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Punch-Drunk Love is a 2002 film about a male store entrepreneur (Adam Sandler) having social anxiety and phone sex.

Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Barry Egan[edit]

  • I didn't do anything. I'm a nice man. I mind my own business. So you tell me that's that before I beat the Hell from you.
  • Lena. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I left you at the hospital. I called a phone-sex line... I called a phone-sex line before I met you, and four blond brothers came after me and they hurt you, and I'm sorry. Then I had to leave again because I wanted to make sure you never got hurt again. And, and I have a lot of puddings, and in six to eight weeks it can be redeemed. So if you could just give me that much time, I think I can get enough mileage to go with you wherever you go if you have to travel for your work. Because I don't ever want to be anywhere without you. So could you just let me redeem the mileage?
  • I didn't ask for a shrink - that must've been somebody else. Also, that pudding isn't mine. Also, I'm wearing this suit today because I had a very important meeting this morning and I don't have a crying problem.
  • I have so much strength inside of me. You have no idea. I have a love in my life. It makes me stronger than anything you can imagine. I would say "That's that", Mattress Man.


  • Dean Trumbell: Fuck you. You're a pervert. Think you can be a pervert and not pay for it?
  • Lena: So, here we go.


Barry: I'm looking at your advertisement for the airline promotion and giveaway.
Operator Carter: Ah, this is our frequent flyer plan.
Barry: Yeah, it's hard to understand, because it says "in addition to", but I can't actually understand in addition to what because there's actually nothing to add it to.
Operator Carter: I think that's a typo, then.
Barry: Okay, so just to clarify, I'm sorry, ten purchases of any of your Healthy Choice products equals 500 miles and with the coupon, the same purchases would value 1000 miles.
Operator Carter: That's it.
Barry: Well, do you realize that the monetary value of this promotion and the prize is potentially worth more than the purchases?
Operator Carter: I don't know.

Barry: All I want is her fucking number! That should be a goddamn good enough for you now. Give me her FUCKING NUMBER!
Elizabeth: Okay.
Barry: You FUCKING hear me?
Elizabeth: Yes.
Elizabeth: Barry...
Barry: STOP fucking treating me this way! Give me her FUCKING number! I'll fucking kill you! YOU WANT THAT?!

Barry: Listen to me. What's your name, Sir?! ANSWER ME!
Dean Trumbell: What's your name, asshole?
Barry: I'm Barry Egan!
Dean Trumbell: How do I know?! You could be anybody, fuckwit!
Barry: You're a bad person. You have no right taking people's confidence in your service. You understand me, sir? You're sick!
Dean Trumbell: No no, SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP! [Simultaneously]
Barry: You have no right to take people's trust. [Simultaneously]
Dean Trumbell: SHUT UP! Will You- SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT, SHUT, SHUT, SHUT, SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Now! Are you threatening me, dick?!
Barry: Why don't you--? You go fuck yourself!
Dean Trumbell: You-- Grrr... You... FUCK! Did you just say, "Go fuck myself"?
Barry: Yes, I did.
Dean Trumbell: That wasn't good! You're dead!

Dean Trumbell: That's that.


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