Planes: Fire and Rescue

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Planes: Fire & Rescue is a 2014 spin-off of the Cars franchise and sequel to the first Planes film. Despite it isn't from Pixar Studios, it is from Disney Studios.

Directed by Bobs Gannaway. Produced by Ferrell Barron. Written by Bobs Gannaway and Jeffrey M. Howard.

Dusty Crophopper[edit]

  • If Blade was such a big TV star, what is he doing here?
  • Windlifter, I can do it.

Blade Ranger[edit]

  • Good move, partner.
  • No excuses.
  • Once you're dry out, you can fly home with the rest of the tourists.
  • Too low.
  • Too high!
  • Too early.


  • (sarcastically) Thar she burns, fellas!
  • That's my Dust Muffin!
  • Park it over here, Dust Storm. Our first date (in sing-song voice) and I saved you a spot.
  • (softly; to Dusty) I like watching you sleep.
  • I'm Dipper. That's what everyone calls me, so you can too. (laughs)


  • With thunder, comes lightning. And with lightning, comes fire.
  • Windlifter copies!
  • Kilawu.
  • I'm with Cabbie.
  • A toast to Coyote.


  • I will never understand why you gravel crunchers want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!
  • From my experience, this kind of stuff is classified.
  • You know, probably top secret.
  • I'm sure he could tell us.
  • But he'd have to kill us.
  • Looking good, Dusty.


  • Dynamite: [to Dusty] I'm Dynamite. This is Blackout, Pinecone, Avalanche, and that crazy guy over there is Drip.
  • Blackout: [referring to Blade] I heard he went cuckoo on the set.
  • Avalanche: [greeting at Dusty] Hello!
  • Pinecone: It's like my fiancé. He just vanished. Poof!
  • Drip: [to Dusty] Dude, dude, dude. Judge not a video by its cover.


  • [repeated line] It's better than new!


Mayday: That was some pretty flying there dusty! I saw it on my radio and pictures.
Dusty: [looks confusing] You mean--
Mayday: No, no, no. I'm fine.
Dusty: Didn't need to see that! [Sparky blurts out to hear this]

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