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Open Season: Scared Silly (also known as Open Season 4 or Open Season 4: Scared Silly) is a 2016 American computer-animated buddy comedy direct-to-video film. It is the fourth installment in the Open Season film series, following Open Season (2006), Open Season 2 (2009), and Open Season 3 (2011). Produced by Sony Pictures Animation, it was animated by Rainmaker Entertainment.

The film was directed by David Feiss and produced by John Bush with music by Rupert Gregson-Williams and Dominic Lewis. It theatrically was released as a direct-to-video in the United States and Canada on March 8, 2016.

While the film acknowledges the events depicted in the first film, it ingnores the continuity seen in Open Season 2 and Open Season 3.

Elliot is on an adventure to take the Boo out of Boog!(taglines)


  • Uh, actually, I find his story quite convincin'.
  • Keep it together, Boog. Come on, go to your happy place.
  • [to Beth] Oh, Beth! I'm so glad to see ya! I knew you'd never dump me off in the woods!
  • No one touches my Dinkleman!
  • [After Elliot suggests taking a different route] Through Dead Bear Gulch?!
  • The Boog I know is gonna build his panic room. [Boog turns his back on Giselle] See ya, Giselle.
  • Movies! Two words! Um, ooh-ooh! Lethal Weapon 2.
  • [to Elliot] Where are you goin' with this, Elliot?
  • [during the chase in a lava mine] Who puts a loop-de-loop in a lava mine?
  • I'm a grizzly bear!
  • Because friends don't abandon friends. You taught me that.


  • Let's take a short intermission.
  • Okay. We got rid of our dead weight. Still with me, Boog? You know I can't do this without my BFF. That's Bear Friend Forever, FYI. For your information. LOL.
  • Boog, I'll write you every single day!


  • I'm just a doe. A deer. A female deer.
  • Don't strain yourself.
  • So you're saying the werewolf cleaned the dishes?
  • [sees pictures of Bobbie and Bob] It's spotless. No signs of a struggle.
  • Guys, how about we use the door?

Mr. Weenie[edit]

  • While Shaw did not specifically mention coming after Mr. Weenie... I stand with you. I've got nowhere else to go! [starts crying and stops] Hey, Wait up for Mr. Weenie!
  • This rope is good! Although, it could use some salt.
  • Welcome to the scene of the crime.
  • [during a plane crash] Since it appears this is the end, I feel it's only right to confess. I'm not really German, I am Swiss!
  • [after he heard what Boog have said] So I am the werewolf? I'm always the last to hear about these things. [gasps] So that would mean I ate Bobbie! And Bob. I must leave this place before I eat my friends too. I mean, think of all the calories! [he leaves]
  • [to the audience] And so everybody did live happily ever after, including Mr. Weenie. The End. [he close his doggy door and went back inside]


  • Come on, tree huggers! That tree is not part of the tour.
  • Take a gander, boys and girls. We've arrived at Dead Bear Gulch.
  • The Wailing Wampus Werewolf. It's real. It's real.
  • [to Gordy] The werewolf wants to destroy you, [Elliot gets hit by a wall] your family, [Elliot gets spin by the fan] your way of life.
  • We're getting the band back together.
  • [while the hornetss sting him] I'm allergic to hornets!

Sheriff Gordy[edit]

  • Okay, Okay! The meeting is called to order. Marcia, you have an announcement?
  • [to Shaw] I don't see anything conclusive here, Shaw.
  • [to Shaw] Shaw, only the werewolf. You're not allowed to touch anything else in that forest.
  • [to the cops] Well, looks like we've found our werewolf. Shaw, I should have known.
  • [to Shaw] You'll have plenty to say at your trial for posing as a monster and creating a general panic. Open Season is closed. Permanently.
  • [to Boog] Technically, I shouldn't be feeding the wild life, But I think we can make an exception. [he gives Boog some chocolate bars] Take care of yourself, Boog.


  • McSquizzly: Moose pucky!
  • Buddy: [he sees a ladybug] Something.
  • Ian: If you ask me, I saw this coming a long time ago. I knew that bear couldn't hack it out there. He's more an em-bear-assment. [to the Rabbits] Get it? Em-bear-assment. Ha, Ha!
  • Reilly: [from trailer] Hey, what did I miss?
  • Ed: What does a werewolf need a backpack for?
    • Edna: To keep his pilot license in.


[from trailer]
Elliot: It was a dark and stormy night, I stood face to face with the Rabid Beast.
[Boog screams, throws the rabbits and run away]
Elliot: Let's take a short intermission.

Elliot: Maria, you're afraid you're never gonna find someone… that you'll end up a spinster living with 2 pet bobcats.
Maria: Actually, I wasn't afraid of that… until now.
[Elliot went to Mr. Weenie]
Elliot: Mr. Weenie. [holds up a hot dog bun] You're afraid of hot dog buns.
Mr. Weenie: Yeah! And pickle relish and mustard!
[Elliot went to Serge and Deni]
Elliot: Serge. [holds duct tape] You're afraid of duct tape. [shows Reilly a splinter] Reilly, you're afraid of splinters. [Elliot went to Buddy] And Buddy. [blows up a balloon and makes a giraffe balloon] Balloons scare the quills off of you.
Buddy: [gasps] Balloons.

[In Boog's nightmare, Boog wakes up and notices his water dish and food dish that says "Boog". He sees Beth]
Boog: Beth! Dinkelman, we're home! It was all just a real long bad dream! [to Beth] Oh, Beth, I'm so glad to see you! I knew you would never dump me in the woods. [Beth then starts to move] Beth?
[It's not Beth, It's the Wailing Wampus Werewolf. Boog screams in terror, back in the real world, Boog wakes up after the nightmare ends]

[from trailer]
Boog: Well, that looks nice.
[The camera shows us the mountains]
Elliot: Yeah, we're going over there.
[The camera moves to a different route. It's called "Dead Bear Gulch"]
Boog: Through Dead Bear Gulch?!
[Serge, Deni and Mr. Weenie hatch some eggs]
Mr. Weenie: Ooh!

[from trailer]
Mr. Weenie: Welcome to the scene of the crime. [turns off the light] Come on in.

Elliot: Did the Romans quit when the Vikings landed at Plymouth Rock? [Giselle and Ian look at each other] Did the Might dodo bird give up when it went extinct? Did the Titanic calls it quits when it hits the ice cream truck? [jumps off the tree stump] Nope, nope, and nope. Sure the werewolf had fangs, Shaw has guns. But you know the one thing we've got that nobody else had? Boog's Butt!
Boog: Where are you going with this, Elliot?
Elliot: It's an Amalgagee.
Giselle: Analogy.
Elliot: That too. Point is, When the chips are were down the odds were against us, The pilot had left the building...
Serge: We will never live this down.

[Boog throws the cart away and sits on an old cactus named Ol' Prickly]
Boog: [sighs] It figures. There's one cactus in all of Timberline and I land right on it.
Elliot: [off-screen] Boog, I'm okay! [on-screen when he and Giselle are on Ol' Comfy] We landed in this super cushiony pile of rose petals and clover!
[Elliot and Giselle walks away from Ol' Comfy]
Elliot: Good thing we didn't land on old prickly. [Boog slides off Ol' Prickly] Wasn't that crazy? The dip where we went down and our stomachs went up! The lava singed my eye lashes!
Boog: Listen, Elliot. I've had enough! This is too dangerous! And now Dinkelman's gone. You don't know what he meant to me.
Elliot: [sadly] Yeah... [looks upset then smiles] But we're safe now.
Boog: Safe? [he pulls off a cactus quill] (What do mean safe?!) We've never been safe! Crashing in airplanes, getting shot at by hunters, flying off the rails in a lava mine.
Elliot: We're so close to finding the werewolf. We can't give up now.
Boog: Now seems like the perfect time. [turns his back on Elliot]
Elliot: Boog, I believe in you. When you want to be, you can be a super brave bear. The superest.
Boog: I've had enough! I'm done! I'm building that panic room by myself and hibernating forever.
Elliot: And then after that, can we go camping?
Boog: No, Elliot.
[Elliot gasps then turns his back on Boog]
Elliot: Fine. I take it back. You're not super! You're a pooper! I don't need you. All I need is one thing. Myself. Because myself never hurts my feelings like certain heavy-set bears.
Boog: That doesn't even make sense.
Elliot: Words can hurt, you know that, tubby?
[Giselle walks to Boog and Elliot]
Giselle: Okay. Let's cool down for a second.
Boog: (Elliot,) I stood up for you because I thought you were my best friend. Maybe you're not. [Elliot gasps] You don't care about me. You only care about your stupid camping trip.
Elliot: [starts crying] It's not stupid.
Boog: Go find yourself a new best friend who likes selfish deers.
[Boog walks away from Elliot and Giselle]
Elliot: Oh... Well, you can forget about that stupid camping trip! I wouldn't go with you if you were the last best friend on earth!
[Elliot watches Boog walks into the forest]

[That night, Boog walks through the forest after he breaks up with Elliot]
Boog: I never should've trusted Elliot. How could I have been so stupid?
Giselle: Boog. Wait!
Boog: I'm done with him!
Giselle: Elliot went about things the wrong way, but he was genuinely trying to help you get over your fear of the werewolf.
Boog: Because all he cared about was some dumb campin' trip.
Giselle: He wanted to spend time with his best friend.
Boog: He tied pumpkins to my chest! [tries to get the pumpkins out of his chest]
Giselle: I'll be the first to admit - Elliot is a ding-a-ling, but he's our ding-a-ling.
Boog: Can you give me a hand? I don't know how you girls do this every day.
[Giselle bites the rope from the pumpkin chests and they fall out of Boog]
Boog: Elliot can take care of himself. [throws away the wig] That's what he's good at. [throws away the hand bracelets]
Giselle: Elliot is headed into Dead Bear Gulch. He's convinced the werewolf will be hiding there tonight.
Boog: Thanks for the tip. [pulls one of the pine needle eyelashes] Pine needle eyelashes. [takes the pine needle eyelashes off and he blinks] I'll be sure to stay far away from Dead Bear Gulch.
Giselle: Boog, he cares about you. [Boog takes off a huge leaf] And you care about him. The Boog I know wouldn't abandon his friend.
Boog: The Boog I know is gonna build his panic room. [turns his back on Giselle] See ya, Giselle.
[Giselle blinks her eyes as Boog walks away]

[A refection of Boog is shown as Boog walks along the path]
Ian: [off-screen] Hey, Booger. [on-screen when he and the others are inside the panic room] You hear that? I called him "Booger".
Boog: What are you guys doing?
Reilly: We took your advice and built a panic room, (Just like you wished for).
Boog: Not bad. You got room for one more?
Reilly: Come on in.
Ian: Wipe your feet.
Maria: Take a load off.
Ian: Just close the door behind you. [Boog closes the door] So where's your best friend Idiot? [to the animals] You notice how I called Elliot "Idiot"?
Boog: [scoffs] The great werewolf hunter is in Dead Bear Gulch probably talkin' the ear off of some poor werewolf.
[Suddenly, Shaw's truck comes to a stop]
Boog: [gasps] Shh.
Shaw: That's where it all began, in Dead Bear Gulch. That's where we'll find our werewolf.
Edna: But that gulch is haunted, don't you know.
Ed: Yeah! With evil spirits.
[Boog and Ian looks at the refection of Shaw, Ed and Edna]
Shaw: Which is why the werewolf will be hidin' out there. We've got it on the run. It's gonna hunker down in the one place it thinks we won't go.
Ed: And where is that?
Shaw: Dead Bear Gulch!
Ed: Oh, right.
Shaw: I got special camo for us in the truck. We'll take him by surprise!
Ed: Take who by surprise?
Shaw: The werewolf!
Edna: Ooh! I love surprises!
Shaw: Instead of Dead Bear Gulch, they're gonna have to call it... Dead Everything Gulch by the time we're through. [uses Lorraine] We'll blast everything that moves.
Ed: You mean like us?
Edna: How can we hunt if we can't move?
Shaw: [groans] I won't blast you!
Ed: But we'll be moving!
Edna: Yeah! You said that...
Shaw: Forget what I said! [groans] Canadians.
[Shaw, Ed, and Edna went back to the truck off-screen]
Reilly: Elliot's in trouble!
Rosie: What are we gonna do, Boog?
Reilly: Maybe we should go help him.
[Boog looks worried when his friend's in trouble]

[As Ed and Edna tries to kill Boog and Elliot, Shadow puppet ducks appear]
Ed: The evil spirits! They're here! [The shadow ducks begin to move] Undead zombie ghost ducks from hunting seasons past!
[Ed runs away]
Elliot: What?
Boog: I brought some friends.
[Serge and Deni are making shadow puppets]
Serge: We should consider taking our talents on the road, eh, Deni?
[They made a shadow puppet hand who made a thumbs up]
Edna: Where are you going? I don't see any evil...
[Edna sees the skunks becomes a dancing skeleton]
Edna: Wait for me!
Rosie: Aye! Shake it, sister!
[The skunks as a skeleton begin to shake. Ed and Edna runs away]
Shaw: Fine. Abandon me. I got Lorraine. She's all I need.
[Mr. Weenie is in the werewolf mask]
Mr. Weenie: Face the wrath of a true werewolf!
[Mr. Weenie looses the werewolf mask. Shaw caught him but Boog attacks him and bends Lorraine]
Shaw: LORRAINE! Now you've gone too far! [wrestles Boog] It's just you and me, bear. Mano a bear-o. [punches Boog with his fists. Boog shakes his head] Your shoe's untied! [hits Boog's nose and Boog feels his nose] Come on, teddy bear! Free shot! [Boog growls and he tries to punch Shaw] Too fast for you! [hits Boog] Guess who? [hits Boog's head]
Elliot: Ooh!
Mr. Weenie: Ooh!
Shaw: Come on, scaredy bear!
[Boog growls and Shaw blows a raspberry at him. He waddles Boog mouths and punches him]
Elliot and Mr. Weenie: Ooh!
[As Shaw laughs at Boog, Boog growls at Shaw and punches him and Shaw bumps into a tree. Boog throws a hornet's nest and the hornets sting Shaw]
Ian: That's gonna smart for a few days.
Shaw: I'm allergic to hornets!
[Shaw pulls the hornet's nest and sting spots are on his cheeks]
Elliot: Washcloth?
[Shaw rubs his face with Buddy and got porcupine spines]
Buddy: Buddy.
[Boog, Elliot and the animals watches Shaw runs away from Dead Bear Gulch]
Elliot: Why did you come back for me?
Boog: Because friends don't abandon friends. You taught me that.
Elliot: [as he wipes his eyes] My eyes are starting to pee.
[Shaw runs along the path, But the bullet hits him making him fainting]
Officer: [whistles] Nice shooting, sheriff.
[Gordy and the officers found Shaw in the werewolf costume]
Sheriff Gordy: Well, looks like we've found our werewolf. Shaw, I should have known.
Officer: I guess he's in deep doodoo.
Sheriff Gordy: Sure is.
Officer: Selfie! [takes a picture with his phone] And post.
[Later the officers take Shaw to the police car with Ed and Edna who are already been defeated]
Shaw: [weekly] Bears.
Sheriff Gordy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You'll have plenty to say at your trial for posing as a monster and creating a general panic. Open season is closed. Permanently.
[Boog and the others cheer. Gordy close the back door of the police car]
Sheriff Gordy: Take them away, boys. [The police car drive away and Gordy sees the tree rustles] Boog?
[Boog comes out of the tree. He walks to Gordy]
Sheriff Gordy: Thought I recognized your work. [Boog smiles] You know, you're always welcome to come back home.
[Boog's frown is upside down. He turns his back on Elliot]
Elliot: He's going back to live in town.
[Boog turns back to Gordy]
Sheriff Gordy: I understand. You are home. [Boog smiles] Technically, I shouldn't be feeding the wild life, But I think we can make an exception. [gives Boog some chocolate bars] Take care of yourself, Boog. [walks away]
Elliot: Eee!
Boog: [holding chocolate bars] Woo-Hoo!
Elliot: I knew you wouldn't go back to live in town.
Boog: Of course not! Who's gonna protect you, Elliot? You can't go campin' by yourself!
Elliot: [gasps] I got something for you. I was waiting to surprise you. [takes Dinkelman out of his back] Surprise! Happy Mother's Day!
Boog: [gasps] Dinkelman! (You're okay!) [hugs Dinkleman] Hey, how long you had him?
Elliot: It's a See-cret.
[They both begin to laugh]

[while Elliot dances with the Wailing Wampus Werewolf]
Elliot: See? I told you. The werewolf communicates through interpretive dance.
Wailing Wampus Werewolf: Yeah, interpretive dance and talking. I can talk. Heh, heh, heh.
Elliot: I think he means us no harm.
Wailing Wampus Werewolf: Whatever.
Elliot: We need to show him we don't either. Everybody, dance now. [Boog starts dancing] Shake that tail feather!
[Giselle, Ian, Mr. Weenie and the animals start dancing too and the fireflies came out of their tree creating a disco ball. Boog and Elliot dance together]
Buddy: Bud... Bud...
McSquizzy: Ow!
[Roise, Deni, Elliot and bug monster dance too]
Ian: Busting a move.
[Boog dances with the Wailing Wampus Werewolf]
Elliot: Ooh. Impressive moves, Boog. We should call you Dances with Werewolves.
[He and Boog starts laughing]
Mr. Weenie: Boog, I have something shocking to tell you. I might not be the werewolf.
Boog: Got it, Mr. Weenie.
[The Wailing Wampus Werewolf howls at the moon as everybody keeps dancing]

[last lines]
Wailing Wampus Werewolf: Just one more time.
Boog: No.
[The scene cuts to black]


  • Elliot is on an adventure to take the Boo out of Boog!
  • On Blu-Ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD, Available March 8.
  • Bloopers, Outtakes, And More!

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