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Recess: School's Out is a 2001 animated film based on the Disney television series Recess. This film was produced by Walt Disney Pictures and was released theatrically nationwide on February 16, 2001. It was released on home video and DVD on August 7, 2001.


I, King Bob, as my last official act before entering middle school, hereby anoint this boy here King Freddie the Second. May you boss around all the kids with fairness.
I'll let you in on a little secret, Detweiler. Every adult you've ever known was a kid at sometime in their life. You think we don't remember summer vacation? Riding bikes down by the creek, catching polliwogs in a jar, camping out under the stars? Well, you're wrong!
Some days, I sit there in my office, looking out at you kids in the playground and I think, "They don't know how good they got it. In a few years, they're all going to be grown-ups like me and all those good times will be memories for them, too."
"But don't forget- come September, you're mine! I haven't forgotten that "saggy butt" comment!"
"Hey, September is a long way off!"
Miss Finster: My ice cream! Stop it! Stop it, I say! You little monsters are in trouble now! Just wait 'till Principal Prickly hears about this!
Principal Prickly: [over speaker] Attention, students, this is Principal Prickly talking.
Miss Finster: [impressed but surprised] Well, that was fast.
Principal Prickly: Some of you may have noticed ice cream on the playground. I want you to know that I will not stand for this. This ice cream should be eaten immediately.
Miss Finster: [shocked] Huh?
[The kids shrug, and go back to enjoying themselves.]
Principal Prickly: In addition, I want you to all ignore Miss Finster, no matter what she says, about ice cream or anything else!
[The kids cheer.]
Miss Finster: [stunned] This can't be happening.
Principal Prickly: Furthermore, I want to inform you all that I have a fat, saggy butt, which I like to scratch every hour on the hour.
[The kids burst out laughing, and the camera zooms behind the school, revealing that Gretchen and T.J. have hijacked the speakers, with Gretchen at the controls of the Voice-Changing machine, and T.J. imitating Prickly's voice through a microphone.]
T.J.: Also, I want to apologize to all of you, for being such a mean principal, taking away hall passes, giving guys recess detention, refusing to accept sick notes, just because it doesn't look like a guy's mom's signature, making kids stand at the wall for 10 whole minutes, with no break. Man! I feel ashamed of myself for all the terrible, rotten things I've done. And next year, I promise to-- [T.J. pauses as a magnificent shadow looms over him. It is Principal Prickly, scowling at T.J.] [nervously] Why, Principal Prickly, sir, what a surprise.

T.J.: Becky, you gotta help me! I need a ride up to Chesterville, pronto!
Becky: Are you kidding? I’m not doing anything for you, you little dork.
T.J.: [takes her sister’s diary out of his jacket pocket, reading] "Oh, how I dream of the mustache fuzz on Jimmy’s sweaty lips glistening as he cooks in the light of a dozen hamburger heat lamps."
Becky: Hey, that’s my diary! Give me that!
T.J.: Ah-ah-ah! I’ve got copies. Now either you give me a ride, or this baby hits the internet.

[T.J. has just arrived to pick up Vince from baseball camp]
Vince: T.J., what are you doing here?
T.J.: You've got to come back to town. It's an emergency.
Vince: What? I can't just leave.
T.J.: Look, something weird is going on at the school. Principal Prickly got dematerialized!
Vince: "Dematerialized"? T.J., you're crazy.
T.J.: [holding up Principal Prickly's burnt golf shoes; angrily] Am I?

Spinelli: [reading Becky's diary] "Tonight, the magical moment arrived. We met behind the drive-thru menu and kissed passionately as the sound of the deep fat fryer faded into the night." [laughs along with Gus] Man, I wish I had an older sister.
Mikey: Laugh if you will. I think it's beautiful.
T.J.: Sorry I'm late, guys. But I had to wait till my mom and dad fell asleep before I could sneak out with the goodies.
Mikey: [gasps] Roast beef and mashed potatoes! My favorite!
T.J.: I also managed to swipe this. [takes out a large tub of Rocky Road ice cream]
Mikey: [gasps again] Rocky Road! My other favorite!
Spinelli: Hey, give me some of that!
Gretchen: Excuse me, but, aren’t we supposed to eat dinner before dessert?
[The others laugh hysterically]
Spinelli: Good one, Gretch!

Benedict: [looking at T.J.'s walkie-talkie] A confiscated walkie-talkie. Why do you do these things to me, Pete? Do you enjoy tormenting me? Do you hate me?
Prickly: I don't hate you, Phil. I just think you’re insane!
Benedict: [laughs dryly] "Insane". Well, there you go again, Pete. Insulting me, hurting my feelings, just like 30 years ago. Only this time, Petey, I'm ready. [looking out Principal Prickly's office window] You see, all those years, no matter how big I got, no matter how successful, I always thought about you. [angrily] How you embarrassed me! How you humiliated me! How you destroyed my relationship with Muriel Finster, the only woman I ever loved!
T.J.: That part still grosses me out, sir.
Prickly: Shh!
Benedict: But this time, Pete, I'm gonna humiliate you. This time, I'm gonna prove to the world that you were wrong and I was right!
Prickly: About what?
Benedict: About recess, about freedom, about test scores! I found a way to prove my theory. I'm gonna get rid of the biggest recess of 'em all; I am gonna get rid of summer vacation!
T.J.: [angrily] You fiend!
Benedict: "Fiend". You try to help people, that's the thanks you've had.
Prickly: It'll never work, Phil.
Benedict: Well, actually, Pete, that's where you're wrong. [presses a red button on a remote and a holographic globe and moon rise up from the floor] You see, all I have to do is modify the moon's orbit ever so slightly... [presses red button] ...and tide levels on the Eastern Seaboard rise eight feet. Move the moon over here... [presses red button] ...and the currents that warm California suddenly become ice-cold. Summer, as we know it, will become a thing of the past. And without summer... [presses red button, and the globe diagram grows icicles; T.J. and Prickly gasp in horror] summer vacation.
T.J.: You'll never get away with this, Benedict!
Benedict: Oh, yeah? Well, who's gonna stop me?

[Benedict locks T.J. and Principal Prickly in a birdcage to keep them from interfering with Benedict's plans to destroy summer vacation.]
T.J.: Help! Help! Somebody get us out of here!
Prickly: Calm down, Detweiler. I got the--
T.J.: Calm down?! We're locked in a giant birdcage while a madman is out there trying to destroy summer vacation, and you want me to calm down?!
Prickly: I understand. But I...
T.J.: How can you understand?! You're just a grownup! What do YOU know about summer vacation?!
Prickly: [stands and puts his hands akimbo] I'll let you in on a little secret, Detweiler. Every adult you've ever known was a kid at some time in his life. You think we don't remember summer vacation? Riding bikes down by the creek, catching polliwogs in a jar, camping out under the stars? Well, you're wrong! [pause] Some days, I sit there in my office, looking out at you kids in the playground and I think, "They don't know how good they got it. In a few years, they're all going to be grown-ups like me and all those good times will be memories for them, too". So go ahead. Put a whoopie-cushion in my chair. Cover my carpet with fake vomit. Make fun of my "big, saggy butt". But don't you ever say I don't care about summer vacation, because those memories are the last part of childhood I've got left.

[Principal Prickly and TJ are dressed as guards]
Principal Prickly: You sure this is going to work, Detweiler?
TJ: Come on, Principal Prickly. Don't you watch old spy movies? This trick is pure gold. [they walk up two guards] [deep voice] Uh, Dr. Benedict wanted to speak to us about a very important matter.
Guard #1: [quickly recognizes them] Hey, you two aren't guards!
T.J.: [normal voice; to Prickly, alarmed] Run! [he and Prickly take off down the hall with the guards in pursuit]

King Bob: I, King Bob, as my last official act before entering middle school, [takes off his helmet] hereby anoint this boy here [places helmet on Freddie's head] King Freddie II. [stamps the letter "F" on the helmet] [to King Freddie II] May you boss around all of the kids with fairness.
Jerome: The King has graduated! Long live the King!
[Everyone cheers at King Bob's Graduation Ceremony, as the Safety Rangers play "Hail to the Chief" with their kazoos]
Captain Brad: [shouting at the Safety Rangers] Elbow up! Eyes forward! You call that kazoo playing?!
Ashley B.: Ah, ceremony.
Ashley Q.: I’m, like, moved, Ashley A.
Ashley A.: Say what you want about their personal lives, Ashley Q. The royals have such style.

T.J.: [hiding behind bushes, takes out tape recorder] 10:41 A.M. Gang back at camp. I'm going in alone. [runs to the school and looks through the window, hears voices and hides in the dumpster, finding Prickly's golf pants] Hey. [takes out tape recorder] 10:43 A.M. I found what appear to be... Principal Prickly’s golf pants.

Kojak: Well, well, well, if it ain't the little snoop!
T.J.: What?! I ain't no snoop!
[Kojak plays the tape recorder]
T.J.'s voice: [on tape recorder] 9:32 A.M. Ugly bald guy's still the guarding school.
T.J. [chuckles nervously] Oops.
Kojak: Let's go, snoop. You're in big trouble now.
T.J.: [being dragged] Ow! Ow! Hey, watch the jacket, it's cotton!

T.J.: Principal Prickly! You're alive! [takes the tape off Prickly's mouth]
Principal Prickly: Ow! Would you be careful?!
T.J.: Boy, am I glad to see you, sir? You won't believe what these guys are doing in the auditorium. They got this big laser gun and-- [notices him wearing his golf underwear] Whoa, who took your pants?

[Benedict is interrogating TJ and Principal Prickly in the dungeon]
Benedict: Same old noble Pete. Always standing up for the rights of children.
T.J.: [surprised, to Prickly] You?
Benedict: But unfortunately, I can't let anybody go right now. You see this experimental night school that I'm running is kind of a secret. I'm trying to show that my... adult students can be trained to be capable and productive members of society.
T.J.: Oh, yeah?! Well, if you're just running a night school, then what's that giant laser gun doing in the auditorium?!
[Kojak pushes T.J. down in a chair]
Benedict: What a rude and badly dressed little boy you are. [turns to Prickly] You know you should teach your pupils a little respect for their superiors, Pete. But that would mean that you'd have to know how to teach them anything at all, wouldn't it?

T.J.: [Running back to the house, after discovering what is going on in the school] MOM! MOM! [He runs into the sliding glass door] Oof!
Mrs. Detweiler: T.J.! Are you all right?
T.J.: Mom! There's guys at the school! They're doing some kind of evil experiment!
Mrs. Detweiler: Oh, dear. That bonk on the head must have rattled your little brain.
T.J.: But, Mom--
Mrs. Detweiler: [feeling his head] You're feverish! You wait right here. I'll go get the baby thermometer and the petroleum jelly.
T.J.: Uh... Dad, Dad! [He runs to the garage, where his father is fixing the car.] Dad!
Mr. Detweiler: What is it, boy?
T.J.: Those evil bad guys have got a laser beam, and they're lifting the safe--
Mr. Detweiler: [rolls out from under the car] T.J., did you run into the sliding glass door again?
T.J.: No, but-- Yeah, but-- [frustrated] GAAAH! [runs off]
Mr. Detweiler: Come back! Your mom’s gonna want to take your temperature!

Cop 1: So you're saying you just escaped from a troop of ninja warriors?
Vince: That's right!
Cop 2: And they got a giant laser gun in the school's auditorium?
Gretchen: Precisely!
Cop 1: Which is aimed at the moon?
Mikey: Thank heavens you understand!
[The two cops burst out laughing]

Gretchen: Don't do it, Dr. Benedict!
Benedict: Don't do it? You think after all this planning, all this work, you can get me to stop just by saying "don't do it"?
Mikey: What if we add "please"?
Benedict: You kids just don't get it, do you? Well let me explain this in a way your uneducated brains will understand. The American public thinks test scores are too low. But if a person, say me, could make test scores go up, why, everybody would feel better. They might even elect that person president of the United States. Now, do you have any idea which countries have the highest test scores?
Gretchen: Uh, Japan?
Vince: Germany?
Mikey: Tierra del Fuego?
Benedict: Canada! Iceland! Norway! And why? Because it's snowing up there all the time! Kids don't waste their summers playing ball, they're inside studying. And that is why I'm getting rid of summer vacation once and for all.
T.J.: You got it all wrong, old man! Your plan'll never work! Sure, maybe your crazy laser beam can move the moon, maybe you can even make it snow all summer, maybe you can get rid of long afternoons playing baseball, or sunny days down by the lake, or warm nights camping out under the stars. But that won't stop us! We'll ride out bikes through the snow, we'll play kickball in the slush, we'll camp out in igloos! You may take away summer, but you'll never take away summer vacation!
Benedict: Well, I can try.

Benedict: [looking at the destroyed tractor beam] All my plans, my hopes and dreams... [falls on his knees in defeat] ruined. [wailing loudly] RUINED!
[The kids all cheer for their victory]

Mrs. Detweiler: What an exciting summer. T.J. saved the world and Becky made assistant fry chef at Floppy Burger!

'[last lines]
T.J.: Principal Prickly?
Principal Prickly: Huh? Oh, it's you, Detweiler. I was just cleaning up this mess Phillium left. Guy always was a packrat. Look at this. Norwegian weather map. From 1956!
T.J.: Listen, sir. I never really got a chance to thank you for all the stuff you did. Quitting your golf game, telling Benedict to let me go, helping me save the world and junk.
Principal Prickly: Actually, Detweiler, I'm the one who should be thanking you.
T.J.: Huh?
Principal Prickly: You did me a big favor by dragging me into this mess. See, I didn't get into teaching for the promotions, or the pension plans, or so I could get to the golf course by 3:45. I-- I... did it because I wanted to help you kids. And I'd forgotten that. [looks at his peace necklace] 'Til today.
[There is a knock at the window; T.J.'s friends are waiting outside]
Vince: Come on, Teej!
Spinelli: The pond awaits!
T.J.: I'll be there in a second!
Principal Prickly: Hey, it's a gorgeous summer day and your pals are waiting. Go have some fun while you can...Teej.
T.J.: You got it...Pete.
[Prickly smiles friendly; T.J. opens window and jumps out and runs with his friends and Prickly puts on his peace necklace as "Let the Sunshine In" by The 5th Dimension plays in the background]
Principal Prickly: [calling after T.J.] But don't forget- come September, you're mine! I haven't forgotten that "saggy butt" comment!
T.J.: Hey, September is a long way off!
[Prickly smiles at T.J. and his friends, and looks at his peace necklace as the camera pans around 3rd Street School, and T.J. and his friends enjoy the rest of summer as the screen fades to black]


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