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Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi (ریاض احمدگوھر شاہی) (born 25 November 1941) is a Pakistani author, spiritual leader and founder of the Messiah Foundation International.


The Religion of God (2000)[edit]

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  • If you follow a religion but are devoid of the Love of God, then those that do not follow a religion but have the love of God are better.
  • Love is connected to the heart. When the Name of God Allah is synchronized with the heartbeat, it then travels through the blood to all the veins, reaches the spirits and awakens them. Then the spirits are rejuvenated and go into the Love of God.
    • An introduction to this book
  • Any Name of God in any language is worthy of respect but the original Name of God in the Semitic language is Allah. This (Semitic) is the language of the celestial entities. It is by this Name that the angels call upon God and it is attached to the Title of every Prophet.
    • An introduction to this book
  • Any individual who is sincerely searching for God, on land or in the sea is also worthy of respect.
    • An introduction to this book
  • Many Adams came into this world, at the same time and in different places. All the Adams were made in the world with clay from this world except the last Adam who is buried in Arabia. He was the only one made in paradise with clay which was also from paradise. With the exception of this Adam the angels did not bow down before any other Adam. Satan became the enemy of the descendants of this Adam.
  • There are seven types of entities in the human body. These are connected to different celestial spheres. They are connected to different heavens and are further connected with different functions within the human body. If these entities are strengthened with light they then resemble the person they are in and travel to many places at the same time. They can travel to the gatherings of Saints and Prophets and even talk to God and see God.
    • An introduction to this book
  • Every human being has two religions. The first is the religion of the body which ceases to exist after death. The second is the religion of the soul, which has existed since the beginning of time, the Love of God. It is by this religion that a human being is exalted.
    • An introduction to this book
  • Superior to all the religions is the Love of God and superior to all types of worship is seeing God.
    • An introduction to this book

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