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Pound Puppies is an animated series that premiered on ABC in the United States from September 13, 1986 until December 19 1987.

Episode 1: Bright Eyes, Come Home

Katrina: Good evening, Holly dear. How did adoption day go?
Holly: Very well, Auntie Katrina.
Brattina: Did you make enough money to pay your electric bill, ha, did ya? Ha, ha. Did ya?
Holly: As a matter of fact, Brattina, we made more than enough. Take a look for yoursel... (she notices that the money is gone) What? The money! It’s gone!

(Pound Puppies gasp)

Holly: (Off-screen) It’s not here! The money’s gone!
Katrina: Oh, that’s too, too bad, Holly. Now what are you going to do?
Holly: I-I don’t know.
Katrina: Well, you better think of something, dear. Because if that bill isn’t paid in one week, I’m afraid you’ll lose the pound...to me!

Episode 2: How to Found a Pound


(At the HQ, they can hear the sound of barking)

Howler: (howls)
Bright Eyes: What is it, Howler?
Howler: It’s Cooler! He picked up the lost pup. We’ve got an emergency on our paws. (howls) Let’s go.

Episode 3: From Wags to Riches

Brattina: Who’s coming, Mommy Dearest?
Katrina: Mmm. Investors, Brattina. Investors in this scheme that will get rid of those Pound Puppies once and for all.

(Suddenly, they hear the car pulling over)

Catgut: (meows)
Katrina: Oh. My investors are here.

(The car driver lets the Belveshires out of the car)

Katrina: (happily) Lord and Lady Belveshire, the third richest couple in the country. And I intend to take them for an absolute fortune.

(Holly and the Pound Puppies are going inside the Belveshires’ mansion)

Brattina: (using the binoculars) All the puppies are inside, Mommy Dearest.
Katrina: Now’s your chance, Catgut.
Catgut: (meows)
Katrina: I want you and your friends to sneak into the house and shred everything inside.

(Catgut whistles to his friends who come to see him and stop)

Katrina: But don’t let anyone see you. I want those flea-bitten puppies to take them blame.

(Catgut and his friends sneak up to their mansion)

Katrina: Good luck! And have a ripping good time! (laughs evilly)

Episode 4: Snowbound Pound

Whopper: We made it! Doc Weston’s office!
Cooler: Thanks, Mac. Keep the change!
Cab Driver: I hate getting paid with rawhide doggie chews.

Mr. Nabbit: Oh now, actually, according to the manual here, the pipe goes into lug nut D.
Katrina: I’ll fix your lug nuts if you don’t get me out of here!
Mr. Nabbit: I’m gonna follow the instructions, Miss Stoneheart.
Katrina: Brattina! Get me a can opener!

Episode 5: The Fairy Dogmother

Catgut: (laughs evilly)

(Catgut puts the dog head suit over his head and runs off and pushes the trash cans over)

Catgut: (barks like a dog)
Cat Thug #1: Hey! It’s that sloppy mutt who’s been disturbing the peace!
Cat Thug #2: Let’s teach him some manners!

(Cat Thugs chase Catgut disguising as a dog)

Catgut: (laughs evilly)

(Catgut runs off but Zazu puts a spell on him)

Zazu: Kitty-cat, you’re out of luck! The zipper on your suit is stuck!
Catgut: (meows)

(Cat Thugs come to a stop and are about to attack him)

Cat Thug #2: Okay, buddy. We’re gonna put an end to your one-dog Wrecking Crew!

(Cat Thugs attack Catgut in disguise and he runs off then Cat Thugs go after him)

Cooler: Looks like Catgut’s really gone to the dogs.

(Brattina sees Holly dancing with Mervin)

Brattina: Mommy Dearest, look! Holly’s here and she’s dancing with my Mervin!
Katrina: How did she get here? Well, I’ll put a stop to this.

Episode 6: Whopper Cries Uncle


(Holly and Pound Puppies are sitting outside of the pound)

Holly: But no food and no money, I’ll have to close down the pound.
Bright Eyes: Don’t worry, everybody. We’ll get by without money or food. We can live on love!
Nose Marie: (chuckles) How’s that sound to you, Cooler honey?
Cooler: I’d rather have some loose change in a baloney sandwich, thank you very much.

(Katrina drives and stops on a muddy puddle splashing on them)

Brattina: Bye, Holly! We’re going to the dog hater’s convention! Yah!
Katrina: And we won’t be back until late tonight.
Brattina: So try to hose yourself up before we get back.
Katrina: Aren’t we the mean ones though!

(Katrina and Brattina laugh evilly)

Nose Marie: (scoffs) If abate’s so terribly ladylike, I’d give Katrina’s ankle bone a severe nibbing.

(Suddenly, they hear Uncle J.R. howling somewhere)

Cooler: Sounds like a hologram.
Howler: It’s for Whopper. Dear Nephew, stop. I’m stopping by puppy pound today for brief. Stop, stop. Your Uncle J.R. Whopper. Stop. Stop, stop.

Episode 7: In Pups We Trust

Cooler: All right, pups! It’s time for operation find Howler! Nose Marie, Bright Eyes, Whopper, hit the streets!
All: Righto!
Cooler: Sherlock, you and the other pups help Holly with the repairs.
Sherlock Bones: A-yup, a-yup, a-yup!
Cooler: Pound Puppies, let’s start pounding!
All: Hooray!

Episode 8: The Captain and the Cats


(Cooler and Nose Marie are about to rescue them, but the Mouseketeers stop and turn to them)

Mouseketeer #1: Egad! Small dogs!
Mouseketeer #2: Go away! Shoo! Scat!
Cooler: What do you mean? We’re trying to save you, cookie cats. This truck’s on a one-way trip to Palookaville.
Mouseketeer #3: Mind your own business, governor. We’re-We’re on a vital mission.

(Cooler and Mouseketeer #3 let go)

Mouseketeer #1: Yes, indeed. The next time you start to rescue someone, why don’t you ask permission first?
Cooler: Oh, boy. You cats were confused, but these dudes are out to lunch.

Episode 9: Secret Agent Pup

Katrina: Ah! Oh, a day on the beach has worked wonders for me, girls.
Holly: You do seem more relaxed, Auntie Katrina.
Katrina: Oh, I am, Holly. I feel like all my Pap-puppy troubles are behind me.

(Suddenly, she can hear cars revving up and coming in)

Katrina: Puppies! Puppies! Lots and lots of puppies!
Brattina: Icky, icky, icky-poo!
Holly: Cooler?
Cooler: We’ll explain later, Holly! Ciao for now!
Katrina: Puppies! Puppies! (howls)

Episode 10: Wagga-Wagga

Brattina: (singing) The captain’s found the booklet! The captain’s found the booklet! Jumpy-joy! Boy, oh boy! The captain’s found the booklet!
Captain Slaughter: (speaking in foreign language)
Katrina: Dog fur coats! Here we come! The Puppy Pelter is ready for blast-off! Brattina! How do we start this thing?
Brattina: Er, it’s hard to tell, Mommy Dearest.
Katrina: (Off-screen) What do you mean?
Brattina: (She shows Katrina) The instruction booklet’s written in Chinese.
Katrina: NO! It can’t be! Not Chinese! No! No, no! Why did I ever study French?! I CAN’T STAND IT!

Episode 11: The Star Pup

Byron: And now what makes you think you have to stop up?
Whopper: I know all about stars and pups. (imagining the ball is in high falling) In fact, we may have some more of pups used to live on a star. Yeah boy, it was in high. A mill... zill... A kabillion degrees. (imagining he and pups look at the temperature going up higher then pops, drinking water and flies the spaceship) But we stay cool by drinking lots of water and keeping the flying saucer’s windows rolled down. Yeah!
Byron: You know, I wish this kid had some Rye Bread. I hate for all that baloney to go to waste. Well, the star pup must be honest and true, and that eliminates you.

(Whopper falls through the trap door)

Episode 12: Happy Howlidays


(Holly is putting little kennels with pups on the back of the sleigh)

Holly: The sleigh’s all loaded up.
Cooler: Then let’s hitch up our reindeer and hit the road! Hey, Rudolph, front and center!
Howler: Rudolph, Shmoo-Dolph! How do we get talked into these things?
All: Hooray!

(They all set off)

Cooler: By the way, Holly, where’d you find all these great presents to hand out?
Holly: I bought ‘em.
Cooler: With what? Money. May I be so bold as to ask, perchance?
Holly: With the pound’s money!
Nose Marie: The pound’s money? You mean we had money left over after paying the bills?
Holly: What bills? We haven’t gotten any bills since July. Isn’t that wonderful?
Nose Marie: Wonderful? I’d say it’s downright fishy.
Cooler: (sniffs) And it has the distinct aroma of Katrina Stoneheart.


Brattina: (sobs)
Katrina: Brattina! What is wrong with you?
Brattina: I didn’t get anything for Christmas. It’s not fair! (crying)
Katrina: What do you mean, my little jalapeno? All these presents are for you.
Brattina: But it’s not a lot, Mommy Dearest! I didn’t get my bitter piranha bathtub toy, or my Suzy Spit-up Doll, or my...
Katrina: Oh, Brattina, stop whining! You should be grateful, you’re not one of those wretched Pound Puppies freezing out in the cold! Just look at them! They don’t even have a home for Christmas and they’re not crying!

(They see the neighborhood outside)

Brattina: Why! I’ll say they’re not crying. They look happy, Mommy Dearest!
Katrina: What? What are those people doing out there? Why aren’t they home opening their gifts? Don’t they know it’s Christmas?

Holly: Oh, puppies! It looks like Santa’s been here, and these love presents for everyone! A million, a billion... A kazillion presents! Yeah!
Whopper: Oh, boy!

(Pound Puppies but Cooler go into the pound)

Grey Cat: (meows)
Cooler: Psst. Kitty, want some warm milk?
Grey Cat: (meows)
Cooler: (to the audience) Well, you can’t expect every episode to end with a joke. Happy Holidays, kids!

(Cooler goes back into the pound)

Episode 13: Ghost Hounders

Nose Marie: So, that’s where Katrina was packing us off to. Why, that woman’s nothing more than a...

(A “CENSORED” sign appears followed by a cuckoo clock sound)

Nose Marie: That’s what she is!
Cooler: Ooh, please! Nose Marie, try to clean up your language!
Nose Marie: Oh, well, pardon my little ol’ peaches.

Episode 14: Whopper Gets the Point


(Dr. Simon pulls the handle of the bell and then the cat bell rings)

Katrina: Oh, Dr. Simon. Please do come in and give the puppies their painful shots.
Brattina: (singing) Give the dogs a shot! Make them cry a lot! Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. Lots of painful shots!
Dr. Simon: Actually, the shots aren’t that painful. The dogs will barely feel a thing.
Brattina: Bummer!
Katrina: A total bummer.
Dr. Simon: All right, Holly, I’m ready. Would you please bring me the dogs? All the dogs.
Holly: Sure thing, Dr. Simon. Let’s go, puppies. Shot time.

Episode 15: The Bird Dog


(Later in the evening, Katrina, Brattina and Catgut are looking for puppies somewhere to catch but they hear dogs barking)

Brattina: Hear that, Mommy Dearest? It’s that icky-poo puppy and her yucky bird.
Katrina: I know, but where are they hiding?

(They hear them barking underground)

Catgut: (meows)
Brattina: Catgut says they’re under the gunky ground.
Katrina: Worms and gophers are underground, you furball. Not dogs and birds. Now quit clowning around.
Catgut: (meows)

Episode 16: Tail of the Pup

Bright Eyes: Oh no! How are we ever gonna sneak Pal and the other pups out now?
Pal: (miserably) Don’t worry about me, guys. I’m stuck here forever, remember? No one wants to adopt the pup whose tail won’t wag.
Cooler: You know, Pal, I’ve been thinking. We’ve been trying to get your tail the wag, but we’ve blown it. Because, hey, we can’t make it wag.
Holly: But Cooler is trying to say, Pal. It’s like a wag has to come from inside of you.
Nose Marie: Straight from your little ol’ heart.
Pal: Straight from my heart?
Cooler: Come on. We’ll show ya in the Hall of Puppy Power.

Katrina: Someday, I’ll get you for this, Cooler. Someday!
Cooler: And someday, Katrina may find the key to unlock a cage, but not someday soon! (laughs)
Holly: (laughs)

(Pal is adopted with Greg at his home)

Nose Marie: (cries) I’m so happy for little ol’ Pal.
Cooler: Hey. Pull yourself together, Nose Marie.
Nose Marie: I can’t help it. I always cry at adoptions. (she cries and blows her nose)
Pal: (barks)
Greg: Now, neither of us will ever be lonely again, Pal.

(Greg and Pal hug together with love)

Cooler: And that’s what I call a tail with a happy ending. (laughs and wags his tail)

Episode 17: King Whopper


(They reach the signpost that says “Grove Avenue” on the left and “Cherry” on the right)

Cooler: Hey, check it out. That’s the correctamundo street: Grove Avenue.
Nose Marie: It won’t be long now, Bessie honey.
Cooler: Okay, let’s move out!

(Meanwhile, Katrina, Brattina are still on the Compactor Tractor catching them up)

Katrina: Aha! There they are! Cooler and his mutt friend all get ahead. Full travel forward!
Brattina: Aye-aye, Mommy Dearest!
Katrina: No, Brattina! Watch where you’re going!

(Compactor Tractor eats three vehicles)

Katrina: You crud! Where did you get your driving license?
Brattina: I’m only 11 years old, Mommy Dearest. I don’t have a license. In fact, I don’t even know how to drive. That’s all.

Episode 18: Tuffy Gets Fluffy

Holly: The gang should be just about finished giving Tuffy a bath.

(Holly opens the door but the water comes in and Whopper and Tuffy are surfing on the door)

Tuffy and Whopper: Dive-gang, baby!

(Pound Puppies are in the tub rowing)

Howler: (using the megaphone) Stroke! Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!

Episode 19: Casey, Come Home


(Katrina stops the Pound Puppy Puppy Pounder) (Catgut blows the trumpet)

Katrina: Oh, can it, Catgut!
Brattina: We’ve lost them! We’ve got Cooler and the stinky-poo doggies!
Katrina: Stop whining, Brattina! (picking up a satellite) I’ll find them with my Canine Computer. Aha!

(They can see how creepy the woods is)

Brattina: That way! Eww! It looks creepy and icky!
Katrina: Yes. I love creepy and icky.

(They drive off to the creepy woods)

(Katrina, Brattina and Catgut are up in the tree that night)

Brattina: (cries)
Katrina: Knock it off, Brattina! You’re as bad as they are.

(The wolves howl in return)

Episode 20: Where Do Puppies Come From?


(In the delivery room, Lucy is comfy in bed)

Holly: Comfy, Lucy?
Lucy: Fine, thanks.
Nose Marie: Can we get you anything? Anything at all?
Lucy: Well, I am a little hungry. I have this terrible for a dog food and ice-cream sundae.
Holly: Uck!
Nose Marie: One dog food and ice-cream sundae coming up.
Lucy: With chocolate syrup, limburger cheese, coconut, ketchup, gumdrops, dill pickles, cherries and over all that beef gravy.
Nose Marie: There. I hope you enjoy it!

(After Nose Marie serves the dog food and ice-cream sundae to Lucy, Lucy eats the whole thing in one bite)

Holly and Nose Marie: She was hungry!
Lucy: Delicious! May I have another? This time with some whipped cream on top?
Nose Marie: Sure. There’s some whipped cream in the kitchen.
Holly: I’ll go get it.

(Holly goes to the kitchen to get some whipped cream)

Episode 21: Pups on the Loose

Cooler: So, gang, how goes the puppy-sitting biz?
Whopper and Bright Eyes: We quit.

(Three puppies bark and fight)

Bright Eyes: All they do is fight, fight, fight.
Whopper: Yeah, and after they’re done, they fight some more.
Nose Marie: Cooler, before we get these pups adopted, we have to shake them up.
Cooler: (Referring to three puppies) Yeah. We’ll tie them up.
Nose Marie: If only they could work together on something. (having an idea) Like a party! We can toss a surprise party for Lucy and Rusty.
Whopper: Why don’t we just toss the pups instead?
Nose Marie: Candy, Mandy and Andy could help plan a party and learn all about teamwork.
Cooler: (kissing Nose Marie) Nose Marie, you’re a genius.

Cooler: Well, what do you pups have to say for yourselves?
Mandy: I never did get to lick the spoon.
Andy: Did too!
Candy: Nuh-uh! You took it all!

(They bark and fight again)

Nose Marie: This calls for drastic action.
Holly: I’ll bet we can straighten these guys out in the Hall of Puppy Power.
Cooler: Then let’s pop on down there, pronto.

(The children are having fun while three pups turn up and are adopted with children) (Their parents are watching the children having fun with their pups each. Pound Puppies are standing on the hill watching)

Bright Eyes: Well, thanks to a little bit of teamwork. Candy, Mandy and Andy are just jim-dandy.
Cooler: And when it comes to teamwork, we Pound Puppies are our winning team.
Pound Puppies: (cheering) We are No. 1, hey! We are No. 1, hey! We are No. 1, HEY!

Episode 22: The Invisible Friend


(In the kitchen, Buddy and his invisible friend Bob meet Nose Marie who is making chocolate chip dog treat)

Cooler: Nose Marie, this is Buddy and, er, somewhere around here is his invisible friend Bob.
Nose Marie: Invisible? Now there’s something you don’t see every day, or any day.
Cooler: Well, I’ll leave the three of you to get to know each other and be seeing ya except for Bob, that is.

(Cooler leaves)

Buddy: What are these?
Nose Marie: Chocolate chip dog treat and I have just enough batter to make you one.
Buddy: (Off-screen) Gee! Doesn’t Bob get one too?

(Nose Marie washes her paws)

Nose Marie: Tell you what, darling. I’ll make him an invisible one, okay?

(It crashes off-screen)

Nose Marie: Oh no!
Buddy: Bob was hungry. He made all the biscuits, so I tried to make some more real quick. (burps) Scuse me.
Nose Marie: Just look at this mess!
Buddy: Yeah. Uh, and if I were you, I’d make Bob clean it up. Bye!
Nose Marie: Buddy! Buddy! His story is like an invisible dog biscuit, hard to swallow.

Episode 23: Kid in the Doghouse

Brattina: Please, Mommy Dearest! You’ll have to see all the icky-poo puppies we caught. Ready, please!

(Cooler pops out in the barrel)

Katrina: Later, Brattina! First, I have to make sure the Cage Catapult is ready to capture that confounded Cooler.

(Holly and the others sneak up and hop into the barrel and travel downstairs to the HQ)

(In the kitchen, Whopper is cleaning the bowl and throwing it to Bright Eyes)

Whopper: The dirty bowl patrol is on a roll with a help of the Wonder Whopper!
Bright Eyes: Thanks for pitching in, Jerry!

(Bright Eyes tosses the bowl to Jerry)

Jerry: So when do we start having fun around here?
Bright Eyes: As soon as all our work’s done.
Whopper: Yeah. We have a million... zillion... no, a kabillion chores to do. Yeah. (imagining he can polish the Statue of Liberty and mop up the moon) Every chore in the world. In fact, we have to polish the Statue of Liberty. No. The Liberty belly. Oh, we have to mop up the moon. Yeah, the moon’s a mess. The monsters are the total slobs.

(The imagination pops; Blue carries the bowl to them but he slips on the wet spot)

Blue: Whoa!
Whopper: Hey! Blue, what happened to Jerry?
Blue: He said he had something really important to do.
Jerry: (skateboarding away) Catch ya later, guys!
Whopper: Yeah. Skateboarding’s pretty important stuff.

(At the puppy pound, Holly, Cooler and Howler peep out as Katrina finishes the Cage Catapult ready for action)

Howler: Ah, oh! There she blows! Katrina! Off the starboard bow!
Katrina: Silly confounded contraption!
Holly: She’s looking the other way. Now’s our chance.
Cooler: (to the children) It’s with puparoos. Let the escape-a-rooney begin.

(Cooler and the children sneak up quickly)

Katrina: (laughs evilly) At last! The Cage Catapult is ready for action. Cooler and his canines won’t get away next time!
Brattina: All right. All ready with the gunky gizmo, Mommy Dearest. Come and see all the stinky puppies we caught...now!
Katrina: Oh all right, Brattina! Show me the dogs. How many miserable mongrels did you catch?
Brattina: Almost a hundred icky-poo smelly dogs.
Katrina: A hundred dogs?! Why, Brattina, I could kiss you!
Brattina: Eww! Gross. No thanks. I’d rather have a Suzy Spit-up Doll.
Katrina: For a hundred dogs, I’ll get you a dozen Suzy Spit-up Dolls. (She realizes that the dogs are gone) What?! These cages are empty!
Brattina: (Off-screen) No, no, no! They were multiple icky-poo stink old dogs!
Katrina: (Angry with her) Play games with me, will you, young lady? Just for this: You can kiss that Suzy Spit-up Doll goodbye!
Brattina: (cries)

(Scratchy and the others take flea bath)

Bright Eyes: Golly! Getting Jerry to do his chores has become a bigger tour.

(She sees the shark’s fin and screams)

Whopper: Shark pup Whopper has strikes again! (laughs)
Nose Marie: Cooler, I think the time has come to find a home for that boy and Blue.

(Blue whimpers)

(In the swimming hall, Jerry is in the swimming trunks running in)

Jerry: Yahoo! Anyone else coming in for a dip?
Bright Eyes and Whopper: No thanks.
Jerry: Party poopers. Huh?

(Jerry is about to dive in but there is a garbage on the water)

Jerry: Yuck! What gives with the swimming hall?
Bright Eyes: Some garbage fell in.
Whopper: And cleaning up is no fun. I mean who likes doing chores?
Jerry: This whole place is no fun anymore. Come on, Blue. Let’s get outta here.

(Blue winks his eye; Bright Eyes and Whopper laugh)

(Jerry comes to Cooler and Howler who are watching TV)

Jerry: Cooler, how soon are you gonna get Blue and me adopted?
Cooler: Oh, gee. I don’t know. (sighs) Maybe you have to wade through watching TV.
Jerry: I hate it here. Everything’s broken or dirty. Nobody does any chores!
Cooler: Absotutely. You don’t do chores. We don’t do chores.
Jerry: I do so. I mean I will. I mean that is...

(But Cooler and Howler shake their heads)

Jerry: (sighs) I guess I don’t. Sorry, Cooler. Ah, why can’t chores be fun?
Cooler: Hey. Maybe you’re onto something, kiddo. Let’s give it the old pound puppy try.

Episode 24: Little Big Dog


(Pound Puppies and Teensy are playing cards)

Bright Eyes: Got any nifty Queenie’s?
Teensy: No. Goldfish.
Cooler: Well, after two weeks with us, puparoo, you seem to be getting along us dand-dand-danding.
Teensy: Yes. I’m winning.
Cooler: Whoa! Even my ears are on the frit, so Holly’s trying to contact me with Puppy Power.
Teensy: What’s Puppy Power?
Cooler: You might call it radio station K-Pup that plays nothing but love songs.
Nose Marie: (to Cooler) Puppy love songs that he is.

(Holly appears via Puppy Power)

Holly: Hi, everyone. I’ve got great news! I found a perfect home for Teensy. This little girl lives in an apartment, and a small puppy like Teensy put fit in just right. Auntie Katrina’s away buying more bricks, so now’s the time to get him out. I’ll meet you upstairs.

(Puppy Power with Holly disappears)

Nose Marie: (gasps) Home? For Teensy?
Cooler: Of course-a-rooney. Remember the Pound Puppy mana need a rain, no snow, no Katrina Stoneheart.
Whopper: Yes. Doctor good guys!
Bright Eyes: From delivering neato puppies.
All: (Singing) To happy home!

(Cooler, Bright Eyes and Whopper go upstairs)

Nose Marie: I know. I just didn’t think he’d have to leave me so soon.

(Nose Marie follows them too)

Brattina: (in her walkie-talkie) Mommy Dearest, I’m sick of the stinky smelly wall! Come down already, why don’tcha!
Katrina: Stop whining, Brattina! I want to put one more row of bricks on, and then I’ll be down. (to the audience) Cooler and those crony canines will never help another mutt escape. (laughs evilly)

(Down below, brick wall turns around revealing Holly, Pound Puppies and Teensy and they see that the brick wall is so big)

Cooler: Whoa! Looks like Katrina’s been a busy little bad girl.
Holly: Come on! Auntie Katrina’s way up there. She’ll never see you leave.

(Holly and the Pound Puppies sneak past Brattina, Katrina and Catgut and Teensy stamps past them too)

Catgut: (meows)
Brattina: Mommy Dearest! Where did a horsey come from? Can we keep ‘em, Mommy Dearest? Oh, please! Can we keep ‘em?
Katrina: Stop talking nonsense! What’s going on down there?
Brattina: (Off-screen) Holly’s letting Cooler and some dogs and a horsey go out the front gate.
Katrina: Cooler and some dogs?! Well, stop them, you fool! (noticing the wall has a crack) Oh no! My wonderful wall!
Cooler: Looks like Katrina’s plan isn’t all it was crap life to be. (laughs)

(Holly, the Pound Puppies and Teensy leave the pound before the brick wall collapses)

Katrina: NO!!

(Katrina and Brattina are sitting down in defeat)

Katrina: Mutts drive me nuts!

Episode 25: The Bright Eyes Mob


(Pound Puppies are watching the news on TV)

Nose Marie: Oh no! All the news! It can’t be!
Cooler: If I didn’t know better, I’d say that looks like Bright Eyes.

(They see Bright Eyes on TV stealing Bruno’s weenies)

Howler: (howling) It is Bright Eyes.
Newscaster: We’re here at Bruno’s Meat Market scene of a bold robbery. Mr. Bruno, what exactly happened?
Bruno: Well, I was slicing veal cutlets when this here vicious criminal-type canine comes in and steals my weenies.
Nose Marie: We have to stop Bright Eyes before she strikes again!
Howler: Yeah. If she stole weenies, she may be building up b-b-baloney’s.
Cooler: Pound Puppies, let’s start pounding!

(Pound Puppies rush off to stop Bright Eyes)

Episode 26: The Rescue Pups


(Katrina and Brattina are looking through their binoculars)

Katrina: Keep your eyes peeled, Brattina. I have a feeling something big is about to happen. Aha! There’s a big dopey mutt just asking to be caught! (She realizes it is Howler shaped hot-air balloon) Oh!
Howler: (howls)
Katrina: Brattina! Do something!
Brattina: No sweat, Mommy Dearest! I’ll smell those flying furballs!

(Brattina uses a fishing rod to catch Pound Puppies)

Cooler: Uh-oh. Looks like we’re the catch of the day!
Brattina: (singing) I’ve got the stinkers! I’m going to stink ‘em!

(They try to pull back, but they are pulled by the hot-air balloon hanging them on)

All: Whoa!
Katrina: You mangy mutts! Put us down!!
Howler: (howls) With pleasure.

(Howler cuts the fishing rod with a pair of scissors from inside his hat sending Katrina, Brattina and Catgut down the chimney)

Cooler: Okay, crew! Up, pup and away!

(Then they fly up all the way to Jodi’s house)

(Back at the house, Arf is scratching the door to Jody’s Mom to help; Jody’s Mom opens the door and Arf comes in)

Jody’s Mom: Huh? Hey! Come back here!
Arf: (barks)
Jody’s Mom: Jody, why is this dog here? Jody? Where are you?

(Arf has a note from Jody that she is in trouble)

Jody’s Mom: What? She’s gone! Is Jody in some sort of trouble?

(Arf goes off to find Jody, then Jody’s Mom follows him)

Jody’s Mom: Beat the way, Arf. I’m right behind you.

(In his imagination, Whopper becomes the king of the jungle)

Whopper: Here’s Jungle pup Whopper searching the forest for something to keep Jody warm!
Bright Eyes: (Off-screen) HELP!
Whopper: The jungle pup princess has been captured by the dreaded black panther! Yeah! Our hero can swing in option! (swinging to rescue Bright Eyes) Whoa-hoa-hoa! Without any panther’s own safety, Jungle pup Whopper dives endureth the monster of biomass bear tape!

(Whopper bounces and he attacks the black panther, then he bites his tail. Then his imagination comes back to the real world holding the blanket)

Bright Eyes and Whopper: Whoa!
Whopper: Now I know why we dogs learn a lot on the couch.
Bright Eyes: Good work, Whopper! This ought to keep Jody nice and toasty. Come on!

(The two pups leave)

Episode 27: Good Night, Sweet Pups


(Cooler and Nose Marie give Henry a pup named Toby)

Cooler: There you go, Henry. One cute little puparoo as promised.
Nose Marie: You’re sure your little ol’ parents said it was okay?
Henry: I’m sure. (giggling) Come on, Toby. Let’s show you to mom and dad, and thanks, Pound Puppies.

(Suddenly, they hear Whopper howling from the HQ)

Nose Marie: Bless my dog bones! Little ol’ Whopper must be having a nightmare again.
Cooler: We better be pound bound before he wakes up Katrina.

(After having a dream)

Howler: Boy, oh boy! Whopper, you gotta get some new dreams.
Bright Eyes: (rubbing her eyes) Yeah. I’m super glad that one’s done.
Nose Marie: Now all we have to do is get you over your little ol’ fear of the dark.
Whopper: No. That’s impossible. No way. Can’t be done, can it?
Cooler: Hey. That spooky jazz-a-rooney is just your imagination working overtime.
Whopper: What’s an imagination?

(Cooler shows Whopper a guide)

Cooler: It’s the place in your head where you make stuff up, and you got the wildest and wackiest imagination in the whole pound.
Whopper: But I’m not making it up! It’s really dark and scary!
Nose Marie: Whopper honey, the dark is just the same as daytime only with a little ol’ lights turned out.
Cooler: And I know just how we can prove it.

Episode 28: Nose Marie Day


(In the Hall of Puppy Power)

Nose Marie: Well, I’m obviously not needed around here anymore. So I’d best go somewhere where I am needed. (to Puppy Power) Puppy Power, let me see. A loving master just for me.

(Puppy Power appears via Nose Marie; The mover is moving their stuff out from their house)

Lisa’s Mom: The movers are almost finished, honey.
Lisa’s Dad: Then let’s get packed with a plane to catch. California, here we come!
Lisa’s Mom: And Lisa, our new home has a great big backyard, so you can finally have that puppy you’ve always wanted.
Lisa: A puppy?! Oh boy, I can’t wait.
Nose Marie: And you won’t have to wait, cos this puppy’s coming with you.

(The Puppy-Eating Plant kisses the Pound Puppies)

Cooler: Well, what do you know? He does love puppies. (laughs)
Katrina: What?! You’re supposed to eat them, not love them, you-you weed!

Lisa and Freddie: Thanks, Pound Puppies!

(They wave goodbye to Pound Puppies and then the plane takes off)

Nose Marie: Another happy adoption.
Cooler: And it’s all thanks to you, Nose Marie.
All: You’re the greatest!

(They kiss her)

Nose Marie: That’s the best little ol’ Mother’s Day present of all!

Episode 29: Snow Puppies


(Thunderhawk pants)

Bright Eyes: Howler, can you tell us why the heat is hitting Thunderhawk so super-duper hard?
Howler: (howling) The Computer-Pupter should give us the answer.

(Howler’s Computer-Pupter calculates and says “HOT”)

Computer-Pupter: Thunderhawk’s problem is, he’s hot! He’s hot! He’s hot!
Cooler: We know he’s hot, but why is he hotter than the rest of us hotshots?
Holly: I think I have the answer. (looking at the book) It says here. Thunderhawk’s the Siberian Husky. These dogs thrive best in a cold climate. They love ice and snow.
Cooler: Then what we have to do is get this puparoo a master with an igloo.

Katrina: (sighs) I’m miserably hot. The only comfort is knowing those mutts so suffering more than I am.
Brattina: Eww! I don’t think so, Mommy Dearest. Look!

(Pound Puppies and Thunderhawk are speeding away to Alaska)

Holly: Good luck, Pound Puppies!
Pound Puppies: Thanks, Holly!
Katrina: Stop those mongrels!

(Katrina and Brattina try to get Pound Puppies but they get away and the villains stop)

Katrina: Oh, blast it all! They’re getting away!

(They hear the ground sizzling)

Brattina: (sniffs) Mommy Dearest, did you smell something? I think someone is having a cookout.
Katrina: No, Brattina dear. It’s the smell of our bare feet sizzling on the hot pavement.

(They jump off the ground burning)

All: Whoa!

Episode 30: Where’s the Fire?

Katrina: Ah! There’s a mongrel right outside the pound. (to Brattina) DO YOUR BATTLE STATIONS!
Brattina: Well, scream like a banshee, why don’tcha!
Katrina: Oh, stop complaining, Brattina! We have a dog to catch!

Episode 31: The Wonderful World of Whopper

Beezer: Boy, am I bored? Bored, bored, bordy bored, bored. I’m so bored, I could scream. (screams)
Whopper: Ahoy, Beezer! How can you be bored with us? All kinds of fun stuff to do around here.
Beezer: Oh. (yawning) Oh yeah? Like what?
Whopper: Like, uh, well, let’s see. Like swinging through the jungle for instance?
Beezer: I think your flea color’s on too tight, Whopper. What jungle?
Whopper: I’ll show ya. See my jungle treehouse here?
Beezer: That’s just your dumb old boring doghouse.
Whopper: Yeah, but you can pretend it’s anything you want! Watch this!

Episode 32: Bright Lights, Bright Eyes

Cooler: Well, today’s the day, Bright Eyes. It’s Talent Show City.
Nose Marie: Are you ready to sing your heart out, honey lam?
Bright Eyes: Ooh, ready and rating to go. I’m gonna knock their socks off. Wish me luck! Although, I know I don’t need it.
Cooler: Hmm. If this is a bragging contest, Bright Eyes will win first place-a-rooney.

Episode 33: Dog and Caterpillar

Whopper: Cooler! Nose Marie! Bright Eyes! Howler! Help!
Cooler: Whoa! What’s the problem-o?
Whopper: It’s Squiggle! He’s gone! I can’t find him anywhere!
Nose Marie: I thought I saw him wiggling up the little ol’ pupscalator.

(Whopper runs up the pupscalator)

Whopper: Oh no! Catgut will get him up there!
Cooler: Oh, what a goof! I shoulda warned Whopper that someday his caterpillar pal would have to move on.

Episode 34: Garbage Night: The Musical

Holly: Here it is! The Pets ‘R’ People Too Restaurant.
Cooler: Whoa, a dress code! No furs, no feathers, no food.
Holly: Right. That’s because it’s only for pet on us and airy animals.
Bright Eyes: What a nifty neato idea! It’s like feeding time at the zoo!
Whopper: Yeah, but they’re eating vegetables and stuffing’s good for ya. I wanna eat junk food.

Episode 35: Peter Pup


(At the Wizard of Howls’)

Peter Pup: Oh, mighty Wizard of Howls! We need your help.
Sparkle: Tell us how to defeat that wicked ol’ witch Lies-a-lot.
Peter Pup: You’re our last hope.
Wizard of Howls: I am. I am. Well, isn’t that special? (howls)
Peter Pup: We’re doomed.
Wizard of Howls: L-L-Let me just check my book of spells. A book ski-doodle our book ski-die. Flap see all your pages and fly!

(Books of spells fly and spin faster and faster around Wizard of Howls)

Wizard of Howls: Ah, this is how I studied for tests at Wizard School. Nothing better these dizzy spells, but I’m not afraid now. (howls) I found it! Ah, here’s the way to put the kibosh on Queen Lies-a-Lot.
Peter Pup: So what do we do? Cast a spell? Mix a potion? Change your kitty litter or what?
Wizard of Howls: (looking at the book) The only way to start our evil is for the puppy who told the lies to admit it.
Sparkle: Now if we only knew who the little ol’ fipper was.

(Peter Pup imagines it is Whopper in his diaper)

Peter Pup: I may be wrong. But my hunch is it’s that dude in the diaper.

Episode 36: Cooler, Come Back


(They arrive at the Ends of the Earth)

Katrina: Here we are! The Ends of the Earth. Now, under that cargo.

(Katrina reverses backwards over the cliff)

Katrina: And give Cooler a Bon voyage. (laughs evilly)

(Katrina, Brattina and Catgut get out of the truck and go to the back, but she realizes that Cooler has escaped)

Katrina: No. No! No! That blasted animal’s GONE!

(The cliff begins to crumble)

Brattina: Eww! What a icky mess, Mommy Dearest!
Katrina: That’s the sound of the dark crumbling beneath our feet.

(The cliff collapses and the villains scream as they fall and land into the river)

Katrina: I’ll get even with you, Cooler! Wherever you ARE!!

(They fall over the waterfall)

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