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Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is a computer-animated American-Danish tv-show based on the similar-named Lego toy brand.


Way of the Ninja[edit]

The Golden Weapon[edit]

Kai: But what about my sister?!
Jay: [gasps] We're saving a girl?! Is she hot?
Cole: Jay...
Jay: I-I just wanna know what we're getting ourselves into! [to Kai] Does she like blue?
Kai: Back off!

King of Shadows[edit]

Kai: [to Garmadon] You can't hurt me here! You are banished! Trapped in the underworld!

Weapons of Destiny[edit]

Kai: [to Cole, Zane, and Jay] No! This is Sensei's fight.


Secrets of the Blacksmith[edit]

Flight of the Dragon Ninja[edit]

The New Masters of Spinjitsu[edit]

An Underworldly Takeover[edit]

Return to the Fire Temple[edit]

Battle Between Brothers[edit]

Season 1: Rise of the Serpentine[edit]

Rise of the Snakes[edit]

(The episode begins at the Monastery of Spinjitzu with Merlin meditating in one room and the Gaming Knights making combat sounds in another room.)

PhilTastic: (Off-screen.) Fire strike! Oh my god, is that the greatest move you've ever seen?

Vanellope: (Off-screen.) Stop trying to do it yourself. We need to attack as a team.

(Merlin goes to the training compound and finds that none of the Knights are training there.)

Wade Wilson: Time this my special attack!

Mucasance: why are you wasting your special attack on me? You have to save it.

(Master Wu goes to look for them in a different room and finds them playing video games.)

Ralph: Fantastic! I'm out of lives!

Oishi: But the lesson lives on, and I am getting the hang of it. Hee-yah!

PhilTastic: Okay. Now!

(As the Ninja continue with their game, Merlin unplugs the television.)

Gaming Knights: Aw...

Ralph: Aw, man!

Vanellope: What? What happened?!

PhilTastic: It took us three hours to get there.

Wade Wilson: Why would you do that?! Why?!

Merlin: Just because Slade Wilson escaped through a vortex doesn't mean he won't return one day for the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu!

Oishi: But Wizard Merlin, ever since he's been gone, Earth has had nothing but peace.

Wade Wilson: Yeah. Peace is boring. There's no one to save. There's nothing to do.

PhilTastic: We can train tomorrow.

Merlin: Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today.

Ralph: Well, I was gonna eat this pizza tomorrow. So if that's the case— (Merlin kicks the pizza slice off his hand.)—Ow!

Merlin: No pizza for you! In order to reach your True Potential, you must train!

PhilTastic: Uh... remember when we did a little thing called the Tornado of Creation? I thought that was pretty insane.

Wu: (Sighs.) You six have merely scratched the surface of your full potential. There are still so many secrets you have yet to unlock. You haven't even begun to tap into what powers your Golden Weapons hold. (Phils Wii Saber is shown to be burning a pizza slice.)

Mucasance: You wanna talk secret powers? Check this out. (He uses his Tentacle to plug back the television so that the Ninja can resume their game.)

Vanellope: Don't worry, Grandpa. We will be ready when Slade returns.

(All of a sudden, Natalie runs into the room.)

Natalie: Guys! Slade Wilson! He's returned! He was spotted approaching Jamanakai Village!

(The Gaming Knights struggle to prepare for the mission. Natalie gives Wade his Carbonadium Sword.)

Wade Wilson: Er-th-thanks-uh--uh-uh-

Natalie: Hurry!

Jay Okay!

(The Ninja rush to the dragon stables to mount their dragons, but are unfortunately not as fit as they think they are. One of the stall doors hits Zane's head. Cole drops his weapon when mounting on his dragon. Jay attempts a stunt to mount his dragon, but overshoots it a little, landing on the ground instead.)

Nya: (watching Kai mount his dragon) Uh...can I help?

Kai: Sorry, sis. Where we go, danger abounds. This is a job for the Ninja. (Fails to reach his dragon's reins.) Uh...uh...a little help? (laughs nervously)

(She shakes her head and hands him the reins. The ninja then proceed to fly off to Jamamakai Village on their dragons.)

Nya: Will they ever reach their full potential?

Sensei Wu: In time. Maybe a long time, but in time.

(The Ninja are shown to flying up in the sky.)

Cole: Just like old times, eh Rocky? 

Kai: ...You guys believe what Sensei said about unlocking our full potential?

Jay: He may be onto something. I mean since we got these Golden Weapons, it's not like we've ever had to use them. I wonder what they do.

Zane: I for one look forward to the future. If there's more for us to accomplish, let it be.

Cole: Don't know about you, but is anyone else a little excited about battling Lord Garmadon? I've been looking forward to trying out some new Spinjitzu moves. Could be the perfect opportunity.

Jay: Haha, race you there?

(The Ninja start racing to Jamanakai village.)

Kai: (Spots their destination) Jamanakai Village... First ninja there wins!

(The Ninja speed through the last stretch while approaching Jamanakai Village. They all land at the same time.)

Kai: Haha! I was first!

Jay: No! No one was faster than me!

Cole: Hahaha, my feet were down before yours!

Zane: You were all disillusioned! It was clearly me!

(The villagers are screaming and running to their homes. An evil shadow appears and an evil laughter echos through the village. The Ninja prepare for this scenario.)

Kai: Stay sharp, fellas. Whatever happens, never let your guard down.

(The laughter and shadow turned out to be owned by a young boy wearing a black hoodie.)

Lloyd Garmadon: (laughs evilly) It is I, Lloyd Garmadon! (he jumps up onto the fountain) I demand all the candy in town... or else!

Jay: Lloyd Garmadon? I thought we were gonna face Lord Garmadon.

Cole: It's his son.

Jay: (grunts)

Cole: Looks like he escaped his boarding school for bad boys again. And to think we could've been doing Spinjitzu already.

Lloyd: Uh...uh...gimmie your candy, or else I'll release the Serpentine on you!

(The villagers start booing him. He attempts the old rubber-snakes-in-a-can trick on them, but, naturally, it doesn't work. In response, they start throwing vegetables at him.)

Lloyd: No way! I asked for candy, not vegetables! I hate vegetables! (He manages to dodge a few, but the sheer amount soon causes him to fall over.)

Kai: He's gonna have to do a lot better than use an old bedtime story to scare people.

Zane: The Serpentine are real, Kai. They're not something to joke about.

Kai: Serpentine? Real? We're talking about the ancient race of snake people who once ruled Ninjago and were supposedly locked underground?

Jay: (squeals) Sealed in five different tombs to separate the worrying tribes and ensure they don't unify to exact their revenge upon those who put them there!

Kai: It was an old wives' tale, to teach kids not to poke our noses where they don't belong. Don't you think it's a little suspicious no one's ever found one of their tombs?

Cole: Well that's because you'd be a fool to look for one! If there was anything I hated more than dragons, it was snakes. Rubber or not. (The Ninja approach Lloyd and start to carry him away.) Don't worry, folks, we'll take care of this. Nothing to see here.

Lloyd: Bow down to me, or, suffer my wrath! I'll give you the count of three! One! Two!

Kai: What are we supposed to do? Spank him?

Lloyd: Two and a half!

(Lloyd is shown to be hanging on a sign with food all over him.)

Lloyd: (screams) You just made me your nemesis! Mark my words, you'll pay for this!

(The citizens laugh at him as Zane buys candy for him and his comrades.)

Cole: Next time, try paying for your candy.

Kai: Crime doesn't pay, muchacho. You can take that to the bank.

Jay: (taunting Lloyd) Mmm...cotton candy.

Lloyd: (screams in rage)


Kai: [to Zane] If you hadn't followed that silly bird, none of this would've happened!


Never Trust A Snake[edit]

Lloyd: [to Pythor] I thought you were my friend!

Can of Worms[edit]

The Snake King[edit]

Tick Tock[edit]

Kai: [to Zane] You're... a robot?!

Once Bitten, Twice Shy[edit]

[the Constrictai destroyed the Samurai's Mech]
Pythor: Finally, the mystery man is revealed! [takes the helmet off Nya's head] Or should I have said mystery girl? Who's gonna save you now, hmm?

Nya: [to Jay] Whatever happens next, just remember... you are the best you.

The Royal Blacksmiths[edit]

The Green Ninja[edit]

Wu: Previously on Ninjago. Lloyd: Ah! You're letting me go? Pythor: No! Lloyd: Ah! Garmadon: I'm back Ninjago. Pythor: I didn't want you to miss our big show-stopper. Cole: Dad! Jay: They took the Fangblade. Zane: He's found his true potential. Jump up, kick back, whip around and spin, and we're going to jump back and do it again, Ninja, go, Ninja, go, come on, come on, to do the weekend whip, Ninja, go, Ninja, go, come on, come on, come on, and do the weekend whip. Jump up, kick back, jump back and do the weekend whip until the spin whips. Wu: Episode 10, The Green Ninja. (The Ninja train on the Destiny's Bounty's deck. In another room, Kai dons the Green gi.) Cole: Earth! Kai: Whoo-hoo! Jay: Lightning! Zane: Ice! Nya: Good training. Your powers are getting stronger. But where's Kai? Kai: Fire! Unlock Fire! Uh, Fire go! Shoot flames! Oh, come on. Everyone else can do it. So can you. Bring heat! (The Ninja found him and laughs.) Cole: Very nice. Perhaps if you tried the phase "Fire dork" maybe it may work. Kai: How long have you all been watching? Jay: The Green Ninja suit. That's awesome! Kai: Well, I was looking for some kind of clue from Sensei and then I found this. Zane: But you know only he who is foretold to face Lord Garmadon is destined to be the Green Ninja, and only he should wear the Green Ninja outfit. So Sensei would most likely be very- Kai: I know, I know. But I thought if I just tried it on, it might help me see my True Potential. It's not fair that you guys have unlocked your cool powers and I still haven't. Besides, Sensei's gone and we don't know when he's coming back-(A door opens.) Wu: Hello, I'm home. All but Kai: Sensei! (Kai goes to change back into his gi. The others greet Wu.) Wu: Ah. It's so good to be home. Zane: So glad you're back. Cole: Did you bring us anything? Jay: Oh, Sensei, have you missed a lot. Zane's a Nindroid, Nya's the mysterious Samurai, Cole's a dancer- Wu: Zane is a...what? Zane: You've been gone a while. We'll catch you up later. But you should know, all of us except for Kai have discovered our True Potential. Wu: Have you now? Where is Kai? Kai: Right here. So glad you're back safe. (Garmadon comes up from behind Wu.) Aah! Sensei, behind you! Zane: Sensei! Kai: Ugh! He's got four arms. Garmadon: So we meet again. Kai: He must've followed you, Sensei! Wu: Kai, stop! He is the reason I left. For as long Pythor has Lloyd, he will be our guest. Cole: We have to live with this guy? Zane: But Sensei, he has four arms! Jay: Uh, must I remind you ever since he turned evil, he's been trying to get our Golden Weapons? Wu: Enough! All: Yes, Sensei. Garmadon: This isn't about the weapons. It's about my son. Wu: From here on out, you will obey me and respect my brother. All: Yes, Sensei. Wu: Now to the bridge. We must put our attention to more pressing matters. (They go to the bridge.) So, where are we with the four Fangblades? Jay: Oh, Pythor's managed to get the first two, but there's still two left. Cole: And we only need one to stop him from unleashing the Great Devourer. Wu: Any luck finding their whereabouts? Zane: No, but the Falcon is programmed to alert us if he sees any suspicious activity. Wu: Good. If we find the Fangblade, we find Lloyd. Kai and Nya, prepare the deck and double check the anchor. We need to be ready when we first get word of activity. Kai and Nya: Yes, Sensei. Kai (to Garmadon): I have my eye on you. (As they leave, he grunts when he hits his head, and Wu sighs.) Wu: Jay, did you say the Falcon was...programmed? Jay: Haha. Okay, Sensei. I don't know where to start. It all started when we saw the Falcon, and then we ran after it Kai: But Nya, did you see he has four arms? Wherever Sensei found him, he's now made it possible so that he can possess all four weapons at once. I don't trust him. Not one bit. Nya: You have to remember, he's not just the Dark Lord, he's also Sensei's brother. Though he's pure evil, Sensei holds him close to his heart. Kai: That's it. Nya: What? Kai: To unlock the power. Sensei said the heart is the key. Maybe if I stand up to Lord Garmadon, I'll find my True Potential and then everyone will see I am the Green Ninja! Ha! Nya, you are a genius! Nya: I don't quite follow your logic- Kai: No time to explain. I have to go train. If I'm gonna to confront Garmadon soon, I gotta be at the top of my game. Nya: But Sensei said he's our guest. Kai: Garmadon might have fooled Sensei, but don't a think for a second I'm not keeping my eye on him. Nya, the Lord of Darkness just became our roommate! (The Ninja watch Garmadon as he brushes his teeth with a dagger. At the dinner table, Kai and Cole stare at Garmadon.) Cole: What's he eating? Kai: Condensed Evil. Supposed to be low in fat. (Jay, Nya, and Garmadon watch a movie.) Man: (On TV) Goodbye, my darling. (Garmadon laughs as he changes the channel.) (Kai tries to pilot the Bounty during a storm.) Zane: Where's Garmadon? Kai: (Sighs.) Sunbathing. (The Ninja shares their bedroom with Garmadon, who disturbs them with electricity.) Kai: Do you have to do that? We're trying to sleep. (Garmadon ignores him and only laughs. Kai groans.) (The Ninja, except Jay, watch as Garmadon plays a video game.) Kai: He's not even playing the game right. He's just shooting and destroying things. Zane: I've noticed when he isn't so focused on trying to turn Ninjago into his own image, he's actually quite fascinating. Cole: Sure, four arms are freakish, but all in all, he doesn't seem that bad of a guy. Kai: He might be pulling the wool over all your eyes, but not mine. He's up to something. And I'm gonna be ready for it. (The Falcon records the Serpentine heading to the Fire Temple.) Kai: Garmadon, get ready to get Kai'd! Fire! (He grunts.) Wham, bam, sorry to beat you, man! Wu: (In another room.) This way. Come, come. (Kai follows his voice.) I have come to understand the mysterious Samurai is no longer a mystery. Nya: Oh yeah, you heard about that. I guess I picked up a thing or two. It was foolish of me to think that a girl could not be the destined Green Ninja. Kai: (To himself) Nya's the Green Ninja? Wu: When the four weapons are laid out before the destined one, the weapons will react, revealing the identity of the Green Ninja. Nya: But, Sensei... Wu: Approach the weapons. Garmadon: What are you doing out here? Kai: Whoa! What are you doing out here? Garmadon: Evil never sleeps. Kai: Yeah, well, good never rests. Garmadon: Maybe we should take care of this right now. Kai: I was hoping you'd say that. (They push each other.) Nya: Guys, guys, what are you doing out here? Garmadon: Perhaps you should be asking Mr. Snoopy Pants that question. Nya: Kai, were you spying on me Kai: What? No way! I was, uh, keeping watch. So are you the Green Ninja? Nya: What? Of course not. Kai: So the weapons didn't tell you. Ah, that means I still have a chance. Wu: Truth is, she never wanted to know. Nya: At first, all I wanted was to be like you, but after seeing how obsessed you've become and discovered what I could do on my own, I'm happy being a Samurai. Kai: So then who's the Green Ninja? Wu: Perhaps we will never know. Jay: Kai, you were supposed to be in the bridge. Zane's Falcon spotted them. Nya: Looks like Pythor is at the Temple of Fire. Kai: That means the Fangblade is there. Garmadon: And Lloyd. Jay: That's the same Fire Temple where Kai and Lord Garmadon first faced off. Kai: If my memory serves me correct, I'd say one of us cheated back when we last fought. And I remember someone needing their Sensei to save them. Cole: Guys! For the sake of the Fangblade and Lloyd, can we please just get along? Nya: Since the last time we've been there, it looks like the volcano has grown unstable. The place is a powder keg just waiting to blow up. This will be a highly combustible environment. Jay: Oh, great. Just what I like. Fighting armed and deadly snakes in a highly combustible environment about to blow up! Wu: We will do what we must. Zane: Yes, Sensei. But where are our weapons? Kai: And why is Lord Garmadon not here? (He goes after Garmadon.) Wu: Kai! Kai: (He sees Garmadon holding the Weapons.) I knew I couldn't trust you, you thief! Garmadon: Foolish child. I look forward to teaching you a lesson. Kai: This ends now! Garmadon: Indeed! Kai: Ninja, go! (They hit each other.) I'm alive. I'm alive! Garmadon: You need to be taught a lesson! Nya: Kai? You in here? (Kai locks the door.) What are you doing? Kai: Discovering my True Potential! Jay: Unh! The door won't budge! Nya: Kai thinks he'll unlocks his power if he stands up to Lord Garmadon. Zane: Why would he think tha? Nya: 'Cause he thinks he's the Green Ninja! Cole: Well, if we don't open this door soon, I think he's gonna be mincemeat. Stand back! Earth. (He breaks the door down, but Kai had already defeated Garmadon.) Kai: I defeated him. I did it! Are my eyes glowing? Did I unlock my powers? Is this my True Potential? Argh! Why isn't it working? Wu: Because you cannot defeat someone who allowed himself to be defeated. Garmadon: I wasn't going to hurt you, boy. I was only fetching your weapons. Kai: But you were trying to steal them! Wu: I asked him to get there. Perhaps, it is best you do not reach your True Potential, or else someone could get hurt. Cole: Way to go, hero. Nya: Oh. Poor thing. Let me help you. Garmadon: Yes. Poor thing. Cole: Sounds like we've finally reached our destination. The Fire Temple. Nya: (Nya stays on the Bounty, using the Falcon as communication.) The volcano seems to be on the verge of eruption, guys. All recent indicators tell me that this place is becoming increasingly fragile. Even the smallest rupture can make the whole thing go off. Wu: Then we must not use our weapons. Nya: Kai. Kai: (Sighs.) Yeah, yeah. No Fire Sword. But only because I wouldn't want anything to prevent us from getting that Fangblade. Garmadon: Or my son. Wu: There. The Serpentine must be inside the inner core. From here on out, we travel by shadows. Garmadon: It's the only way I know how. Jay: There's Lloyd. Garmadon: (Gasps.) Son. Pythor: Huh? Out of my way, fool! The third Fangblade is ours! (They cheer, but Pythor sees the Ninja in the Blade's reflection.) Ninja? Attack! Wu: Light as leaf. Attack like there is no tomorrow. Jay: Wind! Zane: Ice! Nya: Kai, the weapon is compromising our safety. Kai: I will do what I must. Pythor: Let's get out of here! But not before we leave them with a parting gift. Boys? (The Constrictai digs up some holes.) Zane: They're making the volcano unstable. Jay: Any minute this place is gonna blow. We have to get out of here. Garmadon: Not without my son. Lloyd: Dad! Pythor: Argh, lose the boy! Lloyd: Dad! Garmadon: Lloyd! (He saves Lloyd.) Lloyd: Dad. Garmadon: Son. Kai: The Fangblade's mine! Cole: Come back. It's too dangerous. The whole place is going to explode! Kai: Then I better be quick! (He manages to get the Fangblade out of Pythor's grasp.) Skales: Hurry, we must leave here at once. Jay: Leave it, Kai! It's not worth your life! Kai: Not without that Fangblade! Lloyd: But what about Kai? Kai? (The ground under him breaks.) Garmadon: No! Lloyd! Lloyd: Dad! Dad! I'm sinking! Kai: It, unh, won't budge. (He drops the Fangblade on a rock.) Wu: We have to get out of here, or else none of us will get out of here. Garmadon: But my son! (They leave, and the entrance is blocked by rocks.). Kai: Come on, why won't my power unlock? Lloyd: Kai! Help me! Kai: Come on. Let's get out of here. Lloyd: But the Fangblade. Kai: Forget it. This place is coming apart. Ninja, glad. Garmadon: Lloyd! Lloyd! (They leave on the Bounty and the volcano explodes.) Nya: Kai. Garmadon: Son. (Kai and Lloyd fly back to the Bounty.) Jay: It's Kai! He's found his True Potential! Lloyd: Dad? Is it really you? Garmadon: It is, son. Lloyd: Dad? Why do you have four arms? Cole: He's gonna be okay. (The Ninja cheer.) Garmadon: Thank you, Kai. Zane: But how did you survive? How did you discover the key to unlocking your powers? Kai: I knew when I had to make a choice. I wanted the Fangblade so badly, to prove I was good enough to become the Green Ninja. But then I figured it out. All of my training to become the best Ninja wasn't in preparation to become the Green Ninja. It protect him. Lloyd: What? What is everybody looking at me for? Nya: That means...(They bring the weapons in front of him, and they react.) Wu: Lloyd is the Green Ninja. I had thought it would be one of you, but it was him the whole time. It all makes sense. Not only have you four been chosen to protect the Golden Weapons, but also to protect the Chosen One. Garmadon: That means... Wu: The battle lines have been drawn, brother. Sadly, our family has only become more divided. Brother versus brothers, and now son versus father. Jay: Hehe, this is heavy and all, but whatever happened to the Fangblade!? At the Temple, Pythor spots the Fangblade flowing in the lava. He grabs it with his Anacondrai Staff.)

All of Nothing[edit]

Rise of the Great Devourer[edit]

Day of the Great Devourer[edit]

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja[edit]

Darkness Shall Rise[edit]

[As Kai tries to blow a balloon, the police are rushing to the bank]

Kai: Trouble? Sounds like they need me. [run to the bank but the mom grab him]
Impatient Mom: Not so fast! I still have you for an hour.
Kai: But the bank. People are in danger!
Impatient Mom: Not until my son is done playing! [realizes Kai has left] Huh! YOU'RE FIRED!!!

[At Ninjago restaurant]

Man: It's true, at the bank. I heard they stole all their money, and no one's doing anything about it!

[Zane accidentally drop an egg on a kid's head]

Zane: Uh, Uh, I'm sorry!
The Chef: YOU'RE FIRED!!
Zane: It's must be my hard drive overheating. I mean; never mind... I'm going!

[At the Ninjago bank..]

Cole: I'll make it up to you, I swear!
The Bank Owner: No, why don't you go home and get a good night's sleep, and go ahead and sleep in. In fact; sleep in all day for all I care, cause YOU'RE FIRED!

Pirates vs. Ninja[edit]

Double Trouble[edit]

Ninjaball Run[edit]

Child's Play[edit]

Lloyd: Fair? Fair isn't a word where I come from.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time[edit]

The Stone Army[edit]

The Day Ninjago Stood Still[edit]

The Last Voyage[edit]

Island of Darkness[edit]

Wu: Not you, Lloyd.
Lloyd: Aw, seriously? Are we still doing this?
Misako: Wu is right. If you were to come across your father, it could prematurely start the final battle. We need to be at full strength before we take any risks.
Jay: [mocking Lloyd; laughing] Jealous?

Both: Ninja-- [quietly] go.

The Last Hope[edit]

Return of the Overlord[edit]

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master[edit]

Season 3: Rebooted[edit]

The Surge[edit]

The Art of the Slient Fist[edit]


The Curse of the Golden Master[edit]

Enter The Digiverse[edit]

Codename: Arcturus[edit]

The Void[edit]

The Titanium Ninja[edit]

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