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RED is a 2010 action/comedy film inspired by the limited series comic book series and follows the story of a retired CIA agent and how his life becomes threatened by a high-tech assassin. He then reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive and uncover his assailants.

Directed by Robert Schwentke. Written by Jon Hoeber and Erich Hoeber, based on the comic book series Red by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner.
Still Armed. Still Dangerous. Still Got It.taglines

Frank Moses[edit]

  • Open the pig!
  • Keep your dress on!
  • [to Cooper] If anything happens to Sarah, I will rip everything you love out of your life and then I'll kill you.

Marvin Boggs[edit]

  • I never thought I'd say this again...I am getting the pig!!
  • [After blowing up an assassin who insulted him] "Old man" my ass!
  • [as he and Frank run from Moldovan Ground Forces] I told you something bad was going to happen!

Joe Matheson[edit]

  • [about identifying the envelope of fingers] This used to be a gentleman's game.

Sarah Ross[edit]

  • [Feeling the effects of being drugged] I may vomit...This is just like Love's Savage Secret.
  • [Half-drugged with a sedative] I am...HIGH. [Giggles] You have such beautiful green eyes.
  • [To Frank, after he shoots at Cooper and drives them away] Wow, you really are CIA.
  • [waking up in New York, to Frank] Wow, I really hate you right now.
  • The General has dropped his contact lens. Perhaps you'd like to help us?


  • I love it here. I love the baking, I love the flower arranging. I like the routine...Well, I do get a bit restless sometimes. I take the odd contract on the side. I just can't stop.
  • Tell Marvin to stand down before he hurts himself.

William Cooper[edit]

  • How's retirement, Frank?
  • Bad move, Grandpa!

Ivan Simonov[edit]

  • I miss the old days. I haven't killed anyone in years.
  • [to Frank] I think you are not here for the vodka.
  • [showing Frank the scars from being shot] This was done to me by the love of my life. Now she sits outside my house drinking vodka. When I woke alive, I knew she still loved me. Otherwise it would have been the head. It was big risk for her, but one does crazy things for love.


Alexander Dunning: You don't have people killed. I have people killed. I'm the bad guy, remember?


Joe: I'm 80 years old. I got stage 4 liver cancer. What the hell can they do to me?
Frank: They can still shoot you.
Joe: Well…I never thought this would happen to me.
Frank: What?
Joe: Getting old. Well I mean, Vietnam, Afghanistan. The Green Springs Rest Home? Go figure!

Sarah: Is that my bag?
Frank: Yeah.
Sarah: You…you packed it?
Frank: Yeah.
Sarah: [looking around a bit] D-d-did you vacuum?
Frank: A little, yeah. It was messy.

Frank: I was just hoping you'd be a little more understanding of the situation.
Sarah: [sarcastically] I was hoping not to get kidnapped. Or drugged. I was hoping you'd have hair. So it looks like none of our dreams are coming true at the moment.

Marvin: Why are you trying to kill me?
Frank: I'm not trying to kill you.
Marvin: Oh, yeah, you are.
Frank: Why would I be trying to kill you?
Marvin: Because the last time we met, I tried to kill you.
Frank: That was a long time ago.
Marvin: Some people hold on to things like that.

[after Frank introduces his girlfriend to his…eccentric CIA buddy]
Sarah: Wow, this guy's insane.
Frank: He believes he was the subject of a government mind-control experiment. As it turns out, he really was given daily doses of LSD for eleven years.
Sarah: Well, in that case, he looks great.
Frank: Fantastic.
Sarah: Yeah.

Marvin: [as Sarah make a phone call] Frank, we gotta get rid of this broad. I know a great place just up the road, lots of alligators.
Frank: We're not getting rid of the broad. I like her.
Marvin: What's the angle?
Frank: No angle. I like her.

Marvin: Do you know what's wrong with this country?
Sarah: They're all trying to kill us?
Marvin: Exactly!

Business Woman Assassin: [after firing on the group] That's right, old man!
Marvin: "Old man"?
Frank: No respect.
Marvin: Can I kill her now?!?

Sarah: [about them sneaking into the CIA] What do you suppose the punishment is for what we're doing here?
Frank: Death. [pause] Maybe life in prison.
Sarah: [happily] Awesome!

Cooper: [about the records room] I didn't even know this place existed.
Henry, The Records Keeper: [indignant] It doesn't!

[Cooper visits a secret CIA archive to learn about Frank]
Henry, The Records Keeper: Frank Moses was one of the most effective black-ops agents we've ever had. He retired drug lords, terrorists…hell, he toppled governments. Yeah. He was truly gifted.
Cooper: Why was he retired?
Henry: He got old. Then some government thumb-sucker came along and tagged him RED.
Cooper: "Red"?
Henry: Yeah. RED, R-E-D. "Retired, Extremely Dangerous."

Frank: It's not that bad. People get shot all the time.
Sarah: No, they don't! They get paper cuts!
Marvin: I mostly get shot.

Frank: [holding Cooper to the desk] Kordeski trained you?
Cooper: Yeah?
Frank: I trained Kordeski! [dislocates his shoulder]

Ivan: I owe you for killing Igor.
Frank: Igor the Butcher.
Ivan: He was a good asset.
Frank: He was a pig.
Ivan: He was my cousin.
Frank: Sorry.
Ivan: [pours him and Frank shots of vodka] To Igor the Butcher. [They clink their glasses]
Frank: [Just as Ivan drinks his shot] He's not dead. [Ivan nearly chokes as Frank finishes his shot] I flipped him.
Ivan: No!
Frank: He owns a string of 7-Elevens in Orange County.
Ivan: What!
Frank: He weighs 500 lb.
Ivan: Ah! [He covers his mouth as both he and Frank start laughing; after a long moment, the calm down and Ivan pours them each another shot] Drink.
Frank: Who are we drinking for this time?
Ivan: Veronique. [Frank gives a look of confused surprise] She...was mine.
Frank: Impossible.
Ivan: [delighted] YES! [laughs]
Frank: [Holding back a look of disappointment as he clinks glasses with Ivan and they drink their shots] Well, whatever she got, it was worth it.

Marvin: [after the shootout in the kitchen] I remember the Secret Service being tougher.
Victoria: Me too.

Joe: Sarah, this is Victoria. Best wet work asset in the business and a true artist with an RPN.
Sarah: Oh wow. Um…what's that?
Victoria: [smiling sweetly] I kill people, dear.

Victoria: Oh, Francis. You're such a romantic.
Frank: What?
Victoria: You're all hard on the outside, but inside you're gooey…gooey.

Sarah: [while Victoria is providing cover with a sniper rifle] Frank said you wanted me with you.
Victoria: Yes, I thought it might be nice to have a bit of girl time together. You know, get to know each other. And I-I just wanted to tell you that in all the years I've known Francis... I've never seen him like this. [Sarah smiles] So if you break his heart, I will kill you. And bury your body in the woods.
Sarah: Wow. Okay.

Victoria: I was in love with an agent once.
Sarah: What happened?
Victoria: Well, I was with MI6, and the relationship wasn't…sanctioned. So when it came to light, my loyalty was questioned, and I was ordered to kill him. It was a test.
Sarah: What did you do?
Victoria: I put three bullets in his chest.

[Cooper is called by Frank. during their conversation, Frank's call is traced]
Frank: Here's the thing, Cooper: With age...comes a certain perspective. I'd be a liar if I said there wasn't a time when I was exactly like you. Blind ambition, misplaced trust.
Cooper: Why are you telling me this?
Frank: It may help me to decide what to do next.
Cooper: [Sees the technician tracing the call gesturing for Cooper to keep Frank talking] Why? What are you thinking about?
Frank: Our business is a very hard one. But it was never the...the killing or the stress, the bad pay, that bothered me.
Cooper: Well, what was it, Frank?
Frank: It's how anything that you love...can be taken away from you. It taught me never to care, never to invest. Then I met this woman, Sarah. And now, you have her. Now, I can't think of anything more horrible than to know that your enemies can hurt someone you love. The feeling is almost indescribable.
[The trace is completed. Cooper gets the paper with the call's location. His look turns to horror.]
Frank: You still there, Cooper?
Cooper: ...You're at my house!
[Frank's in Cooper's house, watching Cooper's wife and two children play outside, unaware of Frank watching them]
Frank: Almost indescribable, isn't it?

Ivan: [as they dance] Your radiance tonight renders me almost speechless.
Victoria: Almost.



  • Still Armed. Still Dangerous. Still Got It.
  • He's Got Time To Kill.
  • Killer Company Man.
  • Aims To Please.
  • Doesn't Get Out Much.
  • Looking For A Little Action.
  • A High Caliber Woman.
  • There's No Substitute for Experience.

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