Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos

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Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos is a 2012 American computer-animated short comedy film, and a sequel to Puss in Boots. It was directed by Raman Hui. The short tells a story of Puss in Boots on a mission to recover a princess' stolen ruby from the notorious French thief the Whisperer. Reluctantly accompanied by three cute little kittens called the Three Diablos, Puss must tame them before they endanger the mission.

Directed by Raman Hui. Produced by Gina Shay and Tripp Hudson. Screenplay by Tom Wheeler.


[Puss shows the Diablos where the Whisperer is on the map]
Puss: You show uncle Puss where the Whisperer lives. Later we will all go out for fish sticks!
[The Diablos looked excited. Perla, Gonzalo and Sir Timoteo Montenegro the Third went to Puss]
Puss: I... I know you want to play, But uh... [Perla hops out of Puss] Hey, hey! What are you...
[Perla high fives Gonzalo. Gozalo leaps on Puss and takes Puss' hat off]
Puss: No!
[Sir Timoteo Montenegro the Third swings around Puss while Gonzalo gets the key out of Puss' hat. The key lands on Puss' ear and the Diablos unlock the cuffs and takes off their mittens. They meow angrily at Puss]
Puss: Uh-oh! [Gonzalo takes Puss' boots] Wait! Those are mine! [Sir Timoteo Montenegro the Third and Gonzalo yanks on Puss' whiskers] Ow! ow! ow!
[Perla laughs at Puss and hits him using the boot]
Puss: [groans] No!
[Gonzalo hits Puss' bum using his belt. Sir Timoteo Montenegro the Third and Gonzalo keeps smacking Puss. Meanwhile Perla digs a hole. Sir Timoteo Montenegro the Third tickles Puss using his feathered hat]
Puss: Hoo, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha!
[Perla digs the hole deeper and the Diablos grabs Puss as their ready to bury him alive]
Puss: Stop! Ga... Gatos!
[The Diablos throws Puss into a hole. Sir Timoteo Montenegro the Third waves goodbye to him]
Puss: This is very bad for my reputation.
[Perla and Gonzalo then closes the hole. The Diablos prays to the funereal and Perla and Gonzalo high five together. Perla grabs Sir Timoteo Montenegro the Third and run through the desert]

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