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Phumza Maweni (born September 4, 1984) is a South African netball player in the Netball Superleague in the UK, representing Team Bath Netball.


  • No one should say I have to do it, it should come from my heart to stop netball. I cannot just sleep and wake up and say, now I'm done
  • If I'm still strong, I can still go and play. I can say I still have five more years. There are youngsters coming in so I think for them to come while I'm still active, it's a good bonus for the players and share what I learnt with the experience I have with those players before I step off.
  • So, I think for me while I'm still active, it's my job to help the youngsters and then when I step off at least there's no gap.
  • It is important because obviously these guys playing National Champs, Varsity [Netball], their set up is not the same. So, to come into our setup it's totally different. So, they need someone who's already in the setup. Someone who's gonna guide [them] like a leader. I think that's what we doing as leadership in the Spar Proteas setup.

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