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Persona 4: The Animation is an anime series based on the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 video game by Atlus. The anime is produced by AIC A.S.T.A. and directed by Seiji Kishi. P4:A revolves around the Protagonist of Persona 4, named Yu Narukami, a second year high school student from Tokyo who moves to Inaba to live for a year with his uncle and cousin. After acquiring a mysterious power called "Persona", he embarks on a journey with his new friends to uncover the truth behind a bizarre series of murders involving the distorted TV World, as well as a phenomenon called the "Midnight Channel".

Recurring Quotes[edit]

  • Igor: Welcome to the Velvet Room. (ようこそ我がベルベットルームへ Yōkoso waga Berubetto Rūmu e)
  • Persona!
    • spoken by Yu Narukami and other Persona-users, starting with Episode 01
    • spoken by Teddie during mini-breaks in Episode 08

Season 1[edit]

I'm youself, you're myself [1.01][edit]

Yosuke Hanamura: S-Someone!

[Chie's scream is heard outside, grabbing Yu and Yosuke's attention. They run out of the room.]

Yosuke: What is it?! What's wrong?!

[Standing in front of the trio is a bear with a costume-like appearance.]

Yosuke: What is that?
Teddie: [getting over his shock; angrily] Geh—I'll ask you the same thing!
Chie: It-It can talk!
Teddie: Well, of course! I am a bear! I've lived here since bear-ever!
Yosuke: Wh-What's with this guy? It's beyond me!

[The bear cowers from Yosuke's outburst.]

Teddie: Keep your voices down, will ya? [starts to waves his arms rapidly] Now go on! Get out of here! Run along and hurry back to your den!

Yu: Izanagi!

The Contractor's key [1.02][edit]

Yosuke: [after forcibly removing Teddie's head; jumps back in fright] Ah—! Wh—What the hell?!

[The camera switches to Teddie's headless—and empty—body, his arms still waving up and down]

Yu: Huh. There's nothing inside.
Yosuke: Oh, weird! How the heck does it work?

[Yu walks over and returns Teddie's head to his body.]

Teddie: Ah! [to Yu] Thanks a lot, nice guy!
Yosuke: [to Yu] Yo, dude, does anything rattle you?
Yu: ?

Yosuke: [after Yu punches him in sync with Izanagi punching Yosuke's Shadow; falls over, holds his cheek] Ow! Dude…!
Yu: [mildly surprised; as Teddie suppresses giggles of glee] Oops. Wrong guy.
Yosuke: [shocked] Huh? What do you mean, "wrong guy"?!

We are friends, aren't we? [1.03][edit]

Chie: [shocked after Yu is bitten]: Whoa, it left teeth marks, too...! Are you okay?
Yu: I think I might be dying...
Chie: [irate] Mmm... No, you're not.

Somewhere not here [1.04][edit]

Shadow Yukiko: I'm so sick of these damn chains!

Teddie: So, who's the grizzly who threw you in here?
Yukiko: [seeing Teddie for the first time] Huh? Who're you? Rather...what are you?
Teddie: [waves] I'm bear-y much a bear!
Yukiko: I'm sorry, but I'm not following.
Yosuke: [to Teddie] See? Everything you do causes confusion, so just shush up already.
Teddie: Hmph! Your oppression is un-bear-able!

Would you love me? [1.05][edit]

Ai Ebihara: Seeing you up close pisses me off even more. I can't believe I lost to a hound like you!
Chie: [confused] A hound? You lost?
Ai: I'm going through hell because of you!
Chie: I've got something to say, too: the way you treat Narukami-kun is terrible!
Ai: [smirking] What? You've got the hots for him, too?
Chie: [indignantly] He's my friend!

I'll beat you, and beat you good [1.06][edit]

Yosuke: So, you were going to make a mean picnic basket?
Yu: Yeah, just for fun.


Yosuke: But seriously, the fact that you were gonna do that is pretty impressive. It means you already got better cooking skills than Chie! [laughs]
Chie: Wait a sec…! What the hell makes you think I don't know how to cook?! Huh?!
Yukiko: [surprised] Wait, so you can?
Yu: [unpreturbed] You can cook?

[Awkward beat of silence.]

Chie: … [gets up; in an attenpt to intimidate Yosuke] Okay, so it's a cook-off between you and me!
Yosuke: [grinning] Ha! You're on!

[Kanji notices the Investigation Team watching him across the street.]

Kanji: Wha—!? Hey!

[The group reacts—he'd caught them.]

Kanji: What're you looking at?!
Yosuke: [to the others] Run for it! [They run off.]
Kanji: Tch… What's their problem…?

Kanji: You are dead! You are so friggin' dead!

Suspicious Tropical Paradise [1.07][edit]

Teddie: ...Hey, why isn't anyone opening the door?
Yu/Yosuke/Chie/Yukiko: !?

We've lost something important again [1.08][edit]

Yosuke: We've lost something important again...

Yu: Let's leave him be.

No one sees the real me [1.09][edit]

Yu: [holding out Rise's cell phone] Here. You dropped this.

[Getting over the shock, Rise snatches it back.]

Rise: Y-You could've told me a whole lot sooner!
Yu: [a little taken aback by her response] My bad. I'm sorry about that.
Rise: [softening a little] …You did give it back to me instead of keeping it… So thank you.

[The elevator reaches the ground floor. As the door opens, Yu smiles and walks out of the elevator. He stops just outside of the threshold.]

Yu: [looking back] By the way, that strap…
Rise: Huh?
Yu: Looks pretty tasty. [leaves]

[Rise looks at her phone, realizing that Yu was talking anout her ganmodoki-shaped cell phone strap. The elevator doors close.]

Chie: [when Yosuke looks at her legs after talking about Rise's figure; blushes while covering her legs] Hey! If you don't like my legs, then don't look at them!
Yukiko: [to Yu] Narukami, what do you think about this?
Yu: Her legs are fine.
Chie: Ah!
Yosuke: [shocked by Yu's response] What? No!—! …Dude, on this, we disagree.
Chie: [ticked off; kicks Yosuke in the stomach] Jiraiya!

Chie: Yo! What are you three doing [standing in the shadows like that]?
Yukiko: You look…pretty suspicious.
Yu: [to Yosuke] Are you the killer?
Yosuke: Piss off.

Real Me Doesn't Exist [1.10][edit]

[When Shadow Rise is about to kill the group; with Teddie and Rise watching, unable to help]

Yu: Teddie… Take Rise and get out of here, now!
Teddie: But Sensei…! I can't just a-bear-don everybody! I don't wanna be alone again!
Shadow Rise: [aims her "pole cannon array" at group] Say goodbye...forever.

Teddie: [when…something…says that they is "no true self"] Huh? Who said that? [turns aound to find his Other Self staring at him] Ah! What the heck is thaaaat?!
Kanji: Oh, b***s.
Chie: Wait, is that freaky-looking thing Teddie's other self?!

Shadow Teddie: Let me impart one bit of truth on you: You are all going to die here.

Catch Me If You Can [1.11][edit]

[When Teddie took off his head for the first time, revealing his new human form]

Teddie: Phew, nice breeze.
Yu: [gasps] That was in him?

[Yosuke screams]

Chie: No... no way!
Teddie: [finishes his drink with his human hands] I feel totally refreshed. See, I grew this body so I could try and score with Chie and Yukiko.
Chie: You grew human just to score?
Yukiko: I really do wish we could drop that subject.
Teddie: Oh, yeah. Are there any clothes around? I'm naked as a newborn baby right now.

[The girls become shocked and drag Teddie away to buy some clothes for him]

Chie: Hey, by the way: Has anyone seen Teddie's head?

[Yu becomes shocked, meanwhile back at the table where Teddie's head was, a kid is crying at the sight of it]

[Later, after Yu prevented Mitsuo from grabbing Nanako]

Nanako: But, tell me, what are you doing here?

[Yu is shocked again, at a display spot, the same kid is crying at the sight of Teddie's head on it]

It's Not Empty At All [1.12][edit]

A Stormy Summer Vacation 1/2 [1.13][edit]

A Stormy Summer Vacation 2/2 [1.14][edit]

The Long-Awaited School Trip [1.15][edit]

Although the Case Was Closed [1.16][edit]

I Want to Know the Truth [1.17][edit]

Kanji: Look, I really suck at making friends, too! But who gives a shit?!

Naoto: But now we know for certain: this case is far from over.

Anniversary to Become a Family [1.18][edit]

It's School Festival Day! Time to Have Fun! [1.19][edit]

We'll all meet at the AMAGIYA Hotel [1.20][edit]

[In the large baths, the girls scream as the screen shakes]

Rise: Pervert!
Chie: What's your problem!
Yosuke: Dumbass! If the open-air bath is opened to guys right now, then this one will be opened to chics!
Kanji: Dammit!!
Teddie:Oh-oh-ow-ow! My head is gettign all lumpy!
Yu: Run away!


It's just like Heaven [1.22][edit]

In Order to Find the Truth [1.23][edit]

The World is Full of Shit [1.24][edit]

We Can Change The World [1.25][edit]

No One is Alone [1.26 — True End][edit]

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