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Raised by Wolves is an American science fiction drama television series created by Aaron Guzikowski that premiered on HBO Max on September 3, 2020.

Season 1[edit]

Virtual Faith[1.03][edit]

Mother: "Now, let's continue our dinner without any further conflict. We will engage in polite conversation."
Father: "Perhaps you'd all like to hear..."
Mother: "Not jokes! Polite conversation. Holly, please choose a topic."
Holly: "Oh, okay. Uh, Tempest, I was wondering what you're going to name the baby."

Mother: "What if I killed the Gens-1s without knowing it, and now I'm doing it again?"
Father: "Mother, you would never do that"
Mother: "Perhaps you're only saying that because you have some misplaced belief"[1]

Infected Memory[1.5][edit]

Father: "I know it's outside the realm of possibility, but... you seem happy."
Mother: "Just grateful that Tempest and her baby are still with us."
Father: "Grateful? Grateful to whom?"
Mother: "Our creator, of course."
Father: "Why?"
Mother: "It's not a literal statement, Father, but I firmly believe that if we continue with this mission, a great future awaits us."
Father: "Mother. You're starting to sound like a believer."
Mother: "What an odd thing to say. Our creator was real. A human. It doesn't require any faith to believe in him."

―Mother and Father after she retrieved her memories of their creator


  • Now I will begin. Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. The first little pig was very lazy. So he built a house out of straw. The second little pig worked a little bit harder, and he built a house out of sticks. The third little pig worked very hard, and he built a house out of stone. One day, a big, bad wolf came along and knocked on the first little pig's door. "Little pig, little pig, let me in," he said. "Not by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin," the little pig answered, to which the wolf replied, "Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in."
  • Do you think you have what it takes to be a good parent? {...} My creator did. I am what he programmed me to be... A caregiver, a mother. What do you have to give a child? You've only known destruction, loss. Never nurtured anything in your life. How would you know how to nurture? You use people, as you've used those believers. You are not equipped to raise a child when you're nothing more than a lost boy yourself. Paul is better off without you... and you know it. Lost boy. ”

— Mother to Marcus (episode Faces)


  • Alright, now, listen carefully. A malfunctioning android, a Cleric, and a cat walk into a brothel. The malfunctioning android requests an android whore with mechanical skills. The Cleric requests a virgin with the knowledge of the Mithraic mysteries. But the cat... the cat can't decide what to ask for, so he turns to the malfunctioning android and the Cleric and asks for suggestions. The Cleric turns to the malfunctioning android and says, "How is it a cat can speak?" To which the malfunctioning android turns and says, "I am malfunctioning. None of this is actually happening. The cat doesn't exist, and neither do you." To which the Cleric then says, "Thank goodness. For a minute there, I thought I was losing my mind." You see, it's a paradox. I have many jokes tailored for geniuses like yourself. ”

— Father telling a joke to Hunter

Quotes about Raised by Wolves[edit]

  • It’s almost like you’re writing the original “Grimms’ Fairy Tales,” the really weird ones.
  • “It’s a very rare bird, this story...”

Riddley Scott


Amanda Collin as Mother
Abubakar Salim as Father
Winta McGrath as Campion
Niamh Algar as Sue
Travis Fimmel as Marcus
Jordan Loughran as Tempest
Matias Varela as Lucius
Felix Jamieson as Paul
Ethan Hazzard as Hunter
Aasiya Shah as Holly
Ivy Wong as Vita

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