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Richard Corben (born October 1, 1940) is an American illustrator and comic book artist best known for his comics featured in Heavy Metal magazine. He is the winner of the 2009 Spectrum Grand Master Award. In 2012 he was elected to The Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame.


  • “Corben's work is singular in its humanity. He works with towering technical skill... ...the wondrous thing of it all is that underneath all that technical tour-de-force is the sound of a beating heart.” — Will Eisner[1]

  • “Corben's stuff was great. He put stuff into his comix that the overground press wouldn't print.” — Robert Crumb[2]

  • I feel like I was particularly impressed by Richard Corben's work. But in general I would not say the underground made that big of an impression except for Corben... His science-fiction stories, those almost primitive black and white comics he did back then. I was very struck by the visceral punch they had, by the unusual artistic point of view. And also by the unabashed exaggeration. It's as if you wanted a woman to have big breasts, you drew it. There was something just so joyously excessive and erotic about his stuff, that I just ate it up.|Frank Miller }}
  • Richard Corben, stands among us like an extraterrestrial peak. He has sat in his throne for a long time, above the moving and multi-coloured field of world comics, like an effigy of the leader, a strange monolith, a sublime visitor, a solitary enigma.
  • Mr. Richard Corben... a genuine giant of his chosen medium.|Alan Moore
  • People like the American Richard Corben... are, in my view, maestros.|H. R. Giger
    • Garriock, P. (1978). Masters of Comic Book Art. London: Aurum Press. p. 56. ISBN 978-0-905664-05-7. </ref>}}
  • Corben's technique introduced the airbrush to comics. His sophisticated knowledge of how color is printed allowed him to get fantastic results. His work has maintained a sense of humor and spectacle in tales of barbarians, time travelers and Arabian nights.|Harvey Kurtzman
    • Kurtzman, Harvey (1991). From Aargh! to Zap!. New York: Prentice Hall Press. p. 88. ISBN 978-0-13-363680-2. </ref>}}


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