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  • "You are a slave. Want emancipation?" - Persona 5 Teaser trailer
  • "Take your Heart" - Phantom Thieves motto
  • "Your rehabilitation will soon begin" - Igor to the protagonist

Akira Kurusu/Ren Amamiya (Protagonist)[edit]

Akira Kurusu (also known in the Persona 5 The Animation and Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight as Ren Amamiya) is the main protagonist and player character of Persona 5.

Battle Quotes[edit]

  • "Arsene!" - Calling Arsene in battle
  • "You're mine!" - Akira/Ren using a skill
  • "Ravage them!" - Akira/Ren hitting a weakspot
  • "Show me your true form!" - Akira/Ren removing the mask of a shadow
  • "I'll reveal your true form!" - Akira/Ren removing the mask of a shadow
  • "Pillage him, Satanael!" - Before firing the Sinful Shell with Satanael
  • "Begone." - Firing the Sinful Shell with Satanael

Cutscene Quotes[edit]

  • "Yes. Before that happens, we will take this country!" - Phantom Thieves Calling Card to Shido

Ryuji Sakamoto[edit]

Ryuji Sakamoto (July 3) former track runner and pupil of Shujin Academy.

Battle Quotes[edit]

  • "I'm all fired up!"
  • "Eat this!"
  • "Taggin' in!" - Ryuji receiving a baton pass.
  • "Gonna knock you out!" Ryuji initiating Follow-Up attack

General Quotes[edit]

  • "For real?!"
  • Ryuji: "No… that's what you are. All you think about is using people. You’re the real scumbag Kamoshida!"
Kamoshida: "What are you doing? Silence him!"
Ryuji: "Stop lookin' down on me, with that stupid smile on your face!"
  • "This effin' rocks!"
  • "What's this? Your cryin' face is not cute."


Morgana is a the w:mascot of Persona 5, in the shape of a anthromorphic cat.

Battle Quotes[edit]

  • "Come forth, my other self!"
  • "Witness my resolve!"
  • "I'll finish you!"
  • "It's tough playing dead..." - Morgana recovering from being incapacitated

General Quotes[edit]

  • "Well, everybody wears a mask deep within their heart."
  • "Man… you guys are the best, stupidest group I could ask for."
  • "How can you say people are free when they’re chained up in prisons in this broken world!?" - To [[w:List of Persona 5 characters#Yaldaboath|Yaldaboath]]
  • "At the very least, I’m more admirable than some carnal blonde monkey!" - Morgana against Ryuji
  • "We are the Phantom Thieves and we’re here to take your bride!" - Morgana referencing Haru against Haru' Cognitive fiance

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