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The Pentagrammaton. The letters, read from right to left, are yodh, he, shin, waw, and he.

The Pentagrammaton, יהשוה, is an allegorical form of the Hebrew name of Jesus, Yeshua (ישוע). It is obtained by adding the letter ש to the Tetragrammaton (יהוה). This results in the sequence Y-H-Sh-W-H, which can be read as Yahshuah or Yeheshuah.


Heart symbol by Jakob Böhme, showing the Pentagrammaton below the Tetragrammaton.
  • The Holy Spirit or the Shechinah, as we have already observed, is symbolized by the letter ש Shin. When, therefore, a man has invoked the Spiritual Self, his Holy Guardian Angel, and attained to His Knowledge and Conversation, the process is described as the descent of the letter ש Shin into the midst of the elemental name of יהוה Tetragrammaton, thus forming a new word יהשוה Yeheshua, the Pentagrammaton, the symbol of a new being, the Adept or Tsaddik in whom the birth of Spirit has equilibrized the base and unredeemed elements of matter.
  • By placing the four letters of the Tetragrammaton in a vertical column, a figure closely resembling the human body is produced, with Yod for the head, the first He for the arms and shoulders, Vau for the trunk of the body, and the final He for the hips and legs. If the Hebrew letters be exchanged for their English equivalents, the form is not materially changed or the analogy altered. It is also extremely significant that by inserting the letter ש, Shin, in the middle of the name Jehovah, the word Jehoshua, or Jesus, is formed thus: יהשוה.
    • Manly P. Hall: The Secret Teachings of All Ages
  • The letter ש is ordinarily drawn on Cabalistic pentacles whose object is to accomplish a desire. This letter is also the mark of the scapegoat in the mystical Cabala, and Saint-Martin observed that this letter, inserted in the incommunicable Tetragrammaton, produces the name of the Redeemer of men, יהשוה, Yeheshuah.
  • According to Ricius, world history may be divided into three stages based upon the names of God in the Bible. The first period was the natural period, where God reveals himself through the three-lettered divine name shaddai. Then there is the Torah period, where God reveals to Moses the divine name of four letters, the Tetragrammaton. In the final period of grace and redemption, God reveals the Tetragrammaton plus the letter shin, or the letter of the Logos (Christ), spelling yhswh, or the Kabbalistic name of Jesus. Thus, the name of Jesus, or the miraculous name, became the pronouncable name of the previously unpronouncable yhwh.
  • According to this theory, the magical name of Jesus was composed of the same four Hebrew letters as Tetragrammaton, but with one letter added in the middle, the Hebrew shin (ש), which stands for the element fire, or for the cardinal quality. The Fivefold Name, IHShVH (יהשוה), which can be rendered into English as "Yeheshuah," was held by the Christian kabbalists of the Renaissance to have deprived Tetragrammaton of all its power, even as Jesus Christ had supplanted the jealous God of the Hebrews and the Gospels had displaced the Old Testament. … Although the Christian Kabbalists of the Renaissance were quite sincere in their belief that the name IHShVH had displaced and rendered ineffective the name IHVH, we need not give their opinions too much credit. Tetragrammaton can never be displaced by another name, since it embodies in its very structure the order and plan of the universe. The Fivefold Name supplements Tetragrammaton, but it does not supplant it.

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