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He is Ron Kaufman

Ron Kaufman (born 1956) is a book author, columnist, management consultant, keynote speaker, and founder of the customer service training company, UP! Your Service.



Lift Me UP! Service With A Smile (2005)

  • Service is the currency that keeps our economy moving. I serve you in one business, you serve me in another. When either of us improves, the economy gets a little better. When both of us improve, people are sure to take notice. When everyone improves, the whole world grows stronger and closer together.
  • Delighted customers are the only advertisement everyone believes.
  • Your product is a starting point. A loyal customer is the goal.
  • Service does not exist at the expense of your profits. Profit exists because you made the investment in service.
  • If customers leave without a purchase, you have not failed. But if customers leave without a smile, you have.
  • The right measure is not how many customers you've got, but how closely you hold them.
  • Exceeding expectations is where satisfaction ends and loyalty begins.
  • Hearing what you've done right is valuable. Hearing what you've done wrong can be priceless.
  • You've got one mouth and two ears. There's a reason.
  • The shelter of excuses has a leaky roof.
  • The cutting edge of service is always being honed and polished.
  • When customers' expectations change faster than your willingness or ability to serve them, you can be sure they'll be someone else's customers soon.
  • If you want to stay in business, satisfy customers. If you want to excel in business, delight customers.
  • When a customer asks what no one else has ever asked, pay close attention.