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Rat is a 2000 Irish-British-American comedy film directed by Steve Barron and starring Imelda Staunton and Pete Postlethwaite. The film focuses on the transformation of a working-class man into a rat and how his family copes with the startling change. The film's scenario is partly based on Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis.

Directed by Steve Barron. Produced by Steve Barron and Alison Owen. Written by Wesley Burrowes.
He might eat maggots and live in a cage but he's still our Dad(taglines)

Conchita Flynn[edit]

  • He was just in from the pub, lying down with a paper, as was his want, picking out the horses for tomorrow. And I was goin' 'round the room, and collectin' up the dirty clothes, and making a few gentle remarks on the subject of personal hygiene. And he was lying there, lettin' on like he didn't hear me. So I was quietly rippin' the newspaper out of his hands, in order to gain his attention, when...

Uncle Matt[edit]

  • There's nothin' worse than a drowned rat in the toilet, whether it's a close relation or not.
  • A rat is not particular where he dies, Conchita. The animal you have in mind is the elephant.
  • What you've got to appreciate is that turnin' into a rat causes severe contraction of the ecephalogical muscles, and blockage of the nuerolaptical tubes.

Hubert Flynn[edit]

  • Seventy years ago, me grandfather, Hubert Flynn Foster, set out from his home in the County Wexford, and joining north over the hills and valleys of Whitlock, until he came to Dublin City. I remember once, when I was a chiseler, he caught me whittlin' up against the wall. And he told me if I behaved like a dog, I might turn into a dog. And then he was off on one of his old yarns about people he knew that turned into goats and weasels. Of course we ran afoul, he said, of more than his prayers. But sometimes, in and among the ramblings, there'd be a grain of truth.
  • Conchita, this is my woman...


  • Mr. Reilly: A plum pudding is for Christmas, but a rat is for life.
  • Father Geraldo: Nothin' vexes me more than to give a man the last rites, and then he doesn't die at all.
  • Hubert: You know, I think I like the black rats best of all. They have this wonder sense of rhythm.


Conchita: I don't care how low he is doctor, that was no place to stick your thermometer.
The Doctor: Well obviously he doesn't have a proper tongue - or an armpit, come to that...

Marietta Flynn: How's he gonna get exercise?
Conchita Flynn: He can jump up and down.

Hubert: This Felix, what do you think if him?
Marietta Flynn: I don't know. He spends a lot of time in the toilet.



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