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Open Season: Scared Silly (also known as Open Season 4 or Open Season 4: Scared Silly) is a 2016 American-Canadian computer-animated buddy comedy direct-to-video film. It is the fourth installment in the Open Season film series. Produced by Sony Pictures Animation, it was animated by Rainmaker Entertainment.

The film was directed by David Feiss and produced by John Bush with music by Rupert Gregson-Williams and Dominic Lewis.

Elliot is on an adventure to take the Boo out of Boog!(taglines)


  • Uh, actually, I find his story quite convincin'.
  • Keep it together, Boog. Come on, go to your happy place.
  • [to Beth] Oh, Beth! I'm so glad to see ya! I knew you'd never dump me off in the woods!
  • No one touches my Dinkleman!
  • [After Elliot suggests taking a different route] Through Dead Bear Gulch?!
  • The Boog I know is gonna build his panic room. [Boog turns his back on Giselle] See ya, Giselle.
  • Movies! Two words! Um, ooh-ooh! Lethal Weapon 2.
  • [to Elliot] Where are you goin' with this, Elliot?
  • [during the chase in a lava mine] Who puts a loop-de-loop in a lava mine?
  • I'm a grizzly bear!
  • Because friends don't abandon friends. You taught me that.
  • I had this nightmare about Beth. She was a wolf with 10 claws!


  • Let's take a short intermission.
  • Okay. We got rid of our dead weight. Still with me, Boog? You know I can't do this without my BFF. That's Bear Friend Forever, FYI. For your information. LOL.
  • Code Brown. Code Brown
  • Boog, I'll write you every single day!
  • I want to tell you something boog. I thought that maybe the wampy werewolf was just in your imagination, so I just struggled to overcome your fear.


  • I'm just a doe. A deer. A female deer.
  • Don't strain yourself.
  • So you're saying the werewolf cleaned the dishes?
  • [sees pictures of Bobbie and Bob] It's spotless. No signs of a struggle.
  • Guys, how about we use the door?

Mr. Weenie[edit]

  • While Shaw did not specifically mention coming after Mr. Weenie... I stand with you. I've got nowhere else to go! [starts crying and stops] Hey, Wait up for Mr. Weenie!
  • This rope is good! Although, it could use some salt.
  • Welcome to the scene of the crime.
  • [during a plane crash] Since it appears this is the end, I feel it's only right to confess. I'm not really German, I am Swiss!
  • [after he heard what Boog have said] So I am the werewolf? I'm always the last to hear about these things. [gasps] So that would mean I ate Bobbie! And Bob. I must leave this place before I eat my friends too. I mean, think of all the calories! [he leaves]
  • [to the audience] And so everybody did live happily ever after, including Mr. Weenie. The End. [he close his doggy door and went back inside]


  • Come on, tree huggers! That tree is not part of the tour.
  • Take a gander, boys and girls. We've arrived at Dead Bear Gulch.
  • The Wailing Wampus Werewolf. It's real. It's real.
  • [to Gordy] The werewolf wants to destroy you, [Elliot gets hit by a wall] your family, [Elliot gets spin by the fan] your way of life.
  • We're getting the band back together.
  • [while the hornetss sting him] I'm allergic to hornets!

Sheriff Gordy[edit]

  • Okay, Okay! The meeting is called to order. Marcia, you have an announcement?
  • [to Shaw] I don't see anything conclusive here, Shaw.
  • [to Shaw] Shaw, only the werewolves. You're not supposed to be allowed to touch anything else in that forest.
  • [to the cops] Well, looks like we've found our werewolf. Shaw, I should have known.
  • [to Shaw] You'll have plenty to say at your trial for posing as a monster and creating a general panic. Open Season is closed. Permanently.
  • [to Boog] Technically, I shouldn't be feeding the wild life, But I think we can make an exception. [he gives Boog some chocolate bars] Take care of yourself, Boog.


  • McSquizzly: Moose pucky!
  • Buddy: [he sees a ladybug] Something.
  • Ian: If you ask me, I saw this coming a long time ago. I knew that bear couldn't hack it out there. He's more an em-bear-assment. [to the Rabbits] Get it? Em-bear-assment. Ha, Ha!
  • Reilly: [from trailer] Hey, what did I miss?
  • Ed: What does a werewolf need a backpack for?
    • Edna: To keep his pilot license in.


[from trailer]
Elliot: It was a dark and stormy night, I stood face to face with the Rabid Beast.
[Boog screams, throws the rabbits and run away]
Elliot: Let's take a short intermission.

Elliot: Maria, you're afraid you're never gonna find someone… that you'll end up a spinster living with 2 pet bobcats.
Maria: Actually, I wasn't afraid of that… until now.
[Elliot went to Mr. Weenie]
Elliot: Mr. Weenie. [holds up a hot dog bun] You're afraid of hot dog buns.
Mr. Weenie: Yeah! And pickle relish and mustard!
[Elliot went to Serge and Deni]
Elliot: Serge. [holds duct tape] You're afraid of duct tape. [shows Reilly a splinter] Reilly, you're afraid of splinters. [Elliot went to Buddy] And Buddy. [blows up a balloon and makes a giraffe balloon] Balloons scare the quills off of you.
Buddy: [gasps] Balloons.

[In Boog's nightmare, Boog wakes up and notices his water dish and food dish that says his name on it. Then he sees Beth]
Boog: Beth! Dinkleman! We're home! It was all just a real long bad dream! [to Beth] Oh, Beth, I'm so glad to see you! I knew you would never dump me in the woods! [no reply from Beth. Boog starts to feel uneasy] Beth?
["Beth" turns around to reveal that it's not Beth at all; it's the Wailing Wampus Werewolf! Boog screams in terror, then sits bolt upright once he wakes up]

[from trailer]
Boog: Well, that looks nice.
[The camera shows us the mountains]
Elliot: Yeah, we're going over there.
[The camera moves to a different route. It's called "Dead Bear Gulch"]
Boog: Through Dead Bear Gulch?!
[Serge, Deni and Mr. Weenie hatch some eggs]
Mr. Weenie: Ooh!

[from trailer]
Mr. Weenie: Welcome to the scene of the crime. [turns off the light] Come on in.

Elliot: Did the Romans quit when the Vikings landed at Plymouth Rock? [Giselle and Ian look at each other] Did the Might dodo bird give up when it went extinct? Did the Titanic calls it quits when it hits the ice cream truck? [jumps off the tree stump] Nope, nope, and nope. Sure the werewolf had fangs, Shaw has guns. But you know the one thing we've got that nobody else had? Boog's Butt!
Boog: Where are you going with this, Elliot?
Elliot: It's an Amalgagee.
Giselle: Analogy.
Elliot: That too. Point is, When the chips are were down the odds were against us, The pilot had left the building...
Serge: We will never live this down.

Man: Is it werewolf into pack for?
Woman: To keep of party like it sins.
Boog: No!
Elliot: Hey! Let go of my 2nd favorite bear!
Boog: Let go of my Dinkleman! Oh, no, Dinkleman, no! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! [drops the Dinkleman, gasps, then Dinkelman in lava to lost] DINKLEMAN!!!

[Boog throws the cart away and sits on an old cactus named Ol' Prickly]
Boog: [sighs] It figures. There's one cactus in all of Timberline and I land right on it.
Elliot: [off-screen] Boog, I'm okay! [on-screen when he and Giselle are on Ol' Comfy] We landed in this super cushiony pile of rose petals and clover! [Elliot and Giselle walks away from Ol' Comfy] Good thing we didn't land on old prickly. [Boog slides off Ol' Prickly] Wasn't that crazy? The dip where we went down and our stomachs went up! The lava singed my eye lashes!
Boog: Listen, Elliot. I've had enough! This is too dangerous! And now Dinkelman's gone. You don't know what he meant to me.
Elliot: [sadly] Yeah... [looks upset then smiles] But we're safe now.
Boog: Safe?! [he pulls off a cactus quill] (What do mean safe?!) We've never been safe! Crashing in airplanes, getting shot at by hunters, flying off the rails in a lava mine.
Elliot: We're so close to finding the werewolf. We can't give up now.
Boog: Now seems like the perfect time. [turns his back on Elliot]
Elliot: Boog, I believe in you. When you want to be, you can be a super brave bear. The superest.
Boog: (You know what?) I've had enough! I'm done! I'm building that panic room by myself and hibernating forever.
Elliot: And then after that, can we go camping?
Boog: No, Elliot. My Dinkleman's gone.
[Elliot gasps then turns his back on Boog]
Elliot: Fine. I take it back. You're not super! You're a pooper! I don't need you. All I need is one thing, or two things. Myself. Because myself never hurts my feelings like certain heavy-set bears.
Boog: That doesn't even make sense.
Elliot: Words can hurt, you know that, tubby?
[Giselle walks to Boog and Elliot]
Giselle: Okay. Let's cool down for a second.
Boog: (Elliot,) I stood up for you because I thought you were my best friend. Maybe you're not. [Elliot gasps] You don't care about me. You only care about your stupid camping trip. What's a matter?
Elliot: [starts crying] It's not stupid.
Boog: Elliot, stop make it crying, okay. Go find yourself a new best friend who likes selfish deers.
[Boog walks away from Elliot and Giselle]
Elliot: Oh... Well, you can forget about that stupid camping trip! I wouldn't go with you if you were the last best friend on earth!
[Elliot watches Boog walks into the forest]
Boog: Elliot, calm down. It's alright.
Elliot: Fine. I'm calm.

[That night, Boog walks through the forest after he breaks up with Elliot]
Boog: I never should've trusted Elliot. How could I have been so stupid?
[Giselle follows after Boog]
Giselle: Boog. Wait!
Boog: I'm done with him!
Giselle: Elliot went about things the wrong way, but he was genuinely trying to help you get over your fear of the werewolf.
Boog: Because all he cared about was some dumb campin' trip.
Giselle: He wanted to spend time with his best friend.
Boog: He tied pumpkins to my chest! [tries to get the pumpkins out of his chest]
Giselle: I'll be the first to admit - Elliot is a ding-a-ling, but he's our ding-a-ling.
Boog: Can you give me a hand? I don't know how you girls do this every day.
[Giselle bites the rope from the pumpkin chests and they fall out of Boog]
Boog: Elliot can take care of himself. [throws away the wig] That's what he's good at. [throws away the hand bracelets]
Giselle: Elliot is headed into Dead Bear Gulch. He's convinced the werewolf will be hiding there tonight.
Boog: Thanks for the tip. [pulls one of the pine needle eyelashes] Pine needle eyelashes. [takes the pine needle eyelashes off and he blinks] I'll be sure to stay far away from Dead Bear Gulch.
Giselle: Boog, he cares about you. [Boog takes off a huge leaf] And you care about him. The Boog I know wouldn't abandon his friend.
Boog: The Boog I know is gonna build his panic room. [turns his back on Giselle] See ya, Giselle.
[Giselle blinks her eyes as Boog walks away]

[A refection of Boog is shown as Boog walks along the path]
Ian: [off-screen] Hey, Booger. [on-screen when he and the others are inside the panic room] You hear that? I called him "Booger".
Boog: What are you guys doing?
Reilly: We took your advice and built a panic room, (Just like you wished for).
Boog: Not bad. You got room for one more?
Reilly: Come on in.
Ian: Wipe your feet.
Maria: Take a load off.
Ian: Just close the door behind you. [Boog closes the door] So where's your best friend Idiot? [to the animals] You notice how I called Elliot "Idiot"?
Boog: [scoffs] The great werewolf hunter is in Dead Bear Gulch probably talkin' the ear off of some poor werewolf.
[Suddenly, Shaw's truck comes to a stop]
Boog: [gasps] Shh.
Shaw: That's where it all began, in Dead Bear Gulch. That's where we'll find our werewolf.
Edna: But that gulch is haunted, don't you know.
Ed: Yeah! With evil spirits.
[Boog and Ian looks at the refection of Shaw, Ed and Edna]
Shaw: Which is why the werewolf will be hidin' out there. We've got it on the run. It's gonna hunker down in the one place it thinks we won't go.
Ed: And where is that?
Shaw: Dead Bear Gulch!
Ed: Oh, right.
Shaw: I got special camo for us in the truck. We'll take him by surprise!
Ed: Take who by surprise?
Shaw: The werewolf!
Edna: Ooh! I love surprises!
Shaw: Instead of Dead Bear Gulch, they're gonna have to call it... Dead Everything Gulch by the time we're through. [uses Lorraine] We'll blast everything that moves.
Ed: You mean like us?
Edna: How can we hunt if we can't move?
Shaw: [groans] I won't blast you!
Ed: But we'll be moving!
Edna: Yeah! You said that...
Shaw: Forget what I said! [groans] Canadians.
[Shaw, Ed, and Edna went back to the truck off-screen]
Reilly: Elliot's in trouble!
Rosie: What are we gonna do, Boog?
Reilly: Maybe we should go help him.
[Boog looks worried when his friend's in trouble]

[As Ed and Edna tries to kill Boog and Elliot, Shadow puppet ducks appear]
Ed: The evil spirits! They're here! [The shadow ducks begin to move] Undead zombie ghost ducks from hunting seasons past!
[Ed runs away]
Elliot: What?
Boog: I brought some friends.
[Serge and Deni are making shadow puppets]
Serge: We should consider taking our talents on the road, eh, Deni?
[They made a shadow puppet hand who made a thumbs up]
Edna: Where are you going? I don't see any evil...
[Edna sees the skunks becomes a dancing skeleton]
Edna: Wait for me!
Rosie: Aye! Shake it, sister!
[The skunks as a skeleton begin to shake. Ed and Edna runs away]
Shaw: Fine. Abandon me. I got Lorraine. She's all I need.
[Mr. Weenie is in the werewolf mask]
Mr. Weenie: Face the wrath of a true werewolf!
[Mr. Weenie looses the werewolf mask. Shaw caught him but Boog attacks him and bends Lorraine, destroying it]
Shaw: MY LORRAINE! Now you've gone too far! [wrestles Boog] It's just you and me, bear. Mano a bear-o. [punches Boog with his fists. Boog shakes his head] Your shoe's untied! [hits Boog's nose and Boog feels his nose] Come on, teddy bear! Free shot! [Boog growls and he tries to punch Shaw] Too fast for you! [hits Boog] Guess who? [hits Boog's head]
Elliot: Ooh!
Mr. Weenie: Ooh!
Shaw: Come on, scaredy bear!
[Boog growls and Shaw blows a raspberry at him. He waddles Boog mouths and punches him]
Elliot and Mr. Weenie: Ooh!
[As Shaw laughs at Boog, Boog growls at Shaw and punches him and Shaw bumps into a tree.]
Boog: Ha-ha-ha! Oh!
Shaw: Crud. [Boog throws a hornet's nest and the hornets sting Shaw]
Ian: That's gonna smart for a few days.
Shaw: I'm allergic to hornets!
[Shaw pulls the hornet's nest and sting spots are on his cheeks]
Elliot: Washcloth?
[Shaw rubs his face with Buddy and got porcupine spines]
Buddy: Buddy.
[Boog, Elliot and the animals watches Shaw runs away from Dead Bear Gulch in defeat]
Elliot: Why did you come back for me?
Boog: Because friends don't abandon friends. You taught me that.
Elliot: [as he wipes his eyes] My eyes are starting to pee.
[Shaw runs along the path, But the bullet hits him making him fainting]
Officer: [whistles] Nice shooting, sheriff.
[Gordy and the officers found Shaw in the werewolf costume]
Sheriff Gordy: Well, looks like we've found our werewolf. Shaw, I should have known.
Officer: I guess he's in deep doodoo.
Sheriff Gordy: Sure is.
Officer: Selfie! [takes a picture with his phone] And post.
[Later the officers take Shaw to the police car with Ed and Edna who are already been defeated]
Shaw: [weakly] Bears.
Sheriff Gordy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You'll have plenty to say at your trial for posing as a monster and creating a general panic. Open season is closed. Permanently. [Boog and the others cheer. Gordy close the back door of the police car] Take them away, boys. [The police car drive away and Gordy sees the tree rustles] Boog? [Boog comes out of the tree. He walks to Gordy] Thought I recognized your work. [Boog smiles] You know, you're always welcome to come back home.
[Boog's frown is upside down. He turns his back on Elliot]
Elliot: He's going back to live in town.
[Boog turns back to Gordy]
Sheriff Gordy: I understand. You are home. [Boog smiles] Technically, I shouldn't be feeding the wild life, But I think we can make an exception. [gives Boog some chocolate bars] Take care of yourself, Boog. [walks away]
Elliot: Eee!
Boog: [holding chocolate bars] Woo-Hoo!
Elliot: I knew you wouldn't go back to live in town.
Boog: Of course not! Who's gonna protect you, Elliot? You can't go campin' by yourself!
Elliot: [gasps] I got something for you. I was waiting to surprise you. [takes Dinkelman out of his back] Surprise! Happy Mother's Day!
Boog: [gasps] Dinkelman! (You're okay!) [hugs Dinkleman] Hey, how long you had him?
Elliot: It's a See-cret.
[They both begin to laugh]

[while Elliot dances with the Wailing Wampus Werewolf]
Elliot: See? I told you. The werewolf communicates through interpretive dance.
Wailing Wampus Werewolf: Yeah, interpretive dance and talking. I can talk. Heh, heh, heh.
Elliot: I think he means us no harm.
Wailing Wampus Werewolf: Whatever.
Elliot: We need to show him we don't either. Everybody, dance now. [Boog starts dancing] Shake that tail feather!
[Giselle, Ian, Mr. Weenie and the animals start dancing too and the fireflies came out of their tree creating a disco ball. Boog and Elliot dance together]
Buddy: Bud... Bud...
McSquizzy: Ow!
[Roise, Deni, Elliot and bug monster dance too]
Ian: Busting a move.
[Boog dances with the Wailing Wampus Werewolf]
Elliot: Ooh. Impressive moves, Boog. We should call you Dances with Werewolves.
[He and Boog starts laughing]
Mr. Weenie: Boog, I have something shocking to tell you. I might not be the werewolf.
Boog: Got it, Mr. Weenie.
[The Wailing Wampus Werewolf howls at the moon as everybody keeps dancing]

[last lines]
Wailing Wampus Werewolf: Just one more time.
Boog: No!
[The scene cuts to black]


  • Elliot is on an adventure to take the Boo out of Boog!
  • Bloopers, Outtakes, And More!

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