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Refiloe Jane

Refiloe Jane (born 4 August 1992) is a South African professional soccer player who plays as a midfielder for Italian Serie A club US Sassuolo and the South Africa women's national team. She previously played for Tshwane University of Technology and Canberra United in the W-League in Australia. She married her long time girlfriend Christa Flora Kgamfe.


  • “Personally, I feel honored to be with Milan for the second season. We’ve been working as a group and I know the efforts that the technical team has put in and the task that they have in the team. And I feel very blessed to be a part of Milan also in the second half of the season.”
  • “In my opinion, in the previous games that we lost, especially also in the Derby, they didn’t go our way. We need to also give credit to Inter as they are a good team and also we are also an equally good team. So when we played and played to win, it’s just unfortunate that the results didn’t go our way.”
  • “With the game against Empoli, is also going to be a difficult one. We know they are also a good team like any other team in the league. So it’s a good chance for us to redeem ourselves as a team and to focus on the positives that we are going out there to get”
  • “Training in Manchester, I realized that playing football is what I want to do. It was where I realized my dream of being a footballer. And when I moved to Australia, where I played for Canberra United, it was my first professional contract. And with that I got an eye opener on how it is to be a professional, how to behave and how it is to play at the highest level.”
  • “Playing at the San Siro has always been my dream, and I know it’s every footballer’s dream to play in such an iconic stadium. And despite the results that we got against Juventus, I think we played well as a team."
  • “And those memories will stay with us, despite the defeat. We always want to play in the best stadiums. We always want to play in the best countries, and given that opportunity by Milan, we’ll always be grateful.”
  • “After my football career, I’m hoping to give back to the community. I’m hoping to probe into young talents, and I want to use my experiences that I’ve got in football to change people’s lives.”
  • “We realised that we achieved a dream and we are also giving an opportunity to other youngsters to be able to dream because we realised that with perseverance, hard work and discipline, nothing is impossible.”
  • “The nickname ‘Fifi’ is cut from Refiloe. So instead of seeing the whole of ‘Refiloe’, we just take too the ‘Fi’ and make it ‘Fifi’, so it’s a short way of saying ‘Refiloe’.”

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