was familiar with.

Legendary Places[edit]

Cole: You trapped Jay inside Zane's head?
Nya: Don't be dramatic. I merely digitized Jay's mind and uploaded him into the processing center of Zane's memory core.
Cole: You just took what I said and added a bunch of big words. Sounds like you want me to possess Zane. Like— Like a ghost.
Nya: Not a ghost. Your body will be resting comfortably in a Borg reclining terminal until you get back.
Cole: I still don't like it, but I'll do it for Zane. Let's go!

Ninjago's Most Wanted[edit]

The Digiverse and Beyond[edit]

Kai: Ugh, we still don't know who's behind this, and Cole gets to fight a dangerous monster while I'm cooled up inside Zane's mind trying to solve a puzzle.
Jay: It's a Ninjigma. Heh! You're just mad because I'm gonna solve it first.
Nya: Need I remind you boys that whoever is hacking Zane could be listening to our every word? I say we show them that they messed with the wrong Nindroid!
Kai: I still don't get it.
Jay: [slowly] Do you need me to talk slower, Kai?

Zane: Borg may have created the Digiverse with good intentions, it was taken over by the Digital Over-Over-Over-Over—
Nya: It looks like the corrupted code spread to this memory.
Jay: Maybe some of these pictures are traps.
Kai: Now you say something.
Jay: It's a Zane puzzle, so Zane's picture has gotta be a safe move.
Kai: You know, sometimes I forget that Zane isn't human.
Jay: Really? Heh! Because he's covered in metal, you know.

The Elemental Masters[edit]

Nya: The corrupted code seems confined to Zane's secondary systems for now. I can temporarily reroute his memory functions through the Samurai X Computer to buy you some time, but not much.
Kai: That means if we don't solve these puzzles soon, Zane might lose control...for good.
Nya: What's the next puzzle?
Jay: Ooh! It's a riddle! Lucky for you guys, I'm even better at riddles than I am at puzzles. Haha. "Feed me and I grow, always hungry. Give me something to drink and I die, always angry".
Kai: That sounds like it could be Fire. These symbols must be the possible answers! Look, there's a tiny flame!
Nya: Careful. One wrong answer could break down the rest of Zane's security system.
Jay: Lightning bolt, drop of Water, Smoke— Ew! Is that a foot?
Zane: The foot symbol denotes Speed. This appears to be a puzzle about the Elemental Masters.

Kai: Guys, I love a good story as much as the next guy, but I still think the answer is Fire.
Jay: Hmm, I wonder why you'd choose Fire. What was it you were the master of again?

Kai: Some of those aren't even on this puzzle! The answer is Fire, guys. Fire!
Zane: Kai's impatience gives me an idea. Perhaps we should consider the Elemental Masters as a whole rather than as individuals. What did they desire? What did they accomplish?
Kai: How is that—
Jay: Well, they ended the Serpentine War, and they stopped Krux and Acronix from taking over the world.
Nya: They gave their powers to the next generation of Elemental Masters.
Jay: That's right. We're the Elemental Masters now. And you know what I just realized? "Feed me and I grow, always hungry." But we all like to eat. "Give me something to drink and I die, always angry." But only one of us is angry all the time and can't swim. [realizes] It's Kai. The answer must be Fire!
Kai: Wha— That— What?
Zane: I have been running logic scenarios since we began the puzzle, and Fire is a 99.9 percent match.
Kai: What?
Nya: That's three votes for Fire. Me, Jay, and Zane.
Kai: What!? Ugh!
Zane: We did it! The answer was Fire.
Kai: The answer was never not Fire!
Jay: I just wanted to be sure.

Beasts and Dragons[edit]

Rise of Garmadon[edit]

Prophecy of the Green Ninja[edit]

Jay: Oh, no. There's more paths? How am I supposed to know which way to go?
Cole: That's what makes it a maze.
Jay: Now more walls? This maze is cheating!

Greatest Battles[edit]

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon[edit]

The Mask of Deception[edit]

[Jay and Cole, in their new appearances, enter an ancient temple]
Jay: Cole, you're my friend, but right now you're my worst enemy. You have no idea how time travel works.
Cole: If someone goes back in time and alters the past, our reality as we know it would change. We could look totally different and not even know it.
Jay: But we don't. Thus, Master Wu must have slipped into a time stream into the future.
Cole: Whenever he is, it's been a year. It's time we find him. [walks up to a monk] Uh, hi. Sorry to bother you. Cole, Master of Earth. This is Jay, Master of Blabber.
Jay: Lightning.
Cole: We heard that an old man who lost his memory wandered in from the cold. About so high, long beard, drinks a lot of tea.
[The monk doesn't answer]
Jay: I told you not to introduce yourself as the Master of Earth. No one knows what that means.
Cole: No, you bolt head, everyone here took a vow of silence.
Jay: [turns back to the monk] Can you point us to him? [the monk points] Thank you! I like your place! [he and Cole see a man] Wait, if it's him, and he lost his memory, don't remind him of that stupid TV show I once hosted, okay?
Cole: Uh, Master Wu?
[The man turns around, but it's not Wu]
Jay: Oh, come on, we came all this way, and it's not him? Aw, th-that's it. I quit.
Cole: I'm tired of losing people in my life. Wu would never quit on us, and we're not quitting on him.
Jay: If he's really still out there, couldn't he at least send a letter from the future, or leave a message to stand the test of time? He's wise. He'd find a way.
Cole: We just have to keep looking.
Jay: Yeah, you do that. And while you're at it, I'll be doing something more useful, like being a ninja.
Cole: Ha! Some ninja you are. You talk more than you fight!
Jay: At least I'm entertaining. All you do is judge and act like you know everything!
Monk: Would you stop fighting?!

[Zane and Kai are fighting the Mechanic]
P.I.X.A.L.: Zane, Master Lloyd requires Kai and your attention in Ninjago City.
Zane: Is it serious?
P.I.X.A.L.: It appears so. Did I catch you at a bad time?
Kai: Zane, a little help?
Mechanic: Hot off the press. The Mechanic is back, Ninjago.
Kai: Ugh, whoever said "Fight fire with fire" didn't know what they're talking about.
Zane: We will be there shortly.
Mechanic: Watch out for the crossfire!
Kai: Hey! You're stealing my lines!
Zane: [freezes the Mechanic] Who likes ice cream? I do! How was that for a last line, Kai? Can we leave now?
Kai: [also frozen] Needs a little work. Gonna have to give me a minute to thaw though. Heh.

[The ninja meet up]
Kai: [sees Lloyd] Hey, there he is. You're late.
Zane: Kai was late too, if it is any consolation.
Lloyd: Thanks for meeting me here. It's been a while since we've all been under one roof. [Nya giggles and Cole nudges Jay] What?
Jay: Are we gonna talk about it?
Lloyd: Talk about what?
Cole: Your voice, it's—
Zane: [deep voice] Lower.
Kai: Sounds like our little ninja's growing up.

Nya: I don't like this one bit. If the Royal Family likes their privacy, why give such a public speech?
Jay: I think it's nice. They're reaching out to the people.
Kai: Why all the hate, sis? You just don't like getting gussied up.
Nya: All that gold and glitter is for show. The Royal Family are figure heads. They don't have any real power, what purpose do they have?
Zane: Their purpose is to be protected, as do all of our traditions. I believe Master Lloyd has spotted something of interest.
[They see Lloyd staring at the Princess]
Kai: Looks like he's got an eye for the Princess.
Jay: I guess green is her favorite color.
Lloyd: You do know I can hear you, right?

Hutchins: While you are in our service, you have full access to the complimentary royal buffet. Anything you want is at your disposal. Exotic fruits, assorted vegetables, scones, and all-you-can-eat cake.
Cole: Ah, thank you, but I gave up sweets. My body is a temple.
Jay: Ever since Master Wu went missing, Cole has been a real party pooper.
Zane: [confused] Party pooper?
Jay: I'll explain later.

Zane: Can we discuss now what is a "party pooper"?
Cole: Jay's upset I'm the responsible one. With Master Wu gone, someone has to keep us in check.
Zane: In that case, you are correct. You are responsible. It is nice to have a pooper at the party.
[Jay laughs as Cole groans]

The Jade Princess[edit]

The Oni and the Dragon[edit]

Harumi: Forgive me, but is that... underwear?
Jay: [takes the underwear and laughs awkwardly] We're usually more organized. But our leader got lost in a time stream... They're Cole's.
Cole: They're blue!
Kai: [laughs] You're lucky they're not yellow.

Luke Cunningham: Ninja. Hmph. What do you two want?
Zane: Luke Cunningham.
Cole: Otherwise known as the Man in the White Mask.
Zane: We would like some information regarding who you work for, Luke.
Luke: Well, I'd like a pepperoni pizza and some chocolate ice cream, but it ain't gonna happen.
Cole: We don't have that, but we do have a cup of hot tea that could warm you up.
Luke: I ain't thirsty.
Cole: [drinks tea] Mm, it really warms me up. Sometimes a cup of hot tea just hits the spot.
Luke: Like I said, I ain't talkin'.
Cole: Drink it!
Luke: No!
Cole: Oh, don't you get it? If you don't drink the Tea of Truth, we won't get answers! [realizes what he just said] Oh... [covers his mouth]
Luke: [looks to his tea then to Cole] You trying to trick me?
Zane: Cole, I think you drank the wrong cup!
Cole: I see that now. [gives the Tea of Truth to Zane] But in full disclosure, I'm trying my best to look like I didn't. It's not working, isn't it?
Luke: Ha! So you can't lie, huh? Oh! You pee in the swimming pool?
Cole: Oh course! Who doesn't- [covers mouth]
Luke: Heh! Where are you hiding the Princess?
Cole: Oh, the Destiny's Bounty in a cove off Hollow's Bluff- [covers his mouth again] But tomorrow we'll be at the village of Stiix.
Zane: You're giving away our secrets!
Cole: I can't lie!
Luke: What sort of power does the Green Ninja have?
Cole: It's some kind of energy, or green light. I dunno, like, all our Elemental Powers rolled into one. Who can say? Zane! Knock me out! Do something!
Luke: [laughs] Wait till the gang at Laughy's hears about this.
Zane: "Laughy's"? You mean the karaoke club on the south side?
Luke: [stops laughing] Oh...
Cole: Haha! Who's the sucker now? Good thing I didn't tell him about my fear of singing. Oh, Zane, can we please get out of here?

Snake Jaguar[edit]

Man: [sees Lloyd] Oh, look, son! It's the Green Ninja!
Boy: Is it? Where?
Man: There! Look! [points but Lloyd is now gone]
Boy: [unconvinced] Yeah, right, Dad, very funny.

Dead Man's Squall[edit]

[The baby starts crying]
Lloyd: Maybe he's thirsty. Give him some milk.
Cole: I tried. He doesn't like milk.
Jay: What else do babies drink?
Kai: Don't ask me, ask him.
Cole: He's a baby! He hasn't learned how to talk yet.
Jay: Oh, maybe he needs a diaper change.
Cole: Oh, my gosh, do we even have diapers?
Lloyd: Why would we have diapers? We're ninja.
Jay: Ooh, maybe we can use one of our hoods instead.
Kai: Not my hood.
Lloyd: We'll draw straws. Loser gives up their hood.
Harumi: [singing to the baby] The spider's in the house, sleep sleep. The spider bit the mouse, sleep deep. Don't wake up or else you'll find a spider in your mouth.
[The baby stops crying and falls asleep]
Cole: Wow, you're really good at that.
Harumi: Nah, he's just tired. Too much excitement. He'll go to sleep now.

Jay: [trying to catch a meatball with a fork] Haha, come here, you little sucker! [accidentally stabs Kai]
Kai: [yelps in pain] Aah!
Jay: [gasps] Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to—
Kai: [stops Jay from removing the fork from his hand] Don't! Just don't.

P.I.X.A.L.: Proximity alarm. Something is approaching the Bounty fast.
Nya: Onscreen.
P.I.X.A.L.: It is Samurai X.
Cole: Oh. He must be here to help us out.
P.I.X.A.L.: I'm afraid that is unlikely.
Lloyd: Why?
P.I.X.A.L.: Because my system is overrun.
Kai: You're making no sense, P.I.X.A.L.. What are you talking about?
P.I.X.A.L.: This would be a good time to make a minor confession… I am Samurai X.
Kai: What? Are you serious?
Nya: How is that possible?
Lloyd: How can you be Samurai X?
Jay: Totally called it!
Cole: You did not!
Jay: Did too!

[Lloyd jumps off the Bounty and lands on the Samurai X Mech]
Jay: He did not just—
Kai: He just did!

Harumi: We're... we're... we're gonna—
Lloyd: Look at me! We're gonna get outta this! You hear me? [frees her from the Mech]
Harumi: The map! Maybe we can use it to parachute down!
Lloyd: What is this, a cartoon? That's never gonna work!

The Quiet One[edit]

P.I.X.A.L.: Zane, may I ask you something?
Zane: You have half my heart. You can ask me anything.
P.I.X.A.L.: Was I more... useful... inside the computer?
Zane: What sort of question is that?
P.I.X.A.L.: You can be honest with me, because I want to be a useful member of the team, but I would prefer not to return to the computer. I like having a body, but if you require my assistance in your headset-
Zane: The choice has always been yours, P.I.X.A.L.. And I for one like seeing you like this.

Jay: [sees the baby] Cole? Hehe. I thought you put the baby down for a nap.
Cole: You mean little Cole Jr.? I did, but he was pretty restless.
Jay: Uh-huh. Yeah. Then why is little Cole Jr. standing in front of me and passing me the pliers?
Cole: Uh... Cole Jr. is walking now? I don't know much about babies, but are babies supposed to walk?
Kai: No. No, they are not. And I don't think they know what pliers are. [the baby blows on a cup of tea to cool it, then drinks it] And they definitely can't do that.
Jay: Okay, now I've seen it all. Now I really quit.
Baby: Ninja never quit. [laughs]
[The ninja stare in shock]
Jay: Uh, guys, I don't think that's Cole Jr., that's Master Wu!

Game of Masks[edit]

Ultra Violet: Oh, now isn't this a lovely pickle?
Kai: Where's Lloyd?
Harumi: The Green Ninja can't help you now.
Nya: Remember how I didn't care for her at first? Then she won me over with all that girl talk, and we started to really get to know each other? Well, now I hate her!
[Mr. E brings out his mask]
Zane: Don't even think about it.
Kai: This can end one of two ways: either you hand the masks over peacefully—
Jay: I don't even have to know the rest of the choices. I like that one.
Harumi: Or what?
Kai: Or we'll have to get all ninja up on ya.
Harumi: What does that even mean?
Kai: I don't know. I was improvising. Usually Lloyd does the talking, but he isn't here. B— WHERE'S LLOYD?!

Dread on Arrival[edit]

[Wu, P.I.X.A.L., and the ninja barge into the Commissioner's office]
Nya: Commissioner!
P.I.X.A.L.: So good to see you.
Kai: There's no time to lose.
Cole: Sorry to barge in, but it's really quite urgent.
Zane: We have to vacate the city.
Jay: We need weapons, lots and lots and lots of weapons.
Wu: Crabby!
Commissioner: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. One at a time. Just shoot it to me straight: what's gonna do me in?
P.I.X.A.L.: Pardon? Do you in?
Commissioner: Every time something bad happens to the city, first thing they do is can the police commissioner. So what is it this time? Subterranean mutant insects? Indomitable flesh-eating zombies? A pirate genie?
Cole: Pirate genie?
Commissioner: Yes, why not? Anything can happen in this crazy town.

True Potential[edit]

[Dareth shows Misako and Wu his apartment]
Dareth: I got this place in case the Brown Ninja ever needed a secret headquarters, heh. Truthfully, I'm a little bummed the ninja haven't needed me more.
Misako: Well, we need you now. This is perfect, Dareth.
[They go inside, but the room is very messy, making them gasp. Dareth tries to clean it]
Dareth: The toilet's on your right. If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down. If it's blue, uh, I don't know what to do. [laughs, but Misako glares at him] Sorry. I guess this isn't the time for jokes.

Lloyd: Show yourself, Father!
Garmadon: You've... you've changed.
Lloyd: So have you. I don't wanna have to fight you. [Garmadon attacks him] Please, this isn't you.
Garmadon: This is the new me.
Lloyd: You have power. I didn't come to fight you. My father is somewhere in there. I've saved you once. I'll save you again.
Garmadon: There is nothing left to save! I've played many roles. Worn many masks. Father. Husband. Brother. Teacher. But only one was summoned back: Destroyer!
Lloyd: But listen to me. You don't have to do this. Harumi's using you as a pawn.
Garmadon: You are the pawn, a pawn to your own foolish hopes.
Lloyd: You wouldn't hurt me, your son.
Garmadon: I have no son.

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago[edit]

Kai: Not so fast!
Jay: "Not so fast?" That's our big entrance? You used that ages ago! After all these battles, all this time, you couldn't come up with something better?
Kai: Look, I'm sorry if I'm distracted by that giant walking thing!

Harumi: This. This is what I wanted. To see your father's return, and for you to lose everything. How does it feel to see the end?
Lloyd: No, I won't let it do to me what it did to you. This isn't the end, Harumi. This is just the beginning. Without my power, without my friends, I'm gonna fight you. I'm gonna fight on, because a ninja never quits.
Harumi: Well, then, goodbye, Lloyd.
Lloyd: Before I go, just answer me this: you said the greatest villain was the one who got away. Then what am I?

Season 9: Hunted[edit]


Kai: [finds foil under the Bounty's debris] Foil. I found foil! Ah! Yes! We have foil!
Zane: [grunts as he sets up a radio] Okay, let's see if it works.
Cole: Say we're lucky enough to reach someone in Ninjago. After everything that's happened, is there even a home to go back to?
Kai: One way to find out. Here goes nothing. [flips a switch on the radio]
[Nothing happens]
Zane: And that sounds like nothing.
Kai: Ugh, we're never getting home!
Jay: [calmly] So it doesn't work. I'm telling you guys, I've been feeling so much better now that I've accepted our situation. This is our new home.
Cole: You don't sound like yourself, Jay.
Jay: I'm just saying you don't have to freak out about it. Heh. It could be worse.
Kai: Worse? Worse!? A strange tea lady just marooned us in the Realm of Oni and Dragon. A realm, mind you, we know nothing about, with no hope of getting home, and no clue as to what else is out there!
Jay: Uh, Oni and Dragons, duh?
Cole: Sure, Jay. We've all seen Dragons. But aren't you the least bit concerned about coming across an Oni? I mean, we hardly know anything about them.
Zane: Except that they like to destroy, and Master Wu is part one.

Jay: [laughs] Ah, man.
Kai: You not freaking out is freaking ME OUT!
Jay: Kai, baby, it's much easier coping with life's problems when you let go of hope. [slides down a plank] Whoo-hoo! Hey, turn up that music. That's my butter and jam. Yeah-ha!
Cole: Yeah, he's totally lost it.
Jay: Nope, I've totally found it!

[Kai holds up a torch as Zane fixes the radio]
Kai: No sign of Cole, or Wu for that matter. So, whatcha doin', Jay?
Jay: [playing a "game" on a piece of wood] It's my new video game console. I built it myself.
Kai: Uh-huh. [to Zane] Is it working?
Zane: It's working!
Kai: Really? Jay, do you believe it?
Jay: Ain't no video game console with unlimited plays.

Iron & Stone[edit]

Radio Free Ninjago[edit]

[The Dragon Hunters surround the stranded ninja]
Iron Baron: They are Masters of Elements! A week's rations for the Hunter who brings them to me in chains!
Kai: I count ten.
Zane: There are fifteen.
Kai: Yeah, well, you were always better with math. You with us, Jay?
Jay: We're totally outnumbered. They have weapons and we don't, I haven't eaten all day, not to mention showered in a week. Do you see there are kids in this audience? This level of violence is far too much for them to handle, let alone me!
Zane: He's back to normal.

Harumi: You summoned me, Emperor?
Garmadon: The city is too quiet. I feel the presence of my son.
Harumi: He would be foolish to show his face.
Garmadon: Do I look like a fool?
Harumi: I will handle security of the tower myself. I will not fail you.

Lloyd: [on TV] Hello, Ninjago, it's me, Lloyd Garmadon, the Green Ninja. Lord Garmadon wants you to be afraid, but I need you to be brave. With the help of Princess Harumi, Lord Garmadon struck a major blow against Ninjago City. We are ready to strike back. There is a resistance. And we may be small, but we are powerful. I may not have Elemental Power, but I call upon the power of the people. When we get knocked down, we rise up. Stronger than before. This is our city. He thinks he can bully us with stone giants. Well, this isn't the first time our city has faced ruin. Buildings fall, but we rise! [the citizens cheer] And to you, Father, I say this: fighting me may make you feel powerful, but you're about to see what real power is. The Resistance never quits!

How to Build a Dragon[edit]

Wu: It won't fly.
Jay: It has to.
Cole: I'm too heavy. Maybe your calculations were off.
Jay: I designed it to your measurements. Have you gained weight?
Cole: [gasps] I have given up cake, and my body is a temple!

The Gilded Path[edit]

Two Lies, One Truth[edit]

Lloyd: Those who cannot change, cannot change anything.
Harumi: Lloyd, you speak of change, but look what you've become. Nothing but a beggar in rags.
Lloyd: You took my friends from me, so I took yours.
[The Resistance surround Harumi]
Nya: Who's the beggar now?

The Weakest Link[edit]

Faith: We're getting closer to the Firstbourne's nest. We will eat when the Son of the Spinjitzu Master has the Dragon Armor, and we are all in Ninyeego.
Zane: It's Ninjago. It's really not that hard to pronounce.
Kai: Oh, to be back home, in a real bed.
Jay: Mmm, with real food.
Cole: And cake. Why did I ever give up cake?
Jay: [snorts] Because your body is a temple.
Faith: What is this, cake?
Cole: Imagine all that is good, baked into warm and moist. Then add a sweet, sugary frosting, that's cake.
Faith: You sound excited, but are you ready for what lies ahead.

Saving Faith[edit]

Wu: [now aged up into a young adult] You let my ninja go, or else!
Iron Baron: Or else what?
Wu: Or else I will reclaim my father's armor and ask his dragon to end your rule. I am the Son of the First Spinjitzu Master, and this is my oath!

Lessons for a Master[edit]

Jet Jack: What do you think you're doing?
Jay: Uh, nothing? [Jet Jack holds up her weapon] They are going to eat us!
[The Ninja all scream. Jet Jack cuts him down, and the others scream as they are also cut down]
Cole: Ow. Ugh. Ever heard of stairs?
Faith: I don't know if I should thank you, Jet Jack, or prepare to fight.
Kai: Or if you're going to eat us, eat him first. [points to Cole] He's filled with cake!
Cole: [stutters] A-am not!

[Iron Baron and Wu are looking for the Dragon Armor in the First Realm]
Iron Baron: Wait... I cannot see a cursed thing in here. [crashes into Wu and falls down] Where is this Dragon Nest? [gets back up with a torch in his hand]
Wu: [looks down] I believe we're in it.
[They see many dragons]
Iron Baron: [gasps] They are all asleep. Your Oni blood does not disturb them. Your Dragon blood keeps them docile. Look! [they see the Dragon Armor] It's revealing itself to you. It wants to be found. [they both walk towards the Dragon Armor, reaching the base] Back away! It's mine! [The Firstbourne wakes up as he puts on the armor] Ah, yes, I have it! I wear the Dragon Armor! I command you, beast, destroy him!
Wu: You know, I've learned a lot of things since I came to this realm.
Iron Baron: What are you babbling about?!
Wu: My ninja taught me responsibility, confidence, a sense of humor, and to listen to the voice within. But I also learned something from you.
Iron Baron: Argh! Stand down! Kneel before me!
Wu: You taught me the power of lies. You didn't really think the Dragon Armor is what made Firstbourne obey my father, did you? It was because of his heart. She sensed goodness in him. What does she sense in you?

Green Destiny[edit]

[The ninja try to chain the Colossus down]
Zane: He's too considerable to take down.
Kai: And he's got good reflexes!
Cole: Guys, I'm nearly out of chain.
Jay: Me too.
Kai: Even if we had more, it's not thick enough to stop it.
Zane: Then perhaps next time we should use thicker chains.
Cole: There ain't gonna be a next time!
Jay: And Zane's the smart one.
Kai: No, he's onto something. Look at all that chain. If we can use it, we could lock it down.
Cole: And who of us is stupid enough to jump on that thing?
Kai: Cole, say no more. [jumps on the Colossus]
Cole: That's my last one. Make it count!

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu[edit]

Master Class[edit]

[In the Monastery, the ninja are talking to Wu]
Kai: I don't get it, Master. Why do we need a Spinjitzu lesson now? We're golden! Real True Potential stuff. Check me out! Jump up, kick back, whip around, and spi— Agh! [falls on his face]
Wu: Golden? Haha! There's more to Spinjitzu than spinning, kicking, and whipping. You have yourself just perfectly illustrated why it is high time for a reminder. Maybe we start with… balance, in Spinjitzu, as well as in life.

Wu: I think this concludes the lesson for today. We are golden.
Kai: Hey, I was gonna say that!

Green and Gold[edit]

Lloyd: [on the Ultra Dragon in a dream] Easy there, Ultra. You're making me all dizzy. Woo-hoo! [the Dragon jerks back] Whoa! Sensing something? Something's wrong? [the Dragon blows Fire] Fire. Where? Go! [they find a village on fire, being raided by Venomari] Venomari. I thought those guys had all been defeated by the Stone Army. We need to split up. You deal with the fire and thieves, I'll take on the warriors. [summons the Golden Dragon] Formation Double Dragon! [picks up two Venomari warriors] You ground dwellers need a flying lesson. [throws them in a lake] End of lesson. Keep your heads down and don't mess with Ninjago!

The Weekend Drill[edit]

Wu: The past is our guiding light—or our journey into the future will be shrouded in darkness. This mural will remind and help us remember. It is our collective history captured in a single image. Only the most essential—uh, this has no historic significance. [points to the Earth Driller] Who told you to put that there?

Wu: On second thought, leave it be. It's just an Earth Driller. What harm can it do?

Elemental Rider[edit]

[Kai and Zane are walking around the Monastery]
Kai: Hey, Jay, what's up? Huh?
Zane: He appears to have gone into some meditative trance, or possibly spontaneous self hibernation.
Kai: Nah, he's probably just fantasizing about that. [looks at a mural] Our Elemental vehicles. Created from our Golden Weapons. Remember those, Zane?
Zane: I don't need to remember. I can recall an enhanced visual augmentation from my data log.
Kai: Hey, we didn't look like that back then.
Zane: I told you, it was an enhanced visual augmentation.
Kai: Whatever.

Blue Lightning[edit]

[Jay walks up to Wu, who is watching monks paint the murals]
Jay: Hi, Master. What's happening?
Wu: Oh, hello, Jay. Nothing much, except witnessing the birth of this historical—
Jay: Wow! Look at that! My Lightning Jet! Remember how cool that was? All I had to do was swing my nunchucks around and...
Wu: Uh, yes, the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. Each possessing the power of Creation, forged by my father, the First Spinjitzu Master. In the molten steams of the Golden Peaks.

[Jay accidentally hits himself with his nunchucks, snapping himself out of his flashback]
Jay: Ow! [notices it's dark and no one's there] Aw, great. I missed supper again. I guess I'm ordering take out. [makes a call on his phone] Hello? Mr. Chen's Noodle Empire? Quick question, do you deliver?

Samurai X-Treme[edit]

Season 10: March of the Oni[edit]

The Darkness Comes[edit]

Lloyd: [meets Garmadon in a cell at Kryptarium Prison] Hello, Father.
Garmadon: Well, well, if it isn't the Green Ninja. To what do I owe the honor?
Lloyd: You sent for me, remember? You said it was urgent.
Garmadon: Did I? Hmm, that doesn't sound like me. I have all the time in the world in here.
Lloyd: Fine. [about to walk away] Then I guess I'll just—
Garmadon: Oh, yes, I remember now. I did call you. Do you remember the last time we saw each other? What I said? "When they come, nothing will be left".
Lloyd: You said something was coming.
Garmadon: Yes, but you didn't listen. And now, I'm afraid there isn't much time.
Lloyd: Time for what?
Garmadon: To prepare for the darkness, destruction, the end of Ninjago. And while I'm okay with that, in principle, I'd rather not be destroyed along with you, so I've decided to help you fight them.
Lloyd: Fight who?
Garmadon: The Bringers of Doom. You and your color-coded little ninja are no match for them. There's only one thing powerful enough to stop them.
Lloyd: Let me guess: you.
Garmadon: Let me out, and you might have a chance.
Lloyd: Hmm, how do I put this? No. N—O. Not if you were the last person in all of Ninjago. There is nothing you will say that will make me trust you ever again. Goodbye. [leaves]
Garmadon: Hmm. You'll be back.

[Jay is practicing his Yin-Yang promise to Nya with Kai]
Jay: [stuttering] Nya? I've wanted to ask you this for... a... long time. [holds up his Yin-Yang token] Um, will you... be my Yang?
Kai: No, no, no. You can't ask like that.
Jay: Why not?
Kai: You have to ask with confidence, like this. [switches Jay to his position] Hey, Nya, how's it going? I've been thinking... you and me... we make a pretty good pair. So what do you say we make it official? [slides around Jay, grabs the Yin-Yang token, and spins into a proposal stance] Will you be my Yang?
Jay: [gasps] Yes!
Kai: See?
Jay: Wait, no. I can't ask like that. It doesn't feel right, it feels too... I don't know— cocky.
Dareth: [enters] Who's cocky?
Kai: Nobody. Jay's trying to find the right way to ask Nya to be his Yang.
Dareth: Seriously? You and Nya? Wow.
Jay: Aw, Kai, do you mind?
Kai: Oh, sorry. [to Dareth] It's supposed to be secret, so don't tell anyone.
Dareth: The Yin-Yang promise is a beautiful and sacred tradition, Jay. Congratulations. Ah! I'm so excited to be part of it. I-I am part of it, right?
Jay: Yes, Dareth.
Kai: If he ever asks Nya.

Into the Breach[edit]

[Jay is busily typing on the UHF. He looks around cautiously, sees Garmadon inspecting the buttons and yells in surprise before walking to the other ninja]
Jay: Am I the only one freaking out about this?!
Kai: [sarcastically] Why freak out? Our derange, psychotic, arch-nemesis is now our house guest.
Zane: I find the term "Freak out" inadequate and imprecise. I prefer to say I am deeply troubled.
Nya: [whispers nervously to Lloyd] Lloyd? Are you sure he can be trusted?
Lloyd: No. Of course not.
Jay: Of course not?! That's not what you're supposed to say! You're supposed to say "yes."
Lloyd: What choice do we have? If Master Wu is right, and we're under attack by the Oni, then my father may be our best chance. And anyway, he doesn't have his powers back, so how much trouble can he really cause?

Kai: So, did you pop the question yet?
Jay: No, I'm waiting for the right time.
Kai: There may not be a right time, Jay. You gotta just do it.
Cole: [pops up around the corner] Do what?
Kai: Jay's gonna ask Nya to be his Yang.
Cole: What?! Seriously?! That's great! Why am I always the last person to know these things?
Jay: Shh! Will you keep your voice down, please?
Kai: He's been planning it for weeks.
Cole: Weeks? Haha! You gotta just do it, Jay. It's like ripping off an old bandage. The sooner you get over it, the better.
Jay: Um, did you just compare Nya to an old bandage?
Kai: Nice. Way to go, Cole. Way to take the romance out of it.

Garmadon: The Oni entered this realm through a portal or rift between our world and theirs. There are only one or two ways this is possible. And, I'm willing to wager, it would've been through the Realm Crystal. To stop this darkness from spreading, the crystal must be destroyed.
Zane: The Realm Crystal is currently housed in the new high-security vault, below Borg Tower.
Nya: That's smack in the middle of Ninjago City!
Kai: Uh, we just escaped from there, remember? It's engulfed in a giant, black cloud of destruction, and now you're asking us to turn around and go back?
Garmadon: I asked nothing. I am telling you that if you wish to stop the darkness, the crystal must be destroyed.
Cole: And I'm telling you, forget it! Just one of those black cloud tentacle things touched my foot for a second, and nearly froze me solid! We wouldn't last a minute inside the darkness.
Garmadon: That is correct. You are merely human. I, however, am Oni. I can enter the darkness, make my way to the crystal, and destroy it. I will, of course, require a weapon.
Cole: Ha! Fat chance!
Lloyd: Do you really expect us to just hand you a sword and let you go?
Garmadon: If you wish to live, yes.
Lloyd: Well, forget it! No way! I wouldn't trust you with a… a… a-
Kai: A pillow! [Cole, Jay, Nya and Lloyd look at him disapprovingly] It's the most harmless thing I could think of.

Lloyd: You… you saved my life.
Garmadon: [pushes Lloyd away and walks towards the entrance] Again, your sentiment clouds your judgement. The Realm Crystal is all that matters. Two of us stand a better chance of victory than one.
Lloyd: Fine! I don't care either. We work together until this is done, and then you go back to your jail cell. [Garmadon turns around, smiling evilly] What?
Garmadon: What, what?
Lloyd: Why are you smiling like that?
Garmadon: Maybe I'm happy.
Lloyd: That's not a happy smile. That's an evil, "I've-got-something-up-my-sleeve" smile.
Garmadon: Really? How's this? [smiles in the same way]
Lloyd: That's exactly the same.
Garmadon: No, it isn't.
Lloyd: Yes, it is!

The Fall[edit]

Garmadon: [after Lloyd destroys the Realm Crystal] Took you long enough.
Lloyd: [offfended] Oh, come on! That was awesome!
Garmadon: It was adequate!

[Kai, Jay, and Nya run up to check on Lloyd, and Zane checks on P.I.X.A.L.]
Zane: P.I.X.A.L.! Are you okay?
P.I.X.A.L.: I am unhurt.
[Zane lifts the cover and P.I.X.A.L. crawls out]
Jay: Lloyd, are you okay?
Lloyd: Yeah, yeah, I think so.
Garmadon: So am I. Nobody has to worry about me.
Lloyd: [sees the other ninja sad] What? What is it? [notices Cole's missing] Where's Cole? [the other ninja look away] Where's Cole? [grabs Kai] Somebody say something! Where's Cole?!
Zane: He... H-he's gone.
Lloyd: What do you mean gone?
Kai: Lloyd, he fell... into the cloud.
Nya: [about to cry] I... I'm so sorry.
Lloyd: [saddened] He's... He's really... gone?
Nya: It was my fault. I pulled the thrust lever the wrong way, and... [starts crying]
[Jay and Kai comfort her]
Jay: It wasn't your fault, it was an accident.
Kai: It could have happened to anyone.
[Lloyd looks down in sadness, but Garmadon interrupts their moment]
Garmadon: Okay, let's get going.
Lloyd: [angry] Do you mind?!
Garmadon: Yes, I do. We are wasting valuable time! [holds up the Golden Armor] All that matters now is this.
Kai: The Golden Armor.
Zane: What about the Realm Crystal?
Garmadon: [sighs] It didn't work, but this will! They fear it.
Lloyd: Cole was our friend. He was more than a friend, he was family! But you don't understand that, do you? Oh, what's the point? You're never gonna get it! Because you don't care about anyone but yourself!
Garmadon: [angrily] Every moment you delay risks our survival!
Lloyd: [screaming angrily] There's more to life than SURVIVING!! AUGH!! [stomps off in anger]
Garmadon: How do you reason with that? [turns to Zane] You, Nindroid, if any of you are capable of logical thought, it is you. Tell them!
Zane: [upset and angry] I'm happy to say, you are mistaken. At this moment, even I am incapable of logical thought.
[He walks away, P.I.X.A.L. and the rest of the ninja following. Garmadon stares in surprise]

Garmadon: What do you want, Vinny of NGTV News?
Vinny: Oh, uh, I just looking for the bathroom.
Garmadon: This is not it.
Vinny: Right. Uh, thanks. [starts to leave]
Garmadon: Wait. I have a query.
Vinny: Uh, s-sure, fire away.
Garmadon: What could possibly be more important than survival?
Vinny: Oh, well, lots of things. Friendship, man, and-and-and love, and harmony, and trust, and truth, and courage, and you know, all the stuff that makes life worthwhile. Without those, I mean, what's the point? Right?
Garmadon: Huh, indeed. You may leave now, Vinny of NGTV News.

[At the back of the Bounty, Nya is crying over Cole's fall]
Kai: [opens the door] Hi, sis. You okay?
Nya: [trembles] No.
Kai: Me neither.
Nya: I just can't help thinking, if only I'd pushed the handle the right way.
Kai: [sits next to her] Hey, it was an accident. Cole loved you like a brother. I mean, a sister. I mean a— [sighs] …you know.
Nya: I just... can't believe he's gone.
Kai: Neither can I. But Cole would want us to keep fighting. And you're the brains here, sis, so...
Nya: Me?
Kai: You're the one who's always building everything and coming up with all the plans, you and Zane, and Zane's not much use at the moment.
Nya: Yeah. Right. Okay, let's set a course for the Monastery of Spinjitzu. It has a forge.
Kai: Forge?
Nya: To melt down the Golden Armor. Kai, the Golden Armor was forged out of the Weapons of Spinjitzu, so...
Kai: So...?
Nya: So if we can melt it down and forge it back into weapons, we can use those to fight the Oni!
Kai: Ha, no hat's a great idea. I'll tell the others. [realizes something] W-w-w-wait, the Weapons of Spinjitzu were forged at the Temple of Light. You can't just go to any old blacksmith.
Nya: I'm not. I'm coming to you.
Kai: Me? Uh, are you crazy? I'm a terrible blacksmith, remember? You used to tell me that all the time.
Nya: You're the Elemental Master of Fire, Kai. Your fire can melt down the armor. You're the only chance we have.
Kai: So a future of all Ninjago depends on my blacksmithing abilities?
Nya: Yup, pretty much.
Kai: No pressure.


[The mountain rumbles, and Nya, Lloyd, Master Wu, and the Oni turn to see the Earth Driller bursting out]
Cole: [jumps out] Hey, guys! Couldn't wait for me, huh?
Nya: [gasps] Cole!
Lloyd: How— where—?
Jay: Th-Th-Th— We thought we'd lost you—y-you, jerk!
Cole: You can't get rid of me that easily.

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu[edit]

Wasted True Potential[edit]

Jay: Zane! Wake up, Zane! Cole's about to beat your high score!
Zane: [wakes up, gasping, and shouts in surprise] Jay! [gasps for breath] I just had a terrible nightmare!
Jay: Oh, I'm afraid it's not a dream, Zane. It's real, Cole's about to beat your high score.
Zane: Not that. I had a nightmare, something terrible is going to happen. There was an evil serpent with a weapon, and it zapped me with it, and there was an ice castle, and a dragon, and a—
Jay: Shh, relax, Zane. It was just a dream.
Zane: It was a vision!
Jay: Zane, when was the last time one of your visions actually came true?
Zane: All of my visions have come true.
Jay: Uh, like which?
Zane: Like the vision about the Titanium Dragon, and the vision before that about the Green Ninja, and the time before that about the—
Jay: Okay, okay, but this is different. Now seriously, Cole is about to beat your Lava Zombie score and I don't want to miss it, so come on!

[The ninja are relaxing in a hot tub]
Nya: Kai, a little heat, please.
Kai: But of course.
[He summons a flame and sticks it in the water. The ninja laugh and sigh]
Cole: [slurps from his guzzler hat] Ah, this is the life!
Kai: We heard it, pal. Fighting all those bad guys, saving Ninjago.
[They look up as a crash is heard]
Wu: I can't believe we're back to this.
Lloyd: What?
Wu: After every big victory, you get lazy, complacent, careless.
Kai: Uh, that is not true!
Cole: We're recovering. We're resting our muscles.
Wu: It was months ago.
Nya: Months? Really?
Cole: Are you sure?
Wu: Yes!
Kai: Well, who's counting?
Wu: I am! Look at yourselves! You've gone soft. You do nothing all day but play video games, and eat cake, and soak in this... this...
Cole: [looks around the water] Hot tub?
Wu: [enraged] IT'S NOT A HOT TUB! It's the sacred Bell of Divinity! Out! Out! All of you! [the ninja all complain at once] Emergency meeting in the monastery, in three minutes!

Questing for Quests[edit]

[Wu is meditating in front of his incense candles in his quarters as Lloyd comes in]
Lloyd: Master? [waits for a reply] Is it okay to speak? I don't want to interrupt if you're meditating. [pauses] You're meditating. I'll wait.
[Wu peeks at Lloyd as he looks around. Eventually, he decides to meditate as well. Lloyd peeks at Wu, then sighs impatiently. He then gets up, accidentally kicking Wu's candles. Wu opens his eyes and closes them irritably. Lloyd coughs, and Wu gives up]
Wu: What, Lloyd?
Lloyd: Me and the guys decided we're going on a quest. To get back in shape and hoard our ninja skills?
Wu: Good.
Lloyd: Yeah, except, um, the thing is, we can't think of a quest. We were hoping you had a quest tip.
Wu: Quest tip?
Lloyd: Suggestion? Idea? For a quest?
Wu: Have you become so lazy, you can't even find something to do on your own? Don't come to me for a quest tip! Go out and find a quest! Adventure does not come to the idle, it comes to those who seek it! So seek!
Lloyd: Right. O-okay. We'll seek.

A Rocky Start[edit]

The Belly of the Beast[edit]

[At nightfall, the ninja are sitting around a fire]
Zane: I see only one option: The digestive system of a beetle is very slow. There is a good chance the Thermolytic Inverter is still intact inside Beohernie's stomach.
Jay: Bernie.
Nya: What good does that do?
Zane: If one of us were to be ingested, we might be able to retrieve the device.
Cole: Ingested?
Kai: Uh, are you kidding?
Zane: If we can get inside Beohernie's stomach—
Jay: Bernie.
Zane: …We should in theory be able to retrieve the Inverter and exit again. Either through the creature's mouth or through the other end of the digestive—
Jay: [shakes his head vigorously] Lalalalalala, I don't wanna hear this!
Cole: Yeah, of all the bad ideas I've heard, and I've heard a few…Lookin' at you, Kai, this takes the cake!
Nya: I agree. It sounds nuts.
Zane: The facts are indisputable. We need the Inverter. The Inverter is inside the beetle. Ergo, one of us must enter the beetle and retrieve it.
Lloyd: Hmm…
Jay: Don't tell me you're considering this!
Lloyd: I'm open to other suggestions if anyone has one.
Nya: How do we decide? Who gets to... you know, be—
Zane: It was my idea. The responsibility is mine.
Lloyd: No, I'm the responsible one.
Kai: Guys, guys, you're both too valuable to risk. It should be someone expendable, like Jay.
Jay: WHAT?!
Cole: Well, look who's talking!
[Kai, Nya, Jay, and Cole start arguing]
Lloyd: Guys, guys! We're going to settle this like adults.

Boobytraps and How to Survive Them[edit]

The News Never Sleeps![edit]

Ninja vs. Lava[edit]



Lloyd: We better get a move on!
Kai: Actually... I'm sitting this one out.
Other Ninja: What?!
Kai: Aspheera stole my powers, remember? I can't help! I mean, Jay had to save me just now. Jay!
Jay: Huh, that's a weird way of saying thanks.
Kai: Just go without me. I'll only get in your way.
Lloyd: [puts a hand on Kai's shoulder] Powers don't make a hero.
Kai: Dude, that's just something that people with powers say to make people without powers feel better.
Lloyd: That's not true! We need you.
[Fireballs start falling]
Nya: We don't have time to argue! The people in that museum need help!
Cole: She's right! We gotta go!
Lloyd: [to Kai] If you change your mind, you'll know where we'll be.

Ancient History[edit]

Never Trust a Human[edit]

Under Siege[edit]

The Explorers' Club[edit]

Vengeance is Mine![edit]

A Cold Goodbye[edit]

The Never-Realm[edit]

Fire Maker[edit]

An Unlikely Ally[edit]

[Kai, lying in a hammock, is holding fish on sticks]
Children: [run over to Kai] Hey! Fire Maker! Fire Maker! Fire Maker!
Child #1: Make the fire! Make the fire!
Child #2: Mine too!
Child #3: Cook mine! Cook mine!
Kai: Okay, okay, one at a time.
[He cooks their fish, and they leave, chattering happily]
Child #2: Oh, yeah! You were right! Look at his big gang!
Kai: Hey, where are you going? There's more where that came from! Fire Maker has more miracles!
Nya: Fire Maker has more miracles?
Kai: Eh, just keeping the kids entertained.
Nya: Ah, okay, as long as you're not straining yourself.

The Absolute Worst[edit]

The Message[edit]

[Cole is telling the story of how Aspheera banished Zane to the Never-Realm, using his paper drawings on sticks, to some children in the Great Lake]
Cole: [as Zane] Put down the staff and surrender, Aspheera. Your days of evil are over. [as Aspheera] Never! I will have my revenge if it's the last thing I do! [a child gasps in fear] Take that, Wu! Zap! Zap! [drops Wu's stick; as Zane] No! Look out, Master Wu! [as Aspheera] Zap! Zap! Ahh! [clashes Zane and Aspheera's sticks until Zane's stick snaps in half] Oh, no! [picks up Nya's stick] Zane is gone! [puts down Nya's stick and picks up his stick] What did you do to my friend? [as Aspheera, cackling. The children cower together as the story gets more intense] Take that! I banished him to the one place from which you can never return. The Never-Realm! [one of the children faints while the rest start crying and run away] Wait! W-W-W-Woah! Hey! Wait, it's okay, look, it's not real, it's just a story! [waves Aspheera's stick and it snaps in half; he chases after the children, while Kai, Nya, and Jay are working outside] It's just paper! I drew them!
Kai: What did you tell them, Cole?
Cole: Nothing! I was just telling them about Zane and Aspheera, and how she blasted him into the Never-Realm.
Nya: You think that story is appropriate for little kids?
Cole: Five to thirteen? Absolutely.

Zane: [recording] This is the last recording of Zane, Master of Ice, son of Dr. Julien, student of Master Wu. I was built to protect those who cannot protect themselves. I have tried to fulfill this purpose. I have no regrets; I have the best friends anyone could ask for. P.I.X.A.L.... I love you. Farewell.

The Traveler's Tree[edit]

Jay: Cole? Cole, wake up!
Cole: [wakes up and falls out of bed] Whoa- Ahh!
Jay: It's okay, buddy! You're okay!
Cole: [enraged] You!
Jay: [confused] Huh?
Cole: I can't believe you did that! You made me go back to the Bounty for the Traveler's Tea, and it fell off a cliff!
Jay: I what...?
Kai: Cole, relax, buddy. It was just a nightmare.
Cole: [turns to Kai] And you! You were even worse! You said I let you down! [Kai stares at him in astonishment] Well, it was a mistake, okay?! Sometimes things just happen!
Jay: Hey, hey, we understand. It's okay.
Cole: Yeah, right. That's not what you said in my dream!
[Glaring at them, he leaves, slamming the door]
Kai: [sighs] It's too early for this.
Jay: Maybe we should go after him?
Kai: He'll calm down.

Krag's Lament[edit]

Secret of the Wolf[edit]

The Last of the Formlings[edit]

My Enemy, My Friend[edit]

The Kaiju Protocol[edit]


A Fragile Hope[edit]

Lloyd: Zane? I-I don't understand. How is this possible?
Ice Emperor: What did you call me?
Lloyd: Zane! Your name is Zane! Don't you remember?
Vex: Step back. You are addressing the Ice Emperor.
Lloyd: I came here for you, Zane. I came here to bring you home.
Ice Emperor: This... is my home.
Lloyd: No. Ninjago is your home.
Ice Emperor: Nin... ja-go?
Lloyd: Think, Zane. Try to remember. We were all together. We were fighting Aspheera and... and she banished you with her staff.
Vex: Don't listen to him. He lies!
Lloyd: It's the truth. Zane, you have to remember something! Or... someone. Master Wu, or P.I.X.A.L., or-or... Kai?
Ice Emperor: Who?
Lloyd: Kai! Remember when I threw his reds in with your whites and all your clothes turned pink? And you had to dress up as a pink ninja? Remember?
Ice Emperor: No.
Vex: He seeks to deceive you. To confuse you. Let me deal with him, my Lord.

Once and for All[edit]


Prime Empire Original Shorts[edit]

Let's Dance[edit]

[At the Monastery, Nya and Jay are headed towards each other in the same direction. Jay opens the door and they accidentally bump into each other]
Nya: Oh, sorry! Uh, I'll just step aside.
Jay: [simultaneously] Um, I'm going to step aside. [they stop and chuckle] We just can't get in sync, can we?
Nya: Let's do something fun. We have the whole afternoon free.
Jay: Oh, I already made plans down at the arcade. There's this game I really want to beat.
Nya: Oh, no, that's... that's fine. [Jay notices her disappointment] Um, some other time, maybe. [turns around and starts to head into the dojo]
Jay: Hey, how about when I get back, we do something you want to do?
Nya: Really? Cause I've always wanted to take... [gasps] dance lessons! Riding, jumping, and fighting is great, but sometimes I just want to glide across the dance floor.
Jay: Oh. Anything else?
Nya: Come on, you're always playing video games. Don't you want to do something that pushes you? Expand your horizons?
Jay: [looks away, then back to Nya] I'll do this for you, Nya. On one condition, it stays between us.
Nya: [gasps and sighs, hugging Jay] Mm-hm.


[The Mechanic's truck rockets away down the street]
Lloyd: Aaaaand he got away.
[Nya and Jay arrive behind him and the other ninja]
Nya: Since when can his truck do that?
Lloyd: Where were you guys?
Nya: We, uh... had a thing to take care of.
[Jay nods. The rest of the team looks at them, unconvinced]

The Meaning of Victory[edit]

[In Prime Empire, people are talking, when they hear cheering from a screen]
Announcer: We are three days away from the next Speedway Five-Billion: the fastest and furious race in the world. And this is what it's all about: the Key-Tana! Truly a prize-worthy of champions. But who will the champion be? Let's meet our racers and find out what victory means to them.

Announcer: [sees Jay] But what's this? A late entrant? A new racer? [walks over to Jay] Who is this mysterious dark horse? Sir, what does winning the Key-Tana mean to you? Why are you entering the race?
Jay: Why? Because someone has to stop this! This race isn't what anyone thinks! It's all a big— [sees three Red Visors and gasps] Oh, no! [runs away]
Red Visor: You there!
[The Red Visors chase after Jay. One of them switches off the camera]
Announcer: So tune into the Speedway Five-Billion, the most dangerous race in the world.

The Stowaway[edit]

Man: [to Jay] Thanks, pal, you saved my— [they see a Red Visor approaching] Oh, darn.
Jay: Ahhh!!!
[They crash. Later, Jay wakes up to see the man]
Man: You okay, buddy?
Jay: [groans] What just happened? I thought we were goners.
Man: You must be new here. [lowers his bandana] Heh. Name's Scott.
Jay: Ugh. I'm... Jay.
Scott: [extends his hand out to Jay] Good to meet you, Jay. I've been waiting for you a long time.
[Jay takes his hand and shakes it]


Red Visor: [sees Jay and Scott] Hey! [Jay and Scott stop walking and turn around] Where do you two think you're going? Why are you wearing these clothes? Where are your uniforms? Identify yourselves.
Scott: [lowers his voice] Um, ahem, I am Red 29.
Red Visor: What? [points at another Visor] He is Red 29.
Scott: Red... 27 is what I was saying. Of course, you're Red 29.
[The Red Visors scan over Jay]
Jay: Uh... it's a disguise! We're undercover.
Red Visor: Undercover? Why was I not told?
Jay: We're way undercover! Like way undercover.

Gayle Gossip: A Closer Look[edit]

Season 12: Prime Empire[edit]

Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?[edit]

Jay: No way! Do you know what this is?! It's Prime Empire!
Cole: What?! No way!
Jay: Look at it! It says Prime Empire right on the side! [gasps] It's real!
Nya: Excuse me, can you two pretend that we're not all video game nerds and tell the rest of us what Prime Empire is?
Jay: Oh, it's this legendary game created by the most famous game designer ever! Milton Dyer. But for some reason, it was never finished and they abandoned it. [plugs in the plug and presses a button]
Cole: Well, that was exciting.
Kai: Can't have been that good if they never released it.
Zane: I find old games to be unchallenging.
Lloyd: Yeah, I like new ones, where they really make you feel like you're there.

Dyer Island[edit]

Level Thirteen[edit]

Nya: How's it going?
Cole: Harder than expected, but I'm almost done customizing my avatar.
Kai: Wha—? Y-You haven't even started the game yet?
Cole: Winning's all about confidence. I gotta look cool when I'm fighting.

Borg: [activating his security system] Now we'll see who has the better security system. Hmph, robot dogs! Robot dogs are for amateurs!

Superstar Rockin' Jay[edit]

[Kai respawns]
Kai: See? "Re-spawn" is my new favorite word. Whoo-hoo!
Cole: Uh, I don't know if that's really smart. In games-
Kai: Whatever, Cole. You're just annoyed that as the team's gaming guru, you weren't the one who figured this out!

Nya: This is where they told us to meet. Only... there's no garage.
Lloyd: Why send us to an empty lot?
Kai: I told you, they're wackos! Anyone who likes Jay that much can't be normal.

Kai: Huh, I love this infinite-lives-thing!
Scott: Infinite? Who told you that? You get four lives in Prime Empire. And looks like you've used three.
Kai: [gasps] What? What? Why didn't anyone tell me this?
Cole: I tried, but you wouldn't listen!
Kai: Oh, sure, blame the victim!

I am Okino[edit]

Samurai: [narrating] My entire existence, I have been training for this day. For this hour. For this moment. Terra Karana is a place of danger. Peril awaits at every turn. Victory is impossible... without a proper guide. I am that guide. They call me Okino, Samurai of Terra Karana. If I am worthy, I will lead my Master in triumph. That is my sole purpose in life. For I am Okino!

The Glitch[edit]

Lloyd: Who are you?
Richie: [chuckles] I am of the Brotherhood of Rats! And I am sworn to silence! Do your worst! You'll get nothing outta me! NOTHING!
Lloyd: So you're working for Unagami?
Richie: You're trying to trick me into telling you that Unagami ordered us to ambush you! Well, it won't work!
Cole: Yeah, he's not the brightest, is he?

The Cliffs of Hysteria[edit]

Kai: Say, Okino, how do you get a ninja to cross the road? You say, ninja-go! Get it?
Okino: There is no road. Only the nothingness is real.
Cole: That was a terrible joke.
Kai: You got a better one?

The Maze of the Red Dragon[edit]

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back[edit]

Racer Seven[edit]

The Speedway Five-Billion[edit]

Stop, Drop and Side Scroll[edit]

Ninjago Confidential[edit]

P.I.X.A.L.: [annoyed] You are beginning to get on my nerve circuits. Are you going to talk in that voice the whole time?
Zane: Her eyes showed annoyance, but her heart revealed that she respected my unorthodox techniques.
P.I.X.A.L.: [irritably] My heart did not reveal that. Every part of me is annoyed.

The Prodigal Father[edit]

The Temple of Madness[edit]

Game Over[edit]

Season 13: Master of the Mountain[edit]


Kai: This is incredible!
Nya: Are you sure this isn't a mistake?
Jay: [gasps] It's real! It's gotta be! It's addressed to us, look!
Lloyd: What? What is it? Bad news?
Zane: It is highly unusual.
Jay: Ooh, we gotta get ready!
Lloyd: What? What happened? Someone's located the Teapot of Tyrahn? Uh, Pythor's back? My father's been found? What?
Postman: Heh, you got an invitation, to Shintaro!
Lloyd: Shintaro?
Postman: Mm-hmm, the Ivory City! You don't deliver one of these every day. No siree.
Jay: Oh, ho! Fancy card!
Cole: That's the fanciest card I've ever seen. Oh, it even smells good.
Lloyd: Shintaro? As in, Shintaro?
P.I.X.A.L.: As in the remote and exclusive mountain kingdom of Northern Ninjago.
Zane: Invitations to Shintaro are exceedingly rare. In recorded history, there have only been a handful of outsiders allowed into the Ivory City.
Jay: I've heard it's incredible! It's the most beautiful city in the world. And the people have wings. Haha! You can't beat wings.
Lloyd: What's it say? The invitation.
Jay: [reads the invitation] "King Vangelis of the Northern Kingdom of Shintaro of the Sky Folk, kindly requests your presence…" Of course he does. "…as honored guests…" Oh, that makes sense, "…to celebrate the birthday of the Princess, Vania."
Cole: Princess Vania? Who's that?
Nya: Apparently, the daughter of King Vangelis.
Zane: Little is known about Shintaro. Up until recently, it was still considered a mythical place.
Cole: Well, it looks like we're gonna see it. In person!
[The ninja cheer]
Nya: Let's go!
Jay: Ooh, I'm gonna pack!
Cole: Let's get the Bounty ready!
Wu: What's this about Shintaro?
Lloyd: We've been invited to the Kingdom of Shintaro, to attend Princess Vania's birthday. Master Wu, this is just what you need. This will get you out of your funk!
Wu: I am not in a "funk", and I'm not going. I'll stay here with Misako and P.I.X.A.L.. I can assist her in the hangar bay.
Lloyd: [whispering to Misako] He's in a funk. [to Wu] But how often does a chance to visit a legendary fabled kingdom come your way?
Wu: I've visited my share of legendary fabled kingdoms. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all. You go. Enjoy yourselves. You don't need me tagging along.
Misako: Now, you listen to me, Wu. I've had about enough of this moping around. You are going with the ninja!
Wu: I can't go charging off to far-flung places! Adventures and legendary kingdoms are for the young. You of all people should understand that.
Misako: [glaring angrily] Why should I understand?
Wu: [realizes his error] Uh, w-what I meant to say was, uh, um -
Misako: You listen to me, Wu. You are going on this journey, and you are going to like it! Is that understood?
Wu: But- but I- the chicken need-
Misako: Understood!? [to Lloyd] He's in.
Lloyd: Yes! This is gonna be just what we need!

Into the Dark[edit]

King Vangelis: Welcome, welcome! I'm most pleased you were able to accept our invitation. It is an honor.
Wu: The honor is ours. Shintaro is beyond anything we imagined.
Vangelis: I am only a mere figurehead. The citizens of our proud city are the heart of Shintaro.
Princess Vania: [enters] Oh, they're here!
Vangelis: And please, meet my heart, her Royal, Princess Vania.
Vania: I am such a fan! I've read all about your adventures. It was my idea to invite you to my birthday.
Cole: It's an honor to be here, Princess.
Vania: So, is it true you've been to Hiroshi's Labyrinth?
Zane: Affirmative.
Vania: Competed in the Tournament of Elements?
Kai: Oh ho, do we have stories for you.
Vania: [gasps] I need to hear them all.
Cole: Where should we begin?
Vangelis: You can begin by following me. Tomorrow will be a very busy day for all of us.
Vania: Cole, the Earth Elemental. What is it like to command the very earth? Is it as fun as it sounds?
Cole: Yeah, pretty much.
Jay: Huh. Weird. The Princess seems to like Cole. I mean, he's my best friend and all, but Cole?
Lloyd: Yeah. Weird.

[At night, Cole gets into bed, but gets startled by Lloyd]
Cole: Aah!
Lloyd: Hello, Cole.
Cole: Lloyd? How did you sneak in here?
Lloyd: I'm a ninja, remember? I'm here to warn you about the Princess. I think she's lying, Cole, and I think she's up to something. I can tell. They're all the same.
Cole: All Princesses? That seems a little bit judgy. Wait a second. This is because of Harumi?
Lloyd: No! Not at all!
Cole: Because that's literally one example of that. Besides, I don't even like Vania like that. We just met. Calm down, Lloyd.
Lloyd: Hmph! [leaves]

The Worst Rescue Ever[edit]

The Two Blades[edit]

Queen of the Munce[edit]

Trial by Mino[edit]

Groko: [sees Kai and Zane] Who are they?
Garpo: Outsiders! They must be in league with the Skull Sorcerer!
Ginkle: Hmm, aren't all of the Skull Sorcerer's servants evil skeletons?
Groko: Right, yes. That means...
Garpo: They must be skeletons!
Ginkle: For skeletons, they seem rather fleshy.
Zane: We are not working for the Skull Sorcerer. In fact, we've just orchestrated an escape from him and freed several other Geckles.
Groko: Ha! A likely story, fleshy skeleton.
Kai: We aren't skeletons! I mean, we have skeletons, of course. But - but there's so much more to us. Like veins and organs and stuff.
Zane: I have none of those things.

Gulch: Do you know the one called "Gilly?"
Zane: No, we do not.
Kai: But we are Elemental Masters.
Zane: Our friends also possess Elemental Powers. We were separated and are trying to find them.
Gulch: There are more of you? Then we will try to help you in light of the dishonor we have brought upon ourselves with our suspicions. I propose you, Red-Ninja-Who-Is-Not-A-Skeleton, be elected the new Chancellor!
Kai: What? No, no, no, I-I don't want to be-
Gleck: I second!
Gulch: All in favor?
[The Geckles throw rocks at Kai]
Kai: Aah! What are they doing?
Gulch: Congratulations, Chancellor Red-Ninja-Who-Is-Not-A-Skeleton.
Kai: Okay, fine! My first motion as Chancellor, is for everyone to stop throwing stuff at me! Got it?
Gulch: All in favor?
Geckles: Aye!
[Kai smiles, but the Geckles throw more rocks at him]
Kai: What? Ugh, no! I just said no more throwing!
Zane: It would appear Geckles express their approval by throwing objects at each other.

Zane: I'm beginning to think this will not be so simple.
Kai: Yeah, we'll need a different approach.
[Zane playfully throws a rock at Kai]

The Skull Sorcerer[edit]

The Real Fall[edit]

Dungeon Party![edit]

Dungeon Crawl![edit]


Geckle: Protect the Chancellor!
Munce: Protect the Queen!
Kai: Whoa, whoa. Easy, guys. Stand down!
Nya: Yeah, relax, it's okay!
Gulch: You know the Munce Queen?
Kai: Yeah, it's my sister. And she's not that ugly.
Nya: [offended] Excuse me?

Masters Never Quit[edit]

Wu: On your feet, Cole.
Cole: What's the point?
Wu: We have work to do.
Cole: I can't do it, Master Wu. I'm not my mother! I can't do the Burst, so unless you know how-
Wu: I do not.
Cole: Then we have to find some other way.
Wu: [sighs] Vania is right.
Cole: Vania?
Wu: I have neglected my duties. What has been the principal lesson of all my teachings? I'm waiting.
Cole: Ninja never quit.
Wu: Exactly. Ninja never quit. And from this moment on, neither do Masters. They would never quit on us and we will never quit on them. Burst or not, we have a dragon to face!

The Darkest Hour[edit]

Lloyd: You…
Jay: …shall…
Kai: …not…
Zane: …be granted permission to traverse beyond this point!
[Kai, Jay and Lloyd stare at him]

The Ascent[edit]

Vania: Cole, the Lava Monster. What if it's still in the cave, waiting for us?
Cole: What, just standing there, staring at a wall? No way, I'm sure he's gone back to his-
[They find the Lava Monster waiting for them, and scream as it starts to chase them]

The Upply Strike Back![edit]

Skull Sorcerer: You'll perish at the talons of Grief-Bringer.
Skull of Hazza D'ur: Grief-Bringer!
Nya: Okay, that's getting annoying.
Kai: Yeah, I don't know who to look at, you or the skull.
Jay: I'm looking at the skull, it's not as ugly. Hahaha!

Plundar: Look, the Skull Sorcerer.
Fungus: Tis' unfortunate we cannot hear what he says.
Cole: You're not missing much. Once you've heard one of those villain-speeches, you've heard them all. He's just saying "Blah blah, my evil plan, blah blah, no one's gonna save you."
Skull Sorcerer: No one is coming to save you.

The Son of Lilly[edit]

Skull Sorcerer: Your cause is lost! Have the grace to admit defeat!
[He repeatedly blasts Cole. Cole starts to have a flashback of his mother]
Lilly: I want you to promise me, Cole, that you will always stand up to those who are cruel and unjust. Always.
Cole: Always.
[End flashback, return to present]
Cole: It was her.
Skull Sorcerer: What?
Cole: It wasn't the blades.
Skull Sorcerer: I told you that!
Cole: It was her. The power inside my mother, it was the Spinjitzu Burst. It was all her.
Skull Sorcerer: Alas, you're not half the warrior your mother was.
Cole: Maybe not, but I am her son. And I made her a promise, to stand up to tyrants like you. Always!

Miniseries: The Island[edit]


Twitchy Tim: Hiya, fellas! What'll it be, leaded or unleaded?
Lloyd: Are you Mr. Batterson?
Twitchy Tim: Oh, yeah, but nobody calls me that.
Cole: Uh, what do they call you?
Twitchy Tim: Twitchy Tim! Twitchy for short.
Lloyd: Well, um, Twitchy, my mother was part of an expedition to try and map an unknown island on the southern coast, and she's missing. We're going after them. You're the only one who knows what's out there and we could really use your help.
Twitchy: I'll tell you what's out there. Storms! Monsters! Doom! I was struck twelve times by lightning trying to escape that nightmare, and you want me to go back?!
Cole: Twelve? Really?
Twitchy: Yeah. Well, luckily, it didn't affect me, but I- [twitches] Hiya, fellas! What'll it be, leaded or unleaded?
Lloyd: You already asked us that.
Twitchy: I did?
Lloyd: We're not here for gas, we're here for your help, remember?
Cole: Yeah, we were talking about the uncharted island. We were asking you to come with us.
Twitchy: The uncharted island? Are you nuts? You want me to go back? Well, you can forget it. The answer's- [twitches again] Hiya, fellas! What'll it be, leaded or unleaded?
Jay: What is going on? You said that twice!
Twitchy: I did?
Jay: We were talking about going back to the island! Remember? We were asking you for help?
Twitchy: Going back to the island? I swore I'd never do it, but what can I say? A deal's a deal. You're driving, right?

The Keepers of the Amulet[edit]

[A coconut lands on Kai's sword. He walks over to Cole]
Kai: Ahem.
Cole: Yes! Finally! [takes the coconut, then sees Kai looking at him] What?
Kai: Is it possible for you to think about anything except food?
Cole: Yes. I'm thirsty too.

The Gift of Jay[edit]

[The Keepers pass by with Jay on a palanquin]
Nya: [sees Jay] Jay!
Jay: Nya! Master Wu!
Lloyd: Where are they taking you?
Jay: I have no idea! But it's okay. They don't wanna hurt me, they want me to be their king! They keep calling me "Gift of Jay" and giving me things.
Nya: Uh, then why are your hands tied up? That makes no sense!
Cole: Well, since you're on such friendly terms, could you maybe get them to let us go?
Kai: And tell them to stop zapping us!
Jay: Oh, good idea! I'll try. [to the Keepers] Ahem. Guys? Okay, Gift of Jay wants you to untie his friends, okay?
Lloyd: Why are they putting you on a raft?
Misako: I don't think they want to give you anything, Jay. I think you're the gift.
Jay: Me? No, how can I be a gift?
Kai: Yeah, who'd want Jay?
Nya: Um, me?

Mammatus: For countless generations, we have fulfilled our duty as the First Spinjitzu Master tasked us. Now, for reasons we know not, Wojira awakens. Wojira rises! So we send her this gift, the Gift of Jay!
Keepers: Wojira!
Mammatus: To placate her anger, we pray Wojira will take this gift, and go back to sleep.
Jay: Uh, guys? Come on, this isn't funny!
Nya: Jay? Jay, hold on!
Lloyd: Let us go!
Cole: You're making a huge mistake!
Jay: We're friends, remember? I'm Gift of Jay!
Clutch: Guys, relax. This whole Wojira thing, it's a myth! It's not real.
Jay: Whoa! What's that? Guys? Guys? There's something out here. There's something big out here! Aah!
Kai: I guess someone did want Jay.

The Tooth of Wojira[edit]

Season 14: Seabound[edit]

A Big Splash[edit]

Kai: Hey, sis.
Nya: What's up, Kai?
Kai: Oh, nothing. Say now, I was just talking to Master Wu, about your little problem, and he had an interesting idea.
Nya: What interesting idea?
Kai: [nervously] Uh, he thought maybe you should consider calling... Mom.
Nya: Mom? Why?
Kai: She was the Elemental Master of Water before you. You know, she can help, offer advice, or something?
Nya: I don't need help. I can figure it out! I just need to relax a bit. Find my focus again. Regroup!
Kai: I'm just saying, she might know something. She might be able to fix your little problem.
Nya: I don't have a problem. I made one mistake, okay? A teensy tiny mistake and it won't happen again! [punches the training post so hard that it breaks]
Kai: [nervously] I'm gonna go... do something else. [walks away]

The Call of the Deep[edit]


[P.I.X.A.L., Wu and the ninja arrive at the harbor]
P.I.X.A.L.: Zane, would you do the honors?
[Zane presses a button and the Hydro Bounty emerges from the water. The ninja gasp]
Jay: How did you build this so fast?
P.I.X.A.L.: I had been tinkering with it in my spare time over the past several years.
Wu: It's amazing, P.I.X.A.L..
P.I.X.A.L.: I am proud to say it is one of the most sophisticated vessels I have designed, and is practically unsinkable.
Cole: You know what happens when you call a vessel unsinkable, right? Oh, it doesn't sink, of course.

[In the bedroom, Lloyd enters to find his bed fully made]
Lloyd: What? Who made my bed? [sees something on his pillow] Is that... [sniffs it and eats it] pillow mint? Ah, the most refreshing mint of them all.

Five Thousand Fathoms Down[edit]

The Wrath of Kalmaar[edit]

Long Live the King[edit]

P.I.X.A.L.: It appears they did not think we would have rebreathers. Zane? You don't require a breathing device.
Zane: Yes, but I like how it completes my attire.

Escape from Merlopia[edit]

The Tale of Benthomaar[edit]

The Storm Amulet[edit]

Riddle of the Sphinx[edit]


[Kai leaps onto Kalmaar's truck and kicks him out]
Kai: Remember me?
Kalmaar: Of course I remember you, I saw you just five minutes ago in the street!
Kai: That was sarcasm, which I guess they don't have wherever you're from!

Master of the Sea[edit]

[Nya leaps onto a whale to pursue Kalmaar]
Kai: Nya talks to whales now?
Jay: Yeah, it's a whole thing.

The Calm Before the Storm[edit]

Assault on Ninjago City[edit]


The Turn of the Tide[edit]

Season 15: Crystalized[edit]

Farewell the Sea[edit]

[Cole, Kai and Zane arrive at the lighthouse. Cole knocks on the door. They gasp when they see who opens the door]
Kai: Jay? What happened to your face?
Jay: Time, ravages us all.
Kai: Uh, Jay, why are there half full water glasses everywhere?
Jay: They're half empty.
Cole: Okay, but why?
Jay: So I can talk to Nya. [the others gasp] Nya became one with the ocean, remember? Which means she's connected to all water everywhere. Which means part of Nya is inside that water glass. And that one, and that one, and that one, and th⁠—
Kai: Okay, okay, okay. We get it.
Jay: [to a glass of water] Nya, the guys are here. What? Oh, okay. I'll tell them. She says, "Hi."

The Call of Home[edit]

The Shape of Nya[edit]

A Mayor Problem[edit]

Public Enemies 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5![edit]

[The ninja speed through the city on new vehicles]
Jay: These... are awesome! Why are they transporting the artifacts anyway?
Kai: Probably because we asked the Mayor about Aspheera's staff.
Jay: Oh! Oh, right.
Kai: Wow, I love this thing!
Cole: That's what I'm talking about!
Lloyd: How did you build these so fast, P.I.X.A.L.?
P.I.X.A.L.: A Nindroid needs her secrets.
Zane: I find this very illogical. We will need a thorough download at a suitable time.

A Painful Promise[edit]

[In the courtyard, Aspheera and Wu lift weights]
Aspheera: 98, 99, 100. I win!
Wu: Well, I am thousands of years old.
Aspheera: So am I. Next contest!
[In the game room, they arm wrestle. Aspheera wins]
Aspheera: Yes! Such a Wu-ser! It's like loser but with "Wu" in it, as that's your name!
Wu: Are we done?
Aspheera: Not even close!

Ninjago City vs. Ninja[edit]

[The ninja are taken to their cells in Kryptarium Prison]
Kai: I can't believe it. After all we've done for Ninjago.
Jay: Oh, this is bad! This is really bad! Do you know how many people in here probably hate us?
Inmate: All of us!
Jay: Eh, hey, roomies.
Zane: It would appear there are only four beds, but five of us.
Kai: That's the least of our problems.
Cole: Yeah. I don't think I'm gonna be sleeping much.
Zane: If you are certain, I will take a bunk.
Cole: Huh?
Jay: How can you be so calm about this?!
Lloyd: You know full well he turned off his emotion meter, Jay.
Jay: Well, it’d be nice to get a human reaction once in a while!
Zane: If it would make you feel better, I can switch it on again and react appropriately.
Kai: It might, actually.
[Zane turns his emotion meter on and starts screaming]
Cole: [turns it back off] Not helping.

Kryptarium Prison Blues[edit]

Hounddog McBrag[edit]

Fugi-Dove: Well, well, if it isn't my arch-nemesis, Jay! The ninja of lightning!
Jay: Sorry, have we met?
Fugi-Dove: Oh, you probably don't recognize me in my prison clothes. It is I, Fugi-Dove! [coos twice] My cry fills the night?

Fugi-Dove: What happened to you, Jay?
Jay: What do you mean?
Fugi-Dove: Why have you turned to a life of crime? And what does this mean for our long-standing rivalry? And how can we be enemies if we're both criminals? You're messing everything up!
Jay: First, I'm not turning to a life of crime! Second, there is no rivalry, and third, you're weird. Stop talking to me.

Fugi-Dove: You're avoiding the subject, Jay!
Jay: What subject?!
Fugi-Dove: How to repair our relationship in the wake of you becoming a criminal!
Jay: I'm not becoming a criminal!
Fugi-Dove: If you're really set on this, here's some free advice. Get a cool villain name! Like mine! But different, because I already have mine.
Jay: A villain name, great, thanks.
Fugi-Dove: Like "The Jay-ler"! Because your name is Jay, get it? And then get some chains so you can smash stuff.

[Dareth takes off his disguise]
Cole: Dareth! I knew it was you!
Lloyd: I thought you said you had one last strategy, Dareth.
Dareth: This is it! A strategy called breaking you out!
Kai: Please tell me you brought a change of clothes!
Dareth: Sure did! It's in a box behind the seat. Complements of P.I.X.A.L.. I have no idea how she makes this stuff so fast!
[Just then, Fugi-Dove pops up from under the clothes]
Fugi-Dove: Did you bring one for me, Dareth?
Jay: What are you doing here?
Fugi-Dove: You're new at being a criminal. You'll need my criminal guidance if you have any hope of succeeding in your criminal plot!
Jay: Would you stop saying criminal?!

Kai: Anyone have any idea where we are?
Fugi-Dove: [pops up] Not a clue!
Jay: [shocked] Wha - where - how?!
Fugi-Dove: I am like the dove. Quick! Silent! Deadly!
Jay: Doves aren't deadly!
Fugi-Dove: Maybe not the doves you know.
Jay: None of them are deadly! Doves are a symbol of peace and love!

Fugi-Dove: My cry fills the night! [coos twice]
Jay: [aggravated] Will you please SHUT UP?!

The Benefit of Grief[edit]

[In the desert, Kai, Zane, and Dareth are walking, exhausted]
Dareth: So ... you're not ... thirsty at all?
Zane: No. Being a Nindroid is not without benefits.
Dareth: I wish I were a Nindroid.

Kai: Say, did you turn your emotions back on?
Zane: I did indeed.
Kai: And why is that?
Zane: I realized there is a benefit to them, even grief.
Kai: There's hope for you yet, Zane.

The Fifth Villain[edit]

The Council of the Crystal King[edit]

Aspheera: You're not the Crystal King?
Kabuki Mask: I am merely his herald. I prepare the way, I do his bidding.
Vangelis: Like a servant?
Kabuki Mask: You should watch your tone, Vangelis. You have me to thank for those shiny new wings. Or perhaps you'd rather reconsider and have us send you back to where we found you?
Aspheera: What does this Crystal King want from us?
Kabuki Mask: He will reveal his plan in time. But this, is not the time. Unfortunately, it seems we have an imposter among us.
Pythor: What?! Where!?
Lloyd: [dressed as the Mechanic, visibly nervous] Who?
Aspheera: [points at Vangelis] It's you!
Vangelis: How DARE you?!
Aspheera: You're the only one wearing a mask!
Vangelis: Are you blind?! [points at Mr. F] So is he!
[Mr. F glares at Vangelis]

A Sinister Shadow[edit]

The Spider's Design[edit]

The Fall of the Monastery[edit]

Darkness Within[edit]

The Coming of the King[edit]

Return to Primeval's Eye[edit]



A Lesson in Anger[edit]

Brave But Foolish[edit]

Quittin' Time![edit]

Return of the Ice Emperor[edit]

P.I.X.A.L.: Dr. Borg!
Cyrus Borg: P.I.X.A.L.! And... friends? What are you doing here?
P.I.X.A.L.: We require your assistance.
Cyrus Borg: Oh, well, you're in luck! I've been up all night, working on a new line of mechs and... eh, wait. Help with what?
[P.I.X.A.L. picks up a remote and opens the blinds, showing Borg the invasion outside]
Cyrus Borg: Perhaps I need to take more frequent breaks.

Safe Haven[edit]


Distress Calls[edit]

An Issue of Trust[edit]

Dragon Form[edit]


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