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Postal 2 (stylized as POSTAL2) is a black comedy first-person shooter video game by Running With Scissors, and it is the sequel to the 1997 game Postal.

Postal 2[edit]

  • Postal Dude: Whoever designed this town was on serious crack.

  • Postal Dude: I suppose it would have been more politically correct to kill the women and the minorities first.

  • Postal Dude: Here I was, just enjoying my Second Amendment rights, and you people have to freak out on me!

  • Postal Dude: Guns don’t kill people. I do.

  • Postal Dude: Hey I'm just trying to exercise my second-amendment rights here ya fuckin' Communist!

  • Postal Dude: The gene pool is stagnant and I am the minister of chlorine.

  • Postal Dude: Please don't think I'm a bigot, I kill races equally...

  • Postal Dude: You probably thought you weren't gonna die today? Surprise!

  • Postal Dude: I know what you're thinking, but the funny thing is, I don't even LIKE videogames...

  • Postal Dude: Today's the first day of the end of your lives.

  • Postal Dude: Did somebody slaughter a goat in here? Seriously, I wanna know. (After entering "Lucky Ganesh All-American grocery store")

  • Habib: Infidel! I crash a plane into your mother!

  • Habib: Your mother is a goat that my father services!

  • Habib: Thank you for Unclean visit! Now GET OUT! And come again please.

  • Anti-book protestor: Save a Tree! Burn a Book!

  • Parent for Decency: Games are bad! They make you mad!

  • Krotchy: Krotchy ain't got no cojones. Krotchy IS cojones, bitch!

  • Postal Dude: Ahh, that's the ticket. (When urinating)

  • Priest: Have you dropped an offering in the offering box? (Postal Dude: "Yes") Then you are forgiven.

Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend[edit]

  • Phraud Hogslop: Hey! That's my Gold Master that I don't have. Give it back! SECURITY!

  • Zombified Mike J: I am Mike J, Kosher Mad Cow Zombie, God of Hellfire! All bow down, and worship my asscock!

Postal 2: Share the Pain[edit]

  • Vince Desi: There's a position under my desk for your sister.

Postal 2: Eternal Damnation[edit]

Postal 2: Paradise Lost[edit]

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