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Siffredi in 2010

Rocco Siffredi (born Rocco Antonio Tano; 4 May 1964) is an Italian pornographic actor, director and producer of pornographic movies.

Quotations by Rocco Siffredi

  • Apart from the president Berlusconi, who is always the top, I see Brunetta very active, I would like very much to be the protagonist of a porn. I would like to take Brunetta back with the cameras, I see it, he is always pissed off. We always use tall and sometimes dwarf models, he would be fun. Because you don't have to lower it and it becomes cool to take it back. It would be the number one, the number one, also because it comes from the school of Berlusconi. I'm sure it's not complex and doesn't hold back, because it has self-esteem that's important for a porn movie.[1]
  • [About the experience in a gay porn movie] There were times, in my life, that it wasn't me who decided, but my body. I recently saw Shame, by Steve McQueen, and that movie represents my path. I, compared to many other actors, I never had problems shooting scenes where maybe my side was stimulated and I always found ridicule, believe me, all that "machismo".[2]
  • Thanks mom, thanks dad for the bird you gave me. (from Lo Zoo 105 )
  • Power is the highest expression of perversion.
  • In my opinion, Boschi is a real pig, an animal. With her it would be fun. A Renzi like the "potato", but definitely not a large pig, is one that goes on the traditional. While Grillo is a big one, one who has a lot of fun with the gnocca.
  • [On Marco Travaglio] I would see him in a porn but in a somewhat alternative genre, not the ones I would do. I don't see him very active on a sexual level, it seems more passive than active. WhileI like Sallusti , he is very animal, he has 100 percent hormones. Like Santanchè.
  • [On his heir] My wife constantly tells me to stop looking for him, because he doesn't exist.
  • [In response to a producer who had asked him to make a gay porn movie] I'm sorry but I like pussy. (from Lo Zoo 105 )
  • [In answer to the question of whether the penis is too big to scare women] "Rocco you hurt me, don't put it in, make it easy, do it slowly ...", but then they never tell me: "Take it off!"
  • [In response to the question of what a woman must do in bed] Allow yourself, without limitation, with your partner.
  • When I put the penis in the vulva of my partner, strangely she almost always makes a comparison with a dildo ... my chapel is too big not to enjoy. (from "The Zoo of 105")

Interview by Andrea Di Marcantonio


69, the world of Rocco.

  • Hard was what I wanted to do as a kid. I started in 1985 in Paris, when the videocassette was not yet "protagonist"; at the time, hard films were only shown in cinemas and it was therefore very difficult to know the producers of the films as it was "forbidden" to approach this world.
  • I remember as a child I read the abandoned porn magazines on the edge of Ortona's country roads, thrown away by truck drivers.
  • The hard has become a real industry; he thinks that ten thousand films are produced in the United States and as many in Europe.
  • The working rhythms are exhausting, so much so that the average life of an actress is only six months; for an actor, on the other hand, if he can manage himself without being fooled by the initial euphoria and the consequent physical decline, he can be better ...
  • Certainly it is a work that is learned, one must be gifted and not only from the sexual point of view, an element that is not the most important; you have to be naturally taken to sex and then there's a technique to learn, since the scene doesn't last ten minutes and you can't reach orgasm whenever you want.
  • In fact, the most difficult thing for a director like me is to find the right people; it is enough to put in a group a man or a woman or a wrong person that everything is compromised.
  • Currently, in this phase of much work, it is the lack of men. There is a lot of demand for films but few are really able to stay on a set and perform this profession. Instead, there are so many girls, also because of the short professional life of an actress.
  • The real problem in Italy is the wall on the subject: I worked with the French (the numbers one for the hard), the Americans, the Spaniards, the Germans but only the Italians make a thousand problems ...
  • I have always defined myself halfway between an animal and a man, however in full respect of others. I am a pure instinct and I act as such. Thinking of an animal, I love monkeys ...

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