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Roman Legion-Hare is a Looney Tunes animated short released in 1955. The title is a play on the words Roman Legionnaire. After being ordered by Emperor Nero to find a victim to be tossed to the lions, Yosemite Sam tries to capture Bugs Bunny.

This cartoon was featured in The Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie.

  • [puts on a Roman crown] Well, like the Romans always say, E pluribus uranium. [a pun on the United States' Latin motto "E pluribus unum" (Out of many, one.)]

Emperor Nero

  • Out of victims?! CAPTAIN OF THE GUARDS! [Sam shows up and salutes him] Get me a victim right away, or you'll be the victim.


[Yosemite Sam is chasing after Bugs, he stops beside a caged lion]
Yosemite Sam: Now where'd that skunk of a rabbit go? [the lion roars, startling Sam, who drops his club] Why, you mangy fang-toothed critter! [cracks the big cat over the head] Take that! Maybe that'll learn ya to keep yer big mouth shut! That fur-bearin' varmint's around here somewhere. [Bugs opens the cell's gates, and the lion roars again, which drives Sam to repeatedly club it again] HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU TO... [slows down, realizing his predicament and looking at the audience in despair] ... shut... up? [runs away, pursued by the angry lion].

[Yosemite Sam stops at a big hole filled with lions, with Bugs on the other side]
Bugs Bunny: How now, brown cow?
Yosemite Sam: No long-eared galoot can outfox the Captain of the Guards! [grabs some stilts] Okay, rabbit, now let's see who's the smartest!
Bugs Bunny: [apparently surrendering without even trying to run away] Oh, it looks like you've outsmarted me. Oh, woe is me.
Yosemite Sam: [walks over the lions with the stilts, while they roar and jump at him, trying to grab him] Ah, shaddup! [clubs one of the lions]
Bugs Bunny: [tosses some axes and saws] Here, lions!
[Yosemite Sam immediately walks back over the hole while the lions saw the stilts piece by piece. He is caught, but lands back to safety]
Yosemite Sam: [dazed] I hates rabbits.
Bugs Bunny: I better get out of here while the getting's good!
[Yosemite Sam closes the door on Bugs. After a few moments, Bugs realizes that he's in the Colosseum]
Yosemite Sam: [appearing to Nero] Here's your victim, your Nero-ship!
Nero: Release the lions!
[The lions come out. Bugs panics and shields himself; but to his surprise, the cats run past him, chasing Yosemite Sam and Nero up a column]
Bugs: [puts on a Roman crown] Well, like the Romans always say, E pluribus uranium.

Voice cast

  • Mel Blanc as Bugs Bunny / Yosemite Sam / Emperor Nero / Guard / Commentator.
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