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Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (also known simply as Peter Rabbit 2) is a 2021 live-action/computer-animated comedy film based on the stories of Peter Rabbit created by Beatrix Potter. The film is a sequel to the 2018 film. It stars James Corden as Peter Rabbit, Rose Byrne, Domhnall Gleeson, David Oyelowo, Elizabeth Debicki, Lennie James and narrated by Margot Robbie. The film was released on June 11, 2021.

Written, directed and produced by Will Gluck.
The garden was small potatoes.(taglines)

Peter Rabbit[edit]

  • I hate that I'm the face of this.
  • [repeated line] Whaaaaaaaaat?!
  • My voice isn't annoying, riiiiiiiight?
  • Oh, no. Cottontail just discovered sugar.

Thomas McGregor[edit]

  • Peter!
  • Just stay away from my tomatoes, you have everything else!
  • Imagine me and our future children frolicking.
  • Bea, the other rabbits were taken. And the pig, and the duck, and the hedgehog, and is there a badger? [Peter nods]


  • Join them. Frolic.
  • Go easy on him.


  • It's not hard to lie to someone that wants to believe.

Nigel Basil-Jones[edit]

  • I also imagine his voice to be quite annoying.


Peter: [realizes Barnabas was using him] You set us up!
Mittens: We didn't not set you up, if you catch my smell.
Tom; Good one sis. [smack their tails together]
Barnabas: You thought we were gonna share all these with those yokels? We just needed bodies. [cut to the rest of Peter's family stuck in cages inside a truck] Sweet, dumb, bumpkin bodies that will follow you anywhere.
Contain-Tail: Did Peter do this?
Benjamin: Well, he's not here, is he?
Mrs. Tiggywinkle: Maybe he really is a bad seed. [a goat bleats]

[cut back to Peter]

Peter: Dad was your best friend.
Sammy Whiskers: And my best friend is the Sugar Plum Fairy. [he and the gang laughs] I'm kiddin'. She's very hard to get to know. She's Russian.
Peter: [heartbroken] You never knew my dad.
Barnabas: Wouldn't be caught dead in some country garden, like he was.
Peter: Why did you do this?
Barnabas: No one wanted to adopt me anymore. I was too old. I was being replaced. Everyone wanted a young rabbit like the one in that book. So I tracked you down. I was just gonna use you for a few fake and takes, but then I saw how good you were. Then I thought "we could do something a lot bigger together."
Peter: You lied to me!
Barnabas: It's not hard to lie to someone that wants to believe. But one thing's dead true: we are great team. That's why you're in this truck with us instead of in a cage with them. This is where you belong, Peter. We're your family now.
Peter: No. My family's in trouble, and it's all my fault! [Jumps out of the truck to rescue his family]

Thomas: [Comes out of the pet store of what they think is the list of the animals' locations] OK, here we go. Almond milk, cashew cheese, walnut butter, this is not the list. That man clearly likes to get his protein from nuts.

Thomas: [With the real list] Manchester, London, Inverness, the ALPS? They're everywhere. Do you see the mess you've created? You're never gonna learn.
Peter: 'Cause you never gimme a chance. All you do is tell me how bad I am.
Thomas: Well, stop giving me reasons to. [realized Peter talked] Wait, did you just talk?
Peter: No, yes, uh, maybe. Could be your imagination. Could be the radio. This is BCC7 playing all the hits with none of the talk. Especially not Peter because rabbits can't talk. Oh, look the fuel's empty. [Thomas stops the truck. Peter activates a fake grenade, whistles, & makes a fake explosion. Thomas screams in surprise that he can talk right afterward]

[after the priest tells Thomas that he is Peter's father]

Peter: what?! I'm not your father! [attacks him with the bunnies and the animals]
Cottontail: hiya!
Benjamin: you take care of Thomas while I and the others take care of the people.

[flopsy mopsy and Cottontail throw off the flowers and kick the people in the butts and in the crotch. Peter takes Thomas out and ties him in the balloons]

Peter: you will never be my father! Now everyone can see your underpants!

[unfortunately, this was Peter's daydream as Benjamin budges him awake]

Benjamin: Peter Peter the ring.

[Peter looks down and notices he is not standing on the chair where he and Benjamin Had standed on before looking at the crowd behind him and then flopsy mopsy and Cottontail and looks at Thomas and Bea]


  • The garden was small potatoes.
  • Call me the Easter Bunny. I dare you.
  • In theaters. Finally.
  • See Peter in the theater.


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