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Timo Pekka Olavi Siitoin (20 May 19448 December 2003) was a Finnish occultist and neo-Nazi, self-proclaimed "Führer of Finland", known for his public admiration of Adolf Hitler and convicted of the 1977 arson of a Communist printing house.


Pekka Siitoin in 1976
  • In any case, I am a rock-hard racist, sadist and fascist. That is what I enjoy. Mercy is sickness.[1]
  • I don't shoot Aryans. But if someone else comes...[1]
  • We have many sympathisers in the police force. Our activities are also accepted by many in the Finnish army.[1]
  • The magnums are always ready here.[1]
  • This racial hatred does not extend to the gypsies and Jews living in Finland, only to those filthy mud-noses who are being imported here to live off of our money so that we are impoverished as a result.[1]
  • All kinds of hula-hula niggers, half-naked midgets and other savages have taken millions' worth of donations from the Finnish government.[2]
  • Jungle peoples lack knowledge or any talent to speak of.[2]
  • I think it is very wrong that those mud-noses are being brought here. All they do is rape our women, spread AIDS and steal and rob.[3]
  • My mother used to say that women usually need a stupid man with a lot of money and a long penis.[3]
  • In about 10 to 15 years, the United States will have a black majority, and whites will be brought down to the position of a downtrodden people.[3]
  • Hobbies: women, vodka, weapons[3]
  • I believe that we should send all the refugee niggers to Lapland for snow work. Santa needs black elves, too. It is equality.[3]
  • Extreme movements aren't really popular right now, but they are still a necessary evil in this climate.[3]
  • I'm also a clairvoyant, I can make predictions, but I'm by no means a Nazi clown even though that's what the Communists are claiming.[3]
  • I have never boiled cats myself, nor have I urged anyone to, that was an old ritual I was talking about in [my book] Black Magic. Someone I knew did boil cats alive. I, too, have two cats at my home in Vehmaa and they are my good friends.[3]
  • I am a debauchee, I am a pervert. My mother wished for me to become a theologist, but I became a filthologist.[3]
  • Great men like Adolf Hitler are only born once in a hundred years. I must admit that Franco was more successful than Hitler, but we need to take into account that fascism and national socialism are two different things. They should never be confused with each other.[3]
  • Heil Hitler.[3]
  • [Interviewer: Do you, Pekka Siitoin, believe that there will some day be Nazi rule in Finland?] Certainly.[3]
  • [Interviewer: This was very scary.] Thank you, as it should be.[3]
  • When ten million Russians come over the border, we won't even have enough ammunition to repel them.[3]
  • Send the unemployed to concentration camps. Racial mixing is a very bad thing. Suspend the right to strike.[4]
  • I was an only child. An adopted child is more beloved than a biological one. I was treated like an emperor. I had a fine upbringing, like a prince.[5]
  • [Interviewer: Do you consider yourself a patriotic man?] Yes, and I'm also a racist.[6]
  • Winston Churchill was homosexual. Juden agent, Churchill.[6]
  • Terrible tricks should be done to conscientious objectors. Concentration camp, half a year, forced labour.[6]
  • I've been to the theaters and prisons, I've seen gays and lesbians... it's horrible. Doing others in the ass, then a diarrhea-soaked dick comes out. It's disgusting.

Quotes about Siitoin

  • We may be forced to take action to abolish his organisation because of a few lunatics. But there is no reason to hurry. Siitoinen's [sic] senility could stop by itself. It could also continue, in which case we should intervene, even for other countries' sake. But don't hurry.
    • President Urho Kekkonen, in response to a report by the ministry of the interior regarding Siitoin's activities[4]
  • Foreigners are probably saying that we're allowing a fascist party to exist.
    • President Kekkonen, again in reference to publicity surrounding Siitoin and his followers[4]
  • Finland has produced lot [sic] of lunatics and highly original characters. Pekka Siitoin was one of them.
    • Iiro Nordling, a Siitoin biographer[7]


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