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Persona 4: The Animation is an anime series based on the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 video game by Atlus. The anime is produced by AIC A.S.T.A. and directed by Seiji Kishi. P4:A revolves around the Protagonist of Persona 4, named Yu Narukami, a second year high school student from Tokyo who moves to Inaba to live for a year with his uncle and cousin. After acquiring a mysterious power called "Persona", he embarks on a journey with his new friends to uncover the truth behind a bizarre series of murders involving the distorted TV World, as well as a phenomenon called the "Midnight Channel".

The episodes started airing in Japan on MBS on October 7, 2011 and have a simulcast by Anime Network in North America. On November 23, 2011, Aniplex started release the series in DVD and Blu-ray volumes with the first one including a bonus CD sountrack. The adaptation has been licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks for Blu-ray and DVD release in 2012.

The anime series features the same main voice cast from the original game. The main opening theme is "sky's the limit" by Shihoko Hirata, whilst the ending theme is "Beauty of Destiny" by Hirata featuring Lotus Juice.

Recurring Quotes[edit]

  • Igor: Welcome to the Velvet Room. (ようこそ我がベルベットルームへ Yōkoso waga Berubetto Rūmu e)
  • Persona!
    • spoken by Yu Narukami and other Persona-users, starting with Episode 01
    • spoken by Teddie during mini-breaks in Episode 08

Season 1[edit]

I'm youself, you're myself [1.01][edit]

Yosuke Hanamura: S-Someone!

[Chie's scream is heard outside, grabbing Yu and Yosuke's attention. They run out of the room.]

Yosuke: What is it?! What's wrong?!

[Standing in front of the trio is a bear with a costume-like appearance.]

Yosuke: What is that?
Teddie: [getting over his shock; angrily] Geh—I'll ask you the same thing!
Chie: It-It can talk!
Teddie: Well, of course! I am a bear! I've lived here since bear-ever!
Yosuke: Wh-What's with this guy? It's beyond me!

[The bear cowers from Yosuke's outburst.]

Teddie: Keep your voices down, will ya? [starts to waves his arms rapidly] Now go on! Get out of here! Run along and hurry back to your den!

Yu: Izanagi!

The Contractor's key [1.02][edit]

Yosuke: [after forcibly removing Teddie's head; jumps back in fright] Ah—! Wh—What the hell?!

[The camera switches to Teddie's headless—and empty—body, his arms still waving up and down]

Yu: Huh. There's nothing inside.
Yosuke: Oh, weird! How the heck does it work?

[Yu walks over and returns Teddie's head to his body.]

Teddie: Ah! [to Yu] Thanks a lot, nice guy!
Yosuke: [to Yu] Yo, dude, does anything rattle you?
Yu: ?

Yosuke: [after Yu punches him in sync with Izanagi punching Yosuke's Shadow; falls over, holds his cheek] Ow! Dude…!
Yu: [mildly surprised; as Teddie suppresses giggles of glee] Oops. Wrong guy.
Yosuke: [shocked] Huh? What do you mean, "wrong guy"?!

We are friends, aren't we? [1.03][edit]

Chie: [shocked after Yu is bitten]: Whoa, it left teeth marks, too...! Are you okay?
Yu: I think I might be dying...
Chie: [irate] Mmm... No, you're not.

Somewhere not here [1.04][edit]

Shadow Yukiko: I'm so sick of these damn chains!

Teddie: So, who's the grizzly who threw you in here?
Yukiko: [seeing Teddie for the first time] Huh? Who're you? Rather...what are you?
Teddie: [waves] I'm bear-y much a bear!
Yukiko: I'm sorry, but I'm not following.
Yosuke: [to Teddie] See? Everything you do causes confusion, so just shush up already.
Teddie: Hmph! Your oppression is un-bear-able!

Would you love me? [1.05][edit]

Ai Ebihara: Seeing you up close pisses me off even more. I can't believe I lost to a hound like you!
Chie: [confused] A hound? You lost?
Ai: I'm going through hell because of you!
Chie: I've got something to say, too: the way you treat Narukami-kun is terrible!
Ai: [smirking] What? You've got the hots for him, too?
Chie: [indignantly] He's my friend!

I'll beat you, and beat you good [1.06][edit]

Yosuke: So, you were going to make a mean picnic basket?
Yu: Yeah, just for fun.


Yosuke: But seriously, the fact that you were gonna do that is pretty impressive. It means you already got better cooking skills than Chie! [laughs]
Chie: Wait a sec…! What the hell makes you think I don't know how to cook?! Huh?!
Yukiko: [surprised] Wait, so you can?
Yu: [unpreturbed] You can cook?

[Awkward beat of silence.]

Chie: … [gets up; in an attenpt to intimidate Yosuke] Okay, so it's a cook-off between you and me!
Yosuke: [grinning] Ha! You're on!

[Kanji notices the Investigation Team watching him across the street.]

Kanji: Wha—!? Hey!

[The group reacts—he'd caught them.]

Kanji: What're you looking at?!
Yosuke: [to the others] Run for it! [They run off.]
Kanji: Tch… What's their problem…?

Kanji: You are dead! You are so friggin' dead!

Suspicious Tropical Paradise [1.07][edit]

Teddie: ...Hey, why isn't anyone opening the door?
Yu/Yosuke/Chie/Yukiko: !?

We've lost something important again [1.08][edit]

Yosuke: We've lost something important again...

Yu: Let's leave him be.

No one sees the real me [1.09][edit]

Yu: [holding out Rise's cell phone] Here. You dropped this.

[Getting over the shock, Rise snatches it back.]

Rise: Y-You could've told me a whole lot sooner!
Yu: [a little taken aback by her response] My bad. I'm sorry about that.
Rise: [softening a little] …You did give it back to me instead of keeping it… So thank you.

[The elevator reaches the ground floor. As the door opens, Yu smiles and walks out of the elevator. He stops just outside of the threshold.]

Yu: [looking back] By the way, that strap…
Rise: Huh?
Yu: Looks pretty tasty. [leaves]

[Rise looks at her phone, realizing that Yu was talking anout her ganmodoki-shaped cell phone strap. The elevator doors close.]

Chie: [when Yosuke looks at her legs after talking about Rise's figure; blushes while covering her legs] Hey! If you don't like my legs, then don't look at them!
Yukiko: [to Yu] Narukami, what do you think about this?
Yu: Her legs are fine.
Chie: Ah!
Yosuke: [shocked by Yu's response] What? No!—! …Dude, on this, we disagree.
Chie: [ticked off; kicks Yosuke in the stomach] Jiraiya!

Chie: Yo! What are you three doing [standing in the shadows like that]?
Yukiko: You look…pretty suspicious.
Yu: [to Yosuke] Are you the killer?
Yosuke: Piss off.

Real Me Doesn't Exist [1.10][edit]

[When Shadow Rise is about to kill the group; with Teddie and Rise watching, unable to help]

Yu: Teddie… Take Rise and get out of here, now!
Teddie: But Sensei…! I can't just a-bear-don everybody! I don't wanna be alone again!
Shadow Rise: [aims her "pole cannon array" at group] Say goodbye...forever.

Teddie: [when…something…says that they is "no true self"] Huh? Who said that? [turns aound to find his Other Self staring at him] Ah! What the heck is thaaaat?!
Kanji: Oh, b***s.
Chie: Wait, is that freaky-looking thing Teddie's other self?!

Shadow Teddie: Let me impart one bit of truth on you: You are all going to die here.

Catch Me If You Can [1.11][edit]

[When Teddie took off his head for the first time, revealing his new human form]

Teddie: Phew, nice breeze.
Yu: [gasps] That was in him?

[Yosuke screams]

Chie: No... no way!
Teddie: [finishes his drink with his human hands] I feel totally refreshed. See, I grew this body so I could try and score with Chie and Yukiko.
Chie: You grew human just to score?
Yukiko: I really do wish we could drop that subject.
Teddie: Oh, yeah. Are there any clothes around? I'm naked as a newborn baby right now.

[The girls become shocked and drag Teddie away to buy some clothes for him]

Chie: Hey, by the way: Has anyone seen Teddie's head?

[Yu becomes shocked, meanwhile back at the table where Teddie's head was, a kid is crying at the sight of it]

[Later, after Yu prevented Mitsuo from grabbing Nanako]

Nanako: But, tell me, what are you doing here?

[Yu is shocked again, at a display spot, the same kid is crying at the sight of Teddie's head on it]

It's Not Empty At All [1.12][edit]

A Stormy Summer Vacation 1/2 [1.13][edit]

A Stormy Summer Vacation 2/2 [1.14][edit]

The Long-Awaited School Trip [1.15][edit]

Although the Case Was Closed [1.16][edit]

I Want to Know the Truth [1.17][edit]

Kanji: Look, I really suck at making friends, too! But who gives a shit?!

Naoto: But now we know for certain: this case is far from over.

Anniversary to Become a Family [1.18][edit]

It's School Festival Day! Time to Have Fun! [1.19][edit]

We'll all meet at the AMAGIYA Hotel [1.20][edit]


It's just like Heaven [1.22][edit]

In Order to Find the Truth [1.23][edit]

The World is Full of Shit [1.24][edit]

We Can Change The World [1.25][edit]

No One is Alone [1.26 — True End][edit]

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