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Roger Ramjet is an animated children's comedy series created in the United States and first running in 1965, but frequently in syndication since. Starring Roger Ramjet and the American Eagle Squadron, the show was known for its crude animation as well as its references to popular culture.

  • Roger: I'll just take one of my Proton Energy Pills. They give me the strength of 20 atom bombs for a period of 20 seconds.
  • Roger: Well, that's snow-biz!
  • Lance: Roger?
  • Roger: Yes, Lance?
  • Lance: Shut up!
  • Roger: Lance Crossfire! The persons who always wanted Lotta Love. What are you doing at my mother's wedding?
  • Lance: But what are you doing at my father's wedding?
  • Roger: You mean my mother's going to marry your father? We'll be brothers then.
  • Dee: You won't get away with this!
  • Noodles: We're not afraid of Roger Ramjet, girlie!
  • Dee: You have a funny nose.
  • Gen. G.I. Brassbottom: Nice work my boy! I'm going to give you a medal!
  • Roger: Come on, Yank and Doodle and Dan.
  • The Eagles: One for all and all for one! Eagles fight 'til the job is done.
  • Doodle: Is that a lion that looks like an MGM Pictures film?
  • Roger: Get ready gang! I've got a fun trip for all of us.
  • Yank: Wow! Are we going to a ball game?
  • Roger: No.
  • Doodle: A picnic with lots of lunch?
  • Roger: No.
  • Dee: To the beach?
  • Roger: No. We're going to an art exhibit.
  • The Eagles: An art exhibit?
  • Dee: Get this place cleaned up! It's a terrible mess!
  • Noodles: We're not cleaning it up, girlie.
  • Dee: If you don't, I'll scream.
  • Noodles: Go ahead.
  • Red Dog: Well, well. If it isn't Roger Ramjet.
  • Roger: This is silly.
  • Lance: Well it's only a kid's cartoon show, Roger.
  • Lotta: That's very good, Roger. I'll score you 5 points. Now it's your turn, Lance.
  • Roger: All right, you men, you stolen jewellery for the last time. TAKE THIS!!!
  • Yank: Roger! American Eagles!! Help!!!
  • Roger: My mother told me never to expect rhymes from strangers. But they'll be no friends aren't we.
  • Roger: Well it's nice meeting you gentlemen, I really must be going.
  • Solenoid Robots: Mmm! Buzz! Click! Buzz! Click! When we trap Roger Mmm! Buzz! Click! Buzz! Click! Buzz! Click! Ramjet, we are now rulers. Buzz! Click! Buzz! Click!
  • Dee: Oh it's nice to see you, Mrs. Ramjet.
  • Ma Ramjet: It's nice to see you too. And call me Ma, you Hobby Habby Penguin!
  • Narrator: As our (adjective) episode begins...
  • Hotline: Ooh owie hurt burn!
  • Noodles: It takes 5 seconds for that Pill to work.

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