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Rio 2 is a 2014 American 3D computer-animated musical adventure-comedy film produced by Blue Sky Studios and directed by Carlos Saldanha. It is the sequel to the 2011 computer-animated film Rio and the studio's first film to have a sequel outside of their existing Ice Age franchise. The title refers to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, where the first film was set and Rio 2 begins, though most of its plot occurs instead at the Amazon rainforest.

The film was released internationally on March 20, 2014, and on April 11, 2014 in American theaters. Rio 2 was Don Rhymer's final film after he died on November 28, 2012.

It's on in the Amazon(taglines)


Jewel: Daddy…
Blu: "Daddy"?

Eduardo: I'm a grandpa? Look at me, I'm a grandpa!

Jewel: [after Blu slips, spinning Jewel around] For a macaw bird from Minnesota, you've got some moves.
Blu: Oh, that wasn't a move, it was an accident… but I accept the compliment.
Jewel: It's great Rafael can watch the kids.
Blu: Yup. Looks like you're stuck with me all night.
Jewel: You're my one and only, Blu.
Blu: That's a good thing since I'm the only other one. [They press their beaks together as they hug]

Fernando: [looks up and sees Jewel flying by] Good morning, Jewel!

Blu: [he and Jewel notice Luiz dancing on the dance floor] Luiz, where are the kids?
Luiz: What? I don't have any kids!
Both: Our kids!
Luiz: Oh, right. I left them with Tiny.
Both: Tiny!?
Luiz: What? She's an excellent babysitter.

Blu: Remember– Birds of blue feathers–
Carla, Tiago and Bia: [reluctantly all together] –Have to stick together!

[Linda and Túlio stop by the side of the river]
Túlio: We're nearing the nesting grounds of the Amazonian Wood Quail. Odontophorus gujanensis. 6 months ago, we rescued this little bird from smugglers. [Linda jumps onto the shore and then unveils the cage in the boat which is holding a little bird] It was sick, malnourished with a broken leg, but now my trusty assistant– [as Tulio points the camera at Linda she gives him a cold look] I mean, loving wife and colleague, will release her back to her natural habitat.
Linda: [opens the cage but the bird backs away in fear] It's okay, you can go now. Just like this. [flaps her hands to indicate to the bird to fly off]
Túlio: Let me talk to her. [looks at the bird and starts squawking like a bird]
[the bird rushes out of the cage in fear, she stops looks back at Túlio and Linda for a moment then squawks at them and rushes off towards the jungle]
Bird: [subtitled] Freaks!

[inside the kitchen, Blu is making the kids pancakes]
Bia: Did you know that these whole wheat pancakes have twice the vitamins and minerals of regular pancakes?
Blu: And with the blueberries, it's 4 times as tasty. [flies over to the fridge, opens the door and looks inside] Hey, where are the blueberries?
Tiago: Oh, Dad! Looking for this? [Blu turns to see Tiago standing next to the basket of blueberries on the counter holding one blueberry on his beak]
Blu: Bring it. [Tiago head butts the blueberry to Blu, he then plays with it like it's a soccer ball] It's down to the final minutes. He's got magic in his feet! He shoots! [shoots the blueberry up and it lands on top of the whipped cream on the pancakes] He scores!
Bia and Carla: Goal!
Blu: Goal! Oh, yeah, I got it. I'm good.
Tiago: Heads up, Dad! [starts shooting blueberries at Blu]
Blu: No! [one of them hits him in the head which causes Blu to trip over the frying pan when then flips the pancake in it to toss over in the air and land straight onto Tiago smacking him against the wall]
Tiago: Awesome. [hovers to the window with a pancake draped over him to find Jewel glaring at them] Hi, Mom.

[the leader of an illegal logging group known as Big Boss watches the news on TV about Túlio and Linda discovering more blue macaws]
Newscaster: The Amazon is one of Earth's most endangered ecosystems, due to illegal logging and farming. Let's hope Dr. Monteiro and his team can find these rare birds so their home can be saved.
Túlio: There may be a whole flock out there, and if there is, we will find them and protect them. [Throws a remote control at the TV, smashing the screen]
Big Boss: Ugh! Tree-huggers. [presses a button on his phone] Get my boat ready. I need to deal with this personally.

[flocks of all kinds of different birds are waiting in line to audition for Nico and Pedro for their Carnival show]
Nico: Next!
Spoonbill: That would be me. Okay, everybody can go home now. You're looking at the next King of Carnival! [flies down to enter the audition]
Luiz: Hey, big bird! Break a leg! [Spoonbill slips on Luiz's dribbling saliva and crashes across the room] Ooh. Walk it off, buddy!

Bia: [flies in reads from her book] Hey, Dad, look at this. Did you know the Amazon has snakes that can swallow you whole?
Blu: Actually, Bia, all those stories are highly exaggerated.
Bia: No, really. Look. [shows Blu her book with the pop-out picture of a snake swallowing something]
Blu: Ah!
Tiago: Oh, that's sick! [grabs the book from Bia]
Jewel: Alright, are we ready to go? [notices what Blu is wearing] A fanny pack?
Blu: Yeah. Linda gave it to me. I need it for the GPS. Oh, where's the GPS? [pokes his head inside]
Bia: Hey! [takes her book back from Tiago]

Nigel: Death, Gabi. It's about death.
Gabi: Oh, Nigel, I love it when you get all dark and brooding.
Man's Voice: Hey, bird. It's show time!
Nigel: My audience awaits. [steps out onto a small stage which is set in market]
Carnival Barker: From the streets of Rio to the Amazon jungle, the Bird of Mystery! Gather round! Don't be shy! Learn your destiny!

[after Nigel, Gabi and Charlie retreated off the boat]
Tiago: Ahhhhhh!
Jewel: Tiago, stop fooling around!
Tiago: I didn't do anything!
Blu: Tiago Gunderson. Listen to your mother.
Tiago: Oh, man. [sits down and sulks]

Tiago: No way! A bird bath– Wahooo– ha! [slides down a vine into the water while laughing]
Blu: Tiago, caref– Ah!
[water splashes onto Blu]
Tiago: [sexily, he lets out a big and stinky fart which then stinks up the pool with fart bubbles] Jacuzzi.

Gabi: Oh, no, he didn't.

Tiago: [to his mother after he suddenly sits up following a sung lullaby] Can you sing it again– please?

Roberto: Not again! No more crackers!
[Blu brings Roberto back to his senses by slapping him in the face and then grabs his beak]

Roberto: Ah, game over! It's over! Humans! The lights! The lights!! It's over.
Male Spix's Macaw: He's been blabbering like this since we found him.
Roberto: We're all doomed! The loggers are coming and Blu is with them!
Eduardo: Traitor!
Roberto: No! No, Blu is trying to help us.
Jewel: What? By himself?!
Eduardo: Lets evacuate! We're leaving. Let's go. Everyone move out. Go, go, go!
Jewel: [on learning Blu is facing the loggers solo] Dad, no, not this time. I'm not going with you!
Eduardo: You have to go with me. I will not put my family in danger again.
Jewel: Blu is my family and I'm not leaving him behind!
Blu: [from off-screen] You don't have to!
Jewel: [touches her beak with his while hugging] Are you okay?
Blu: [looks to his father-in-law] Look, Eduardo, I may not be the birdy-lest bird in the flock… but for once, that's a good thing! You know the jungle, I know humans, and I know that together we can stop them. We can't let them take our home. Sure it's hot, loud and filled with creepy bugs, but it's ours. Let's fight for it! Who's with me?
Old Bird: I'm with you! [screams; falls off the branch he was on and lands on the ground with a thud]
Blu: Anybody else?

Eduardo: [before swooping onto the loggers] Lead the way, Blu.
Blu: [overjoyed at his father-in-law saying his correct name] Ha! That's my name– Yes! You called me Blu– Yes– I am Blu! [Eduardo clears his throat at him] Oh– right– Birds of blue feathers–
All: [joined by the entire flock] HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER! [they all swoop in to attack the loggers and frighten them away]

[the loggers began to flee and screaming as one of them gets in the truck and just as he is safe, three more loggers are holding each other, whimpering in fear as one of the macaws pecks on the truck's windows.]

[During the attack on loggers Tiago and Bia have hijacked a crane]
Tiago: [using a crane to pick up one of the loggers] Got him!
Bia: [impressed] Wow– Precise!

[during the attack on loggers; Blu chucks a Swiss army knife with it's screwdriver attachment to Tiago]
Blu: Tiago!
Tiago: Now we're talking! [begins opening up a machine panel]

[last lines as she holds Blu who's been surprised by a spider]
Jewel: Maybe we can do summers in Rio. [last lines smiling at her]
Blu: [repeating what she said to him at the start] You're my one and only Jewel!
Jewel: [They press their beaks together while hugging] Awww!

[last lines climaxing a song and dance number]
Pedro: [squawking to Nico] That's the end? [Nico tilts his bottle cap]


  • It's on in the Amazon
  • She's exotic, he's chaotic.
  • He's villainous, she's venomous.
  • Back to the party


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